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6je Elbbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. 8. C.
Advertising late.t on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Ward.
Entered at the postoftice at Laurens,
S. C., as second class mail natter.
LAURENS, S. C., NOV. 2, 1921
Speaking of cigarettes, as a friend
of ours remarked the other day, the
government has placed its stail) c
approval oil theim. ilave you seen it
'before? EHh?
* * e
The strike of the railway men did
not materialize. Maybe it was well
that It didn't, but the union heads lead
us to believe that the relief is only
temporary. The result of the nego
tiations with the labor board preced
ing the cancelation of the strike is
claimed as a victory for the unions.
In ether words they -gained more than
the executives and the labor board
were willing to peacefully grant them.
The will for a nationwide strike
seems to remain with them yet. Pos
sibly, however, saner leadership will
prevail and railroad workers may
come to a realization that the country
must have cheaper railroad transpor
tation or no railroad transportation
at all.
* * *
In more than one recent coimuni
cation the President has made it plain
that the forthcoming conference in
WAshlngton is not in fact expected to
affect the degree of armaments suf
fleently to usher in the plow-share
a4d pruning-hook :period but only
that, by intelligent consultation fol
lofwed by mutual consent, some ar
rangement may be arrived at to stop
the mad rush toward over-armament
and ruinous taxation.
If all the nations were as rich in
available resources as this one, the
peasimists might be right in agreein-g
wholly with the late Senator Ingalls
when lie said "the purification of poli
tics is an irredescent dream."
1lut, fortunately for the .peace of the
world, most other nations are already
taxed to the limit of their resources.
So, that, even though the -world may
not be getting abstractly better any
too faci, there comes in the practical
'question of ability to pay; and n<
administration of any government call
bo.expcted to be so blind to its owin
interests las thus to miss an opportun
ity".to matp'illy decrease the tax-rate
by aubscribing to an agreement which
at least on its face, is highly humani
Allowing, therefore, for all the ns
ualj procrastination duo to diplomatl(
dele~ys and international susipicions
mre sare of t'hose who Insist upon be
lieVnng that the so-called "disarma
medt" conference will In the end b<
far from ig failure.
AT SL Glfl$OA13'
Ad &need Over Cloes of P'reviou'
-Week Were Maintained.
Ntw Orleans, Oct. 30.-The -price of
cottpn 'was maintained l st week al
moderate advances over ho lel1 ol
the ~elose of the pr'o dinge week
except at times during t e first twc
sessions..* At the low'est the tradint
months imrerc 20 to 28 points under- th<
close of the preceding w~iek. At th<
highest they were 123 to 137 -points
over, the market moving over a rang<
of 145 to 165 points. Closing priicet
were at net gains on the week of 3(
to 69 points. December tr'aded -as low~
as 17.55, as high ,as 19.20 and closed al
18.19 cents a CoCund. In the spot de
partment middling lost 50 points Ir
the net result at 18.75. A Yegr ag<
muiddlling~ closed at 20.50.
The main Influences of the weel
were small ginning returns and large
mill takings. The huirrieane which
crossedl Florida during the tweek cauis
ed1 moderante buying for a while. At
ter' the middle of the week scllini
-presiiure rA'as increased somewhat, aip
par'ently comning mainly from outsid<
.sources, !but sellers were made cau
tious 'by tihe large spinners' takings
For a whlile the threatened irail strike
~wms a rreIling argument.
The Finning report, issued durint
the wVeOk 1My the census biureau, show.
edt 5,177 49)7 bales ginned to the 1801
of Oot&'er. This flguie indicated prp.
duction e'nr the period of only 2,554,27(
bales, the "mallest output on record
for the third'pacriod. L'ate in the wool
the trade was commencing to give se.
riouis consideration to the figures re
lating to the fourth ginning period
which ends wvith the close of businesi
i.fonday and the repor't on which ii
due aroundl the end of the first wool
in November.
The fourth gihining reiport is of un<
taird report, the department of agri
culture confirimed its final tentative
crop estiniate of only 6,537,000 bales
and the census bureau stated that its
roports indicated that the crop% was
nearly picked.
By soei traders it Is clained the
greatest market possibilities are to
be found in the ginning outlook.
e * + * * * * * * * * * 4
x 44e * * 4* e* * 4 * 4 *
"Blessed are the dead nwho die in the
Lord, for they rest from their labors
-and their works do follow them."
Musgrove Mill Chapter D. A. R.,
has for the second time, been called
utpon to mourn the death of one of It's
cherished daughters. Mrs. Laurens
'lienn Davis, wife of W. V. Davis,
i.aving been a loved and honored nem
ber of our chapter for years, 'her de
mise has left a vacancy in our hearts
and ranks, felt by us-not only as
D. A. R.-ibut as personal friends.
giler devotion to church, home and
country was never questioned; so ful
ly did she Jill and grace her place in
Loyal, eilleient, and unassuming,
this charter member served her Chap
ter as member and officer with wo
ntInly dignity. irs. Davis came of
ancestry distinguished for just such
(ualities as were found in her. M1ay
her children measure up to their heri
tage, "marrying on" as did this mother.
In her passing, her family has sus
t-ained al irretrievable loss, and we,
her co-workers and friends a stagger
ing blow. Musgrove Mill Chapter
shares with her loved ones the cross
they bear, and extends sympathy to
all iwho called her relative or friend.
"I believe that in her death, she has
reached a world where the mercy of
God abounds, and I know that in the
world of women, the sadness of her
loss will 'be felt the most 'by those
who knew her best," can in truth 'be
said of Laurens.
"I can not say and I will not say
That she is dead-she is just away;
With a cheery smile and a wave of the
She has rwandered Into an unknown
And left us dreaming 'how very fair
It needs must be--since she lingers
And you, 0 you, who the wildest yearn
For the old time step and the glad
Think of her faring on, as deal'
'In the love of there, as the love of
Think of her, still as the same, -I say;
'She is not dead--she is just away."
The committee recommends that
this memorial, Inadequate though it
be, he spread upon our Minutes, and
a copy of same 'be sent her Immediate
('Signed) 'Mrs. Jos. A. 'Bailey, Chm.
Mrs. J. I. Copeland.
Mrs. A. E. Spencer.
Sergeant Woodf(ill1 Will Represent lIn
fantry at Armistiee :Day Ceremnonies
in Washington.
'Washington, Oct. 31.--Examinlationi
of -warl recor'ds ,by Gener'al Pershting
has resulted in the designation of
Ser'gt. Samuel Woodfll -as tile Amer
ican infanltrymlan, whlo, thrloughl her'o
Ismi in the wor'ld. war', is most entitled
to r'epr'esent the Infantry branch of
the ar'my at the Armistice day cere
Imoniles for' Amnerica's -unknown sol
Sergeant Woodilll, whose home is
given1 in army records .a-s Blallview,
Ind., bult wvho now Is atationled at Fort
T1homas, Ky., arrivedl In Washington
today ill response to order's fr'om the(
war' depar'tment andl, on beinig re
celvedl by Secr'etar'y W~eeks, was In
formedl that his act of her'o.4m was
r'egar'ded 'by his former commander as
"cutstaniding" among tile exploits of
all 'the infantry oilleerIs and men~l whot
.sa~w ser'vice ill France.
The act of Ser'geant Woodflil, which
caused Ceneral Pershing to ,place hlim
-a virtually unknoav-n hero-with
Scrgt. Alvin C. WVork of the Tennessee
mnountainls and AMaj. Charles S. Whit
tlescy of tile "Lost -Battalion," occulr
r'ed October 12, 1918, dulIng the
Mouse-Ar'gonnme offensive when he as
a lieuitenant silenced thr'ee macliae
guns, killing '19 of the enemy, incdlud
-ing one oflerl, and capturing thr'ee
For' this act of her'oism, Woodfill
wasl prlomoted to a captaincy .and, in
a ddition to~ tile congr'essional modal,
, was awarded the 'Legion of H-onor
I (cavalier) and( the cr'oix do 'guerre
(wvith .palm) 'by Firance and the Order
of Pr'ince Danieo I (fifth class).b
MI-O-'Na, that's the name of the
-best prescription over wr'itten for in
digestion or stomach distr'ess. Guar
anteed iby ibaurens Drug Co.
Old Progress is Running In High.
Hereafter, instead of leaving our
-"footprints on the sandsB of time." all
we'll have to do is leauve our finger
-prints ni -the -police -blotter,-New
Yorc Telegradh,
* * * * * * 9 * * * e e e
Clinton, Oct. 31.-Miss 'Myra Lea
man spent the week-end In Cro-1 Hill
with relatives.
' sea Catherine McSwain and Mary
ICI y spent the week-end at Fountain
Inn with friends.
Mr. andl Mrs. Geo. A. Copeland, Miss
es Ethel and IEllen Copeland, Cather
ine Day spent Thursday in Columbia.
- Messrs. J. F. Jacobs. Sr., and J. F.
Jacobs, Jr., spent last Wednesday in
Dr. and Mrs. R. E14. Sadler spent last
week in Rock 1111 with relatfves.
Mrs. 1R. il. Young was the guest of
her daughter, 1IMrs. John C. Henry, in
Greenville, last week.
Mrs. Jodie Chandler delightfully en
to the "Merry Wives" and a few friends
last Tuesday morning. The Mal
lowe'en idea was carried out in every
detail and a most delicious salad
course, hot rolls and hot tea were
served to the following guests: Mes
dames M. J. McFadden, L. B. Dillard,
Jas. It. Copeland, J. 1. Coleman, Jodie
Chandler, S. C. -lays, W. B3. Owens, Jr.,
C. 111. Balile-, J. F. Jacobs, Sr., W. A.
Dicus, T. D. Jacobs, E. W. Ferguson,
N. J. Adair, 0. C. Pitts, Irby Hipp, J.
W. Finney, WiH. Moreheald, Missos
Clara -Duckett and Sallie Wright.
MIrs. Jidio Chandler delightfully en
tertained the Thursday Bridge club
last week. After several games of
Bridge, the hostess, assisted by her
mother, Mi's. D. W. -Mason, served a
templting salad course and Russian
tea to the following guests: Mesdames
Chas. Rounds, Jas. R. Copeland, Reece
Young, S. C. illays, .W. B. Owens, Jr.,
W. 'p. kJacobs, J. F. Jacobs, Jr., J. W.
Copeland, W. A. Dicus, J. I. Coleman
and Mliss Rallie Wright.
Mrs. Virginia Neville is visiting
friends and relatives in Chester and
Miss 'Helen Bailey has returned from
-Rock -lill, where she visited friends.
Mliss Mary Ruth Copeland, of iWin
throp 'college, spent the week-end at
A. M. Cope1and.
home with her .parents, ir. and Mrs.
Mesdames J. A. Bailey, A. E. Spen
cer, 'W. E. Owens, Will Leake and J.
'W. lCrawford Luent last Friday in
Read every word in J. C. Burns &
Co.'s full .page advertisement this week
and come to 'Laurens.
The Paris, Recently Launched, Has
Eleven Decks and Is Like an
Art Museum.
A writer in a recent number of Le
Petit Parisien devotes nearly a column
of most poetic prose to the new steam
ship Paris of the French Transatlantic
(company, launched recently at Le
lavre for the New York runm The
Paris is a little , tore than seven hun
dred and sixty-eight feet in length (not
quite as long as the Mauretania), has
11 (leeks, 04 lifeboats and three stacks.
11er weight is 35,000 tons.
While not rualatinl, the new liner is
dlescribied as a wor'k of art. She car
ries a crew of 0064 and about 3,000 pas
sengers. Among the features of her
equIpment are mentioned a terraced
eate and an elaborate children's play
room. The vessel Is an oil burner,
and all the cooking and heating is done
by electricity.
fThe French writer, above mentioned,
observes that the P'aris would do very
nicely as a museum and~ is a "perma
nent, lasting salon of modern French
art." In the grand. drawing room,
lined with mauve woodwork, tihe Pain
ter L~aliqume has employedl a design of
butterfiloes replreseniting the hours,
while ma synibolicnl canvas from die
brush of Albert Jlesnurd 'pays homage
to France an d Ameirlca.
Citrus By-Products.
In co-opera't ion withi the citrus
fruit growers of California, the
United States lyureau of chemistry
has been trying for seome years past
to' dlevelop1 methods ivhereby proitable
uses might be found for the enormous
quantities of oranges andl lemons
which now go to waste because unfit
for shipment. It does not pay to ship
to mariket any fruIt that is not first
class anid in pimie condition. Of
waste oranges, called "culls," there are
14,000 tons a year. What shall
be (lone with them? A pairtli aniswer
to the question is furnished by a
score of factories whleh have already
been put in operation for the produc
tIon of marmaladle and jellies. Also,
a profitable mairket has beeni found for
orange oil and1 lemoni oIl, orange
Ivinegar, citric acid andl dried orange
peel. Fresh orange acid is used for
the marmalade, wvhile the oil is ex
tr'acted b~y pressur'e from time skins.
Up to the'- present time all of our
orange oil nnd lemon has come from
Italy and Sicily.
lie pbile"
The ~rAverlasting
EllisI otor Co.
QIinton, S. C,
Trespass Noti i persons are
hereby twarned to hunt or other
wise trespass on iy lands. Violators of
this notice will be dealt with 'by law.
Mrs. J. 0. C. Filemling. 16-1tI
Seed Wheat-I still have some seed
wheat on hand at $2.00 per bushel. W.
F. Irwin, Uurens, QRt. 5. .16-It-pd
Found-Stray horse mule, :black
with white apot on back. Owner cani
have same by identifying, paying for
feed and this advertisement. .. E.
Ball, Laurens, TRt. 1. 16-It-pd
1'hotographls Reduced-At Nichols
Studio, for next three weeks. C. Fl.
Nichols. 16-it
For Sale-Two young registered
Jersey bulls. Also few pair register
ed 0. I. C. pigs. Also frost proof cab
'bage plants. UJ. H1. Potwer, -Laurens,
lIt.. 4. 16-It--pd
(Government Wagons-For Sale, or
offered in exchange fo egri, oats, hay
or lumber. Wagon, Ur' good condi
tion. 'Dixie Ice and Fuel Co., Clin
ton. 16-tf
Lost-One setter pitch, liver and
white. Known as Dave 4indley dog.
Just weaning pups. $10.00' rewar(l for
any information leading to 'her re
covery. ieon 11. Hellans, Gray Court.
Notlee-I now have chirge of shop
at Barksdale Station. All work guar
anteed. 'llorse shoeing a speoialty. Al
so have a corn mill. 'Bring your corn
and have It ground while you wait for
your work. U1. N. Douglass. 16-1t-:"d
Lost-Iletween my home aud Gray
Court-O3vilgs school !buildin-. on Oc
tober 24th, one iwinter laprobe. Any
inforiation leading to recovery of
same will be greatly appreciated by
l. . Hiellains, Gray Court. 16-1t-1pd
Warning-All persons are ,notflled
that I will prosecute any and aIl per
sons who trespass upon lmy promises,
hunting or otherwise. L. W. Brooks.
BNggies anl Wagons-At legs than
cost. A check for $100 gets j > ew
rubber tire top buggy or a no two
horse wagon. Conic to see ts. T. 1B.
Sumerel. 16-it-pd
Cow For Sale-Young cow, fresh,
heifer calf four days old. Goo4 m Vker.
Price right. T. 13. 'Sumerel. 'l t-ipd
Notlee-All persons are ereby
warned not to hunt, fish or o0te1wise
trespass on my lands. J. E. Lollis.
Used Cars-One Dodge roadster,.
$450; Dodge touring, $300, equipped
with new tires and In good condition.
Easterby Motor Company. 16-1t
Stove For Sale-Suitable for store
or home. Bargain. Cohen' -Dept.
Store. 16-It
Lost-Liberal reward for any infor
iation leading to recovery of large
pointer (log about 5 years old, answer-'
ing to name of Dan. -Brown lwith
speckled breast, white and speckled
flanks, long tail with tip end clipped
off. W. C. 'Waldrop, Laurens. 16-1t
Trespass Notiem-All persons are
hereby warned not to hunt or' other
wise trespass upon my lands. Tres
passers will be prosecuted to the limit
of the law. Mrs. R, T. 'Dunlap.
Wanted-A real live dealer to sell
Ifart4Parr Tractors for us in Laurens
county. Super Pdwer at Belt and
Draw Bar. Pulls a gin system when
40-horse notor was cut out because
of low water. We offer special price
on drat order. Ask Will Byrd.
'Hutchins & Co., Spartanburg, 14-3t
For Jtent,--Farm near Lisbon church,
An high state of cultivation, witi a
good pasture, plenty of 'water, good
,house with plenty of tenant houses to
run a live horse farm. See B. M.
Wolff, Tb Real Estate Man. 11-f
Re-matItching-Mrs. J. IM. Wiggins
has installed a hemustitching and picot
ing machine. Not merely an attach
ment. -Phone 395. . 13-5t-4d
Noties-I have arranged to be in
Laurens two days each month. If your
piano needs tuning leave order with
S. M. & El. TH. Wilkes & Co. 0. M.
Tully, Piano Tuner, 28-ti
Kodak Flnlshtng-Filmu developed,
10c up; prints 3p up.- Good work and
quick service. Agents write for terms.
Tinsley & Larr'abee, Spartanburg.
Notice--When your rims start
squeaking we cazi stop them by In
stalling new clamps, nuts, bolts or
wedles. City Vulcanizing Station. 9-tf
.Trespass. Notlee-All persons are
herebhv warned not to hunt or other
wviso trespass u11poi1 the lands of Mrs.
Mary 3. and the estate of J. L. Nabers.
Trespass Notice-~All persons are
hernby warned not to hunt, cut uwood,
or otherwise trespgas on my lands.
Violators of thja u6tice vwil) be prose
cuted. A. J. Martin, Gray Court, 1R.
F. 'D. 2. 15-2t-pd
Special Prices
Melectedl muachinery re'-rolledl
pattern lmgging and ties at
4f 1-2e per pattern. Greenville.
Any quantity. Phone 80 our
exp~ensa, Can shipl today.
Oreenville, S. C.
Apply Electrik Maid
Bake Shop
Opposite the Postoffice
To Cure a Cold In One Dlay
state of South C1rollaia,
County of Laurents.
In Court of Common Pleas.
1. w. Todd, Plaintiff,
against I
San A. and Jo W. WilltIms, De
ur-suant to t doereo of the Court 8
in the above stated case, I will sell at 4
public outcry to the highest bidder, at
Laurens, C. 11., S. C., on Salesday in
iovember next, being Monday the 7th
Elay of the month, during the legal
liours for such sales, the following de
3cribed property, to -wit:
1st.-Lot of Sam A. Williams.--Ail
that certain pilece, lot or parcel of land
situate, lying and being in the City of
Ia.urens, County and State aforesaid,
,ontainin-g one-quarter of an acre,
nuore or less, and bounded on the north
ast and south, by lot of Joe W. Wil
lianis, and on the west by the Lau
rens Oil AM and being the lot con
veyed to Sam A. Williams by Joe Wil
lianis on the 3rd of November, 1908,
by deed recorded in book-23, page 63.
2nd.-Lot of Joe W. Williais.-AII
that certain lot, piece and parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the
Dity of Laurens, County : fi xtate
.iforesaid, containing one and one
rourth acres more or less, bd'nded on
the north by lands now o'r fori erly
belonging to T. J. 4uckett, on the east
ind South 'by lands now or formerly
belonging to 'Mrs. I1. (. Todd, and on
he west by lot of Sam A. Williams. and
Laurens Oil Mill. It being all the
property conveyed by Mrs. 1-. c. Todd
to J. W. Williams, by deed dated the
Ith *of May, 1908. which is recorded
in Deed Book 26, page 42, office of the
Clerk of 'Court for said county and
state. Any person desiring to bid on
the above property, other than the,
Plaintiff, shall be required to make a
ieposit with the clerk of court, of
not less than $50 on each lot at the
time of and before the said property is
bid off as evidence of .good faith in
the bidding.
Terms of Sale' cash. Purchaser to
pay for papers and stamps. If the
terms of sale are not comlplied with,
the land to be re-sold on same or some
subsequent salesday on same terms,
at risk of former purchaser.
C. C. C. P. and G. S., Laurens, S. C.
Dated, this Oct. 10, 1921. 13-3t-A
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there is more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks.will enrich the blood.
Improve the digestion, and actas ageneralStrength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature wili then
throw off or dispel the worms.and theChild'willbe
In perfect health. Pleasant to take. 6o per bottle.
For the Next Three Weoks
Distinctive Featuw
Westinghouse AutoD
Neither dir t, soot nor fumes.
P~ositive sure-acting Ihcat Indi
All burners are of the Ra~diar
Saves 25 per cent weight of f,
Superior flavor of eletricall:
All .parts accessille for cleani
Lowv, medium and full heat re
Can be furnished with eit~her
Special outlet for attaching t<
Service, Quality and Utility
Electrie Range,
IWestinghouse Ranges are app
Institute and the Nattioli
Cook With an Eleetric
Cent Weight o
For Further Ir
To Stop a Cough Quick
ough rmedlcine which stops the cough by
oaling the inflamed land irritated tissues.
IALVE for Cheat Colds, Head Colds and
:roup is enclosed with every bottle of
hould be rubbed on the chest and- throat
f children suffering' from a Col or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healng Hoy In
Ido the throat combined with the belig effect of
rovs 0-Pen-Trato Solve through the pores of
ho skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies aro packed In one carton and the
oat of the combined treatment Is 35o..
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Wishes to announce to
his Laurens friends that
he is now with
of Greenville, S. C.
and will be glad to serve
them in any way he can
when in Greenville.
1 Dodge Touring
1 Hupp Touring
1 Haynes Touring
1 Chalmers 7-Pas
Terms to Responsible
These cars are in per
feet mechanical shape. It
will pay you to drop in
and see them.
res of,
iatic Electric Range
.t 'Type..
>ods ,cooked.
cooked dlishes.
ng and repairs.
gulations for every burnecr,
right or left harnd ovens.
>asters, -percolators or ir'ons.
>uilt into every Westinghouse.
roved by Good Housekeeping
axl -Board of Fire I'Uderwriters.
Range and Save 20 Per.
SFood Cooked.
formation See

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