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These are the Figures that wil 1be
Submitted to the Forthcoming Con.
feresee on Limitation of Armament.
'Washington, Oct. 2.-Active armies
of the fouriteen most important na
tions of the world today Include ap
proximately six million men, accord
ing to figures obtained here and re
garded as reasonably correct. (With
the Inclusion of land armaments in the
agenda of the fortlconing conference
on limitation of armaments, these are
the figures with which It is expected
the assembled commissioners will
have to deal.
While China stands first among the
nations in this summary of soldiers
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actually under arms, about September
1 last,'being credited with 1,370,000 ac
tivo troops, France is far ahead among
the nations not distressed -by civil
strife, In the number of men with the
colors. The French army strength 4s
placa at 1,034,000 men, the British em
pire rtanding next with 740,500 and
Germany last with 100,000. The Uni
ted States stands thirteenth with 149,
500 men in the regular army, exceed
Ing only Gormany, while Italy has
350,000 and Japan 300,000 active
Figures for other powers includo
Russia 538,000; Poland 450,000; Greece
255,000; Spaln. 253,000; switzerland
170,000; Turkey 152,000; and Czecho
Slovakia 150,000.
In considering problems connected
with attempted reduction of armed
forces ashore, it is to be assumed,
however that the Washington con
ferces will of necessity take into con
sideratlon many other factors than
the forces actually under arms In com
puting the army strength of any ac
Lion for purposes of discussion. Ite
serve systems, the extent of which re
serves have been organized for quick
mobilization vnd the degree of train
ing they have received all twould be
reviewed by technical experts. In
many countries some form of universal
military service obli'gation rests upon
the entire male ipopulation. Japan,
Italy, France, Greece, Szecho-'Slovakia,
Poland, Switzerland and Spain all have
in force such laws while among -Brit
ish colonies South Africa, Now Zea
land and Austria have similar enact
By these factors the relative figures
take on an even -wider discrepancy
than the national army strength is
viewed from the standpoint of active
armies alone. France, for instance, is
estimated to have beyond hr million
men in arms, 4,270,d00 reservists, the
majority of them highly trained as a
result of war ex'perience and the
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whole body included in a highly or
ganized reservo system that will keep
the nations' .trained fighting personnel
at that point. Italy's 350,000 lghting
troops are 'backed by 4,627,000 re
serves in an equal state of prepared
ness and Japan's 300,000 by another
army of 1,845,000 trained and equipped
to take the field on short notice.
The United States has at present
nothing in the way of onganized re
serves behind the regular arriy ex
cept the national guard, -the movement
for organizatiQn of a voluntary re
serve having Just been started.
Still another angle of the army re
duction problem 'which may come try
at the conference is the proportion of
active and organized reserve person
nel to the man power of the nation, the
aVailablo number of males of fighting
age in the population. In France,
Italy and some other countries, vir
tually every male 'lit for army service
already eittier is in the active army or
has a defiiite place in the organized
aind trained reserve.
One thing clearly established by
Lhesie army 1iiAures, military exiperts
said, was that the United States alone
limong the victor nations in the war,
seems to have completely demobilized.
yhe regular army today is little
stronger in numbers than it was be
rore the mobilization in 1917. The in
tional guard, (lue to reorganization af
ter the war, is actually weaker.
Itost Importiant Single Step In Any
Fight Against Boll Weevil.
Clemson College, Oct. 3.-The early
fall destruction of cotton stalks is
Lhe most important single step in any
right against the cotton boll weevil.
So says Prof. A.'F. Conradi, entomnolo
gist, who adds that it has been shown
time and again in practice and by ex
periments that the most favorable
conditions for the boll weevil to pass
the winter successfully are found in
those 'fields in which the cotton stalks,
together with grass, weeds, fallen
leaves and other refuse are left un
disturbed until nearly time to plant
the following season. On such fields
the greatest number of weevils will
survive, and every farmer should ask
himself the question, "Will I permit
my farm to be a winter hotel for the
In other words, will the farmer
choose to destroy the weevil this faii
or have the weevil destroy his cotton
next season? The earlier the stalks
are destroyed the fewer wevils will
survive the winter. In infested fields
it is common to find weevils at the
rate of five thousand to twenty-five
thousand per acre at the time of first
frost. It is a well known fact that the
tweevils developing late in the fall
are the ones most likely to survive
the winter, as they are not worn out
by long fli-ghts and the rearing of the
young as are the older weevils. For
this reason, development of weevils In
late fall must -be prevented as the first
step in making the next cotton crop.
Therefore, twe should start now a
cleaning canmpaign such as South
Carolina has never -before 'witnessed.
The boll wveevil is a pest with a ter'
rible amount of 'fight, and to nmeet this
situation our farmers must dlevelop)
the best lIghting spirit of wvhich they
are capable.
Early stalk dlestruction and1 clean
farming with cover crops, constItute
the most' powverful gun that can be
used against the iest at this time.
Whatever method of cleaning is em
ployed, one thinig is certain: the
weevil's wInter hotels must he de
stroyed. In the words of G;eneral
Neville before Verdun, "IThey shall
not pass."
Wlli findertake JobI of (Carrinig fom
,900,000) Idle Ex-Servic leeni.
Indi1 ana polls, 'Seipt. 30.- --I lie task of
earling for thle P00,000 u nmployed ex -
5ervi('e men or the ('ountiiry will he
taken over by tihe A meric'an Leg-'ion, it
was announci sed today at a special usn
emlloymen t conf'er~ence at I ."5ion
hei6 uar~ltil ers herie. The' Oi coferene,
wichel waVclled(~Ii(( by Commandel~hr .Johna
C'. i';mior, was attended by natilonal
afl('ers and miemblers or a commiIittee
wh~iich hand beeun appoiniited( to inhvest i
gate u nemp loymentI a mong miemb ers
of the I eglon, I)ata gathe red by t he
commitI0 tee an p resenited at the meet -
lng shiowedi that app~:roxi mat ely 900,
000 veteranis were' oult or wvork two
weeks ago. it was shon that 21 .6
per centI of the ex -serivice men are
unemployed and that those employed
had ~'exeen'ed an average (it-n
wages of 32.3 per cent since the wvar.
The 'findings of the Legion's inves
tigating commitc was saidl to have
p~rompted -today's action.
President hlarding was notilled of
the decCIion and instructions for. tak
ing care of the jobless World XWar
veterans were Rent to the 11,000 le
gion Iposts. The instructions to the
posts asked that every effort be made
to secure employment "for ouur bud
dies and see that they have fpod and
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Laurens, S. C.
"A Good Place to Trade"
$25.00 Prize For Best Yield
In order to encourage the growth of wheat, which
we believe is necessary in the fight against the boll
weevil, we have bought a solid carload of high grade
seed wheat which we propose to sell to farmers at ac
tual cost---$2.00 per bushel.
To further stimulate interest in wheat growing we
offer a cash prize of $25.00 to the Laurens county
farmer growing the most wheat on one acre of ground
this season.
It is not necessary to buy the wheat from us to en
ter the contest nor to enter the contest to buy the
We want to see Laurens county farmers grow
enough wheat to feed themselves.

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