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A Military Review, Second in Size
Only to the Historic Victory Parade
Followed Immediately After Cere
Paris, Oct. 2.-The United States tu
day paid its highest tribute to the
dead soldiers of France when General
John J. Pershing, in the presence of an
inmense throng, including President
Millerand and other high officials of
the republic, laid the congressional
medal of honor u)on the tomb of the
unknown polu under the Arch of
Triumph. The ceirmony was the most
impressive expression of Franco
American unity since the United States
declared war on Germany in April,
A military review, second In size
only to the historic victory parade',
followed the cereiony. A picked bat
talion of American troops, representa
live of all units comprising the Amer
ican forces on the ]thine, led the pa
rade which was reviewed by President
illerantd, General Pershing, Aimbas
sador I Iterrick and all the marshals of
France. The presince of a large body!
of Aicrican troops in Paris for tle
first time Shic' 1919 caused an ouit
bu rst of entiiisiasm from the thous
ands of I'arisianls who linted the Av%e
ntie Des Chamnips l'lysees and the
1Place d'-'t (Ic, where the arch is lo
Before placing the decoration on
the unknown soldier's tonib, (eneral
Pershing stood before it at salute for
several migutes. Then, in a voice
sliakin. with emotion, lie declared:
"In the Iiaie of Ihe President. and
of the people of the Inited States, as
a token of our pepettal belief in tile
righteousness of the cause for which
you died, and as a niark of respect
and admiration to you and to your!.
coulintrylien, I place this congression
al medal of honor upon your tomb."
'I'le American headquarters band
froni Coblenz then played the "Mar
seillaise" aind "The Star Spangled
General Pershing's speech made a
lpr'ofolnd iml5ssionl 111)011 .tle assemt
hage and brought tears to many
eyes. Referring to the unknown as
"Soldier of France, dear- friend and
my conirade," the general said:
"I sallute inl your noble life and in
your tragic death you have become to
the world ian iiiortal symbol of de
votion to the iighest ideals of man
kind. Your valor on many fields will
ever reniain all inspiration to livliig
ilothers w-ho weep over youi' grave as
they recall the heroisn of theii' own
brave sons.
"YoI' allied colira des remeitmer
with deep) em1otionl how youl cheered
them as you feli. Tiey pra is' your
%.,allant deeds while they renew their
vows of allegia net' to the principles
for which you fought. Dear friend,
your' batle is over. You sleep quiet
ly amid tile Ioisy traille of a great
city. For you. the victory is won.
"You gave your last drolp of your
life's blood( for libei'ty and1( in the sac
iice of yourI y'outh was born1 the hope11
of those y'ou left behlind(. In youri
hear it thiee is malice tOwlarId none, but
c'harijty for all. It is this spirit and
this alose which will establish conti
denlce among nat ions.
"You gave the last drop of your
war, bu1. t our work will 11ot he coim
pleted until the burdens which the
repa rat ions for war i'minoses are lift -
('d friom thei' shiouilderIs of all peopl es.
Yoiu gave' youri all I'or Jieace, but yourii
gift w ilI be b~arrenll unless a gener'ouis
spirit1 of unrisel fishniess, co(ope rat ion
a rises to Itak' tile p lace of hat red.
I 'nknown sohlier to you of whom
thousands ofI mother(1 atsk 'It is my11
Son' 'lTo youri i tombih. which is for
France the altar of theic couintriy, I
briing the love anld affe't ion (If till
Amer('icani "(olelicrs who foughti beside
yout and the~ valianit 0( soll's of
Erasing Rubber.
mani'r I,. l~h'ipnin,11 whoi nllet edI It hat;
wli''.t wri il-: ''' itt.a e I p cl it wasl(~
itconv'it to reach8!O I'o a I of
Merbo dy1. il u 'ii e it. Itti ull iifIJIh
I tili('.
Fairly Warned.
"'My dea," said hliIbbles over'l the
tonrighl. so don't sIt up for' me0. .10ohn
Jagsby and( Iuthave 11n limpo~rtiint nnt Ier
B~Ibbles in ai tonie (of resi gnation. ''bt
wh'Ien yout bieginI to get fill o tf thle mat)1
terl 1 do hope you won't let Mr'. Jaigsbty
pe'ISrsuade you to hanve~ just one1 miore
dlisculssion.'"--RIringham n Age-Hferald,
'rhe Yokel (medlittively)-I'm go.
Ing to sell the farm and pult the mon
cy In the hannk. When you've got a
farm,. the Lord does as he pleases9
with you, hiut he enn't touch the mnon
*v -Rtockhohin Ktnnnr.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Narnie, Oct. 3.-Rev. Martin, of Lau
rens, filled his regular appointment at
this place Sunday afternoon and as
usual preached a good, helpful ser
Nlr. and Mrs. Laaw Mobley and Law,
Jr., were the week-end guests of their
patrents, '.Nir. and Mrs. T. 'H1. 11urts.
Atr. and Nirs. Austin Willis and Wil
Iam, Jr., of Gray Court, and Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Craddock, of Fountain Inn,
were Sunday guests of their father and
mother, .ir. and Mrs. Austin Brainlett.
ir. and Mrs. T. N. Barksdale and
children, Mary and Thomas, Jr., and
Miss Rlemelle Reid were guests of 'Mrs.
1E. It. Bolt, Sunday.
Barksdale-Narnie school opened to
day witil Nir. Sinunons 'Pinson as prin
eipal. Miss Mary Boyd as intermediate
and Miss ialle as primary teache r,
With such a good faculty we 1101 to
have a good school this session.
Aliss Mary Jones, of F'ounntain Inn,
was the guest of Miss Nelle Burts
The missionary meeting which met
with Mtrs. .ohn llunter last Thuriisday
was qiuite a success. The next meet
in g will be with Mrs. (;ene 1Burns ou
Thursday after the four Sunday. We
hope more of the ladies will attend
these meetings as there is much good
to be derived, which will make the so
ciety more helpful in the future.
Many from here attended the asso
eiation at Po.lar Springs last week.
M1iss Annie Lee Htagen, of Abbeville,
is the attractive guest of Mliss 1Nva
Bolt for a few days this week.
Mr. and Mirs. W. L. Reid, Miss Re
melle Reid and Mliss Ethel Bolt visit
ed Br. Hob Hailey in Clinton Sunlay
Miss Ava Bolt. andlessrs. Leroy
Ramage and Ira Bolt west down to
Clinton Sunday afteriioon and brought
Miss Gladys Adair back to Narnic for
a short stay. Miss Adair is a very at
tractive young lady and we always
welcome her in our community.
.\ir. Ira Bolt is spiendllig a few (lays
in Clinton with Mr. Hal ph Young.
Mr. Iather Bramlett and a few
friends motored to Greenville Sunday.
Mr. and Mirs. Troy Owings were vis
itors in Laurens Saturday.
oSuell IIelensed oi 45.000 Bond Aiter
.s trial I Is Ordered. olileitor Smtoak
Says Will he Tried Araini.
IPickenits, Sept. :.0. A jury that de
liberated twventf fourl houirs and .tHill
ty minits failed liere today to agree
iipoie I.,.' inniocei'e o. guilt of .1ake
(Go-nell. (b"arged with the imurmdteri of
former Sheriff llend ii tet 'or of
Gr (ny COunty. ani for the seconld
t ime the case i'esulted in a mistrial.
J1udge H. Wither's Alemminger, of
C'harleston, ord(eried a mist rial in the
asat2:"5 th is a fteriinoon a fteri IFore
man Itagw'etll infoi'med him i that agree
men t was impitoasibtle. -On mortion of
J1amties J1. ( ariey, J.,. of cou nsel f'o:
the defens', hond fixed at $5,0.(00 by
Jutdge' Memminge' w'as granted Gos-.
nell, and the dlefendant was releasod
from ctustody.
SMolicitor tDavid W\. Smink said imi
media~:tely a'fter the trmial hadt nded.
hat Gosnell would be tried again. He
vas unable to announce whether bis
;ase would be called or not at the nexc
ern of the court of general sessions
n Pickens county, which convenes in
Gosnell's bondsmen are: L. C. Thor
ey, W. H. Chastain and R. E. Bruce.
Jake Gosnell, federal prohibition
mnforcement agent, shot - and killen
3heriff Hendrix Rector in Briscoe's
1arage in Greenville, July 4, 1919.
-Us case was called for trial at the
.ugust term of the court of general
tessions in Greenville county but was
.ransferred to the United States court
tlon motion of the defense. Shortly
kfterward, Judge H1. 11. Watkins re
nanded it to the court of general sos
ions and after being continued
hrough several terms it caie up for
rial in Ilay, 1920, and resulted in a
nistrial after the case had consumed
;even days. Gosnel was release( on
1,000 bond at the conclusion of the
rial. On the ground that Carlos Rerc
or, brother of Sheriff Rector, had
>een eh' te(l sheriff of the county, de
Isenlse coutnsel requested a cliange of
"eniue and the case was ordered tr ied
it l'iekenis county.
Wit h a brillian array of counsel
inled utp) for and against Jake Gosnell
1id troughi crowded sessions the case.
'ontitiued for fiv e days, going to trial
at .\tndav1Y and ending this afternoon
%hen the mlistrial w-as ordered. Thle
'as(, went to th .i ury at 2:20 Thurs
lay afterinoon after lie Jiurty had heard
or1 fourt' hoiurs the most brilliant a it
uenits that ever ecioed witiin the
valls of the picturesque courz't house
In addressing the Jury alrter it
'ame out to report that agreemtient was
Don't Let "Old Nick"
Nick Your Tires
Many tires which could
give' more miles of good ser
vice have given out because a
little nick or bruise was -
ig neglected.
'-'E It is better to avoid all i
such damage by driving care.
fully over bad places. Ex- !
amine your tires often. If
any little injuries are dis
covered bring them to us.
We can rerair them and save
85you money and annoyance._
When your Rims start
aqueaking we can stop them
by installing new Clamps,
Nuts. Bolts or Wedges.
"VtulcaiIng of the Better hind"
At City Fillhng Station
.tsical Comeyn rnui
- V I
' Niative Hfawaiianr
Sin ers -Dancers. Players
,AMeritorious Cast
'ikmarkable *
Scent f~ietSL
-"The Bird of Para
__dise" Only Rival
er Floor $1.50
impossible,. Judge Monuninger declared
to the jurors that they had failed in the
performance of their duty in not
reaching a verdict and also that they
had failed in discharging the obliga
tions of Pickens county to Greenville
county- and the state.
The Quinine That Does Not Affect
the Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
.without causing nervousness or ring
ing in the head. E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature on box. 30c.
The Big
is one stride ahead of
Noah's Ark, as many
of the animals are
represented by more
than one pair.
MANCES, and a hoard
of funny clowns
gathered from every
nation oh. Parth.
Wild West 1
2 Herds of P
and $1.00; B
Always On The Job
Good Mechanics and Fair Prices
on Any Kind of Automobile
Henry Count's Carage
of Glittering Splendor.
and Numberless Musical
Vehicals make the Par.
x\ ade worth coming miles
A 10:30 EACH DAY
ONLY Two Performances
URENS Night 8 P. M.
ed Stages--Hipppodrome
lorse Show Menagetrie
erforming Elephants 2
alcony 75c---Plus War Tax

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