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Zbe 2bbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Ptbilihed I
Innrena. 8. V.
Ofiltuaries and ('ards of Thaitikm: Ono
('(-nt is Word.
Iiteri l i tit o s toltico ilit lattii ,
t. C., lietotta el ita 1111111 iintttr.
1, %I iNS, S. '., 4("I'. 19, 191
'l'te ttvet-b~o biitn I tI veai ot' bvy
tln..:t li iy Iit liiihlientilt itn li ondh -
Himet of' ne Itil adtverlh1111',. \\'t Iltr4
attivii l l thi. t 11the owt. v' i lnitt i.v h
i lilt itill'ape 4 t'tilt 1,y ilm w iti'o i gltte
hi hie hilti il' n lt
Gi ll - \ N'l ad\a it.\ t 'N ' t
u ali.u ;. 1 ~ltlt 'ea ~Not flit, raillery
o'r C'ol. l louwtet I W lit t't Ii i\t I
dloft-ttaer, In allothet- (.1111itti of l' i a
Ttr lo vlmdi tith n te itt ol A% \ictory
%%01111til1 thiinh t111:t 11 O w ( iltits 11i.1d
triael'w e a e ll 'a lttid \ itory ll their
VWelt lii llttl thiat lt h'olloweIs i r 111
\ tu ees tiert o te lon it lin
liet, e iltim -1 %li It l A Cit r ol liee ti
V'rrIll fe .t l b' - 'ers w drts it at
t t 0la m t it t A i It OW ith
.I t it tIh e n'j.ru' t '-I'M l ue lit,
lIit'l l i it s it~ e t i t - t' l I ae . T t
tt hso wa11. s ill tc N It t 'th
Piee 0 ne A v t jt 'te Ie of . i
co I
F. 0 V
'te t wab w d I
,ht ',th 101 Ya. '.t. tt -s n
\\h >< .,iit- xi p.t '
Fartlia.ad ThNiattrn \\'aravt
MaA~ IA~I ~AIase Y a"in#net
' Mcraw Comes Through
1041tor Trhe Advortlsoi:
At the closo of tho world sories In
1913 botwoon the Philadelphia Ath
Ioles and the Now York Giants, the
following editorial apeared in Tito
"A.4 1prodleted Ili M'otno 'oltimiti last,
week, th' 1A'hiladelphin Athletc
wilked Iway -willt tho 'aoncalled'
(lhitit of New York, Ii the Iaut thre
game101 of the wort't; series, W-ilio
evoaryoty with the- itiast hit ofriitx
Inent( III hitsrs iat itt's 1110 1.1Inigitt nv
kn own itha li t. t he (H11161 were e'Arly
ot I (himtei .'il InI every fli rtl tliili of the
g till, l p IIch t excep I it' l y thli' l'h -
10('111h1: Inet it was luhiodly expected
by i iitttw iey wo ttl iti':t i away Witi
1 0111r 011( of livt or fit' 'e110e The
it-'l s t-11me0 t1i1e ' it 'Oe11 I tY gtnIltl
Ilo 11t111y for tino Aacktittl 1th11attllty
hiny thoat l the hatit lIrtofore hten
till .1c.nins1 . OM'r sytnyt)Ithles tIre hevre
hy vititlt'c to ti Ni'Nt% York follow
Thlt tw4eetit ;veri(-A hetweetite (taintso
;ttel titee , tollit Ne'w York teams),i,
0 et ly llt '0t 4liit1s, tiV I t i <> hf,
(Iighlt rpiallit's. Oif voiti''seti if U1111h 11u14d
p11.1ye llte Yankeest" n\olld havvt woatt?
I cai mftly say whait yoti aid inl t
closing" setntettee (i' yourt artivle:"M
SyIpttAiha tIre lietvbly 1xt e i t 11t
Ytitk 'e: " 'til i 'ts."
Yom1111111th n t sIerv itit
.ioht. 1'i Walker.
.tlSINTathT'i 'i ntli-'lgl d to~ft
Shn t l'n siA its to 4etnl of I b
Safe Ft'onm lniitai l im. 'oriio
<of L.oot Fou tit ni h'ttrelt.
I '''two O't.i . W th \\a* rlt
of ,1. lityh Tritinek, assist atilt enshlile'
of the First Nation;al bank of Olanta,
cit is Oftet-t l. antid his S t'i, ACOil'
ll Iti llt, part ho' playe(IId lit th tl -
l'evy of the I. h (If I:1111 W . Y1o ung,(
'A?0 , 'te 001 lty f'f %tit', $f t' it'ol
s 'e 00111,11n1io, l',the-ty boind& wavI '
SalhIn-s q uiN s. i ant i lit ' 0v. a n hte
WON and SpA, ~etIts todlay fol
st it a 'ni 'y
Ila not10 1 d "0 t M 10 111M0 ( H
S t ~state'. tt
he h And wa on
*V: of V.e A" ~ih'd
Ad \ n VWAd -stC O t't he'
dv" \ A- ' W A' AVd ther ure
Wh1o ha s WOk kd-I ,% h N.0;C3$0 and Call.
! 't al. -t ' 1 t 10 t'll e in n in 11
\ , al the th d in 140. A in
As e o 0 i3te .- el lid 111 or II'mn
n 111 1 o ' I
u~d ter tha
T ng 1~0 w t
0 n l! i N fte safe anid ht'
* s sesta lish~i tat'
00 0herTra',Me. however. h ad
Barin Circus at Ware Shoals
A "Mammoth 'argain Circus" k
sItod to be hold at Ware Shoals bo
ginning today, according to the advor
4Isoient carried elsewbore li this pa
por. Various forms of amusement are
to bO he014 ill connection wIt1 the
ivont, Gov. 'Cooper being schedtiuled
for at apeech Friday afternoon, Oct.
21, at 3 o'cloAc. An orehstra from
Ch'icago will play jtzz 1111181C through
Dilt tth1 (11y an111d Chickon d11inners 'will
ho served daily. It. M. McKee, direc
tor of the cireCus, 1om1ises a big tino
to t.hose who attend.
$ * S * S * $ * * S * I *
W*anit4is---A real livt1 dvaler to sell
liPart-P'arr 'l'raittors for uis in llnurienS
entanity. Suiper l'diwer W lictit antil
Diraw Hlar. 1l'1ls q ginl -y eini wheni
10-ljorme Muotor was1. eut (it ,because
1)' Itl Water'. We oierc vi.i-ht! prIce
11n ilr-st order. Ask. Will Ilyrd.
.%,utchita & o., Spartiburg, 1-14,t
i.'or itent--leart iear lshon chulrch.
li high state of euIltivation, Witt a
.ood pais.'4t urt, plenuty of -w tter, good
louse witi plenty ot tWen11in houses to
itil a five Iorso farmt. 8 '(11. N. I
\'ollf. The Recal V.stute, MN11 l i-til
itiueil .ly yoinlg lIdy of good
haracllter. posItionl as clerk Inl store,1
ilei'ss 'I. M.". eari Adveytiser.
l-'r itnt'lvo -hore farm, ip-oudn
we' ha 1t i si-t 10)11 (Ottagt'. imo s
I. atil good pa Lturev. eight 1l1 wet
if a.atiIr'n. Apply to A. ti lirby, Imlu
relts 1.1-It-v
o ho sold to I aiients kconif far iIIers I
it rost. 'tIl and get yoUrs. $2.00 per
m.-hel. .11n0. A. lPrankls. 1-.1-IIt -pd
Notlee inl the next few th vs I wil
nstall a wiro service to Now York
or the in'forinatiot of the tblitic. Mair
et 11ottions Will be 'i 01n On Cot
on.sto ks.ete ti N\\. hlell, lltoont
0, 1aures Naion llank Iliuildling.:
,'lit lFloic l1eantifu chr-yslaitle
nums i Inlany colors. Mrs. 1. 01.1
tl an a:'rSt.. 14antens.
Spetilit k'ni lot of T'irt odds aind
"hs. Ls ' et at si.es. at . etptiotally
', it'lit-i
jn pri..\aiknl \'latta'in
';ant. I1-It
Tites Sp cial lot i c - II-all t01i sts.,
anO~ in lt' v'anto c i 'i'tl~ 11-11
Spelil Onght o t. :''k:l 1-2 T is
jthrwise tr ettpasitho. elard
Noliv._ Al pers liv
IAnd Williamus plac nleafr .Mt, l'leal
hurch. . ANY. in runaklip. &I -1l t-1 I. I
hol't'-The Cilvaurens otato lluset
v 11 b, (1:en1 tO rec ive otato s 1in
Oih, wught of Oct, 2th. .-\fter tIs6
I'lte w0,1i t, be i the estring 1 Cg od, aat'il
\\;mteswill bet 1akn. ,0.,Todd,
r. 14-It
N ntiied-- .A. onlt' la1/s 4ook atid
,tnstkeepe Aina si ai O-fllinc Atill
Nil to Ntr'. .thary Millt. ll'rncton, RIt. 1.
.ost -011 setter bitch, color. liver
d i ate I. I-'' yeals ohl. I'st wenn1
, pups Anly inifornat0.1 iopN h' ito
horec v of this Io fIl. he veret -I
a a Also ifb;'ral rew- ' d
aod. ti'on l;Llams, Onay Court,
Oli t One of the largest 110a It
IL 1r al . hic m ak t its. prdut di
ectio fora salemn~:.We an a ia
n *in . We pefe a man who -a
a na bsoltely ecesa We a'
n~ C ovein a-Lohni. opportniyto urd
Atl. fr1-:'. t'' .'nis a chn'c t~o Iaa! aiu
se'.ta in u i tuter as wl.l oas :n suto ne
Wrte :n T w Tropt"ca Pan ("0 0
CO'ii panAc. levead io At192~f 1d
ta s \ia tisc Co0'k --e~ ~:~s!
07"A td.A e4erinth e0vo
f0'~ aa ~ft''cin regI)'d. W te
lle ttein M:%~'A. Y \; W.jC
t l nt A-UtVa.I E4m5A:' gaE:::u er.-~
0l9non College, Oct. 1I5.-At a. con.
foreuc on sweet potatoes hold, at
Clemson College durinig the annual
nietting of the l0xtension Service
forces, growers of sweet potatoes were
adviised that potatoes :be dug If posal
blo before fiost; that they be stored 4n
euting hottins; that banked. potatoes
do not make a cominorcial product
and should be sold while greeti; and
that greatt care should be taken in
properly harvesting, grading, and cur
Ing the crop to be held for better
spring prices.
Attending the comference were T. 13.
Young, 'resident of South Carolina
Sweet' Potato Association;' Oeo. P.
klloffmtan, extension horticultiurist; .
1,. liarkey. agent in marketing; D. W.
Watkitts, assistant director Extension
Service: and Roland Turner, agricul
tural agent So1th Iailway. Below' are
the I mnendations made:
1. 'That it Is the sense of the con
forence Ihat potatoes should be dug
bekfore frost by all means and we
recoimend that digging begin About
Monday, Oct. 17 and finished certain
ly within two weeks following that
(late. '
". That we encourage all parties
kho have potatoes to harvest and
store same in euring houses wherever
satisfactory houses are availabue, as
we believe,prices for well kept potatoes
next spring will be more profitable
than to sell now. For those who can
not carry potatoes in storage, we be
lieve It would be best to narizet their
potatoes while green rather than to
bank them with the idea that they
would have a communercial prodluct to
ship later on. It is the sense of this
conference that banked potatoes do
not make a commercial produet and
can not he marketed successfully at
long distances., but ean at best be a
local proposition.
:1 That great care should he tqken
in properly h:jrivest ing, grading, stor
ing.. .11nd preserving the p resent crop
of swoet potatoes, to he carried intil
the S;pring eason, at which time it is
belleved that reason1a bly protitable
rices 1an it expected.
taIte of South Carolina,
Conity of 1.aurens.
IN PiROlATl' 0UllT
Pursuant to a decree of the Court in
the cas of .1. It. \'erden individually.
,.nd as administrator of the estate of
Ita \'erden. deceased, against J. W.
\'erden, Ma ry 1. \'erden, et al, defend-1
ants. I will sell at 'ublic outery to the
hZihest bidder at I.aurens C. II., S.
C. on saltsday in November. 1921. the
7th day of the month during the legal
he s for such sale*, tlt follow-ing de
scribed lands, to wit:
All that tract, piece or parcel of
land. situate, lying and being in Ulu
rens 'onty, South Carolina, contain
ing sixty-three t63) acres, more or
less, bounded on the north by lands of
the estate of J. J. Cparks. east by
lands of estate of Jlohn llenjamin. south
hv lands of P". 11. Lailey and west by
lands of 1aurens Vou $ty llome.
Terms of Sale: One, mt Cash, bal
ance' to be' patid twelfe months from
date, with interest from date at eight
:'er cent per annum,' secured by bond
ef the purchn' er anti mortgage of the
tremises: wit h leaWV to purchaser to
pa' entire hid in enash.
Purchaser to "vv for apers. if the
purchaser fails to comply with his bid.
:t.' hand to be resold the same or some
subsequent salesday, on the same
terms. and at the risk of the former
3. P. 1. C.
l'iated. Oct 1'. 1921.1 -S
' to 2 .-2 p'und rotolled Ju:e
l..g;ingsN '*ut u:p in thirty ya.rd
r o'..s. 'K three-yard pieces :0
the roll. A'. h.'es nmceiy mntd
t"l '.1 a sgood Rebun'dled
Picrs Teat T'.e e r tern
3erstat~oin. Can~ ship ati once,
m:eor *s::e your order today.
treenlillec, S. C,
-- i.en the~ qvs:kest re&4 for
wd sgr ris, aies anzd pds
Krep SM-is &h Th and appl freeh'y,
unaJ- rakszt, at the &rttwne
It esse ard Marte' n~5ni serehr
anid rm&Mv You1l tand it choaua and
At all drage,-$5c, ?0e, ?1Alt.
S .......,....
qp M.eet
Distinctive Featre~f' .
Wistinghouse. Automatic Electric Range
Neither dirt, soot nor fumnes.
Positive sure-acting Heat Indicator " -
All burners are of the Radiant Type.
Saves 25 per cent weight of foods Cooked.
Superior flavor 6f eleetrically cooke.dkihes.
All parts accssible for bleaning and repairs.
Low, medium and full heat regulations for every burner.
Can be furnished with either right or left hand ovens.
Spyolial outlet for attaching toasters, pereolators or ironL.
Service, Quality and Utility built into every Westinghouse
Electrie Range. 'I
Westinghouse R4nges are approved by Good Ilouspkeeping
Institite and the Nattional Board of 'Fire Underwriters.
Cook With an Electric Range and Save 20 Per
Cent Weight of Food Cooked.
For Further Information See
Laurens, S. C.
Farmers interested in the
Fordson Tractor are invi
ted to see it in operation
at Mr. D. A. Watkins's
farm, near Shiloh church,
Wednesday and Thursday,
October 19th and 20th.
W. C. Waldrop .
15 . uga ..... .... .... .............. .. .. $1.00
10 lb. b g . -.... . ... .... .... .... .... .... ..68c
25 lb. hag Sit -a .... .... .... .... .... .... ....$1.69
' ;b. Ieket Compouid Lard .... ...................$1.18
2 lb. ean Army Roast. lBeef .... .... .... .... ....221-2c
i lb. ean Army Roast Bleef .... .... .... .... ....13 1-2c
12 lb. ean Army lBreak fast Baeou. host quality ......$2.13
Pink Salmon, per can ............... ....121-2c
10 lb. bucket good Sup ........ ........... ......57c
1 lb. Atruekle Coffee. per pkg. - ..... .... ... . ... . . 25c
:3 lb. package WJite House Coffe ......... .... ..$1.08
Pure Pork Sausage. per pound .... .... .... .... ....25c
Hold Back//
anything needed Here
and it shows Here
A Cow can give milk to her fullest capacity only
when fed the right proportion or balance of milk
makin materials. Milk is made up of Protein,
Carbohydrates, Fat, Minerals ad Water, in pro
portions that, practically speaking,
can't be varied. Instead of making
imperfect milk, a poorly fed cow
gives less milk.
Feed Purina Cow Chow
and your cows will get all the
Protein and Calcium needed to
balance your Carbohydrate rough.
AS i sk&A k ron geg Porse CO
hew a uaw am k GM ak scaks show
seo e* se" &ORM tece an 1eedia k

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