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E jeZibbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertising tates on Aplleation.
%1btuaries end Cards of Thanks: On13
Cent a Word.
Etered at tho postomfice at Laurens,
;. C., as second class mail matter.
L~t'RHENS, S. C., ()(T. .92
A friend of ours said yesterday that
too inuitch (Ilpasis coulid not he laid
oil the importanee of growing grai:n
for the next crop. We believe that
the farmers of this county aie pre
parinig for the !olwl weevi beIfore hIe(
hits his heaviest ilow. but we agree
With our friend that a rein der now
and then that the boil wi is abiout
here is not out of ,lace. A t of
food for man and beast i ig wea
pon in the fight. Don't ic:get the hog..
** 'I
Railroad worher. are tihrcatening to
strike a -ain in spite of the apparent
neccssity for rairoad expenses of
somie kilid to conie down. The wag,
question on the -ailroads is no larg
I* one whicil affects only t( roals
and their ownrs, hitt is to be settledl
by that bo'y of pieople, theI citizeils of
the coun try. w1i '&t novw controls the
roads. It is inevitable that railway
wiages 111111. 1o,e down on a plrtity
with othe wvaes r :' the railway
worker's ar' moak inz a iiistake that
inay affect thw:i disastirously in hold
ing out for t:1 present scale. The
country is fast losing its sympathy for
the railway ,vo:kirs and once tie glip
on the publi' is shaken it will i. lost
. . .
The govem111et o'tto conit 1ion re
port ond gillning Ieort. hoth ssu'd
Aionday, tindcate Ia Vely :-mall produie
tion thil yeai r. t 11n if the productiol
is not !.-;n- il ! s the .stili.ttors pre
dI.et. \\'hil T":r Advi ttiser los not.
1sugges ,, t to ttn r w r. th t he
still t1e advan! I .; ()f gradii al mai1 -
kotingi canniot b i.-z..-ate vd. \\-lure
the mills; of the worh.il Hil get a sIf
ficieit supply)i of ('it toni t:o "p'n du; ring
an entire yer out f thf Iw prttSent in
dicated yield i.; a queI(.--,:ion. Shoubd
the deiand frl cottol glio(ob Ieliaini
allywhere niear nlortmal, it (ill be said
"ithI sIfetyv that the viills ill bi e wil
ngand anxiousi to pa"y it lucra',t,\e
prive next .\ - in' Ord rtF c niu
Aplle/'at tons.
arId a lludskon Iu e-Six werek badly1N
huaiiia;'d wheI tie two ears had a
heaul-onl VollisionI onI jjt \\'aturloo top)
soil road abollt to miles frtom this
cit,' Sinday aftrnon. The Overland,
driveni by .\iks 1-llerbe, a trIa:In ed
2lurset (of Clinton, w~as iln tlhe ati of
p~assing:2 a lFor'i _:o;ng inl the stamle di..
stop thle twol iears c'olled. Th'le twoI
womnen were (onlsidlerale shatken up
sont wa~is dive biiy Ford Coast ill, of
the Watts lills, and owned by it. hi.
Coats, wiho 'ithi another friendl~ was; in
lhe Itar. Th'le men01 (;scapd WI 14)1
inijurlies, ailthoullghi their car was- con
sierly ti l damaged. Sherifl lt ap
wands, built statedII yestterdiay that lo
Stolen ('or Foundi
Th'ie Lex Iingto toll ur1in g ear io(f ilri.
L.auri'ns l'illot, wich wasi taken
froml inl fronit of his hoarding place
last \lontday niighit, wais loceated in
Grecn1 i lie Thursi 'tdaiy and1( dIelivered0( to
hIts owtner whnO lie (tilled for it. Th'ie
ear n as frounzd hy Greenville pol01ice
OliiCel. in i)itkeland l'ack, nteair Green
ville, whlere It had evIdently been01 left
lby the tmen whoic stoIe it. it is
same niighit left a Pa Ige ear on thme
Grietnville hligh~way several mile s
fr'om towin after (1ne .whiee had bien
btrokic n. The Patige belonged to aL ('It
iten of Greeniville, who had Ilacedt (If
dicers on its trail. Th'le ex change or
-both caris was; effec ted. The thi erc.,
escapled arirest.
113A Af (:1 AJllANF
*tmuu.er anid Turtner F'13 lg in Main.
.Aianning, Oct .3.- ieu'ttenats Iftun
ser 4'. id 'lTturner were flyintg thelir new
aeroplanto SitnIday, wichl rep laces the
passeniger' lane that was smatlshed
last F'rida'y afternoon againost a1 Sftmp
on tile field, while attemtti~tng to get
Uip 4spe(ed .to make tile Iliht with a
load of 'dassenger's. Large crowds aie
enjoying thg 'rdes wvhile thtose who
hesitate to take passage Ilteir on thte
fieldJ watching others enjoy the flIghts.
Read "The OrIole" 'by Booth Tark
Ington. bhgrhining in this ltse.
Mistrial iI Unse of W. C. Knight
C(harged with Violation of the Pro.
hibitlon Law.
The major -portion of the time of
the special term of criminal court
which convened Monday morning has
been taken up with the trial of three
cases for violation of the prohibition
law. .iThe first ease called was *that
If W. 2. Knight, a well known young
fai me'r of the western part of the
ottlity. The jury remained out on
his cas;e for 21 lours and after stat
ing to the court that an agreement
could not be reached a mistrial was
orldered by tlie presiding judge. E. C.
Cox. indicted nlidetr the same statiute,
was acquitted. II. C. l'zell, A. J.
Clark and 1). -LaFayetto .Smith, also
of the wvestern portion of the county,
vere ip on a similar charge. The case
aga inst 0.Ezell was dismissed on motion
of the solicitor, while the other two
were tried and convicted. They were
cach given a sentence of isx months
the sentence being sispended
to four noths and $300 during .ood
hhav Iio'. Thev gave notice of appeal
adii wo released on $500 ni) .
A. J. Rticker, white, plead guilty to
assauit and battery of a high and
agrValtCed nature and was given a
SCnteco( of ", months or $201) ad11(l tle
so lnteonce suspenled durin gool be
Sm, "0 (Iys and $100. The triai
was tihe resuIt of the altercation be
t vece ll icker' and .J. L. LaIgston at
almo I 'iren fs Mill store several 111011ths
I lenr t: lymecs, colored, plead guilty
to assault and llbattery of a hifh and
aggravated tiature and was given ;
Ionths or $200.
ecourt Was engaged in the cas e
of Will ludgen's, colored, indicted
for the mnurdr of Anilderson Sullivan
or Bar.ksdale abit a Ilonth ago,
when adiournment vas taken.
.Judge 'dlwarld .\elVer, of Cheraw, .Is
''esiding at this term.
aReald ."T'e Orile bl 1vooth 'lark
inr:ton. he intint in this issue.
Is Si.Tl FOR lt lI A L
''Ildia n 3 1i41 App r in ('outt1'1 i Wed.
'a Francisco a, . Oct. :.---The
fe Rf 11osi 0 c (. Il'attyI Arblickle
i the clIIl' e of ians'latghter found
inst hIii ll ii the' police cotirt in
c(oanlection n0 1 ith th 1 death of \'ir-ginlia
.1:ewa asignedf today to the
i o1 Sllperjior .1 udge I larold
Latiderback for trial. Arraiv.nm1ent
a ofor \\'idns.day at vhich time
larording to oilt, Arbuckle imist he
l'r :sint.
.rand jury indictment chiarging
Imieke wih niuslauighter' is also
.1i in in .iidge lIo Idvrb)ack's
court. 'The cotrl xtpe(.ted that Ar
:i'ekh-'; trial woldd be held in No-IF
lRobert II. .\lormack assistant
l'iiited Skates attornievy genral in
nn u ed .he expe)(ctod to -,( beforel
I e fndit al grnd~ui .ury totrnorroiw and1(
I:: ind iinlen. againsit certlin ftims
,aioniI~0 of th e party ini wh*ich Mliss'
!it wa .aid to, hav h(e 1-a faM .
I ee "A\ Nigit ini olionoh,' ie" ' t.
F .iNER:s .!'1l L..I~ON
TO'( ('lIl\N OWIN II04-S1
'o!ezed li fois to lireank NIlike Ihiings
IfaieInt IIdeas.
lftsing to1 (ondenmn thle Amne'r'ican
I. giion heenauiso of alieged s.t'rikeF
breakhing act ivi ties oIf somte of its
membern s, thle convyenltion of thie I'it
id .\l in e \\orker oi5(f Amnericn todayv
adtedtc ai resolution1 COil)tItee re
lllort calling on legion oliaitls to
''put t heir house in orderI."' 'l'he ac
tIon camne afte1 r several delegates it
hiadlappealedl veh'emen(itly for' the toii
ven lt ion t(1 gol (In re('cr in unqunali
lied condemnation of tlhe le(gioni.
Them ('onunlitteei report was among
t hose made on mote thIian I100 r'esolu
tioni Stilt to1 the tonlventioni for ConI
5iieatoni -by local tions11 through
Out the eoun:try' nad' which hIlad been
before the commitoi cc for con'ilsidera
ttion since the openingi of the c!onlven
tion. .\lo(st (If the r'esoltion went in..
to the discatrd ad deblate was eGermit
tied oni onily a few, w.itht mlost of thme
commen b: hting0X exrted( bly thle le(gionU
r'esoliit ion.
Asid~e fronm thle work otn reo0lui-.
tions the ('0nvenion(1 votd oiliver'
whelmi ngly not to change the union's,
Ipresentt system of appIointing (Irgan
izers. Suplportern: of an election lan
complllainecd that the appo)(intIve system
ical machine bitt no (tvidencee to supl
)Ort this~ charltge was found by the*
comilt tee Clllointed at the 1919 con
venition which held the election of or
ganizers was inmliracticable.
Atnong the resolutions adopted
vrere those favoring immediato na
tltialization of coal mines and rail
roads8, the repeal of the espinae law
nd amnesty for all "political pris
ners" and self determination for Ire
The convention side-stepped takin
stand on prohibition when the issui
vas brought up by resolutions favor
ng light wines and beer. No action
vas taken on these resolutions, the
olnmittee advising such a course with
L statement that tle prohibition (ies
!on "is 'eurcly a social question" on
vhich each citizen has his own views."
Resolutions regarded by delegates
ts manifesting radical tendencies,
vere rejected outright. The idea of
'one big union" of workers, the af
Iilation of the inne workers with
he International Council of Trade
knd I idust rial Unions, to develol
.vorking class solidarity, and the call
iig of a convention by An.erican trade
inlions to form one organization hav
g as its objective the abolition of cap
tal and the establishment of a wor'k
.r's industrial -republic in the l'nited
tates were lost overwhelmingly with
)tit discussion.
The committee report dealing witin
he American Legion, cited the legion's
:oistitution as proof that th(% veterans'
>rga nization shall he a force for law
inIl order, adding that acts of indi
:idual mei bers had Just brought coil
I'mnation on the legion and the tyran
ly iacticedl by legion iember.
hrough force is in (IIrect violation of
he federal constitution as well as that
if t1e order.
"We, therefore, call u poi the Jiro
>er ofilcials of the American Le-ion,"
aid the report, "to plut their house
old in order by adolting some io
>er and effective plunishmlnent of its
nembers who violate the constitution
tnd weaken tihe force of the legion
ui( tend to bring It into disgrace. The
\aelical Legion is orgalized for a
,ood tirpose, but it has been used for
Jad practice and being an infant or
zanization we feel it untinse at this
im1e to condenll orI vulogize the Amer
call Legion as all olgianization iutil
.he' Caln hlave the olportunity to It
heir1 house in order."
John Wilkdilson, .\ uskogee, OKgn,
1residellt of the mloiners' lillion in) this
listrict, in urging favorabl( action on
he reim,0 declaled that the Illillers
'1old0( not 111t the legion "oul; of bus!
les-" Fy conlvvmnI! it, and he Add
'd: "If y1 wan to see thell pu1t thir
1 1 1 a s1 li n O r d er , p e t i nl t h e r e ' a nl d h e l p
hemi1 jolt it right.'"
hits statemnit Panie after Some
l'h:,a t, vho said they w -pp forler
w:Ticc men, had d'clared they would
lot joIn the legion becau se they know
>f its ie bilerlfs actilg 1-gaillst the
The resolution favolinig immlleldlate
lationalizationl of the mlinles as'kid
ha.t le'gislatloll be presented ill Coll
',rPss for the government aeIiing
itle to the coal lanis olf the counlltryv
id that ill tile o,;ratioll of the
nlilnes the mlliners have c(Ilal relr
wntatiol in1 deehling workinig lpoli
V ilaI . (.ihe 1ios"b lI llooth Tark-l
nton3;,l he'lnin n thi se. ftl
-11I . I-', O CON1(1 lAColl {N)l'(
" th-dav prp( ls will be receilllhl eri~
ca: the iSarn ony igwyCm
3'h ('len i lle in IA .l. , Otoutr fo,
(13 , 1 fitl ih lliI ' ofyh Sp ervJ. i o,\
4ata.ns "'.i ('li. Ithel costruelon o
,a rn -In orl roa fr. C.v
-tlion 's.',0 tl tation 41 t Lanf (ord,
En o h rm tion o tela ftd
ThOaproiife (ril intti are as
Nreaersonearill ajnd Wrubian
md ofivr cpe of'lI alvaied iron
W0 ll d. M.c NxASHon
I1,r7raci ydg o:isi Levrfaing
Gryaycrif Chou frt $S.0,.
Cure, ahaian. Ciht~ and rsere
Iract, and blrn Copad maybpe, ob
onturefndd. 2
S * 0. $ * $ e s e $'S * e
Lt di dsondgfl^ tfi -obtlg&
i of Pickens county to Greenville
ty and the state.
Quinine Tlat...Ooes 9t Affect .
For Sale-4Dodge roadster in good
condition. Call at Waldrop's Garage,
12-1 t-p(
(overnmenat Wagons or sale, or
offered In exchange for Corn ts, hay
or lumber. 'Wagons good condi
tion. Dixie Ice and Fuel Co., Clin
ton. 12-11
For Sile-Good Case engine and
saw mill in good conditiovJ a tee
right. N. ;D. Garrett, Gray oMirt, Rt.
3111ler Wanted--For corn and weal
Mill; one who can keep mill in /
condition. Old fashioned Burr 'Tlill
J. M. Flemin,' Lanford. 12-2t-pd
Do You Wantit a small gasoline en
gine, a stove-vood saw machine, z
used automobile or delivery tr 'k
thoroughly repaired? Come to
lturens .lacline Shop and see if, w(
have a machine that suits you. 12-3t-l
Wihanted--Will pay highest price o
cotton seed in ear-load lots f. . b
shipping point. Offer 1m1e your seedA
W. G. Lancaster. 12-2t-p(
For Sale-Seven Duroc pigs, 2
montlis old. W. G. Clardy, Lat n1s
t. 5. 12-1 t-opt
Notlee--I have arranged to be ir
Laurens two days each mont-h/If youl
piano needs tuning leave o iAer Witi
S. Al. & 1-. 11. Wilkos & \1
Tully, Piano Tuner. 28-ti
For Sale-The J. C. Shell residence
Ias seven rooms with water, /lighut
and sewerage. This is a bardain al
$2,500.00. D. 1M. Todd. 11-5t-pI
Notice--The potato warehouse i
being itM ill shape for this season anc
farmers can now make reservatio foI
sp~ace. Warehoused potatoes oe
better. Loss is very small. S tage
25c per bushel. You save more that
you pay. See Al. J. Owings or ). 1E
Todd. 11-2I9<
For Saile-I lIome-raised red 'usi
proof oats. $1.00 .per bushel? ). 1.
Todd. 11-2t-1)(
litggiles, Wagons mid larnss
am overstocked on these and will sel
theim below cost. Come and'see them
Jno. A. Franks. 11-2t-p
For llIt-ly place near UAsbol
churchl, in high state of cultivation
with a good pistire, plenty of 'wter
good house with iplenlty of tnanl
houses to run a Ilve horse farm .1. '1
A. .Ilallew, l'ion, S. C. II.-t
Planlt ol Ile Const-Truiick landy foi
nale. Write 1). W. King, 96 Broad St.
CIarlestoni. 11-,I
lhodak Filisllng- -Films developed
10c 11P; prilts c up. Good wor ani
qlic service. Agents write for rerills
Tinsley & Larra.bee, Spartanbu -g.
('o14h for Old (urs--;'sed part foi
all anke1' Of Cal's at 'bargaim ics
"oltimbia Vule. and Truck C/ Co
lumbia, S. C. 9-51-)0
Notlef--Wlen your r iims stari
s(Ieaking we canl stop them by lin
staliing n1ew cilamps, nu1its, bolt4-'
wedles. City Vulcalizing Station. 9-fI
Farms For tnmi---Several good
farms iiear lianford Station , Enoret
and Woodruff for rent to good pa . ie
either wiite or1 colored, with 1(11t
own stock. Rleasolnable h1elp cIt Ic
furnished as needed. .1. V. Gray,
Woodruff, S. V. 8-8It
Treslpass Noilce-.All persons, wlite
or blaci, are strictly forbidden'to lihnt
or otle-lwi se. trespass on my ands, of
tile M. B. Poole ('Stato. Vi ators 'of
this niotice will be Iroseen /Nd to the
fillest extent of the law. irs. it. J.
W~and. 12 -:,1 -pd(
Not '- 'Wa tehi for t he elect riea
ranfge dem(ionlstraitioni soon. C? ll ,irs foa
speicialty. liairn1ey iil l iei omi1panly,
Shlonist anid P'igs For SNj le-Good
many113 to Seleet from if you ),ny now.
A. S. I 'erry. 'Lanurmens Iliot el. / 12-2t
Automaobile Pl'uiliniig'- s clas
autof paintinig by e'xperienec ?AT'fact ory
In ter. Wa'ld rop's GIarage. 1'l- t
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, outh Carolina
Oa'fce in Pe'oplese: Ban1k Euaildling
0. Ladgdon Long
EnterpriseNational Bank Building
All Legal Business Given
P )rompIt Attention
Simnpso , Cogner & Babb
f..tto neVs at Law..
Trille Practiee in all State (Wuirts
Prompt Attentona (Gvena All Ilusiness
At Dr. Albrighit's Old Stand!.
Traynam Iultlhing
Phone 31
C. E. Keiiedy & Son
Motor Equipmient
LA IJARNA N. - -* C.
All There.
A mosquito has 22 teeth. In addi
tion to which there is a bill that
stingeth like a dentist's.-Detroit
Do P
One man with i
work easier a
expense than
do with horses
that you with i
raise more crc
work and less 4
this means tha
will be greate
hours of work,
Besides the FOR
care of every Po
farm. It is light,
control and oper
power and endu
You should see 1
at work to apprec
ful capabilities.
give you the prc
ask for thern, eith
call, phone or po
W. C.6 W
V.O0. S. Detielt
Start a Savi
Capital . .
Surplus ...
Your Patrona
If you expect to
pay you to place
as they are getl
All the dealers ha
the recent price
the improved fin
Liberal terms to
ties. Call 334
will call on you.
W. C. W
Deep Gold Mines.
Gold Is being mined at a depth of'
more than 3,000 feet In South Africa,
and it Is believed that the shafts can
be sunk 1,000 feet deeper.
an do more
nd with less
two men can
This means
in actually
ps, with less
xpense. And
t your profits
r with fewer
DSON will tak*
ver job on the
Mlrt, flexible in
ition, yet it has
rance to spare.
inte its wonder
We will gladly
of 'if you will
r by a personal
it card.
ngs Account
g e Appreciated
get a Ford, it will
your or'der now
ing very scarce.
rve sold out since
reductions and
ancial conditions.
responsible par
and a salesman

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