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Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Laurens St.
Phione 446
$20.00 THE BALE
Record for the Past Week And In(.
cations are Favbrnblo for Further
Now Orleans, Sept. 11.-The price of
cotton moved over a range of nearly
four cents it pound, or $20 a bale last
week, fluctuations -being violent in the
extreme on several sessions and h(eld
in ceck only 'by the rules of the cot
ton exchange, limiting price changes
to 200 points In any one session. On
Wedesday all months -bulged the full
200 1poInts allowed, on the iirst sales
on the opening call, something never
before witnessed. At the highest lev
els of the week prices were 400 Ioiits
over last week's close and at the low
est they were unchanged to 15 poilits
u-p, contpared with the same close. The
range carried the market over 38.5 to
'400 points.
October traded ias high as 21.-19 and
'May as high as 22.10. On the close
October stood at 20.25 and May at
19.15, 'the near m1ioith. being im1uch;
stronger than the distant in the last
couple- of sessions of the week. The
close showed net gains of 135 to 27t
points on the list. In the spot depart
ient middling gained :1.25 points in
'tle net resuilts, cloing at 20.25 aganst
29.25 a year ago.
in the ear'ly sesloins of the week the
tendency of Liverpool to make sensa
tiol advances was the chief sti mu
lating inlitence, but later on the heavy
lains In Texas and the '11ppearane of
a hurricane ii the tropical waters
were the main factors.
On tile closing session pronounced
strength was displayed as the riesult
of the disastrous storni in Texas and
the increasing evidence that the hur
ricane Was moving toward the Yuca
tan channel from whieh locality it
would he the usual menace to thei
cotton region. The storm in Texas
had marked effect on values because
it follcr."'ed several days of local
rains, the effect of which was held to
-be disastrous because of the great
quantity of cotton open In the west.
A great deal of attention was -paid
diuring the week to the 'buying flurries
In the cotton goods markets of the
country and advances in prices there
were reacted favorably on values in
the cotton market. The textile situa
tion -was brought into increased prom
Inence because mIll takings for the
week of American cotton were 232,000
'bales against 141.000 this week last
year, and 16'7,000 two years ago. Tle
Increased exports of yarens from
Great BrItain iwere received very fav
oi'ably. liritishi boai'd of ti'ade re
tiirns showed exports of yarns (Iuring
August of 15,200,000 pottnds against
12,900,000 during the same month last
year. -Reports of a generally betteri
spct i11(iitry in the markets of the in-I
terior had not a little o (to with the
else in contracts.
* * *, * * * ** * * * * * *
* N.tN h'E NEWVS*
* *
* *9* e* * * * * 9e* *
Narnie, Sept. I 2.-F'riday afternoonl
from 3 to ti, M\iss ltemellc Reidl enter
tained a numher of her friends in cle
hration of her sixteenth birthday. Thei
home iwas beautifully .decoratel ii)
flowers and ferns. In the dliinlg roomii
Pin1k and~ white cr'ele 'paper and entn
dl(es were used. There was much fun
over the cake cuttIng, when .\iss Eva
I tol t and ..\ i. Itay Tirayniham won thie1
ring. .\l'iss Decwey lHalenthzie and .\lirs:
Nelle Cheek tihe dinm', and .\iss Ituth|
Hallt and M\r. \'ernon .Myers t he thim- in
ble. Several games werec enjoyed and:
furishedlI' mic thirotighiouit the afteri- I
noOn. link and white ice cream and
angel-food eake were served to1 the
follo.ving~ guests: Misses Eva, IRuth11
and : E~thel I olt , Loul1 se it lnter', Ituthl
Myers., Nell IC(heck, tlhewey hialentine;
Messrs. Rtay Traynham, Vernon .\!yers,
C~arlton Cheek, Liyles Stone, I ram
lette, Lhove, Stribling, Stone and~ M rs.
Sanders. Mrs. Stone and little Gladlys
Stone helped In entertaining.
Mr. Pierce Myers left Trhuisday for'
Spartanbuirg where .he han accepted a
A goodly number from here attend
ed( tihe I. Y.'P. U. conventIon ini Laut
rens1 TuesdIay and enjoyed tihe many
-helpful talks on Bi. Y. P.* U. work.
Mr. aMeChritic Cobb, of Easley, spent
last week-end wIth :Mr. ira Holt, ne
fore returnIng to take u~p Is work at
Oglethorpe University.
Mr., andl Mr3. Car'h Irmlett aind lit
tie girl, of ;L au rens, splent the week
end( with their 'parents, .\r. and Mrs.
Austin Ilramlett.
Mrs. Arthur 'Biramlett and son, Wil
1lam, retuirnedl homle Tuesd1ay after' a
week's stay wIth relatives in 'Ware
Mir. W~alter Caldwell lost a fine cow
by lightnIng Sunday afternoon.
Mir. T. 'H. Bturts and family spent
Sunday at 'kom.
Mir. Walter' 1heek and( famIly spent
Sunday with Mir. and Mr's. Willie
P!!es Curert In 6 to 14 Daya
etyrotkevas ltchii Pucms. nind youl enn emt
. in! ALreta ofter the lust nnnilctlr~n. Pricae CO'
* * * * * * * * '* * * * 4**
* *
* , *
'Illickory Tavern, Sept, 12.-The cot
ton is opening Very fast through this
section, and the farmers are making
no delay In picking. Most. of the
farmers are through pulling fodder.
It was a great shock to this con
miunity to hear of the death of iMr. Roy
'Saxon a few days ago. The family
has the sympathy of the comunitty.
'Last Friday, while cranking a Ford
car .\lr. Walter Saxon broke his arim.
Mr. and Mrs. It. .1. Dolt and \ir.
and M.rs. Cecil Madden attended the
Blackstone reunion near Anderson
last Sundiay.
Mr. and Mirs. Cecil Madden, accoim
Danied by their little daughter, Sarah,
and "Misses Cora L'agiue and .ieile
Traylha in, Iotored to lilendbrsonville
and ofther poins of North Carolina,
part of last wee'k.
ir. W. l. Abererombie has a sore
fool and ann hardly gt I about.
.11:s Tessle iiITumbling left fo I
Grcenville lias;t week where she is to
attend a businessi college.
in a Few ays quit, a numiber of
0111' youing Ceople wili leave for school
in different 1,1.rts of the, stato.
M '. .1. ". Sui'nlrel, whoI had his leg
brokn il ome time a..o, is not im prov
ver fast, and it is feaced tlat he
'.\ il hive to indcrgo an operation bo
fcre his leg gets well again.
'loin to Mr. an, .,rr. .limmle Lee
Nellett, a son.
Mir. and M.s. lien Bolt and father,
Mr. Dorrow Holt, spent Saturday night
with Mr. II. .-1. Bolt.
Mr. ludie Abercrombie spent Fri
day and Saturday inl Greenville.
Miss Vera Ilaldwin returned home
Saturday, after teaching a summnuer
school near G:reer.
Mrs. Florence League Is on the sick
list at this writing.
Mlr. and Mrs. Theron Saxon, of
(Ireenville, visite(d his parents, Mr. and
tirs. Charlie Saxon, Sunday.
A few of our people a-ttended the
lienderson reunion Saturday, near
llarksdale. All report a good time.
. \1ssr sc. J., .. M. C. and Gillie
Sumerel motored to Greenwood Mon
day to see Drs. Ilake and Turner who
arC treating Mr. Sumerel's broken leg.
Mr. Jessie Kellett, the youngest son
of Mir. I. W. kellett. had the misfor
tune to stick something in his eye last
week, which 1vill probably canse the
loss of sight in one eye.
Miss Corrie Kliight will leave for
Winnsboro this week, where she will
teach this winter.
1aist Friday, .Mr. J. C. Abererombie
received a telegram that his son, Cor
poral' Iow.s Felton Abercrombie, who
was killed in action in Fronce over
hree years ago, ronid leave New YoIk
in Thursday and Friday night his
ody arrived a-t Laurens. The body
""as brcouglit lioiic and laid to rest in
he family plot in ltabim Creek eme
ery on Sunday at 11 o'clock with
scores of relatives and friends attend
ig the fineral. it is estimated that
iet wc on seven and eight hundred at -
('nded( the funeralI , 11ev. W. A. 11ald
viin (conduciLt ing the seri'Ice. A biefI
alk was made by Mir. C. A. Power, af
er tie Rev'.. ItIaI*ldin hamd linishied. Th'ie
ollhow ing br iothieirs acted as 1pa1lic bei
'cs: Mlessrs. W. M1., U. C.. ["rank, 31el
ini, 'Fred and Guiss Abe)0rcrombi ie.
It Is re'membelred that Coi :. Aberi
~romie voluinteeredl In the~ I' S. M\a
'Ine Corpe and hadl served abont t wo
'cars, wheni war was declared 1by thie
niitedi States. lIe was In the firsct
in It of .Mari nes that saliled( for Fra nce
md was Inm some of the ha rdedst. hal
kes fou ght, a ndi1 fina11y Onl .1 lun C , liIlS
hue bulIlet s from a machi ne gun ciahn ed
aim as one0 of the dead.
L ew Is Feltoin Abercrombhic wa
loved by all woh k new himn and it is
said hle was one oif the best Mlarines in
his compianuy. We' all sympathize with
the family but we aire glad to knmv
that his body now rests In the family
plot In Rabutn ('reek cemetery, iniste'ad
oft Flander's field fair away.
Edward Lixon Collapses From Mail-inn
trhllon Followig Is Services H~ar
lug Bieen Bsid In.
Hiostoin, Sept. 9.--The collapse of
i *ward .1)Dii of iPh Ilade'lpiria, ap
parently from muunutrition just af
terc hiis seiv Ices had been sold to the
hiighe~st bidd er, brotighit thle secon~d
(lay (of the auction block for uinim
llyedi mien on the Common to a ('lose
aft'r t we lve men had 'been piroimised
D ixon, a World Wari veteran, had
prepa red aii ap~pealI which fIrbain ae
dioux, ilde of the unomp1110Clod
gro)up, readl to the thousands of per
sons gathered ar'oundl the Ibandstand.
As Ledoux was readilng an accounf of
the death of D~ixon's father In the war,
whiclh left the young mian alone, DI)xon
swayed and colla'psed. One meal a day
andl soiie times not that, had been his
only food, he saId. Physlicians said
tonight that tis experience and ex
poaure from sleeping on the Common
mnate his condhit'on se:'ious.
BIddl~ers rere more pleontitui todlay
than yesterday aind many -nledges of
food and clothing for the men In ad
dition to payment of wages were
forthcoming. Women acted as auc
tioneers and 1put the mien, strip)ed
to the waist, through exercises .to
show their capabilities.
ILedoux salid the auction would be
Continued tomorrow in an endeavor to
find work for all the men in his care
as the best he could (1o for themlci now
was In feed them once a (lay.
Takc( notice that on the 5th day of
Octobtr. 1921, 1 will rendei a final ac
Count ol' my acts 11( (oiigs w ard.
ian of the estate of William A. l1abb, in
the oilce of the . oudge of lProbate of
Lauren County. at i i o'clock, A. .\;
All persons having claim; ap!ainst
said( estate will pirEsent Iliem Oil 0r
before Said diate, (iuly provenl, or he
forever barred.
i'oat ludge.
Auigust :21, 1921. ----
The new sugar
chewing gum
which everybody
likes-you will,
surely as it se
Hupmobile o,
up and powe:
thusiasts-- -esj
that they ini
and repairs.
Our coiiego Is a ineiber of tho National Assweatio of Accredited Com
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the world. To find
out what youl will
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G elid for our etita
logine. at onee. SPARTANOURO, 18. 06
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tion, Polish Your teeth and moiste
Y'our throat.,12
[OTICE that the Hupmobile "gets
xhead of the crowd as easily and
ttles down to a long, lugging pull.
wners get so much more in pick
r that it's no wonder they are en
)ecially when you stop to think
ariably pay less for gas and oil

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