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* Local and Persona -
SMrIa.. M. Stutts, of Clatos twas a
. visitoi .'i the city yesterday.
MIss Jnet McFarlane arrived in the
city a few days ago to visit Miss Julia
Irby and other relatives.
Mrs. (D. W. Copoland and, children,
.of Clinton, spent Sunday !in the city
with Miss Bbttle Bramlet,
Mr. and Ers. Earl Wil on; of Gas
tonia, N. C., are apendinig' Sfome time
in the city with relatives4 . -
. Mrs. Albert Gray and Miss Margie
Ropp, of Gray Court, were shopping in
the city yesterday.
Mrs. Janie Shell. .liss Irva' Sliell and
Missq Clarabel Hiller, of Gray Court,
were shopping in the city. yesterday.
Miss Gladys Roper, of. Coker col
lege, Hartsville, spenlt the' eek-end in
ithe city withi her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Roper.
LMss 4iary Roper, twho is attending
0. IW. C., spent the -week-end in the
city with her parents, Mr. and 'Mrs.
C. H. Roper.
Mrs. Nian B. Sullivan, of Anderson,
spent several days in the city last
week with her inrents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Owiggs.
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Wolff returned
to the city Sunday night from Win
qton-Salem, N. C., where they had gone
several days before to. attend the fun
eral of Mrs. Wolff's brother.
The friends of Mr. M. J. Owings will
regret to learn that he Is not show
ing much Improvement at the hospital
in Columbia where he has .been for
.'several weeks. Mr. J. F. Tolbert,'who
'went down to see him several days
.ago, rald that an operation may be
necessary in order to improv.e his
Dr. W. W. Bal, Editor of The State,
arrived in the city yesterday afternoon
wilh his rwife and children to- visit
3Mr. and Mrs. L1. 1.. Copeland and Mrs.
B. W. Iall for a few days. Thdy came
by automobile and found the roads be
tween here and Columbia to be in good
condition except near Columbla, where
they are undergoing repairs.
To Attend Legion Metfig
Mr. Chas. H1. Rounds, of this city,
was elected a delegate to the national
convention of the American Tegion at
Kansas City when the state convention
met in Newberry several weeks ago.
Mr. Rounds, w'ho was a lieutenant in
the 81st Division, is making ilans to
take -tho official trip via Cincinnatti
and St. Louis.
Th At Greenpond School
The School Tniprovement Associa
tion of Greenpond will give a coni
munity fair on the afternoon of Nov.
4. The public is cordially Invited to
Our col'ese os a am
mercilal8schools of
the world. To I
Out what you
gal, by attending
Arettiteri H ah o
Send''for our ci
loguo, at on~ce.
There. are Rol
Ours are mad
and the best ii
That's why th
"Taste the
BaI e
,Lauren'SuR i01
Onnosit th
'Prinity-Ridge, Oct. 17.--rhe farmers
of this community are about to got
their crops gathered before told
There was a get-acquainted meeting
at- our school 'hou'e .Saturday after
noon in honor of the teachers, ilse
Wylie, -Miss Templeton, Miss Taylor,
and Miss Langaton. Those present
were: Mesdames Guy Smitli, Carrie
George, Sloan 31ahon, Jiohn Watts,
Natt Austin, Frank Owings, Charlie
Wilson, Edd W4lson, Sam Cain, A. B.
Barksdale, Ramsey, Maxie Thomason,
Bob Armstrong, (Herbert Bishop, Hill,
Threatt, Walker, Gary Cunninigham,
Zack Tinsley, Will Stone, Sanders,
Hluckeby, Rhodes, Davis, Homer Moore,
and Miss Hattie 'Hill.
The young ladies serving hot tea
and crackers were: Misses Minnie and
Grace Wallace, Maggie Clardy, Cora
Threatt, Bertie Mae Bishop, Mary
Barksdale, Sallie Wolffe, Sallie 11111,
Lydia Tinsley. The afternoon was en
Joyed very much.
.\iiss lfinnie and Grace Wallace, who
teach at Mountville, spent the weeli
end at home.
Miss Sallie Wolffe spent Saturday
afternoon wilth her sister, Mirs. Sloan
'Miss Maggie Clardy and Bertie Mae
Bishop Acnt Saturday night with Mrs.
W. 1,. Anderson.
Miss Helen George, who teaches at
'Bailey school, spent the week--end at
Miss Lillian Brown, from Green
wood, is spending a while with Miss
Sarah .Davis.
Mrs. Marion Catin is spending a few
days In Laurens -with her sister, Mrs.
George Wham, 'who is sick.
Mrs. Langston, wh6 has been real
sick, is im)rovinig rapidly.
The young ladies of the Y. W. A.
held their regular monthly meeting
iFrilday afternoon, with Mrs. W. N.
The Ladies Missionary society will
meet with Mrs. Carrie George Thura
The Chestnut Ridge B. Y. P. UT., by
invitation, went to Mt. Gallagher Sun
day afternoon.
C(ile League
The Civic League will meet in the
Rest Room at 4 o'clock Friday after
At Mount Pleasant Church.
Every .member of Mt. Pleasant
church is earnestly urged to meet at
the church next Sunday morning, Oct.
23, at 10:30 o'clock as business of vi
tal importance will -be attended at that
time, and it is desired that the entire
membership be ,present.
mber of the National Aoclation of Accredited Com
the United Statoo.-the strongaest chain of schools in
is and ROLLS!
e of butter, eggs
ey are ektra nice.
k Maid
e Quality Bakery
s Postoffice
* *. * *. * * * * 1 or * *
* I I *
' I I * * I I * * I * * *
'Lanford, Oct.. 17.-Mr. J. F. Byers
and family, of 'HenderQsnville, N. C.,
spent the week-end with relatives here,
making the trip down the mountait d
by auto Friday afternoon. They r -
turned home Sunday afternoon.
.Mlss Carrie Lou 'Higgins, a member
of the faculty of the Arkwright echool,
was the week-end guest of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Higgins. She
'is very much pleased with -her work
t'his session.
M1r. H. T. Higgins, of Camden, and
Dr. 1-arrison, of .Buffalo, visited Mr.
and Mr. J. S. 'Higgins Sunday.
Mrs. M. W. Fowler and Miss Carryo
Fowler, of Ora, and Mr. and Mrs. J.
S. Higgins spent Sunday with Miss
Mary Drummond, who is sick.
Mr. and I~rs. Oscar Thomas, of EIno
ree, took dinner at the home of Mr. J.
R. Franks last Sunday. They all mo
tored over to Cavins and spent the
afternoon there with friends and -ac
The teachers for the central school
arrived Saturday afternoon and :will
begin their, school Monday morning.
They are the Misses Caldwell, from
,Rock Hll. They will hoard in the
hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
'F1. Pulley, at 'Martin's cross road. We
are all iglad to. have these young Ia
(lies near us and hope to have fre
quent vilsts from them both to our
churches and in our homes.
i's. 0. F. Fowler has again been
very sick for -the past few days.
-Mr. John B. Ilarman, of yLaurens,
and Mr. I,. M. Cannon motored over to
Rock Hill 'Sunday and spent the day
with John M. Cannon, Jr. They re
Port a most delightful day.
Miss Nora Cannon will spend this
week in Greenwood with .Mrs. R. A.
Wash and attend the Pledmot Fair
during her visit.
Mir. and Mrs. Samuel 'fl'rummond
have returned home after a few weeks'
stay in Waterloo with relatives.
Mrs. M. G. Patterson is at her coun
try home recuperating a few days
from a recent. 'illness.
-Rev. C. 13. Prince., of RInoree. will
preach Sunday afternoon nat the Hap
tist church. lie hope to 'have a large
The Rural Improvement Association
will meet Friday afternoon at 3:30.
E~very patron is urged to attend this
The Woman's Missionary society will
have its regular .meeting Saturday af
ternoon. \Ve hope all the members
will bear this in gnind.
-Mr. T. N. Burnett and family spent
last Sunday w-threlatives in Greers.
Mr. John Melmoth Fleming, of Spar
tan Academy, spent the week-end with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Flem
* * * * * I * * * * I I e o
* EI(03 NEWS *
* * * * I * * I I I I . . .
. Ekonm, Oct. 17.-The school at this
place openedl .two weeks ago 'with a
good eni'ollment, wvit'h Miss May Mad
den, principal, and Miss Myrtle Cul
bertson, asaistant. We think from the
goodI enrollment and the interest that
is beIng taken by all pa'i'ties that a suc
cessful sessIon is awaitiing us.
\Ve are soi'iy to rep)ort Mrs. T. J.
Biissoy right sick.
Uncle Joe Mooi'e is doing faiirly
well, we are klad~ to reor)it.
Mrin. -Ia. C. Citlbertson celebrated his
sixty-second bilrthiday Sunday. Those
present wei'e: Mr'. Carl Culhertson and
famIly, Mr. indgar Hlurts and family,
Mr,. Douglas Cooper' asd family, Mr.
rand NMrs. IBoy Citibertson and baby.
Miss .May Madden, D~r. and IMis. J. G.
Cooper, M ms. Lou Cilberts;on and
dlaughter'. A real bi1rthday dinner was
servedl, it also heinc. the foutrth birth
dlay of Master I larold Culbertson, lit
tle son of Mr'. andl Mrs. Carl Cuibert
son. All sipent a pleasant time, wish
ing them many returns of the dlay.
Mr's. H. C. Arnold, of'*Tligna1 IGa(h.,
and Mirs. C. S. Arnold and lIttle son,
of Augusta, Ga., spent a few days of
last wecek 'with 'Dr. and Mrs. .J. G.
Coopei', and also visited thei' gi'and
danughtei' andl 'niece, Mirs. Frank Abeir
cr'omblie, of the .Ilickory Tavern sec
Messi's. 'Roy and M1'irion Cooper,
sons of the late Jas. R. Coopei', me
tored up for a few hours Satur iday
from Augusta( Gan. Their trip was a
buisiness one and they only stayed a
few minutes, seeing their aunts, Mrs.
'Lou Culbertson and Mrs. Allie Cul
bert son and their uncle, Dri. Coopei'.
Mi's. Lillian O'Shieolds, of Ware
Shoals, spent Sunday aftei'noon with
her mothei', ME5. T. ,J. Coopei'.
.Mrs. Ida (',,er cad Nir. ailnd 'r.
Sanm Cooi'r ai'o visiting irelatives In
Mr'. A. R. Thome la at home fi'om
Tampa, Fia.
The Quinine That Does Not A flect
the Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
.without causing nlervousness or ring
ing in the hed. 'E. 'W. QROVE'S sig
nature on box, 80c.
Large Shipments of
Best and Most Complete Line and Lowest
Prices Since 1914
Hand-Painted Fancy China
Our large display contains many new designs and
beautiful decorations in a wide range of prices.
Rich Cut Glass
You are sure to like the new patterns in cut glass and
you will find our prices very much lower than you will
find elsewhere.
Dolls, Dolls
Kiddies, come and see the Dolls with real hair and
eye lashes; their dresses and hats are just beautiful, and
they go to sleep, too. Then we have jointed dolls and
kid body dolls, and they are all reasonable in price.
Come and See Our Display
S. M. & E. H. WILKES & CO.
A Remarkable
Shoe Store
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can ask for any kind of a shoe that's desirable and good,
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A Good Place to Trade

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