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Local atd Personal eatst. *
Mrs. L. L. Moore Is spending !the
week in *Atlanta with relatives.
'Mrs. -W, L. lBoyd left a few days age
for Atlanta to visit Mr. and Ws. :Sa,
Mr. 'A. J. Martin. well knowq*farmer
'of Youngs township, was a wlsitor l
the city yesterday.
- Mr. Jured 1). Sulllvan, of Ct emw
spent several days in the diy Ibast
week swith .relatives.
Mirs. L. Conuor EW11er las 4eer
spending several days in Rock 1111
with her sister, Mrs. L. X). Vitts.
Mrs. T. Q. Ducket.t., of Andersen, IE
spending severl 4a13 in ttihe city- twiti
'her 'parents, Mr. anil Mrs. Wr. T. Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Elamld blngers, &f At
lanta, spent Asvei:aa -djyu.. in ttho citl
last week witi Dihr.ud .lMs.'W..D. For.
Mr. and Mn. \W. E. Owenk Mra
Rufus IE. Sadler .and Mrs. W. S. Beau
of Clinton, 5 eie wisitum uin flbe city
Mr. .W. H. Ilough, wlho is now witl
a large jc-welry' i?.ri '.in Orr-envill
spent 'the -week-end 'in :the .ci.y witl:
his faudly., .
,1Ai i lary cil.go, te'leri in tiht
Gireenville -,chiools, spent t.he week
end in the .ety with lir Iarents, Rev
and Mrs. P.. F. tKiilgo.
John Wilkes lias returned fron
Chapel iilL, N. U., where he .has bee11
working for a few monls. 'Ue decid
ed that there was no place lilie home.
Mrs. Wells Clardy has retilrne(
homo after spending a week undel
the treatment of a specialist at Spar
tanburg. Iier condition is reported a
very much improred.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J1. LMePhail, Air. and]
'Mrs. Frank iid and Mrs. John F.
alt slpent the week-end in Hlarnwell
:and Dunbarton visiting ..liss 14iey
MeIllhail an d Mrs. E. F. Owens.
'Misses Maigaret Diinlap and Carrie
Fjeming left Monday owith Capt. Mell
Fleming, of Lanford, and other sol
ders to attend the annual meeting of
the Uihited Confederate Veterans, In
Chattanooga. Miss Dunlap goes as
sponsor from the local caip nnd AlMss
.Fleming as her maid1 of hoiior.
Dr. and Mrs. W. 11. Dial left a few
days ago for Baltimore, .Md., where
'rs. 'Dial will ent'r a hospital for
treatment at the lands of specialists.
'She has not been well for the past
several iontlis. l Iier friends hope
that her present quest will be suc
cessful and that shc will find early re
Mr. Thomas Downey returned Sat
urday from Atlanta, 'where lie visited
his brotlier, Dr. Carroll W. Downey,
wio is inder s)ecial treatment at a
-hospital. Dr. J. H, Downey, of Gaines
ville, Ga., was in Atlanta for the same
reason. Mr. *Iowney reports his
brother's condition slightly improved.
ISamuel Mcow.an, Esq., of Washing
ton, D. C., is a vsitor in the city. lie
arrived Monday morning and was out
early greeting friends. lie had not
gotten far beyond the hotel door 'when
lie stopiped to admire the court house
lawn and to coramnend the work of the
ladies who have been so (diligent in
keeping it trim and pretty.
Dr. J. ,11. 'l'eague returinedl to the
city Moniday after a vacation of sever'al
weeks in nort~hern cities. While away
ho visited Messrs. Hlugh and Robert
Ai en at Cornell University, the lat
ter thaving been unwvell since gding
up1 in September. D~r. Teague carried
himn to ila'.timore for' hospiltal treat
mont and 'ifter' remaining there for a
Cow days, they both returnd home.
Mr's. Jlohn *linkheiner,,Sir., Mr's. Wal
ter Finkl'einer' and Mrs. Frank Hiarbeir
loft last week for San 'Diego, Cal., to
join their husba~nds wvho had preced
edi them some time ago. Mr. John
*Finkheiner went'odft to take charge of
a glass factor'y, while his son and Mr.
ialrmr will be0 his assistants. Mr'.
'JTohi. fFinkbeiner, Jr., has taken over
the work of his father' in the local
Among the ladlies who accomtpaniied
the (Tfiney high school team here
T'ihursday to witness the Caffney-Liau
rens foot-ball game were Mr's. Cl. CG.
tflyors, M\rs. J. B. liozemnan, Miss Loui
ise Richardson, .Miss Ruth 'D~d~amp,
Miss Mary Cree, Miss Frances Mc
Arthur, M\iss Mary Clary, Miss Mary
Dyers, Miss Nan iell, Miss ii~velyn
Sparks, Miss Sara N4esbitt, Miss Al
boerta Lipscomnb, Miss McSwain, andl
'Miss 'ICvelyn Ilozeman.
L~ycennm at Gray Cqurt
The, first number of the (J'y Court
Owings lyceum is to be *von at the
seh'ool building next Wed i~y night.
The attraction is to be the Vierra
Hawaiian Quartette, said to be an ex
cellent attraction. The course is to
consist of four numbers this year and
the managers state it will be the best
the association has ever had.
Entertainmient at Eden~
The loden Schoorl Improvement As
sociation is to serve refreshments and
fumrih a musical program at the
school 'building IStiday evening froin 6
untii 10:30 o'clock. The (public is in
vited en attoind
A . Mrahnffey to h~ave Bakery Open.
lug !'amorrow.
Annouacement will be-found in au
1ther column of this paper of the op
ening-ot the bakery of A. L. Mahaffey
in hia-istore on the north side of the
public :square. 'Mr. Mahaffey invites
the .piolic to inspect his modern ,plant
on th~e'ground floor of the building and
to pwrtake of light refreshments nyihich
will )be served on the same day.
Miss Garlington to WG
-Intvitations werd received in the city
last week to the marriage of Miss
Janye Con-way Garlingt.on, ,daughter
of Mrs. Charles Creswell ,Garlington,
of Greenville, to Mr. 'William 'Obadiah
P uitt, of Washington, D. sC., .the mar
niage to take place a;t the Garlington
home, 509 Augusta..street, iGreenville,
Alonday, October 3~, -at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon. M*ss CIaillingtOii has
a wide family connection :In;this coun
ty and Is herself vory .popularly
Sknown here. At one time she was in
tcharge of girl's .canntig club -work in
this county. Mr. ?rultt was.an ofmeer
in .the World War and was stationed
for a time at Camp Sevier.
Will Diass Cancer
A countywide caainign to dissem
m'inate informaion iin the public
schools of Laurens county relative to
-the arrest and treatment of cancer in
this connty is being arranged by :Dr.
itolfe iN. Hughes, acting under authori
ty vested in hin by a)pointnent of
-the American 'Soclety for the Control
of Cancer. '-he campaign will be con
ducted over the county duning the
week October 31 to November 5. Phy
sicians and laymen will visit various
schools every night duryig that week,
1speaking at 7:30 o'clock. Spealcers so
far asked to nelp are Rev. I. N. Ken
nedy, Ora; )I. T. L. W. Balley, Clin
ton; Dr. J. L. Fennell, Waterloo; .
L. 'Smith, A. C. Todd, R. T. Wilson, Dr.
R1. R. Walker, W. P. Thodiason, Lau
Cotton Goes Up
On the government ginning report of
5'417,397 bales ginned to October 18th,
the future markets took a turn upward
yesterday closing from 50 to 75
points up. Local spots went up to
19 cents.
Hallowe'en Party and Oyster Supper
There will be a ihallowe'en party
and oyster supper at the Vaughnsville
school house, below Cross Hill, Friday
evening, October the 28th, beginning
at eight o'clock. The public is cor
dially invited.
Club Meeting Postponed
The meeting of the Wednesday club,
scheduled for October 26, has been
i)ostponed to November 9, on account
of the special services being held at
the Presbyterian church. The club
will meet on the latter date with Mrs.
P. F. Kilgo.
Mrs. S. H. Templenian, Pres.
Meeting of U. D. C.
The J. B. 'Kershaw chapter', U. ID. C.
nvill meet with Mrs. E. 'P. MIlam, on
Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 1st, at 3:30
Minnie Blabb, Sec.
Meeting of Colored People
The Cor'rina Gibbon Hospital Asso
ciation wvill meet in Bethel A. 'M. E.
church, Laurens, Monday P. M. All
.members of the association andl all
colored peopl)e of -TLurens county are
earnestly requested andl urged to at
tend this meeting as business of vital
imnportance wvill come before the asso
ciation. .Bring some money for gur
rent expenses0.
By ordler of V'Pesident.
'M. C. 11. Dillard, Sec.
F. Y. Dendy.
Note of Thanmks
W~e .want to thank and. assur'e our
nmany friends that it is impiossiblie for
us to exprIess with words our feelings
and appreciation for the sympathy and
Iindiness shown us in our recent Ill
ness and (leath of ouri darling Carl
Edward Bobo.
Our' neighbors and Laurens fr'iends
wereC so nice and thoughtful in their
sympauthy and hielip. And the Cross
U1111 people0, teachers and school, al
most strangers to us, but wve do not
think of you as strangers any more,
you were so nice td us that nye will
never forget it.
.And we, who knew little Carl best,
can assure every one that lie had a
little heart of love and appreciation
for it, all' (the flowers), lie loved
beautiful flowers and 'we loved -him
~so much.
Father and Mother,
Grandfather and Grandmother,
Brothers andl Sisters.
Harris Springs, S. C.
Rising Sun Chapter N o. 6, R. A. N.
A regular convocation of
Rising Sun Chapter, No, 6,
Ri. A. M., will be held on
Fi~riday night, Oct. 28th,
at 7:30 o'clock. Members
are requested to be present and to be
on hand at the a~prointed hour; Work
in 'M.. M. and -P. M. degrees.
.AS, 11, S!RLAVAN, H. P.
Central School Carries Bonds
Voters of the Central school district,
near Lanford 'Station, went in solid
Phalanx for a bond issuo for a new
school 'building In the election Satur
day. 'Mlventy votes were cast for the
for .this district. .
X1. C. Bu'.rns & Co. *sells same goods
for le 1ioney. Roll, lot 'cm roll.
Burns says, "Sell 'en!"
-. * * * * * e * S * S S S
* * * S * * * * * S * * S
Clinton, Oct. 25.--Misses Nancy Ow
ens, Ploilde Rudd hnd Irene Curlee
spent'the week-end in Greenwood with
'Miss Ann Odelle hMCaslan.
Miss Aileen Richbourg was the guest
of her parents for the week-end.
Mrs. J. T. Robertson and Miss Em
nile Rtobertson returned last Thitrsday
from Columbia where Mirs. Robertson
has 'bech for treatment the past few
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S. M.
Miss Emily Phillips, of Winthrop
Dollege, spint the week-end with her
mother, Mrs. IL E. Jones.
Mrs. A. T. Wilson spent several days
last .week with her daughter at Colum
bia college.
Mrs. IHenry Young spent last wee)C
with 1her mother at Enoree.
Mr. and 'Mrs. John Thornley spent
the week-end in -Pickens with friends
and relatives.
Mrs. William Bailey Owens delight
fully entertained the Tuesday Club
lait week. A delicious salad course
and hot tea were served to the fol
lowing guests: Mesdames W. P.
Jacobs, J. F. Jacobs, Jr., Reece Young,
Kenneth Burdette, Jas. 'R. Vopeland,
J. A. Chandler, J. I. Coleman, .1. S.
McGregor of 4'ueby, Chat'lle Rounds,
Misses Clara Duckett, Nancy Owens
and Maude Sumerel.
3Mrs. Julia riflln was hostess to the
Acteon Book Club and a few friends
last FBriday afternoon. After several
games of Rook the hostess, assisted
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& E. H.
by her mother, Mrs. 13iggs, served a
delicious salad course and hot tea to
the following guests: Mesdaieh C. M.
Bailey, J.' W. Copeland, Jr., Jas. R.
Copelapd, R. 13. Vance, Jim Wright, 01.
C. Pitts, J. -W. 'Urawford, J. W. Lecake,
T. 1). Copeland, W. 13. Owens, Jr., .1.
A. Chandler, R. E. Sadler, Wiggins, D.
W. Mason, J. A. Bailey, lE. W. F'ergu
sonfl L. B. fDtlard, Misses Clara
Duckett and Sallie Wright.
Mrs. Lloyd McCrary entertained the
"Idle Moments" Club last Wednesday
.morning. Delightful refreshments
were served to about sixteen guests.
Mesdames M. A. Hays, J. 1. Cope
land,J. M. Pitts and V. B. iarr were
hostesses to the Musgrove Mills chap
ter D. A. R., last Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. J. I. Copeland.
After a most interesting business hour
the hostesses served a delicious salad
course and tea to about twenty-two
Mrs. Wim. Bailey Owens and son,
Billy, spent Monday in Greenwood
iwith friends.
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B. S. C.
Miss 13. Copeland, of 'Chicora col
lege, spent the -veek-end with her Upar
ants, Mr. and Ais. (leo. A. Copeland.
Mrs. Crawford Clapp returned Mon
day from Greenwood after spending
soveral days with herl daughter, Mrs.
Wi. Lomax. -
Mr. .IEugene Galloway .pcnt the
week-end in Abbeville with his par
-Mrs. 0. 0. Copeland, of Newberry,
is the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ilipp.
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Summers, of
Newberry, spent Sunday with the Iat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H11.
Mesdames W. J. Dailey and J. F.
Jacobs, Sr., returned last Haturday
from Atlanta, where they ,pent the
past two weeks with relatives.
Mrs. W. H. Shands is the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Roger Coe, at
Rome, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Boland and fam
ily spent Sunday in Greenwood with *
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