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*S* * * Wge . w ....
* Local and Personal omss *
Mrs. A, G, Hart and children have
returned to Greenville after visiting
&Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Clarke for several
Mrs. . A. Cooper, of Colunbia,
'Wife 'of (ov. R. A. Cooper, with her
little son, Robert, Jr., is visiting
friends in 'the city,
alr. George A. Miller, of Poston, is
visiting his mother, Mm-rs. Virginia Mil
ler, at the home 'of Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. AMcCuen.
Mrs. 0. R. Locke, of Charleston, ar
rived in the city yerterday to visit
Mrs. JLaura Easterby and family for
some time.
Miss Ina Little, who has been un
dergoing treatment in Asheville for
several months, is expected home the
latter 'part of this week.
Mrs. Ed Hicks and little daughter
arrived in the city .last week from
their home in Alabama to join Mr.
tHicks, 'who has been here for several
Mr. R. B. Terry has returned home
after visiting rolatives in Rocking
ham, N. C., for several days.' While
there he saw his brother, M1r. H.
Terry, and found that his health is
somewhat improved.
The friends of Mr. M. J. Owings
\will 'be sorry to learn that he is con
fined to his home on account of sick
ness and that it may be necessary for
him to seek .hosiAtal treatment in one
of the larger etties.
*e* * * 5 * * .
5** ** * * ** * S
Dials, Sept. 26.-Saturday, the 24th
"'Pinewood -Lake" was 'the scene of
another -pleasant outing when the peo
ple of the community enjoyed an af
ternoon 'picnic. These outings are
very pleasant occasions and greatly
enjoyed .by all who attend. For the
beneflt of the uninitiated, Pinewood
Lake is a place of much natural beau
'ty that has been improved by man un
til it leaves little to be desired in the
'way of a swimming pool. Mr. Floyd
Curry, the owner, in his free-hearted
way, quite early in the season dedicat
ed it to 'the community and it has in
deed proved a regular "union Pine
wood Lake". Mr. B. It. Gray had
charge of the picnic, thereby insuring
the success of the affair. The suipper
Was a fish one, the menu consisting
6f flsh stow, loaf and coffee, sand
wiches and ice water. Mr. W. C. Cur
ry .invoked God's blessing on the com
pany, after which every one was in
vited to come up and help themselves.
About t wenty-one families enjoyed the
Mirs. II. Y. Simmons was called to
Anderson last week, whdre she went
to attend the funeral of her sister,
Mrs. Mary Dannall, rellet of the late
Rev. It. R. )agnali. AMs. )agnall had
often Vislted in this. her old home
communeity, andl had manI~y friends
who were grieved to hear' of hier' de
;Mi*. and \iris. J1. T1. Gillespiie andl
children, ir. an td is. Wmn. Davis and
childr1 en, of (Grieen viille, visited r'ela
tives here duii 'ng the week-end.
Mis. i'Icen I 'eden andl little Da vid,
arie viit'ing r'elatives near' tou ntaini
Ai r. Jlohn Simmons spent the wveek
end In Gr'eenv'ille.
TJhe iemiains of Loise, the littlec
thrie'e-eair-old dauighiter' of .\ r. and
air's. Tiownes A. W\illIs, of Griay Court,
wer'e literred'i in llials ('emet(ery Sun
(lay mnorning, Rev'. C. W'. Watson eon
dlucting the ser'vie's. Little Louise
su ffered 01n1y a brief ill ness and lier
dleath w'as a shoc'k to relatives and1(
fr'ie'nds of the family. all of whom
dee;ply syminpathi'ze withI the berteave'(d
'arte nts.
Masters Tillmnan andi JTack Ilolt, of
I lickory Tavern, were the wecek-end
guests of 1). D. 'lirownlee.
The llev. C. W. Watson, after en
joying a month's vacation, -filled his
appointment here Sunday afternoon,
plreaching a strong and ('lOrluent ser'
mon01 fr'omi the text, "Comte untto Mie all
ye who are heavy lade, and I will
give you rest."
The i'llw'orth League wIll hold a
meeting at t'he church Sunday even
ing, October 2nd, and an interesting
'program has been pirepai'ed. All
'I~aguers are uriged to b~e pi'esent.
Card of Thanks'
'We wish to thank our firendls and
nei-ghboirs for the many acts of love
andl kindness shown uis when the body
of our son and brother, ILewis Felton
Abercrombio, who was killed in France
in 1918, was brought home and laid
to rest in the Rabun cemetery. May
Heaven's ridhest iblosdings i'est mpon
J. C. Aberombie and Family.
Habitual Costpation Cured
Ia ?4 to 21 Days
e'IAX-F08 WITH PEPSl!!" Is a s ially
naltipation. t eliesprom1ptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimzulates and
Regulate. eVery Pleasant to Take. 600
Mrs. Florence E. League
announces the marriage
of her daughter
Cora 'Lee
Mr. .Hoke Howe Stewart
on Wednesday afternoon,
August thirty-first, nineteen hundred
Laurens, S. C.
Thursday morning Miss iPatty%
Wilkes was hostess at a iparty given
in honor of Miss Virginia Gray, whose
marriage is to be in October. Progres
sive bridge was enjoyed, after which
a delicious salad course was served.
'Friday afternoon Miss Eloise Clardy
entertained at bridge in honor of Miss
Virginia Gray. After many games of
bridge had been played, delightful re
freshinents were served.
0 0 o
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunklin
have .issued invitations to the mar
riage of their sister, Virginia Aiken
Gray, to Ar. Carroll Green DesChamps
of Suinter, Saturday afternoon, Oc
tober 8, at their home on West Main
street, a reception to follow Imme
diately after the ceremony.
Rev. S. It. Templeman Attended Fun
eral of Dr. Russell Stuart WIngfleld
in Richmond.
Rev. S. H1. Templeman returned
Monday from Fichmond where he went
to conduct the services at the funeral
of Dr. Russell Stuart Wingfleld, who
lost his life at Salonika, Greece, when
a large baby hospital under the direc
tion of the Red Cross, was burieo.
Dr. Wingfield, nwho was but 27 years
of age, was a member of 'Rev. Temple
man's congregation when the latter
was pastor of a Richmond church.
At the time of his death Dr. 'Wing
fleld was in charge of all medical work
of the Red Cross among babies in
G1reece and an order had just been is
iiued for him to take charge of medi
2al work of all classes when he lost
lils life in the great fire. The Greek
government took special cognizance
)f his death and gave a large militar)
3scort when exercises were conducted
it Salonika, besides sending a large
wreath. The wreath 'was not accept
Dd for shipment iby the steamship
2oipany, however, but the Greeks of
Richionr sent a wreath to the fun
ral which 'Mr. Templeman described
is the most beautiful lie had ever
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * + * * * * .
Cross 11111, Sept. 2ti.-Mr's. N. E.
Davenpioi't and daughters, Mrs. Sallie
Watts, .l iss TIheresa D~avenport andl
fras. \V. C. Hlasor silent -Sunday with
r'elatives in Grieenville.
Mr i. andl Mirs. .J. B. inson and Mir.
ind Mi's. ii10. Griiflln visited ielativyes in
a'reenw~vood Sunday.
.\lr's. Er~inest Fullero and dafuighter' ae
'oiimpanied'( 'l iss Floride I uidd home
Quite a number of ladies attenided
thie W. M. I'. meetinrg held at lietha
baria churichi last Saturiday.
Mr'. and Mirs. .1. 10. Leaman spe'nt
Sundmmay' at Grieenwood with Sam Lea
man, who Is attending TI. M. r.
Drt. anid .\rs. Senna spent last -week
[1nd at (Greenw~ood with .\i's. Senn's
.\ir. and Mi's. R. A. Austin were call
'd to Amirson Sunday on account of
thie ser'iouis illness of Mi'. Sydney
D~rouch. Ourm cornmu nity .symnpathizes
with Mr'. Crouch and hopes for his
speedly r'ecover'y.
Mi'..'S. D). Austin is uindei'going treaut
ment at a Grmeenvi lie hospital.
Mr'. -hairmor'e Rasor andi sister', Miss
Ada, have r'etuirnedl from a visit to
relatives at Maiden, N. C.
Mr. Guy Leame~n, or Er~iwin, Tenn.,
is the guest of his mothei', Mirs. 111gi
Mi'. andl Mr's. i19'nest Milling are
guests of Mi'. andi Mi's. J. 0. Brown.
Mrs. 'William Miller is visiting i'ela
tives at Whitmire,
I lot Men's heavy Iiecedl underwear
for 49c, at J. C. Burns & Co.
Meeting of U. D. 0,
The J. B. Korshaw Chapter U. D. C.
will meet at four o'clock Tuesday af
ternoon, October 4th, 'with 'Mrs. R1. E.
Babb. Members are urged to be pres
MinnIe 13. B3abb, Sec.
I tabio of ginghams, -plaids, 3-4
percales, at 10e a yard, at J. C. Burns
& Co.
-Of Little Learning.
\man of littie learning deems that
Sa great deal; a freg, never ha,
a the ocean, considers its well
City Council 1kises Minimum Rate on
Water Consumers Who are not Hay
Ing Their Supply Measured.
Consumers of city water who have
no meters or whose moters are out of
order will have the minimum rate of
50 cents per month increased to $1.00
per month, according to a resolution
passed at the meeting of city council
Monday night. Consumers who think
that they use less than the minimum
amount every month may seek relief
by having meters installed or old ones
repaired. The action of the council
was taken following the report of Mr.
Farris Mlartin, employed -by the city to
check up water and li'ght meters, in
which it was shown tiat a-pproximate
ly half of the .water consumers of the
city were either without meters or had
meters in bad order. OThe report
showed a smaller nuimber of electric
light meters out of order, but no ac
ion was take has to these -meters
E.9 the minimum rate was increased
)n lighting some time ago.
Council awarded the contract for
rebuilding the city barn, which was
burned several weeks ago, to Mr. J.
%1. Benjamin, local contractor. Three
>ther contractors put in bids on the
vork, Mr. Benjamin making the low
st figure. Work is to begin at once
ind the barn is to. be completed simi
ar to the former structure within a
* * * * * * * * * a * * *
* * * * * * * a .. . . .
'Clinton, Sept. 26.-Mrs. .White, of
3avannah, Ga., Is the guest of her sis
er, Mrs. T. D. Copeland.
*Mr. W. J. Bailey spent several days
ast week in Atlanta on business.
lrs. Thos. Jacobs is visiting in.
Tharlotte and Statesville this week.
Mrs. Kenneth 'Burdette de'lightfuti
y entertane(i the "Tuesday Club" last
,veek. Delicious refreshments were
terved after a pleasant hour of sew
Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Hays spent last
saturday in Greenville.
Mrs. Hugh Aiken, of Laurens, spent
he week-end with Mirs. John Spratt.
Mirs. G. A. Nickels, of Charleston,
s the guest of her mother, Mrs. W. G.
Mr. and .rs. R Z. Wright and fan..
ly spent Sunday in Greenville.
Mrs. W. J. 'Bailey left Monday for
ktlanta, to s'pend several (lays with
4r. an(d '.\rs. Tiilnrd .Jacobs.
Mrs. Claud Workman spent last Fri
lay in Laurens with relatives.
Misses Mary Ruth Copeland, Emily
"hillis and Collett Griflin left last
ruesday 'for Whithrop College.
Mrs. J. F. ,Jaeubs, Sr., and Miss
lara Duckett are spending 'the week
n Atlanta.
Mr. and Mirs. 'P. 0T. Robertson an(d
laughter, of 'Charlotte, N. C., spent
lie week-end with Mrs. John Robert
Aut omiobile Stolent
A Lexington Six toui'ing eair, he
onging to Mr'. litnurens Phil lot, was
aken by unknkiown parties fr'onm the
t reet in front of M's. S. D). CThildi'ess
0ome time duinig Monday night and
romu la te accouniits last ni ght had n111iot
>een locantell. The sheiff force andi
o('al 1)01ice have 'putt ot a driag-net
0o' thle lief ofr1 iev ces and nearb'y
'itieos hav b( ieeni no1tiled (of thle thle ft,
miit no clue's havme as ye't beeni isc(ov
'red thiat give an~y inietion of1 I theO
'ar''s wmheeabouits. .\ir. Phliliot rooms1
tIt the home of .\lrs. (Chiildress and left
us car' ini fiont of the house abouit tenl
is'1lo('k .\oonday ightli. When h11le ar'ose
l'uesdlay' morn1ig thle 'ar' wam's gono'.
P' carI hias a slmon001 1 ooredi bodly
vithi ~ whiteI wh'etels and1( by~ been in use
thouit twvo yearsi'.
" Hot Stuff!
Red Devii Lye 'IIj~~~h
sure is strong. I't
Just try it and see ~~~ 'qij~
how much better ~ i
you like it. Nr' -t
'time you g'o to
scrub put two ,J
4ablespoonfuls of
'Red Devil Lye in
a pail of water.
,Then instead of .
mop. It does the
Cets rid,
of dirt 3
It quicky loosenstithe
dirt becauseit softens/
the water I Great for
all cleaning .saves
work and purifies
while it cleanses.
'Your Grocer Aiw.,.
S$uels tje==g
-- .P "ALPALOA6 , 4 0LU 1.
Our Low Prices the Talk of the Town
Why? Because low as are the prices, they are being quoted
on dependable merchandise of the better sort---on the kind
of bedroom, dining room and living room furniture that
makes the word "economy" a reality instead of a joke.
Our stock of new furniture with their new prices is both a
revelation and a Godsend. You can now buy what you
want savingly---and safely. No longer need you put off
buying. Prices are as low as they can go. Come in and
see our stocks today.
Special Prices on Living Room Furniture
In Reed, Fibre and Mahogany
We invite you to come and see the wonderful values
we are offering.
S. M. & E. H. WILKES & CO.
You may have been;
wearing the wrong
corset all your life
.vith out knowing it
But never without suffering from it in
n ppearance, health, temper-or all three.
Your first
Front Lacing
Co S R S E T
scientifically designed, carefully chosen,
properly fitted, may very probably mean
a total change in the way your dressmaker
looks at you-and the way you look at
We offer these original front lacing corsets
at moderate priceswell within the reach of
every woman, and we will assume full re,
- sponwibility for your complete satisfactiogg
Wells Clardy Co.

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