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New Preparation Known as a
. Williams Superior Skin gl
Whitener-W Clear up Your "w
Skin, Keep It Soft And Fair. st
Will Positively Remove Tan
Freekles In 7 Days. If It Fals el
Your Money Will Be
This preparation is a now scientific et
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most delicate skin. Williams Supor
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tion of it:; kind on the market. It is ti
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Be sure to specify Williams Super
for Skin Whitener. You can secure t
the genuine Williams Superior Skin W
'Vhitener at Laurens Drug Co. cc
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cause. There Is only one "Bromo Quinine." U I
EW. GROVE'S sitature on boox SOc. q
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Strong for
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but never another like the
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them the way wood separators
No carbonizing, puncturing, de
checking or cracking, because rec
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tains all the valuable insulating e
qualities of rubber and is not ci
aiffected by acid. , ty
That's one reason why we're
strong for Willard Threaded ye
Rubber Batteries. a 6
Laurens Storage
.Battery Company*
W, Laurenu St.
Ph1one 446
arolJna Sun Beats Down on Vegeta
tion. Dries Up Cotton.
Columbia, Oct. 10.-The month of
sptember was the warmest of its
rume on record in this section, accorC.
g to the weather bureau, the month
mean heat Intensity being 80 de
eos or 5.8 degrees above normal
hale preclipitation was not up to
andard and uneven, causing do
rioration of cotton.
The deterioretion of the cotton
'op continued, incident to prolonged
)t weather, lack of moisture, and
wvages of the boll weevil, which 'were
peclally Injurious to the younger
0op in northern counties, the report
.ys. The expected crop was prac
rally picked in the southern and con
al counties, and the crop was all op
to the extreme northern border dis
iets at the close of the month. Corn
is being harvested in the central
unties at the close of the month, but,
cause of prolonged hot, dry weather,
e yield was below the earlier exipec
Lions. hay harl esting progressed
ider favorable conditions, and large
auities of forage were secured.
eld and garden vegetables leterior
ed steadily, except in portions of the
iddle coast districts, where rainfall
is adequate. Syrup making was well
ider way, with generally satisfac
ry yields.
The monthly mean temperature for
e section, determined from reports
41 stations, was 80 degrees, or 5.2
grees above the normal, says the
port. The highest temperature was
_ degrees at Florence, on the 4th.
dLs is 5 degrees below the Septem
r maximum temperature record in
12. Fifteen previous Septemhersj
tvc had maximum temper'ature reC
ds in 100 degrees or higher. The
west 'eixl1)crature was 55 degrees at
e:-uson, Orangeburg county on the
th. This is' higher than any pre
otis September minimum toinpera
.re record, with one exception, 55
grees in 1905. The monthly mean
mperature was the highest on record
r September, breaking the previous
rcord, that of 1911, by 1.1 degrees.
ally mean temperatures were from
degrees to 12 degrees above normal
roughout the month. Intense heat
as practically continuous, with but
ro short periods of relatively moder
e temperature.
The average precipitation for the
ction, 51 stations reporting, was
48 inches, or 0.45 inch below nor
al, according to the report. Rainfall
curred in three fairly well defined
riols over the western, but was
ore or less intermittent over the cen
al and eastern portions. Over a
nail arear of the middle coastal plain
td over the upper Piedmont, the
nounts ranged from 4 inches to over
5 inches, while over large areas of
e central and northeastern portions,
e amounts ranged downward to less
an .50 inch. The greatest local
onthly amount was 7.57 inches at
emson College; least local monthly
nount, .4 i inch at Conway. The
'eatest 24-hour rainfall at any' sta
>was :?.30 inches at Clemson Col
ge on the 27th. TIhe number of rainy
-ys was 14 per cent. h~elow normnal.
Ligh~lt hail occurred at. Clemson Col
;e on the 27th. The number of the
thi, at Liberty, Pickens county, oin
e 27th and 30th, at Newbeiry, New
.ry county, on the 15th, and at Wal
.ha, Oconee county on the 26th.
The prevailing wind for the month
i.s from the southeast, the records
ow. The average hourly velocity,
termined from ni no anemometer
cordis, was 5.5 miles. The highest
'erage velocity was 8.1 miles per
uri at Savannah, (Ia., and in the
otlon proper, 7.9 miles <per hour at
tarleston; the lowest average veloci
was 3 miles per hour at Charlotte,
C., and in the section proper 4.5
ir hour at Col'umbia. The htighest
lcly for any 5 minute period was
miles per hour from the northwest
G ranville on the 21st.
* * . * * * * * * * * * *
* * A a * * S 4 * * * *
Jlones, Oct. .-Mrs. Frank F~ulton,
Andlrev..-, K : ating her parents, Dr.
id Mr'. W. To ,vnes Jones.
'Those whio ittended the Association
a' m .: at Poplar Springs were
argcd with the gracious hospitalit-y
that progressive community,
Mr. Charlie Simpson has purchased
part of the Carter place.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A.'McGowan, of Way
'oss, Ga., are visiting the latter's -par
its, Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Jones.
Mr. |W. S. Knight, of Anderson, re
mtiy visited his (laughter, Mrs. Mad
an, of Ware Shoals.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Bray, of Georgia
ro visiting relatives and friends of
uis section.
SMasters Win. and Walter Jenkins, af
3r a 'prolonged visit to their grand
arents, Dr. and Mrs. W. Tr. Jones,
ave returned to Columbia.
The Riley school opened on the 3rd
mat., with Miss Pitts as principal.
Mr. W. C. Manley and son, Marvin
nd famil1. visited the former's son,
Newton, in Idgefield recently.
-Mrs. G. L. raham and son., Jas.,
Mrs. H. W. Moseley and Mrs. 0. B.
Jenkins attended quarterly meeting at
Mt. Bethel last Saturday, and heard a
very able sermon by the presiding
elder, Rev. Holler, of Anderson.
'We extend congratulations to 'Mr.
Wm. Martin and Miss Olga Hopkins,
who were recently married.
We recently had the pleasure of
spending a few very pleasant mo
ments in the hospitable home of our
good friends, ir. and Mrs. Joel Moore,
of Ekom. Mr. Moore is in his 86th
year and while he is suffering from
the infirmities of age, I sincerely hope
he may be spared a long time to his
aged companion and loved ones.
'Born on the 7th inst., to Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph ,Hutson, a daughter.
We recently made a short call at the
hospitable home of our warm friend,
Mr. 1Elihu Elmore.
Dr. W. T. Jones is very grateful to
all friends for Bind favors.
We recently met the following
McCord, Jas. Sproles, -Hon. 'W. J.
McCord, Jasfi Sproles, Hon. W. J.
Moore and son, Win. Preston Devore,
and Leonard McNinch, of Greenwood,
Austin 'Baldwin, of Rock Hill, Rev. J.
M. Dallas, of Donalds, W. Y. Baldwin
and Mr. and fMrs. A. R. Thome of Ilkom
and Col. Jas. Machen, of Laurens.
1IIIE IS 5i P. (.
Crop in Laurens Holding Up Well. Con
dition by Counties.
According to report of B. B. Hare,
agricultural statistician in South
Carolina for the Bureau of Markets
and Crop Estimates, United States 'De
partnent of agriculture, condition of
t otton in he state on September 25 was
40 per cent of normal, against 50 pci'
cent on August 25 and 62 per cent
.luly 25, the indicated production be
ing 64.1,000 bales. The total produc
tion for the state last year Lpproxi
mated 1,640,000 bales, while in 1919
it war 1,422,000 bales and 1,570,000
bales In 1918.
Condition for the entire United
States on Sept. 25 was 42.2 pe reent or
normal, against 49.3 per cent August
25 and 61.7 on July 25. The forecast
of production for the entire United
States is 6,537,000 hales, the produc
tion for 1920 being 13,365,000 bales.
Condition August 25 and September
25 is shown in the table below, by
Condition Condition
County Aug. 25 Sept. 25
Abbeville .. .. .. ..58 46
Aiken .. .. .. .. .. ..38 28
Allendale .. .. .. .. ..30 18
Anderson .. .. .. .. ..60 41
Bamberg .. .. ... .. ..31 17
Barnwell .. .. .. .. ..38 22
Beaufort .. .. .. .. ..20 15
Berkley .. .. .. .. ..32 20
Calhoun .. .. .. .. ..36 25
Charleston .. .. .. ..20 17
Cherokee .. .. .. .. ..79 65
Chester .. .. .. .. ....57 47
Clisteilield .. .. .. ..53 45
Clarendon .. . .. .. ..36 27
Colleton .. ........3 13
Dillon.. ...........57 5
l~orchester .,...........0 16
ildgefieldi .. ... ..40 . :30
FPairfield ...........52 40
iFlorence ...........46 4 1
Georgetown .. ......22.
G'reenville..............65 60
Greenwood .. .......50 38
'ilamnpton .. ..... .....25 15
hiorry .............. .50 40
Jamsper; .. ...... .....5 15
Kershaw ...........49 '40
Lancast~er .. .. ...... ..56 45
Laurens ...........60 61I
Lee ............. ...52 41
ILexington.. ... ..... .39 32
McCormiek .. . ....1
Marion.... .. .........4
Marl boro-.. .. .....9
Newberry .. .. ..463
Oconee . ........69
Oran-gobueg . . . ....2
Pickens . ........7
Richland~ .......403
Saluda ...... .....,, 402
Spartanbrng .. .....67
Sumter .. .......4:1
Uniion ...... .. . ....6
Williamshurg .. ..3 1
Yor........... .. 9 80
bur Lae. .om.ni. .35 26f
SpatabugOc. . ...67n Sc69g
34 ear 0(1.wa ..4wn0 in 30v
lan Prklao ..i a..40on w29
lie avr' o .. ..66h howa7rd
cladronwen Scrugge e eeinSartn
hibo tEtenck Copato mnagedwty
ra re-u c. 91-ggsAloanargds,
reaife overte boatbt in wat i
tngw'ingthoW ta. older, a pirec- oife
timer trone or thmin byths men
inthe watipedr. ohi naroitio es
caedt downn hn cugseuh
reah ho.Scran Caleonage t
reohthmvetrne 'atldr but dnatd
teomtn to takht hod Mopeco fom
timer ton to himl by those22n
PIes Cured in K to 14 Days
hales pn Wd it t O u EN4T/t* h
All our
finest toba4
Into this
Nothing is
possible to
Camel Q1
exclusive s
flavor of
cigaretty a
And ren
only-20 ci
saving in
straight in
can get Ca
Visit T
No Cure for Him.
The conceited man makes other pea.
pie Uirsp, but it doesn't do him any
good. He never knows it.
Size Pac
skill, facilities, and lifelong
:cos are concentrated on thi
ONE BRAND, we put tb
too good for Camels. They
make a cigarette.
[JALITY is always maintaine
tandard. You can always de
d refreshing smoothness-tl
choicest tobaccos-gnd enti
,ember this! Camels come it
garettes-just the right size t<
production and packing.
to Camel Quality. That's or
mel Quality at so moderate
Here's another. \
frills on the Camel pa
wrappers!" Nothing
Such things do not i
any more than premiun
their added cost must
or come out of the qua]
One thing, and only
for Camels great and
-that is CAMEL (
I We4
)1 Dress C
ters BLa
s'1iand Chxii
his Store
Mystery of Barber's Chair.
Wonder what It is that makes an
ordinarily silent man talkative the
minute he gets in a barber chair?
knowledge of the
s one cigarette
e utmost quality.
ire as good as it's
cI at the same high,
pend on the same
ie taste and rich
re freedom from
t one size package
make the greatest
This saving goes
.e reason why you
i price.
re put no useless
ckage. No "extra
just for show!
mprove the smoke
Is or coupons. And
go onto the price
one, is responsible
rowing popularity
!inston-Salem. N.C.

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