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Shot. By Erstwhile Chum, She Gave
No Explanation of the Shooting.
ev York, Sept. 25.-Miss Mildred
Hanan, daughter of the late Alfred
P. Hanan, shoe manufacturer, died
early today without having advanced
any explanation as to why she had
been shot Friday morning by her erst
while chum, Mrs. Grace Laws, who
later committed suicide.
John S. Borland, importer, Dart
mouth college graduate, who was in
her company when the shooting took
place outside the apartments of a
mutual friend on Schermerhorn street,
Brooklyn, was at her bedside when
the end caie at four o'clock this
morning. Mrs. Clara M. Hlanan, her
mother and several other relatives
also were preseint, but the girl, who
had lapsed into unconsciousness short
ly after midiight, died not recognizing
any of them.
An autopsy performed by )r. Carl
Botiger, district medical examiner,
showed that a bullet pierced the tho
rax and the abdomen an(d lodged under
the ninth rib on the right side.
A blood transfusion, made Friday
seeled "to give the girl a&Idditioal
strength but a relapse set in Satur
day evening.
The real motive for the shooting
may never be publiely known. Po
lice expressed the theory that jeal
ousy was a contributing factor but
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they were unable to determine wheth
er it was because of Borland or bo
cause of the severance of Mrs. Lawd
friendly relations with Miss Hanan.
Borland told police that he beleived
Mrs. Laws was driven to the act as
a result of having lost the'friendship
and financial assistance of Miss Han
an. He also expressed the belief that
this was followed by excessive drink
ing which Mrs. Laws admitted irr a
letter to her sister in San Francisco
found among her possessions after
her death.
Mrs. Laws had lived with the Han
an's until about two weeks ago when
a quarrel between her and Mildred
at Shoreham, Long Island, resulted
in Mrs. Laws taking rooms at a hotel
not far from the Hanan home on
Park Avenue. On the evening pre
ceeding the shooting, Miss Dorothy
Gottehalk, a friend, had dined with
Miss Hanan and Borland at the Han
an home. Miss Hanan and Borland
later decided to accompany Miss
Gottehalk to her home in Brooklyn
and it was while eierging from her
apartnent the shooting occured.
Except to state that Mrs. Laws
had shot her and that Borland had
nothing to do with it Miss lanan
had declined to answer the inquiries
of police seeking to establish a motive
for Mrs. Laws' act.
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Wall Street Coton Expert Says Out
look is for Only 6.500,000 Bales.
Declares Estimate Conservative.
The prediction that the American
cotton crop of this year will not ex
ceed 6,500,000 bales was made Mon
(lay in Atlanta by David C. 'Tarrower,
cotton expert of the Wall Street Jour
nal and universally recognized as one
of this country's closest student of the
cotton situation.
Mr. Harrower is making a tour of
the South for the purpose of investiga
ting conditions of the cotton crop from
personal observations. le has visited
North and South CaroLina and is now
engaged in touring Georgia.
Upon leaving Atlanta and this state
he will visit other sections of the cot
ton belt.
Mr. Harrower declares that he re
gards his prediction of the present
crop at G,500,000 bales as n -conserva
tive estimate." ie goes into detail
concerning widespread deterioration
of the cotton crop since the last gov
ernment estimate, which placed pro
duction at 7,035,000 bales.
Asked to make a statement for the
Atlanta Constitution concerning crop
conditions, Mr. I[arrower dictated to
a stenographer a statement which will
be read with interest throughout the
country, for Mr. Harrower is regard
ed as one of America's foremost cot
ton experts. Mr. Harrower says:
"The cotton situation is bound to be
acute in the present season. The
world's supply of American cotton in
all countries is about 9,000,000 bales.
This includes linters and low grade
stuff. About 6,500,000 bales of this
total is in the United States and in
cludes some cotton that is not tender
able on contracts. Of the cotton held
by the farmers of the old crop 13.5
per cent is made up of snaps, bollics
and other grades that are not tender
able. This is the position of the
carry-over of old cotton on July 31,
"We come into the new season on
August 1 with a crop for the United
States estimated by the department
of agriculture at 7,035,000 bales bas
ed on the condition August 25. Since
that time deterioration has been rapid
throughout both the eastern and west
drn belts. The boll weevil has taken
practically a third of the crop in most
all sections.
"There is little hope of further
blooms and the large ginning return
which to somef looks like a large crop
is really an indication of a decidedly
small one because the hot, dry weath
er has been forcing the crop to an
early maturity and picking is unusu
ally early.
"Since the government report as of
August 25, deterioration has been
rapid and the crop prospect is actu
ally lower thanti at that time.
"In Texas, where the best authori
ties had estimated the crop at 50 per
cent of all normal production, or 1,
500,000 bales, the recent floods have
cut down production at leas' 250,000
bales more. In some parts of Miss
issippli the wveather has beeni so ex
r'cssively hot that the pickers c'annot
work a full day; plants are (lying; no
more blooms seem plossible and the
cirop is gone.
"In the circustances is seems as
Cif crop of 0,500,000 bales wvould be
on servativye.
"Put this be'hindl the do(mesti ct (arry
over andl we have about 13,000,000)
balof a , ll hinds.
'"The total prodIuction last year was
1 0,500,000) bales.
"'Our dlomestic' prioduction is niow inl
"Ger'many, wh'icah in the 1 920) sea
'ton used only abloult -.110,000 bles(', inl
the past sealson1 uIsed I ,381I,000 balhes
of Amertican cottton, i nclutding a bout
i;0,000 balecs ofI Iiniters.
"'The biest authlor' ite say that with
this evidence of improvement world
i'onsumpjtion of American cotton
should ('(uad I2,000,000) or I 2,500,000
balt's. Of' this the suipply will no1 mare
than btalan ce the demiand if' it even
permiuits a full run of mills uip to the
end of' this Beason."'--A t~ln ta C onst i
TIake ntot ice that on thle l-ithI day
of' Oc'ta, 1t'1, I will ienider' a Itna.
accitount of' my1 aets and doings as Ad
main Iis tat' the (estiOat' o W. W.
Culherta't son, deceased, in the otli'e of'
thei .1 udge of IProbate of I iianrienis (couu
ty, at I I o'clock, a. im., and ont the
same1 day wIll applly for a discharge
fr'om my13 tirust asg Administrator'.
Any person Indebted to Sithi estate
Is noti lled anid r'equi red to mak e pay
muen t onl t hat dlate; anid all perisons
having ('laimls augainst saId ('stat-e will
priesenit themi on or' before said dlate,
dly 1prI oven., or be foi'ever harired.
September 1-1, 1921. 9-St-A
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor~ Co.
Clinton. S. C.
Wah- Over
Every detail of this model is new
in shoe styling. It is the newest
release by America's most successful
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English squared toe, soft, sturdy
Scotch Grain leather.
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Wells Clardy Co.
Laurens, S. C.
$25.00 Prize For Best Yield
In order to encourage the growth of wheat, which
we believe is necessary in the fight against the boll
weevil, we have bought a solid carload of high grade
seed wheat which we propose to sell to farmers at ac
tual cost---$2.00 per bushel.
To further stimulate interest in wheat growing we
offer a cash prize of $25.00 to the Laurens county
farmer growing 'the most wheat on one acre of ground
this season.
It is not necessary to buy the wheat from us to en
ter the contest nor to enter the contest to buy the
We want to see Laurens county farmers grow
enough wheat to feed themselves.

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