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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, October 12, 1921, Image 7

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Qlekly relevmj Constipation, Di.
lousness, Loss of Appetite sad Head.
aches, due to Torpid Liver.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Make Your Own Soap!
Saves Dollars!
Keep the kitchen
grease you now waste -f {
and make soap of it
with Red Devil Lye!
Better and purer soap
than you can buy and
so inexpensive. -
Dollar's Worth
From a Canful
For the mere price of
a canful of Lye you get
pure soap worth from
SO cents to a dollar.
ltome-made coap contains all
of she natural glycerin and Is
free hir itthe adulterants .0
* common in factory made soaps.
Plain Directions
On Each Can
Your crocer sells Red Devil p T
Lye. Pest value your money :itti"r'"
an buy. Handy sifter-top
keeps contents full strength
and readytet fo us ihut K
, waste. Clear directions for a cats
soap-making full gme onhad
Surejis Strong.'
ST. LO..5 MO.. U. s. A.
SDon't Lt "Old Nick"
Uick Your Tire.
. Hay iE which could _
g ave gie u easmore miles of good ser -__
litle ickorbr se was
It i beterto avoid all r
suhdamage by glriving care
fully over bad places. Ex
amine your tire. often. If
alny little Injuries are dis
covered bring them to us.
We can repair them and save
you money and annoyance.
When your Rims start
eaking we can stop them
installing new Clamps,
te, Blolts or Wedges.
ulcanlxinlg of the lietter Kind"
t City Filhne Station
Claud Clarke Eills Two and Bimself
Eseape for His Wife.
Arcadia, F'la., Oct. 1.-Three wel
'known :persons of this city are dead
two at the hands of Claud O. Clarke
who also killed himself 'when he sai
that escape from a band of angry cit
izens who were seeking to arrest hin
'was impossible. The dead are: Jame
A. Timberlake, attorney; Mrs. IDiorca
'Blount, Cflarkets mother-in-law, ani
Claude 0. Clarke.
Clarke was a railroad man ant
Mrs. Clarke conducts a small hote
here. They had been having matri
monial difficulties and Mrs. Clarke
had retained Tianberlake as 4e:
counsel to secure a divorce for her
Just before noon today Clarke en
tered Timberlake's office ' and, ac
cording to aLowis Robbins, Timber.
la'ke's law ipartner, came in with ar
army automatic jpistol in his hand
and began firing at Timberlake. Th(
-first two shots took effect, one ir
Timberlke's neck, the other, in his
breast. Timberlake fell out of a
window onto an adjoining roof, dy
ing. Clarke fired one shot at Rob
'bins, missing him, then turned and
fled. IIe ran a block to the hotel
and rushed upstairs to his wife's
room on the second floor. Mrs.
Clarke was seated at a window with
their infant in her lap. He pointer
the revolver at her and she leaped
with the baby, through a window. le
fired and the shot struck her loft
ankle. She and the baby fell to the
ground but were not badly hurt and
both 'will recover. 'lie fired at her
again as she lay .prone but missed.
Clarke then rushed into the room
of Mrs. Clarke's mother, Mrs. Blount,
and shot her through the heart.
'From Mrs. Blount's room Clarke
made his way down the .back stairs
and exchanged shots with Lowdes
Treadwell, 'who sought to intercept
him at the door. Clarke ran into the
year of an apartment house and
made his 'way to the second floor.
There he was faced by other men
Seeing escape impossibel he turned
the gun against his right temple anc
The man is believed to have be
come demented through brooding
over his domestic affairs.
Embezzlement Charge Against Claude
West, Former Executive Secretary.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 10.-Claude A.
West, for two consecutive terms execu
tive secretary of the state of Georgir
and candidate for secretary of state in
the last Democratic primary and re
tained in an advisory capacity flor
the new administration, 'was arrested
and placed in the city stockade by city
detectives this morning at I o'clocki
following a telephone conversation
with B. D. Blalock, iprivate secretary
of {ov. Thomas W. Hardwick, who
stated a warrant charging West with
embezzlement of state funds had been
The total amount of the alleged de
falcations is not knowvn, but in a
formal statement issued tonight Gov
ernor (Hardiwick asserted that one item
of $1,500, involving funds paidl to the
state by insurance companies, w~as
missing and that other irregularities
had been found.
At his father's residence here last
night West told newspaper men that
hie had made arrangements to make
-good the deficit. lie dleniedi that there
were any other irregularities.
Ci~ty detectives have been searchring
for West since Saturday morning. Anm
audit of the executive department'.
records is under way, said Governor
Hiardwlck, and when completedl the evi
dlonce will be placed .before tine grand
The alleged $l,500 shortage is said
to have occurr'ed during Gov. Hugh M,
D~orsey's adlministration in 1920, ac
cordling to the present state executivo'r
private seecrotary. HeJ refused to dis.
cuss the other alleged deficits until
the audit of the records was complete
Washington, Oct. 3.-Of the 1,40'
steel ships under control of the ship.
Iing board, only 420 are in service
it was offlcially announced today
Twenty-five are listed as "undergoing
repairs" and 1,019 either have ber
withdrawn or are slated .to go tc
"dead moor'ing" as soon as they com
plete their present charter and dila
charge cargoes.
The board announced today dofl
nite selection of i-4 mooring sites foi
ships which have been laid up be
cause of lack of tonnage dlemand
They are Portland, Boston, New Lon
don, New York, Hog Island, 'Baltimore
James -River, Savannah, Charleston
Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston, Sar
F~rancisco and Seattle.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
Allehldts tr'oubled with Worms have an on,
healthy ent ,. which Indicates poor bleed. anal as a
rule, there Is more or I ess stomach distuubsnce
iarly for t wo or three weeks will enrich the bloed
imrovcthedigesntlon~and actnsaagenerqlStreingth
miug To'cto the who'es yftema. Naturm will ther
throw otf or dispel the worrs and theChld twillb.
in varfev~t heelh. Pleasant to tak'. COc por tottLi.
. Territory in Dispute to Exist as Eco
nomic Union for -Fifteen Years.
Juenos Aires, Oct. 9.-The indus
trial region of Upper Silesia will beo
.maintained as an industrial and eo
nomical union for 15 years under the
- solution of the Utpper Silesian dispute
1 reached by the council of the league
of nations of which the Geneva cor
respondent of La Nacion says he has
authoritatively learned the substance.
The industrial rogion would be ad
ministered during this period by an in
.ternational commission. The terri
tory in dispute -politically would be
divided into two zones under Polish
and German sovereignty, respectively,
and, while delimitation of the fron
tiers is not yet completed it would be
more favorable to Poland than the re
cent delimitation proposed by Great
Britain which closely following the
plebiscite line, with Bruthen assigned
to Poland. e
The term of 15 years, it is pointed
out, would give ample time to repair
possible errors in the solution of the
question and at the same time allow
for the gradual organization of the
economic life of each of the two zones
in accordance with the capacity of the
inhabitants. The correspondent says
the council considers that the merit of
the project resides in avoiding indus
trial disorganization in Upper Silesia,
which W-.%ould follow political and eco
nomical division of the territory as
proposed on former occasions.
The British and French governments
gaolne tankI
Laurens Drg Co, ourens S. t.
Theo mihtfidutr
Automobile motoi
good, steady diet
gasoline, if tihe di
'uct varies because
qualities of tihe crt
which it is refined
line is one-sidied.
field produces pet
in certain properti
ing ini others.
The Standard Oi
(New Jersey) has
numerous motor t
much gasoline was
are said to have approved the project,
though Italy made some reservatinos.
State of South CaroHna,
County of Laurens.
'In Court of Common Pleas.
J. W. Todd, Plaintiff,
Sam A. and Joe W. Williams, De
'Pursuant to a decree of the Court
in the above stated case, I will soil at
public outcry to the highest bidder, at
Laurens, C. H., S. C., on Salesday in
November next, being Monday the 7th
day of the month, during the legal
hours for such sales, the following de
scribed property, to wit:
1st.-Lot of Sam A. Williams.-,All
that certain piece, lot or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in the City of
Laurens, County and state aforesaid,
containing one-quarter of an acre,
more or less, and bounded on the north
east and south, by lot of Joe W. Wil
liams, and onl the west by the Lau
rens Oil 'Mill and being the lot con
veyed to Sam A. Williams by Joe Wil
liams on the 3rd of November, 1908,
by deed recorded in book 23, page 63.
2nd.-Lot of Joe W. Williams.-All
that certain lot, piece and parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the
City of Laurens, County and State
aforc:aid, containing one and one
fourth acres' more or less, bounded on
the north by lands now or formerly
belonging to T. J. il)lckett, on the east
and South by lands now or formerly
belonging to .Mlrs. 'H. G. Todd, and on
the west by lot of Sam A. Williams, and
Laurens Oil Mill. It being all the
phroperty conveyed by Mrs. .1. G. Todd
to .1. W. Williams, by (Iced dated the
4th of May, 1908, which is recorded
in l)eed Book 26, page 42, office of the
('lerk of Cojrt for said county and
state. Any person desiring to bid on
the above property, other than the
Plaintiff, shall be required to make a
deposit with the clerk of court, of
not less than $50 on each lot at the
time of and before the said property Is
bid off is evidence of 'good faith in
the bidding.
Terms of Sale' cash. Pu rchaser to
pay for papers and st.amps. If the
terms of sale are not complied with,
the land to be re-sold on same or some
subsequent s:alesday ol same terms,
at risk of former luirchaser.
C. C. C. P. and G. S., Laurens, S. C.
Dated, this Oct. 10, 1921. 13-3t-A
ce of Motor
rays Under~
k into your veloping a
to find the not only p)
rouibies, but but is the
here- -to the las
-s require a andl( whenei
of balanced starts the r
stilledl prod. burns up ci
of changing exceptional
ide oil from
, your gaso,. We have ne
Every oil for our p
roleunm rich could niot
es, but lack- We recommn
tankful of
1 Company Gasoline a
eliminatedl trial. You i
roubles and advantages
stage by de- balanced ga
(New Jersey)
I ntle h wery the Fair Associatit
,n eoweevil menace.
A wellknwn drivers,
On Tesday, Wednesday and Thur
rage. Lo usres of ;300 each event,
pursees ff 150, each event, with adde
Stripped automobiles in exciting
South, One exhibit each day betweei
day; also once each evening during
Ona tyelwday t)oo famous C. A. W
under the &pp i es of tho South Caro
in conjunction With the Stato Fair.
from every section of the state, inclu
also Girls Cl b work.
The one big football game of the
8.000 spectators. *ootball Day, hu
Admissions., Adults, 75CJ children
rnteg for sehool eildren'. tickets ti
tickets not sold at fair grounds, bu
treasurer and will be redeemed atI
30c each.
For premi, m list or iptormation
ntr fue wic i
rouble t.I
notor fnel whichry,
amoe (lor yourselay
'endt you gt. at
1 ive it~ a hrugh
ofly ancomltelyc
psoling. w r
)duct1 1 whc1o
uth 'Carolina fair
n. Come and see how others are rneet
sipeedy cars. Purses amount to $3,000.
day afterroors. Pacinning 1 rottir
with Coe rd moey. Runin oRsaes meet
d money.
olo gamnes. First time ever seen In the
n races Tuesday, odnesday and Thurs
orthan Shows, featuring 30 attractions,
lina Poultry Breeders' Association. Iield
B. L. Adams, President, Charleston, S. C.
ding work of Boys' Corn and 'ig Clubs;
season. neserved seats provided for
rstlay, 27th.
under 12 years, 36. Further redueedi
hen bought In d avace In hulk rT ht
must be secured in advance fron Ituk
fuill value It not used. P'rices 20ce und
cretary, Columbia, S. C.
~~ O

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