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Qdckly relievs ConsUpatim, BE
oafenes, Loss of Appetite and Heed.
aches, due to Torpid Liver.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
calomel table's that are
nausealess, s and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain.
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Purify With It?
Depend on Red
Devil Lye to do
even more than
\Pi prevent bad smells
in outhouse or
toilet. It purifies
the place where
it is used... Kills
germs, dries up
filth, destroys fly..
eggs bef're they
hatch. Keep a
can handy and
stop smells where
they start.
Helps in
Sure 1is Strong!
s-r. :< i s, aI . , . s. S .
SDon't Let "O d N'icK"
* N'.ek Your Tirea
M\any t'rer which could
gve.' mcre mxiles of good ser
vic have:.;iven out beccause a
little nick or bruise was
It l better to avoid all
a (Idama~ge by: driv'ing care
f!yover badd places. Ex
.u ir e tires often. If
any Iiule injuries are die-'
coered brireg them to us.1
Eecan rorsair them and save
. you money and annoyance
When your Rims start
squeaking we can stop them
by installing new Clamps,
Nuts, Bolts or Wedges.
"VnltenlIing of the Better Kind"
At City Fillhng Station
* By W .. FAYSSOUX *
* .
'* * * . e * * 9.e e
W3hilo hypnotism lends itself easily
to demonstration, It is very difficult to
define. I can domonstrate hypnotism
to you -in an instant; I might not be
able to define it in an age. It is one
of those intangible yet -positive forces
that we utilize without knowing just
what it Is. We see the results but fail
to comprehend the reason for them.
Lift the receifer from your telephone
and converse with a friend a hundred
miles away. You do not even give it
a thought, the act is so easy. If you
try to explain the philosophical reason
and tell how you do this fiom the
standpoint of theory the problem would
be quite difficult.
In your yard you see the grass grow
and the flowers bloom. This process
is so commonplace you never give it
a thought, but to find why and how
the grass grows Is a problem beyond
our knowledge. Observe the beautiful
bed of :ansies with myriads of colors.
They grow so close together that you
can scarcely put your linger betweeii
them. How does this pansy get its
brilliant gold while the one that stands1
aeside it gets fromt the selfsamne soil
tle rich, soft, velvety purpose that rav
ishes the eye and brings ileastire to
the healt of him who behoilds it ?
I coil1d give you the inivolved del
nlitionis of learned mllen, cocelidcI inl a
lallttiage that Imieans nothilng. These
deliitlions are words, words, hweraultse V
sonie of ou1r great philosophers wh11en
Con fron ted by a problem) that viludes t
~. N.
- c
their -1ent'al ),)rasp, hide behind an o
abulidant verbiage that leaves the i
reader undecided in regard to whether (
they have d4efinjed the thing or not. lIe
attrlbtibtes has failure to cojiprehllend
the defitiion of thiese learned men to s
his lack of ai i uderstanding of thidr I
We know that hypnotism is a nat
Iural power. It is one, of III(' tihuseen,
lintangible forces of natuirte anld we
knlow that the ilost powe rful forces 1
of natur1le art, seCret. Contemn;late I
the ilniverse andi the miovelrnents ofr r
lihi ietsit. Wh'Iat miakes themr mlove e
obed~tint always to a fixed law? Wh'1at(
ilich lore that imiplels themii? .\ly
ilds or worlds anrd planetary syst emls
wiithout. numbaer move obiaedin toi
:Miaii lawa, ii1 cimpl lb somle potwerl
thie sairici or which we (annotia ceen
beinjr toi guessi . ..\lan will somtimtie
unidei~railI these hawas arid dlelin i
these fores; todbay lie knows they
exist lbut l kno ws not whiy or ~ lienlcei
Iliypnoth mi io us, is sinmply a name. (
It represernts certain conidiions, a,
IJower thatt we call Iito rielirisition
arndli uiliz.e even if' It is indefinable
arid initanigill. It has alhways Existed:
it will always exist io I ite and of't time;
ri as long4 as ''ain inhabtits the earlth;
oesio er'inn byv legisla-i
ni:m r !rhoneat to ad or' 1
- ai ac < n" ' ~ .n frora It. All that (
le- i a ln thus revea! 't
th4 1e potv:er of' suggestiona r aii
ne ,or waa 'er you wish 1 a
a n:-w on -aut history of the
lit 1'm'ri a'. WA ev it long before;
y Ni ey a s'a namue or before (
m c:*. ty comprehended it.
\a 9 2 4 -lave been cast out1,
:- arle' (tires effected and the
of old has, through the ex- I
- :so of a knowledge taht he did not l
understand, brought terror to the 1
hearts of thte ignorant and some
tImes death to him ats a punlihment.
In 1779 Mesmer set Paris wild by
healing the sick and making the lame 1
walk. Ils mIraculous power sent a
thirill around the world and star1ted1
rcientific men to investigating.'Most,
of them sotught only to prove that
Mesmer did not possess the power he<
claimed to exerc-ise. In attempting I
to do this they came face to face with 1
the problem of explaining to the world
how lie did it. We know more about
this wondlerful phenomenon than our
forefathers knew or Miosmer ever
We 'have learned that hypnotism ia
a force that domdnates the mind of
man, dIrects his thoughts, moutlds his
dlesires; a force that may 'he called in
to rerluisitionl to change the whole per
Bonality. We have learned that by
notism is effective suggestion; that
La that subtle, 'indefinable, intangit
something that enables those who' U:
derstad certain known laws to irnpre
their personality upon whom they wi
to lead, dir6ct, control, influence, ev,
dominate other fntellItget persona
bies. The skilled mathematician, giv
certain factors in a problem, can pr
luce what is lacking and thus sol
he -problem. The skilled hypnotist, I
ising certain laws in a certain wa
producos a series of effects with equ
,ertainty. Authorities fall to agr
1pon the definite stages of hypnotis,
Phey all ad-mit that there are sever
>f them. There is the waking stage
which the subject obeys your con
nands, ypt he is fuilly conscious. 1H
cnows everything that Is transpirin
ret he does not know how to resi
tcting upon the suggestions you giv
'here is the tinconscious state I
vhlch the subject's mind seems to 1
L perfect blank. In this stage ti
wPerator can produce in the mind (
he subject all kinds of hallucinatsfor
6nd illusions as long as lie confine
ilimself to things that are innocent ail
loes not get into the realm of thing
0 which the subject Is morally 01
iosed. There is Post-lHypnotic Si
est ion in wih ich you give the subje<
Comllaild to do something at a sxi
eienit date aid lie seeis to fo'ge
11 about what yau told hilm to (10 unt)
he timtue arrives for lihi to execut
our comitiaii(l. lie will follow oi
VIIr siUn-estion, believing that it is II
win idea. Ilyplnotic sigges.4lon is sut
e'ssfully I used in tle eradication c
1I habits, in tlie control of refrat
ry children, to inisilre love of stud
f truth, to endear one to his horm
id those inl it. to dispel the blues, t
IIure drunkeodnii ess, morphine habit an
a thoutisand ot her ways. Inl til
onni ection Post-lypnotic Suggestio
See Payssoux at the Opera Iols
'horsday. Friday and Saturday, Oc
1), 21 and 22, and learn nore abou
BY .J. P1. ('IIA LE!
iless at inqruost 'estiles 1hat Ne
arro Attacked Mr. Charles wit]
litnife. Apply for Ball Today.
Greeiville, Oct. 15.-J. P. Charles
romiinent real estate dealer of thi
ity, shot and killed Ilenry Irby, a i
ro, yesterday afterooni in the gi
ard of the American Cottion Oil Coin
any on Augusta street as the cima
f what was said to have been an at
ack with a knife by the iegro oii M
'arles. The negro was shot twic
nien through the heart, and (ied a
lost instantly. Mr. Charles gave hlin
elf uI immilediately after the shoot
nig to A.lotorcycle Officer M. P". Ka.
f the pollee departiment, who wa
assiig at the thne, and went wit
liml to the county Jail. A coroner jtir
hbich held an inquest over the denu
ody of the negro at Iiin's under
akinug parlors yesterday afternioot
mund that Irtby ('ame to his d'en.h bi
untshiot wounttds ait the hiuhi; of .1. I
'l. ha rles empilodii1 a : his cou(11
iu ke api t i on t tor' -a il for hiin t < t
Theiu a ffair vest erda was wiitiess'
y ait le'ast Iwo pe'rsn'ons, (one oif wvhtoi
othe car' itn whibi .\r (huarles lht
itleni inito thei yar1d of the. Atmerien
'ottotn OJil t'Oiinany, ii'stiied at lth
0tronter's ilt uet yeetrday. .Alotii
3'(ti Ollice'r Kay' was abhoutt 50 yarid
rotm i he'' lne' of ttih' ht in who
I toak piet anii si \. the meeia
ir api 11arT'. lint stated1( liha ' whin
ng thei biu e :'' said toi halim, '' had t1
ill him to k''p him i fromi kilIinig mue.
)til'er I'ar sai that he found a kntif
I ov ir. Mr. Chl les, lie saidu, htad
riti over one eye at the time11.
Accordinog )to lhes story (if. the affal~
elated at the inquest by3 Tom Wh'il
ker, the niegro 'who was drlvitng M
'harleus' cari, Mr'. Charles wvent to 'th
Ill mill to have frby go and1( settle a
('count that lhe owed Mr'. Chlarle:
vife and when the niegroi claimed thr
IC hiad delo~sited the money in lth
ank Mr. (Ohinrles asked tom see the di
osit slip and wvas handed a cotto
veigher's certIficate. When M
sharles told the niegro that this wi
tot what hie wanitedl, the wittness stah
rbhy reachedi to get the paper, Ar
'harles drew hIs hand back and irfi
hen caught Mir. Charles by the wrIn
vhereaupon Mir. Charles got oult of lth
ar and the negro st01epe back an
irew a knIfe. Mr. Charles, WVhitaki
estified, warn'ted the tiegro not to ei
urn telling him that lie would kIll hin
f he dlid. The witness saId that Irt
then told Mr. Charles that hie won]
rut him andl tgrappled with him. Tfj
,vitness said he then saw Mr. Charl<
iraw his pistol and1( tire twlide.
Colds Cause Grip and Iofluenza
ause. There is only one "Bromo Quinine
L. W. GitOVE'8 inatnrao onoa. 8').
-E M iExtraordinary
Mileagmee arCertant
Car Owners want more rubber on the tread where the wear fs
hardest; thore gum between cord plies, to perfect a resilient and
powerful carcass. And they want a scientifically constructed Non
n Skid tread with all angles and contacts to resist skidding and give
1- sure traction. Firestone Cord Tires have met these demands of
le the car owners.
Read. Letters Below
n Records m 29,000 to 57,000 Miles
Cord Tires built the Firestone Now and then they are empha.
way could not fail to produce sized by unusual instances such
mileage. Every day, from all over as quoted below. Performances
8 the country, comes the word that like these demonstrate the ulti
(1 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 miles are mate possibilities of Firestone
frequent and consistent records. Cords under careful driving.
- Sept 1a 1920 Sept. 2, IOU
irestone Tire & Rubber Co., The Harvey E. Mack Co,
4, inlckaonville Branch, Thirteenth & Harman Place.
acksonville, Florida. Minneapolis.
Gentlemen:- Gentlemen:
I submit herewith the hlastry of 33x4 Fir. It occurs to me that ou might be tnterested
4 atone Cord tire. This tire has run 57,000 mies th e mileage that I obtained from the set o
I have retreaded it reven times. The average irestone Cord tires on my Dodge coupe. The -
ii mileage to each retread. lr,,t tire went over 29.
in was about 7.000. I 000 miles. The secand
think you will agree thia ofn bewe 3400n
i a remarkable record. F_ C between"30*n
It is especially unusual : 35,000. These were both
as I know the owner to rear tires and had been
be a severe driver. How. C~ u t considerably by
ever, he gives his tires chains. The two front
T' rpr inflation. The tire N SICI tares havo gone bettor
anqueton Is not ytthan 35.000 miles and are
- out of service and has EXTRA S KZE still In good condition. I
every indication of being expect to get at least
sufficiently strong for an. .40,000 miles from each of
D' other retread. I am $ ] .a 4 5them. I need scarcely
wailing photographs un. say that the Firestone
der separate cover. Ins this fabric tire as In our cord tires Cord will be my tire
CU. Penney, only Firestone resources and xperi choice for the future.
Plant City, Fla, ence can provide this quality at this Archi e,
I re5tone
NOVE MB ER 1-2-3-4
Don't Fail to Visit This Fair
,The Most Successful Fair in Either
of the Carolinas
Four Big Days of Fun and Frolic
Four Big Days of Solid Instruction
No Expense Has Been. Spared in Making This the
Best in Our Fourteen Years of Experience.
Remember the Dates--uNov. 1-2-3-4
PAUL V. MOORE, Secretary

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