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Selglan Soldier Became Eutaiigled in
Ropes of One and Unable to Extri
Cate H1i1m('self, .wns linnled Into Ial.
Ilirussels, Sept. IS.-UiIder internVlt
tent showers and strong easterly
wlids the contestants In the balloon
race for the James Gordon Bennett
trophy left the ground this afternoon.
rhe big gas bags went away at inl
tervals of ten muinutes. The Einglishi
balloon Hlanshee, piloted by English
Aeroneaut liallwin :was sent off at
4:20 p. In. with the wintd blowing he
tween thirty and forty miles an hour.
The strong wind( gave the pilots coil
Sidel'atI'! troIble, and I'selli. the It-al
inn entrant, withd rew owing to dai
ages to his balloon.
Ralph Uipson. American, in a bal
loon loanel by LAieutenant do .u ys
ter, a .ielgian aeronaut, was tii to
get a way, and promptly (lisalp:earedl
.in a southwaesterly direction.
I ernard \anl Hloffman, flying tle
City of St. louis,. ot away at :05 p.
in. and \\'ade iT. Van Oruinall. in tle
City of .\ Iq n. a 1:::0 p. n. A thrill
was lent the. tart by a soldicr who
iing in holing down the
elgian vn I rall,, Itelgica. hecoiling:
entanglel in -lhe ropes. Ile wa an
able to extricate' himself and was tar
rit'd aloft ais the gas hag ascendeli.
The.- spectators watchel the soldier
hanging to tile rope. swayin ug in the
.-wind. as Lieutenant te \uyster and
his companion in the basket sloiwly
hauled him up to safetly. The res'ue
wAs moade just as the balloon disap
peared. in t9 Clouts.
Aeronautic experts say that tho
extra jasseiner in (10 \luyster's tar
will prove a handicap to him in the
race, as It prolably will he necessary
for hit -to throw -over his hallast Ie
fore his opponents are reutitrel to do
so. Al toget Ier fou rt'en balloons
starto l in the race.
Sateniilt of tlihe (ondition of Ite
Loct ed at Onlii r, S, I'., C at tile ost
of businss Sept, G;. 1921,
Loans and iscount s . wy .U&? N011
Overdrafts . .. . , . 92. II
F.'tIir iture and .ixiures . .:'15.G2
Biank ing I louse .. .. .. 1,2S7.01
lIIe front lHanks and 1ank
ers 1,179.AS
Cutrrency .. .1... . .. 1 00
Silver anditd Othber ('oin . ' :17.7:
Che'ks an (%-sh Item(s I.s .25
Total .. . .. . .. . $ 7 .0 .5
CAPital Stock Pai dti .. .$ 25.000.00
Psa u rund .. ,. . . .. 1, 00
U'ndividledt lrofits, lesCur
rent I'Xpenses anud Taxes
Paid ..f.. .. .. ..2....
D)i to llanks and llankers 559.95
indlividtual Deposits Sub.iet.
to Check . .!10s8
Time Certificates of De
( hiihoc's (hocks 21; 2.:'l 21,1S~.11
lidis Payable. inlclutln (oi
iicali 's for .loney lor
1row\ved .. . . . .. . . luo0
olunty of la1es.
llef'ore ll'anie I Ilnr i tia O3 w-.
iings, (Cashier oIf te above niamtiel batik,
V. hbeing diuly sw1ot n, says that tne
tru ii om((0it0ion oft $3aid baiik, ais shiownt
by thel books1( of said( banik.
Ill'NI{Y I-'TT~lA O\\IN(;S.
thhis 1 5th dlay of1 Setemberlli 121.
It. .l I(Y8O.\'
No (tary Plic l.
i ta lOwings, It .\. TBryson, D~iretoi'.m
11"lihhialmet of the ('omdiijoii of te
it.\Nkl 01.' W.11.I;H 1,00.
Loelt'(Iedl Wa *1i I(terlo, S. (',, lit thle closte
I0 hocs an 1( ('iscoun ts. . . *152.21J
O litra't s .. ..~ ..nd . . .. 15.2i
-'uritar atm( I-'iix trt .... 2S 1l)0)
8u l ttkin llu se . . .. 0111.(
ol'dd. .. .. .. .. 27
.bil' to ankOhe (n Hnkes .2
IA hbcks'nd'i pah dems. I .
o rlitn'k..r..s. .: 7.
Ti :hoCrt Ie~tan Hof .. .) 29e .
Total .. .. .. . .. .. .g1:7,790.73
LoIy fTAllrLeSo
Capitlm Stocklridin . .$ 5,ler, 'ah
Su rplof li n .3 .e .1.3 . .ie .i . i . 2v0 , r e
Uii dled Poit, lss tCtur- ahyt
rn forxpongststandcti Tax tt n
ai d --o . of . .. b ..k .. ..ow by287.0
Dueoro tonk and stiners bef5.e m
tisv 10ti d' a d o - - -ie - be- . l.. 1.5
Savings Dtarit P3,b04..
Corret .. te... ... 15. m t4. T.J08n
deish-nr' Ch.Ek .ab 400.37 8,or7.0
Rieports liilente Little Im111provelmieit.
ilebt Ieighiug Ioni Output From
British 3Mines Enlarges Exports.
Washington, Sept. iS.-Signs of iml-'
proved Conditions iII i'1urope are still
few, according to the monthly suml
mary of the econoie and financial
situation there issued tonight by the
COIlIOI departmlent oil the basis of
cabled repoirts from its foreign rep
"There has been no very definite
general alterations in conditions,"
the dopar'timenit said, "which wNuild
-warrlant tile prediction of aln immedi
ate revival. The only general limt
provetnient inl thle Kuropeanl commller
'eial situation Is- -hased, to a certalin
extenit, ol artificial lattrs. irit
isit exports of raw matemial 'have
increased mi1aItly as a result of tile
resimllpitm of coal ;iintg. German
and .\Aistrian exports rose hecause
of th tirop ill tile exchange of these
rtspective 'ouniltries oil tle wvorl's
tu1,rketfIs. Crop etstiturl es inl gen-,tal
a t m ,Ot'e elli raging thanll previous
replorts woul indient e."
TaxIonl ill Great.i ritain iA the
.:reatest impedim11ent to a1 revival of
buIs InIIss, according to Commller-cial
.\ttache lDennis at l'ondoll.
Today, le sa id, tlt ,iterest onl the
11:iti. national de l t far ixce ds vt
total pre-wvar revenule of t he gov -
oeiment anid thev .:ie capita debt hlas%
r isen fromt I. pounids st erling in 191,i
to 162 poundsk inl 1921. Th'le revenile11
raised last year., he aded, was 111or
than twice as mu11ch as the "dead
weight national debt" ill , )191 . in
diostrial colditlons. iowever, are hot
ter1, he0 declared, and itlnemp1loyment
colitinlutes to decrease.
While thle recent pleace legislationl
in the t'nited States Ias had no ap
condition1s ill getieral. accoling to
1I. W. .\damus, tt'r'stttig the de
patileti at li nc1(' the I ris tl r dep
creia tion of the mark ha s \ es. ited inl
im i t itig I o value1541 o t c1etin
potash. graill anld itloal prodlicls.
i.; weik :and speculationl i.s onl the in
Tlt \tl istria n I "overnnint's i n n
i l .'ititlion i rt ik. -tl, . -'. ' ,
rept'44eSenti(g a th e tatiet ail \'011n
13' ('t144 Pt illt i t'e tt l a :t3' s e l 1 i' t 3' s(oted
11., s tated. The prospectivo delicit
for tile vollning yo ar. Ile id, twouild be
at ot l i7,00',o1,00 ctowngso.
Tht 1 W i ervial situ atison inl Spain
Itellais. i ethailL ed l t hatl ilm ot t.
are inetasing a. x11 Ot11' dreregas
it,1 ('0o i e teial ettache ( ' ofin hn
at .\ldrid declared.
S('Iit 1-:C S GR-E:Ei.\WOiD) 311011
u t r11-n111to1 TOM 1in1 Who Took
.Negriio tol 1 -'r m i' i and
11hi11111'd4 Them.
Gret11twood, Sept. l t--.l i e C.('
Featherstonet at titt opening of coun
ty court, herev todaty, Severely soe
1141 tiction of a mob whichoo erecntly
look fron the ity jail two niegro wo
m'en and whipped thein, and arg111ed
te ran uty th'1at ts "l'tour~l btounden3
hut ta istig ave theftatsd in 'on-gl
netine with tah il matr 'Tes Ict
oicatle klows tht toen, thsoe pof
1them sWho loek hhoe nrisones from1
Ithei toustandy Ther arodl fothe who1
knt'o lthi fat la. Allou, w alC'( fran
jurors,lihave(thie Iswe to summr n a~znd
torc o hime bef.or he tru ad tO (10fy,
daty wItites ot you lea4 yut'. Ma
w ille tohy it intou inCesItiga11
tiovn louhe he fll we"f h
when t ake Ctitinvsiuaionan
In f h 14m to 2i1 Do ay rgr
'AX nFO~Say WITu wEiNl lin' au spehel
shold and teen ulrlhor1to2 nagdayn
tohindulle rgdt unawfo.rtul ateprs and
thegntrer tey flasat to Tae. Ort
t e o te.ih te n me fte wt
Seie *i Make Escape by Sawig
Through Door. Court Opens Mon.
Orangeburg, Sept. 18.--Seven negro
prisoners escaped from the Orange
burg Jail here early tonight. One of
,the negroes had been ipreviously tried
on the charge of arson antd sentenced
to life insprisonntent, but his case
was appealed and a new trial or
dered. Another was bei)v, held oin
the charge of murder, while a third
was awaiting trial on the charge of
placing ties on the railroad track Inl
an effort to wreck a- train. The other
four were lbeing held for minor of
The escape was discovered about
i1::30 oC'cok tonlight by Sheriff I.
l'uiltoil Dilies kt when he arrived here
fromt Colitinbia with Abrahan 'Mays,
.'Aho has been in the state peliten
tiary a waiting trial on the charge
of criminal assalilt.
The Irisolers sawe'd thi rough a
door aid then climbed down the
seaffol(d which surrouinds a new see
tion1 which is being built to the jail.
Those e.(aping were: loward I )an
idly, awaitine; a tie wtrial (,It I lie
charge of arson; Arthu .l oore.:
charg'ed with nui1rder; spwlene Olivier,
held on the clarge of placing rail
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain.
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Included wit
an attractive
most beautif
year as in tE
tion in dress.
Just arriving
one big lot of
such as Lynx
Wolf, and th1
Chokers that ar
80 good, in all
road ties on the railroad track; Wal
'tor Buyck, Ben Green, Alonzo. Can
non and Emanuel Bradley.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Drugjglvts refund moneg It' PAZO OIINTMEN alls
I) cure Pching. Bind. leedingor Prouudlog Pies.
Instntuly relieves Itching Ples~ and you Can det
e'*tfuI Iccv after the first apDlIcation.*Pe0
A pipe w
tongue if y
P'ince Albert Is Al
..sold in toppy red
bags, tidy red tinst
handsome po und
and hal pound tin
humidor& and in the Al
%pound crystal glass
humidor with frn
sponge moistener
top. i
Copyrig~ht 1921]
by i. J. Reyatolda
Tobacco Co.
N. c.
h ourw showing
assortment of
ul styles we ha
9e past, live up I
todayOne lot 4
todayworth $3.5
Furs, going now
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3 little Just the
a going for a nice, I
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yuare hei
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the national joy smoke
E ewV Cohes
we are displaying, as usual,
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear---the
ve ever shown, which, this
:o our reputation of distinc
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0 the yard, plaid and striped skirts;
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r t numerous pieces of
rc kinplaid and striped skirt
these while ing we. are now show
e. ing.

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