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Local and Persoal eam.
*' * . e * * e a S S S * S * 4 * *
Capt. Arthur Lee, -of Greenwood,
Was a visitor hi the city Yesterday.
Mrs. 0. B. AMayer and children, of
Newberry, are visiting Mrs. W. W.
Alr. R. '11. Roper left M.Nonday on a
selling tril) for the Laurens Glass
'irs. Hallie Thames loore, of Char
loston, Is visitin-g her sister, .rs. H.
. Aiken.
Mirs. J. E. Carlisle, of Spartanburg,
sipent. Sunday in the city :with her
sisters, the isses Rolan(i.
Dr. and Airs. 1'. S. ol0t, Jr., of Lees
ville, are visiting Airs. Bolt's father,
'111. J. If. Sullivan.
M1iss Elen C. Scott, of New York'
is the guest of Mr. lanld Mrs. L. I.
i's . 11Ii. .MlicDonald, of Columbia,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Ilichey, of
Columbia, spent the week-end In the
city with thelir parents, Alr. and Mr.
AW. U. Richey.
Mrs. A. G. Hart and children, of
Greenville, are spending some time
in the city with Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
'Ars. Jos. 'T. Johnson and son, iar
vey Johnson, with his friend, Toni
Iloyd, of Sumter, spent the week-end
in the city with Mrs. Sue Anderson.
,Friends of Mrs. W. 1). Graham will
regret to learn that on the advice of
lir physician, she has gone to Colum
bla for treatment.
iMiss Margaret Bradley, of Abbeville,
who is teaching in the Clinton
schools came home with Miss Alpha
Bolt last week-end.
Mr. Orion Nichols, of Chester, came
over Sunday, bringing two of his
friends with him, to visit Mr. and Mrs.
3. Nichols.
Mr. S. M. .Wilkes and daughter, Mirs.
W. Henry Franks, left yesterday for
Baltimore and New York, Mr. Wilkes
going on a buying trip for S. M. & E.
H. Wilkes & Company.
Miss Nathalee Thompson, of Citron
elle, Ala., who has been visiting Miss
Marion and Katherine Bolt the past
week, left Monday night for Lime
stone college.
Mr. John Wilkes, 'who with Mr. G.
C. Paulsen, recently went to Chapel
1ill, N. C., to accept positions with a
large new laundry at that 'place, is
spending a few days in the city until
his services are needed.
Mi. Frank C. Williams, who was
with Gregory Construction Company
on highway work .in this county but
who is now- with the same concern at
Camden, spent the week-end in the
Mir. and Mrs. C. E. Riggs and son,
Edwin, Jr., accompanied by Mrs.
Riggs' mother, irs. Tillie 'Coombs,
of Louisville, Ky., are visiting 'Mrs.
Coom,bs' sister, Mirs. R. R. 'Walker, on
North Harper street.
Mrs. I. 11. Terry and little daugh
ter., Sarah Frances, left last wveek for
Stauntoii, Vai., to yisit Mr'. andl Mr's. D).
G. Ruckmain. Mi'. Jaimes Terry, wvho
ia to enteir the Augusta Mllitairy acad
emty inot far dlistant, accompilanied them
as far as 'Staunton.
E. N. P'hilpot left yesterday for Co
lumbia to ontoer the Urniver'sity of
South Cairollna, having been awairded
a normal scholarsip by the State
'lc:rd( of Education. Mr'. Philpot has
been1 attending Nirskine college, and,
expects to finish at Carolina this year'.
Lient. Lake's Blody to A rrive
i'. TV. D). Lake received a telegr'am'
last week fr'om time war dle.partment
announcing that the body of his son,
bLeut. Tos. D). Lake, deceased, would
aririve .at Hloboken, N. J1., on the 16th
of this month. The date of the air
rival ,has already passed and it Is
suilposed that the body -has alrmeady
ari''vedl in this countiry, but no fur'
ther partculars have beeni received,
Lieut. Lake was killed in action duri
ing thme drive thr'oughi the Argonne
~For'est in France in September. 1918.
HIls 'bodly was buried along with four'
other' ofmiers of the same regiment,
and the spot nmai'kedl by Liout. *James
C. Todd, of this city, who 'was a mem
herm of the same company, of which
Capt.. W. 'R. Richey was the comn
Teachers 'and Students
iThe AdvertJser makes a Spte
olal subsrptIonm rato to tench
ers and sitqdonts of
For the School Year
Those desiring to sub~scribe
are requested to mall or bring
In their subscriptions before
leaving home, so thtat we may
start the paper with the first
f ssne.
Shower for Bride-Elect
The Misse8 Reeves of near Ware
Shoals, entei'tained 'with a miscel
laneous shower Thursday afternoon
in honpr of Miss Beth Davis. After
a number of gaimes wer'e pilayed de
licious refreshments were served.
0 0 0
Bessic M1. Caldwell and Mr.
John I1. .ludgens were married bui
(lay afternoon at the residence of the
officiating minister, Rlev. C. TI. Surs
Immediately after the Ceremony they
left for a short honeymoon in North
Carolina. The bride is tihe attractive
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cald
well wh'ile the groom is a prominent
young business 41an of the city, being
connected with the Jones-Taylor
Hardware Company.
Wedniesday Club
'Members of the Wednesday Club
will please remember that the opening
meeting for the new programs will be
held on September 28th. There has
been an exchange of hostesses, and
this meeting will be with Mrs. R. 11.
Roper, at 4 o'clock.
The club has selected as their text
book for the year, an outline sent out
by Winthrop college, on "Citizenship"
and planned especially for the Feder
ated clubs. Reference books have
been purchased for use by the mem
'berp and these will later .be placed in
'thd Public Library, where it is hoped
they will be of servIce to other wo
men interested In their ndw' duty of
citizenship represented in the iballot.
Pound Party
Miss Eva Bolt and Mr. Charlie
Knight entertained the highland Home
D. Y. (P. U. society at a lawn party
and pound iparty Friday evening from
8:30 to 12:30 at Miss Bolt's home on
the Laurens-Greenville higInway near
Narnie station. The home was dec
orated with pot flowers and roses. An
interesting contest was held, the win
ners of the first prize being Mr. 'Leroy
Ramage and Miss Connie May Crad
dock. Mr. "Bully" Moore and Ruth
'Myers won second prize. Progressivo
conversation then took place until
11:30 when the bell was rung for sup
per. In teh dining room everybody
had a good time eating and telling
jokes. Iced lemonade was served in
the reception hall. Those enjoying
the pleasant occasion were: Misse.,
Louise alunter, -Ruth Myers, 'Remelle
Reid, 'Connie 'Alaye Craddock, Esther
Craddock, Ruth, Et'hel and Eva Bolt,
Daisy Bell Owings, Ddwey Balentine;
Messrs. Vernon .lIyers, W. M. Myers,
Jr., Leroy Raniage, Jiomer Owens,
Brooks Armstrong, Charlie Knight,
Roy Traynham, Ed(ld Bnamlett. The
visitors were the Messrs. Johnson,
"Bully" Aloore, Lucius 'Burns, Burdetto
Morris, ILuther. Bramlett, iofsses
|Ellen Langston, Jimmie Atkins, of
Laurens, Misses Benjamin, Gladys
Adair, Marie Adair; Mlessrs. Sam
You ng, Lew is Simpison, Lowriie Wili
son, Ralph Young, of Clinton. Mr. and
Mr's. 'Reid, Mr. and Mrs. A. IL. Jif-am
lett and son, William, hl led in en
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of the work. This and former' Grand
Juries have repeatedly called the at
tention of the Court to the condition
of the present Jail. It. is i'eally in
humane to confine human beings ini
thme prmesent jail andl Liaurens county
wvill stand~ justly convictedl at time lBar
of liumanity, of "'inhumanity to man,"'
if she allows time piresent condlition1 to
continueo uini'emedied. We could say
nmoi'e, buit words seem to be useless.
-We wvill say, heover', to this Court,
andl the people of Lalurens county, that
the present 'jprovisioni for the housing
of unfoi'tunate prisoers, who canot
help themselves, is a stench in the
nostrils of ouri boasted civilization.
it has 'been called to our attention
that some of the Magisti'ates have
been permitting as sureties on defend
ants' bonds, :porsons who are not fin
ancially responsible, and as a result
the Solicitor has some bends that he
cannot collect. We reccommnond that
-Magistrat~es comply with thea requfroc
monts of the law in such matters.
In conclusion we would extend our
thaniks to the ladh's who are members
of the Civic ieague, foir the marked
inmprovemeontaq that have been made on
the Cour't hlonne grounds by7 planting
andl culttvatinig flowers and grasses,
and assure thiem of our hearty co-op
oration in thie up-keep of the same.
And we also desire to thank II~ls
lioar, the Presiding Judge, andI other
Cour't officials for' the courtesies ex..
tended to us during the term. All of
which is most respectfully submitted,
' . R. H. ROP15R, Foreman.
Pflos Cured in 6 to- 14 Days
)runtet csodinmoe I? 1?ZEYmiNT9tN9&
The WomaL's MLissionary Institute of
the Presbyterian Chturch in Lau
rens Cotytty Met at Ora Sept. 16th1.
When !wo say Old Fields was host
ess those versed in Presbyterianism
know without being told what the day
was. The leader was Mrs. R. D.
INance of Cross Hill, arrived early as
all regulated leaders should, being on
hapd to greet delegates and guests
who came from Cross 11111, Rocky
Springs, Thornwell, Laurens, Clinton,
Owings, New Harmony and Sandy
A clear sky plus the attractive
highways made it possible foi a good
ly number to respond to Old Field's
invitation. The nlargest number I be
lieve it was agreed, since the Insti
tute was organized.
At. the opening hour, 10 A. M., the
churc-1 was Comfortably filled ready to
hear the welcoming address by Dr.
Kennedy (A. It. 1.), who extended
same in iaie of town, church and
i)cople. ills remiarks were well clo.,
en and aItly put.
Fortunate indeed was the Institute
in having as itis guest and one of its
speakers Miss McCain, of China who
delightedl her hearers with a talk that
came fron the heart of a laborer In
the vineyard to those who by their
lrayers and gifts could make China's
harvest larger and quicker. .Miss
McCain's curlos were of intense in
terest but took second place to her
charming personality. No one coula
see her 'without being impressed with
the God love and sunshine in her
heart. Ilor talk alone would have
made it worth while being "among
those present". But Old Field always
gives full and running-over measure.
Just 'before the noon hour, Dr. ilk
iW. Richardson, also of China, gave a
masterly address, showing that coun
try's needs and hopes not only rested
heavy on his heart but were in reach
of an early Christianity if missionary
and churches at home stood shoulder
to shoulder for Christ. After living
fourteen or more years among this
)eople and for them, 'his remarks car
ry to his hearers of China's longing,
of China's unrest and of the sureness
of Vo00's purpose of reclainming China's
But Old Mield has by no means
reached heir limit as hostess. Out tkn
dr the oaks a table literally loaded
dowi with good things to eat awaited
the guests. The women of Ora proved
they 1were both Mary and Martha in
IMrs. Geo. Wright was to bring a
message from Montreat at the after
noon session, but owing to ilIness,
sent Aliss Irby to take her place. Mrs.
Wright might have done a well but
no better than her substitute, who
gave her impression of Montreat, an
impress be it said that featured
rest, recreation and uplift.
The devotional hour just before
closing was Jn ipost capable hands.
Mrs. Ross Lynn of Thornwell, gave a
wlVl -prepare'd talk adding interest
thereto by pressing some of heri hear'
ers into ser'vice.
'Deing election year, the nominating
committee nominated as follows:
'Leaderi, Mrs. Oscar llunter; Assistant
Loader, Mrs. Geo. 31. Wright; Secre
tary and Treasurer, Miss Lizzie Craig.
Tlhe retiring leader, Mrs. Nanice,
leaves the affali's of the Institute in
most contpletent hands since the ladies
nomlnatedl were unanImously elected.
Th'Ie specil miuisic foir the mecdtinug
was fu rnished by Cross 111l1 ladles.
Mi'. andl Mi's. Criouch, of India, we re .
not hvith uis owing to tihe ilness of
the former. 'This, with tihe absence of
faithful membercis who )wive crse
ov'er thle lUivei', struck a note of sadi
ness to an othei'wise ,perfect day.
As no0 invItation was received for
next meeting, Mrs. J. A.,Halley oif Clini
tonl was appointed a committee 'to
wvelcomne one latel'.1
Mrs. Sallie Hellamis
liellams, age 761, dIed at the home (of
her daughter. airs. Drm. C. F. Rodger's,
at 8 o'clock tonight after a sohrt ill
neas. .She was ver'y prominent in this
coitamunity andl held the respect and
love of everyone, having lived iln this
section all of hei' life. Her husband
died several years ago.
She is survived by five sisters: Mr's.
W. C. Curry, (ray Court; Mrs. W. B. E
(harrett, soi's. (Lewis Abereromibie and.
M~rs. ,John Taylor, F~ouintain Inn, and l
Mrs. Ida Perry, Wilmington, N. C., and
two dlaughteurs, Mrs. Irwis Stoddard, 4
D~uncan, and Mrs. C.( Ro Jdgers, Uray
To Univ. of Tenniesee
Capt. W. RI. IRich(y, whoso r'egl- e
mont was transferred to other bar- C
racks upon the abandlonnment of Camp a
Jackson, and who hans been spendingr
a ;art of his furlough here, left the 11
city Monday with Mrs. Richey and
daughter, Miss Sarah 'Riehey, for 'O
Knuorville, Tenn., where CapLQ Riehoy A
has 'been assigned as military instruc- .o
tor in the University of Tennessee. c
They made the. trip by automobile,
goinig by way of Greenville and Ashe
Ville. .~ . r
The seven pie
you as the logical
ture for the be<
with the idea to g
erate price. Her
is to your advanta
drawer bottoms a
inates warping.
tors and wood kni
finish. This suite
impart a bright, c
S. M. & I
rhird -Iatriet Doctors to Hold Meet
ing at Laurens Country Club.
Meeting in annual session, the third
listrict medical society will gather
it the Laurens-Clinton cQuntry club
)ept. 29. The district embraces the
ounties of ImLurens, Greenwood, Ab
evilfe, McCormick and Newberry. Dr.
t. Ei. Hughes of Laurens, is president
if the society and he has sent Out an
Louncemtents for the meetIng. At 1
'clock the meeting will openl with a
uncheon, and then will follow the
essions of the society.
Pursuant to an order signed by ills
loner Edwvard Mel[ver, t'res~Ing
udI~ge, in the 8th .Judicial Circuit, an
xtra term of the Court. of General
essions for Laurens County, Si. ('.,
vill be held on the first .\ionday in
)ctober, [921, it being the third dlay
f the month, at ten o'clock in the
orenoon. All proesLses, writs, reecog
izanices of evcery kind whether or not
espeCcting juries, witnesess, or other
vise shall be considered as belonging
o sucha session in the same man ner
.s .if they hadi been issued or tak( n
ni reforenco thereto. All partles in
crested will take duec notice thereor.
Witness my handi and the seal of the
sou rt this, the I12th (lay of Rept., 1921.
C. A. PO'WICi[,
0-i t C. C. C. P.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
tops the Cough and Hetadache and( works off the'
:01d. E. W. GOV ES signature on each box. 30c
Quickly role iMAonstipation, 1B11
susness, Loss of AppetIte and1( Head
ches, due to Torpid Liver,
tate of South Cau'olina,
County of Inurebs.
Whereas, ipetitions stigned by a le
al' nutmber of the qiualilled electors
Iud free-holders residing in Cross
1111 school district No. 6, Iattrena
nunty, South Carol~ a, asking for an
lection upon -the fluestio --of voting
n additional 5 mnil ta;-lpon the pro
erty in said schfa district, to be
ned for school rrposes, have 'heen
led with the county board of oduca
on, an election is hereby ordered upl
n saidl question,- said election to he
eld on the 8th (lay of October, 1921,
t Old School I louse, in said district*
nder the management of the trustees
f said school dist~rict.
Only such electors as return real or
ersonal -property for taxation andl
rho exhibit their tax receip~ts and
egidtra~lion certitlcntns na raeme
I A k A
ce suite as shown ab
choice to make in cb
Iroom. This suite hC
ive the maximum qui
a is where quality an<
ge that you see this s
re of three ply constri
The pieces are equipI
>)bs. We have this
is adapted to the ivc
eanly atmosphere to
Safety for your money
for which our National Bai
Come in and oden a b;
shall give your money ti
member of the Federal Res
sures. We shall give you
holds its business by treati
We add 4 per
Make OUR ba:
The Enterpiiise
N. B. DIAL, President
in the genemld election shall .be allo'wred
to vote.
Those favorting the 5 niill additional
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
wordl "Y'10S" written or iprinlted there
on. Those against the 6 mill addition
al ta1x shall vote ai ballot containing
the word "NO" written or printed
thereon. Polls shall open at the hour
of 8 o'clock in the forenoon andl shall
remain upen until the hour of 4 o'clock
in the afternoon when they shall be
closed, and the ballots counted.
The trusvt shall report the result
of the elect~ion to the county auditor
andl county superintendecnt of educa
tion within ten days thereafter.
10-3t Ilv order of County na..
)ve will appeal to
oosing new furni
is been produced
ality at a most mod
I price do meet; it
uite at once. All
iction, which elim
)ed with steel cas
suite in old ivory
ry finish; it would
the bedroom.
ES & Co.
Put' you money
PW *i our
erv Sytmo-Bns.n
cent interest
ik YOURnbank
ereayteoa Bankin
C. H. ROPER, Cashier
Tro Stop a Cough Qgicf'
cough medicine which stops the coug by
healing tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should bo rubbed on the chest end throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
the skn soo stp *cuh
oth rernedis ae pced in on crton and the
Jus aG ou FYdruggist for HAYES'

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