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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 28, 1921, Image 12

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Don't Let "Old Nick" I
.Nick Your Tires 1
Many tires which could/ -
give; iore miles of good ser.
vice have given out because a
little nick or bruise was
It is better to avoid all
such damage by driving care- K
fully over bad places. Ex
anine your tiren often. If
E any little injuries are dis
covered bring them to us.
We can reiair them and save a
a you money and annoyance, .
When your Rims start
squeaking we can stop them
by installing new Clamps,
Nuts, Bolts or Wedges.
"Vulcanizing of the Better Kind"
At City Filling Station
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops the Coug ad Headache and works off the
d. E. W."ROVE'S ignaoture on each box. 30c.
241/2 Milio
Invested by
of Swift &
More than 21,(
Swift & Company
ing for shares in the
men and women
their faith in the in,
will of the compal
their savings in the
Their holding,
total of nearly 250,
par value ($100 a e
is more than $24,51
These 21,000
than one-third o:
number of employi
One man out 01
plant, office, and
from. the handwor
to the brain work
working with us a
devoting himself tc
ne~ss while devoting
promoting his ov
1~ every motion or m4
every product imp
*ta'ned at perfection,
* ~ rer)c')red through pi
* effct've distributior
T 'his interested,
fe . 7i partners wor
~, thegood of Swift
t 30 public vyhici vi
tu :.es one-half of ti
8Sgift & Company is
TLiers, and nearly on
of shares outstandi
It represents pri
cessful progress to
S which enlightened
71is aiming for the S<
trial problems-tow
* mutuality, brothe
nesa; for the good
* Swift & domp
Washington, Sept. 2 'r.-.-pmal dee
atation of a truce in the sonatte fight
)ver the anti-beer bill and its,..seorch
row. Suspension of hostilitjes Is to
ast, A few weeks, according to the
)resent outlook, or until the' senate
lisposes of the tax- revisiov bill and.
,he German-Austrian and Hungarian
When the tax bill is called up to- 1,
norrow, Senator Sterling (Republi- i
an) of South Dakota in charge of- the
inti-beer bill, plans to give way with j,
mnouncement of his understh'nding .
;hat the "dry" bill shall be given right t
>f way after action on the tax measure ]
nd the treaties. Meanwhile the tros-- -a
iry department is counted.on by dry a,
caders to withhold regulations per- y
nitting manufacture and physicians' r
wescription of beer.,
William J. Bryan today intervened I
n the beer bill fight by issuing a w
latement depouncing the alleged fili- n
)uster against it.
"A filibuster by a minority," said t:
dr. Bryan, who has been conferring t)
vith proponents of the bill at the y
apitol, "to prevent the enforcement r
>f a constitutional provision is about w
Ls undemocratic procedure as could e
>e imagined, especially, a constitu
ional provision wfiich outlaws a cri
ninal traffic."
Mr. Bryan commended the search d
nd seizure clause in the conference c
-eport. Search warrants for private u
Iwellings should be required, he said, -
>ut automobil'es, he declared, should w
oe subject to search without war- r
ants. ti
"To require a warrant before c
earching a suspected automobile," 1
aid Mr. Bryan, "would practically a
mullify the law. The auto could get
nto another county before a war- r
ant could be secured. It is incon- .tl
eivable that any dry senator can be w
leceived by the mock heroics of the ti
n Dollars
100 employes of
2wn or are pay- N
business.. These
.have attested of
:egrity and good t
iy by investing
business. i
3 represent a
000 shares, the
hare) of which
epresent more si
rour average b
every three, in
branch house,
ker on the floor*
er at the desk;a
s well as for us, a
,his own busi- h
himself to ours; a
in interests in L
ment saved, in b
roved or main- o
in every service a
of products.
eager group of t
king with us for
k Company and
re serve, consti
Le ownership of
a point of num- a
e-sikcth in point
ictical and suc
wvard the end atN
nodern industry
>lution of indus
ard cooperation,'
rhood in busi- e1
of all, ir
any, U. 'S. A.
.1 01
|rIiini g
r cen ,Laies, ~tie NIT. York s
0elety Woman11 Fires Ti'hree Bullets t1
Into Miss' Mildred 1anan and Kills b
Self. h
New York, Sept. 23.-+8hot and ti
ounded three times by, her fopuer w
11m who then enlded her , own life,
'ith. a bullet, Miss lild'II(fre( Ian- nr
n1, daughter of the late Alfred P. h
[allan, 8le manufacturer, tonight c
overed between life and death in a u
rooklyn 11ospital.
Vith the o1,tcomo of 'the girl's' in
ires still in. doubt, pollce took up a C.
ack trqii from the scene of the noc
Irnal tragedy into the 'world of f)
high life" blamed by NIIss Ilanan's c
8sailant, Mrs.- Grace Lawes. for the a
Ccunulated misery and heartaches C
'hicili impelled her to take her f
*lend's life. g
"The -pace is too fast and the a
quor has driven me crazy," she had
rnitten In a letter addressed to. her
Still another possible motive Ior
le deed, that of jealous rage over 0
ie attentions of a inan who was with a
iss Ianan when the shooting occur- i$
3d, is being scrutinized by detectives J
ho are trying -to clear III) many un
(plained points.
For more than three .hours this
an, John S. 'Borland, importer and 1
cporter, was questioned regarding n
Dtails of the affair, as \vell as the h
rcumstances of his acqi1aintance d
Ith the -tiwo women,
A further comiplicatbion developedA
hen San Francisco newspapermen
)ported they had located and ques
oned Mrs. WM. E. Dittwar to whom,
illing -her "mother darling," lirs.
awes had addressed a letter found
Tiong her effects.
Mrs. Dittmar at first denied any
flationship and .then told her quos
oners she was a sister of the dead a
oman and volunteered the infprma
on that jealousy was not the motive
ir the killing.
This information was at variance
ith both the salutation of the
nother darling" letter and the con
nts- of another addressed to Mrs.
Irdie Williams,,a former nurse in
e H ananl 'household, of which Mrs.
vwes had also been a member for
ur years.
"Make it easy for my darling
other," 2uIra. Lawes had written -in
c second letter, which began with
reqluest that her body be sent home
California and cremated.
Tihe stories of the tragcdy and the
ents preceding it told by the in
red girl and 'Borland, it Dartihouth
'aduate, coilncided closely. With
Iss Dorothy Gottschalk, Miss Ilan
i told detectives she and Borland'
id dined at. her own home in one
the most exclusive residential dis
lets of Manhattan.
At It o'clock last night, she said,
0e and Borland drove Miss Gojtt
halk to her home in Schermerhorn
reet, Brooklyn, where they stayed
itil shortly after I o'clock.
"We hadl just emerged from thle
'stibule when I saw -Mrs. -Lawes step)
aml an areaway,"- Miss H-ann con
mued. "The next tiling I hleard
rec pjistol shots. I dropped to tile
lowalk and when I got up I saWv
00od running froml my arm11.
"I ran for a hundlred feet and col
psed1. I thlen heard another~ shot
It was this last shot that ended thme
e of Mrs. Lawes.
One othter person Witnessed the
agedy. ,A neighbor of MNilss Gott~
halk's said she was at her windowv
id saw Mrs. Lawes sit down on a
iarby stoop, take a cupI from her
Lndbag, drink something from it
id (lash thme vessel into the gutter.
'archers later found fragments of
e china, and in the dead woman's
ig a phiai labelled 'with the name
a drug.
'Ilorlanld, while admitting that he
Id Mrs. Lawes had qiuarraledl over
iss I linen, emph~latically denied that
ty feeling concerning htimself had
dI to thle shlooting. lie said the mo
ye was "'posiitively not jealousy,
epresasing thle belief that she was
mporarily deranged mentally.
Mrs. Lawes was related to Miss
anan b~y marriage and llvedl with
~e H-anan family until two weeks
o when she moved to an apartment
t'he Vanderbilt hotel. She 'was di
0e''i several years ago from lher
sband, Edgar 10. Schmidt. and re
med her maiden name of Lawes.
ew Constitutional Amendment is on
Washington, Sept. 25.-A woman's
>ill "of rights," proposed for enact
eat by the federal and all state gov
'nments to remove all legal discrim
ations against women, was oitlined
day in a statemient by the National
'opnan's Party.
The program Includes a new consti
tional amendment, declaring that/
to political, civil or legal disabilities
inequalities on account of mar
age" shall prevail, together waih a
Il to give women the same rights,
'ivileges and immunities as men.
Atwas -Annjureed that 8$4nato cur
s, Repuiilican, Knasas, and Repre
gitatlve , FesS, A9iplellcan, Ohio
ould intrbduco the 'propose1 consti
itional amendment in congtess Octo
3r 1; and that copies of the new bill
id been sentto all state chairmen of
te Womnn"s Party except Wisconsin,
hich already has 'nacted the law.
Women would have the Vight, upon
LArriage to choose their names and
atve equal voice in custody of their
iildren, legitimnte or illegitimate,
nder the proposed new bill of the
'omen's organization.
Other legal rights for women in
Suffrage, eligibility for all offices,
-cedom of contract, choice of domi
le, residence or name, jury service,
equisition and control of property,
)ntrol of labor earnings, eligibility
)r judiciary positions, equality in
roundh for qivorce and immunities
ad penalties for sex offenses.
Take notico that on the 4th day of
ctober, 1921, I will render a final
,count of my aots and doings as Ad
inistrator of the estate of J. W. A.
olland deceased, in the office of the
idge of Proltate of 'Laurens county,
, 11 o'clock, a. m. nd on the same
ty will apIply for a final discharge
oni my trust as inistrator.
Any person ind Uted to said estate
notified and required to make pay
ent on that date; nnd all persons
xving clajiis against saId estate will
resent them on or before said date,
Lily proven or be forever .barred.
ugust 31, 1921. 7-6t-A
Quickly rellevex Constipation, BII
unneas, Loss of Appetite and Head
3hes, duo to Torpid Liver.
$25.00 to $45.00
"A K.,
Putyuir money
Safety for your money and service are two things
for which our National Bank stanlds. .'*
Come in and oden a bank account with us. We
shall give your money the safety which our being a
member of the Federal Reserve System of Banks in
sures. We shall give you the service of a Bank which
holds its business by treating its customers right.
We add 4 per cent. interest.
Make OUR bank YOUR bank.
The Enterpuise National Bank
N. B. DIAL, President C. H. ROPER, Cashier
1 ON
$18.75 to $39.75
$12.75 to $39.75

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