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Among '['hose Lost Were Members c
Anerlean N eazro Orchestra ('ompa n
Touring the Old ('ountry Since 19l1
13elfast. Oct. i. Damaed by on
vessel in a dn.tS -Cog of' the southeasu
coast of S.otland and t'en sunk by an
other 'o:uniu: ts aid. w"as the fat
early this :mrn-:.: "y the 1laird Lin
steatnxer lona:. plying -between Gla:
gow and Dublxin. Thirte.n of the 11C
lan's c:ew and t:h ret' passengers ar
missig. Two passengers died after be
ing rescued by vessels which respond
ed to the fireless S. O. S. call.
An ollicial statement says that th
Rowan carried :3 persons includin
the crew, 77 of whom are accounte
for by the four vessels which weo
to the Rowan's assistasee.
Aboard the Rowas was the Ameri
can Southern Syncopated orchestrr
composed largely of colored player:
who have ben touring this side of th
water since 1919. One of the men wh
died after being taken out of the se
was Poto Robinson, the drummer c
the orchestra.
The accident was due to a doubt
collision in the North Channel c
Corsowall Point. The Itowai firs
collided with the American steame
West (amak, both of them bein
damaged. The West Camak stood b
with fore peak full of water, mean
while sonding out as ireless calls fo
aid. 'The Clan liner ('an Malcolm re
sponded, but lin tlie confusion (ie
to the heavy fog ran into the disable
Rowan, which sank immediately.
The West Camak helped in the res
cue work, afterward putting int
Glasgow with twenty-six survivorn
Captain Donald -Brown of Glasgow, i
roported to have gone down with th
Rowan. Three other vessels also a
swered the call and completed th
work of rescue as far as it was possi
The Clan Malcolm, which ramme
the Rowan amidships, was daximage
only slightly.
The Syncopated Orchestra, whit
went to london. in .Jtune, 1919, gav
performasces thore and vicinity int:
two months ago, w hen they made
tour of Scotland. There were orig.
inally 3S members, about 15 of they
tiritish players.
Stomach misery, gas and indigo"
tion are promptly relieved with Mi
Na stomach tablets. At I laurexis )rui
Co. oi money back plan.
* Was 4
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Mattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "I was very ill;
thought I was going to
die, I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of watcr. I
took . . . medicine, yet I
didn't get any bettcr. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Cardul."
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one bot
tie of Cardul I was Im
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Slix bot
ties of Cardul and . . . I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
sme. I believe I would
have died, had It not been
for CarduL" Cardul has
been found beneficial in
many thousands of other
cases of womaniy trou
bles. If you feel the nee'd
of a godd, strengthen
Ing tonIc, why not try
Cardul? It may be Just
what you need.
Deelaration of 'renmier lirland in Out
t lining Foreign Polleies of France.
St. Nazaire. France, Oet. 9.---"Franier
mu 111st remnain atrmned as long as her se
curiay has not been assured," was tli
' statement tade today by Aristidt
t Briand, the French premier. in an ad
diress outlining the French govern
ient's foreign policy.
e \. liiand was .;iurounded by sip
- of the ministers of his cabinet an(
- jour under s ecretaries. lie declare(
e that at the present moment th<(
French premier needs to have fill
- authority to deal with all question:
with which he treats In the realm o
e world Interest.
fs "My voice must carry high' an
far," he :aid. "Tomorrow ibeyoi
t seas we are invited to examine int<
certain problemis. I have had th<
- honor to reply 'present' to that invi.
tation. We shall go to Washington
first in order to fulfill a duty of 'grat
e ittde and to see in their home thos<
0 noble and .brave soldiers whom we havl
t seen in France. We will go also t(
f accoIipih a duty toward France.
"Prance mt.ii remain armed a:
e long as her security has not been se
f cured. France has earned the righ
t to reparations and secutrity. At 114
r timte shall tlie French govern men
L: yield oil those points. I will refut<
>" the accusations of imperialism w hiel
- have been made against France. Oni
r allies know that we demand onl
- rights--nothing more. Tomorrow al
Washington I will prove to the Ameri
I cans that France wants peace.
"We will discuss these great prob.
- letms of the day cooly and impartially
o of .narantees of security are grant
ed France, she will be among the firsi
s nations to enter into the policy of (Is.
e armamient, for France loathes war an(
- ilperialisi.
e' "This r4ove'timent has cont(donce
- in the government of Dr. Wirth i(th
German chancellor). The undertak
I ing entered Upon by the spresent Get'
d man govern met has been fulfilled
France's attitude in these dilfical
Ih moments is: no aggressiveness, hu
e no timidity.'
1 '.\. Biriani touched lightly on th
ri erities of the Versailles treaty and it
- execution by his government, sayi ng
I a poo' inst'tumttentt had beei t)laee(d it
his hand and he had Used it to tht
best possible purpose, but that h
_ hunned political costroversies am(
would not enter into any of them. I
coon'luding, the premier said:
'Tfhe country must weather tle:
stormy days by the strength of it
labor and work in developing it
h(alth and resouirces."
Tti:ND; OF P'l('ic:s
1,0 14it PAST i-,:1-:1
Market Made Its Hiighest Levels l)ur
Ing Early Bulges Ihureau I)ay.
New Orleans, Oct. 9.-Tho trend 0
prices in Cotton last week was lower
the market mlaking its highest level
(luring the early bulges of bur'ea dag
an( selling off each succeedign sessiol
ttn t il t T'sdlay', w heni it touched it:
lowest. At the Ihighest the tradinw
mioths were hi1, to 1.49 Itoints over' th
close of the prtee(-ding w'eek; at thi
lowe:st t hey -werio 96; to I 3ti olits ttnI
dler'. Oni the close prtices were at ne
losses of 59 to 9 14) poits. D~ecemibo
traded as hight as 21.85, fell off to 18.91
anzd closedI at 1 9.36. In the stiot dec
':lartmenit. iddlin g lost 65 poi nt s i
Ithe net resuilt-, closing at I19.50).
y'ear ago mid~dllng closed at 20.50.
The first bulge of the week wva
due1 to the smaller gInning figumres thar
explected, 2,907,950 hales prtodulced ti
'Septemiber 25th, whtile the declin<
of the week wvas startedl by sellin11
based Ott the fact that the condi
tion r'eporit of 12.2 per' cent of norma
01n Septemb er 25 was i gher thatn ex
peed ~. 'Te in dicated crop of 6,537,
000 batles was from 4100,000 to 5040,
000 bales larger than generally looke<
As thle wesk .progressed it r'an int<
much 11i tuidationi and, fot' a whlile
there w-as persIstent htedge selling ii
evlidence4. bate it the week it became
alppa rent t hat interests outtside of thei
tr'ade wore seller's ont a large seal
while certain preferential and apo)t ini
terecsts also were against the nmarket
Wall stree't, western and Japanteso in
terests wei'e namedl as the miost lprom
Iient sellers in the closing session:
of the week. As the market fell It at
ractedl more or less support, .bitt buty
(ers who took hold on the brea'ks wer'
Pronte to let go on the bulges whticl
mradle the market much of a tradinij
(;ac. interent was taken In devel
Orove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Entriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthenIng, invIgorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it imnpro'ves the appetite, you will ther
appreciate its true tonic value,
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic la simpil
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. S5
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs .QUININE to Purify it and IRON tt
Enrich It. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip gerrns by its Strengthening, Jnvigow
sting Efect Ann.
opments in the spot department, main
ly because of the marketing -policy of
the growers who refused to sell on de
clines and offered cotton only sparing.
ly on advances. It was market gossip
that many banks in the belt were ad
vising their customers iualong the
farmers not to sell cotton under 20
cents a pound, but were advocating
- supply a demand to a moderate extent,
above that level. Farmers withdrew
from the market to such an extent
around the middle of the week that
! Liverpool cabled that Texas was offer
ing no cotton at all.
Both private and olilelal reports
! claimed that cotton was open to the
northern-most limits of the belt and
many private reports claimed the crop
was 80 to 90 per cent picked, with gin
ning keeping pace with picking.
Engraved Cards and invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
-Does morning find you with a lame,
stiff and aching hack? Are you tired
all the time--find work a burden?
I Have you suspected your kidneys?
I aurens peUople endorse )oan's Kid
ney Pills. Ask your neighbor! You
(can rely oi their statements,
Mrs. 1). E. \ix, 428 Mill St., Lau
I rs, says: "I had an awful time with
my kidneys. My back ached all the
tle and I felt worn out and tired.
When i bent over I had a hard time
to straighten up again and I got sc
<izzy I had to hold onto a chair to
Skeep from falling. Mornings I felt
Core and lame and all worn out. I
had headaches and was so nervous it
seemed I would fly. My kidneys didn't
act as they should, either. )oan's
Kidney Plfs were recommended to me
and I 'got some. I began using them
and in a short time I was entirely
cured of the trouble.''
GOc, at al dealers. "oster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., luffalo, N. Y.
Friday, Oct. 14
Adapted byJUN EM
- Over One Miio
- of motion pictures.
peCial MuSIC=
The new sugar coated
chewing hum 1
which everybody
likes-you will,
. - - Yourti
z---T Laurens
Daily---Matinee 3:30 P. M.; N
A T HIS Photographed by John F. Sett
e, Dollars vvas expended in transferr.
ing this famed work' of
fiction to the screen.
pear in this most gigantic undertaking
Ltinee 50c and $1.00; Nights
Plus War Tax
-Big Orchestra = Seats <
1lFop 54,
G /
A delicious Peppermint
flavored sugar Jacket around
PePPermint flavored chewing sum
that will aid your appetite and diges.
i. Polish Four teeth and mnoisten
iroat. B122
Opera House,
NLY sat., Oct. 15
ight 8:30 P. M.
n every part of the world have
hrilled to the powerful dramatic
tory unfolded in the internation
i11y famous novel of the renowned
lice nte Blasco Ibahez which
s sweeping on to its two
undredth edition.
7rom this Internationally
'amous Novel Metro's Pinnacl
~f Screen Excellence is Attained
M1l the virile force and dramatlo
ntensity of the noted story is pro
;erved and heightened in the
:olossal screen version while the
rast magnitude of the gigantic
ivents recounted are pictured by
he camera with a power beyond
he description of mere words.
50c, $1.00 and $1.50
m Sale at Powe Drug Co.

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