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The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi
culty in urinating, often mean
serious disorders. The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
brlng quick relief %and often ward off
deadly diseases. Known an the national
remedy of Holland for more. than 200
years. All druggists, in three sizes.
Loot fo barne0d Modal an evewrbo
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you buy calomel
ask for
alotab s
. The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain-.
ed and -imroved. Sold
only i sealed packages.
Price 35c.
-"Black-Dragoht in- in
myopinion th est li -
States Mrs R. H.Wie
cideof Keota ka. Sh
in my ches at eaig
stipate andaknew twas
nd 4 certainly
Por over seventy years
this purely vegetable
preparation has been
Sound beneficial by thou
*sands ol jbrsons sutter
ing tram effccis $a tor
p14, or slow-cin iver,
coic coated tonigue, din
igess, constipationg bit.
*tsr taste, qleeptessness,
tk of egergy, paln in
back, pitffi:le tinder the
eyes-4ny or a11of these
symptoms often indicate
that there is soinethuipg.
the' matter wltlt yor
liver. You 'ckn'f~ beti
*catefi about the. medi.
cine yOtt tel;.. Se: *ti#
that the ntame, "Thd
on the package. At all
Leaders of Unions Call Off Scheduled 0
Walkout, By Unanimous Vote of '"
Chicago, Oct. 27.-The rail strike g<
scheduled for October 30 -was averted ni
tonight when leaders of the switch- te
men, trainmen, conductors, engineers
and firemen at a Joint-meeting adopt- ii
ed a resolution withdranving authoris- d4
ation of a wsalkout and officials of the fc
railroad telegraphers' organizations tc
announced t'hey would take similar ac- It
tion. These were the only unions r<
which had authorized a strike. .
The vote cabing off the strike was tt
unanirous -'iy organizatios, W. G. ti
'Lee, residet of the Brotherhood of
-Railroad Trainmen, announced. The si
official working of the resolution CNl
adolvyted was that "the strike be de- Ia
clared not effectiXe." ti
The vote 4n the individual unions at
-was runusually close, however, the fire
men particularly holding lengthy ar- si
guments before agreeing to cancolla- a
tion of the strike order, the labor u:
chieftain said. -In some of the'groups
the ballot was described as "the clos- f(
est in history on a similar question."
All of the differences (were ironed out
,by the different unions, however, and
the final show down found all of them E
casting their ballots for "no strike." E
L. V. Sheppard, president of the
Order of RIallway Coiductors, said 81
that the unions had decided to call off it
the strike because of "the growing I
,public opinion that the strike would
be against the labor board, conse
quently the government, and not
against the roads. n
"It was evident also that the entire E
Washington administration was op- G
-posed to us and that we 'had little a
chance of gaining our objectives," said .
Mr. Sehppard.
"We called this strike to gain cer
tain rights to which our men were
entitled," Mr. Sheppard told the As
sociated Press. "It soon became evi
dent, however, that the roadso were
succeeding in their misleading ipropa
ganda to the effect that we really
would be strikin-g against the govern
ment. This railroad propaganda found
its way to the United States railroad
labor board. This governmental agen
cy told us that it would look oi a
strike as against it and the govern
ment and not against the roids, and
that the full force of the govornment
wold be brotight to 'oear against us
If we Ndlked out. Under such cir
cumstances there was nothing to do
but annul our orders for the October
30 walkout."
The first announcement of the ex
ecutives' action was made by Mr. Lee.
Rushing to the floor'below the hotel
meeting room nwhere dozens of news
paper reporters were congregated, lie
smilingly shouted,:
"The strike is off, boys, but I've only
got one copy of the resolution and I'll
show that to you tomorrow."
All of the union men were smiling
as they came out and many of them
Jocularly pushed and shoved each
other down the stairs. To all queries
most of them replied:.
"It's all settled. See you tomor
rowls .
The code messages ca'lling off the
strike, arranged in advance, will'be
sent out tomorrow morning, the union
'heads said. A' code word will be
sent to each general chairman of the
unions and he wilT in turn forward
the orders to eacfr of the subordinate
offcfals 'under' hina.
.'Union Ieado sal that the resolu
tion adopted by the' la'ber 'board' an.
nouncing thart' no furthtor r'edhetion2
petitions' from any one' group .tf em-:
iployees would' be consilbred' until'
working conditibng br- that- group had.
been settledi was "dleidedly instru
mental" in brlhging about. the' action'
calling off. the walkout.. They d'eilared
that they believed -under 'Bi's resol~uI
tion lit would- be months. before their'
pay could be' reduced..
The union resolution Immediately
was communicated to'the labor board'
and proved particularly gratifying to.
Walter Mc%$emmen, members. of the
labor group who wras. instrumentaL, in'
'bringing about the settlement of the
MNr. ldenItmen, personal frIend of
Mr. Lee, paved' 'the wgy for etanter-.
ences 'hetweon tiro board and union
men, parton'larly tose todey which
were addressed iby- Ben Hooper,, mem
her of the public group.
"I 'am iminensely grattfied,"~ aid air.
Mce~ifmen 'when informed of the'
employees' deoision., "It takes a great
werry 'off my iaind and I am sure
it pil1'be' beet for all"
dir,', Jloiper einpressed hilmself as
tiufkled to dam'Mov~er the cancella
tion of the walkout order.
'"I am glad the railway .employees
hbave taken this actton," he said~ "They
have taken a st0p 'which thoy wi'll
never regret and which. tii 'bring
them approval from every 6ne' in this
"A strike at this rnie ti'6ld have
boon. i00rodsq44q 0 Con
wda ar9i Ith 14 ronsht
t alnost inconceivable hardships for
cry one.
"I am particularly glad that the
Drld arm-ament conference can now
I about its work in the capital of a
Ltion which is not torn by an in
rnal industrial dispute."
In discussing the resolution to an
11 the strike orders the union presi
mtits declared that its outstanding
ature was the statement made
the unions by 'Den -1. Hooper, pub
imember of the board, that wage
ductions 'would not be considered
r the board -for *any cimployces untdl
c rules and -working conditions for
ese emiployees had been settled.
Mr. Hooper's arguments, 'made pos
ble -by the missionary work of Mr.
cMenimen, labor member of the
bor board, awere the turning point in
e discussion over calling off the
rike, the union leadors said.
The chieftains pointed out that the
rike "absolutely was off" and that
walkout could not now be called
tll a new vote had been taken.
"We are not making any plans now
or a new vote," Mr. Lee said.
rove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
nergy and Vitality by Purifying and
nriching the .Blood. When you feel Its
rengthening, invigorating effect, see how
brings color to the cheeks and how
improves the appetite, you will then
ppreciate its true tonic value.
rove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
on and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
leasant even children like it. The blood
eeds QUININE to Purify It and IRON to
nrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
rip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor.
Ling Effect. 60c.
Ii ~ i wL
Special to The State.
IEdgefield, Oct. 30.-The fall term of
the court of common pleas adjourned
yesterday when the suit of the Bank
of Parksville against 1Dulie B. Dorn
was completed This case attracted
considerable attention, as it is 'prob
able that other suits of the same char
acter will be brought. In July, 1920,
'Mr. Dorn, the 'ilefendant, gave a note
for $2,500 to the Fisheries Products
company of Wilmington for stock in
the company. Soon after the note
was given it was sold to the Bank of
Parksville by a representative of the
comiany. When the note became due
Mr. Dorn refused payment, alleging
that the note was obtained from him
through fraud. The bank was an in
nocent holder, having purchased his
negotiable note in good faith, know
ing the maker to be a representative
citizen who is responsible for his obli
gations. The defendant alleged that
the bank had informatdion that the
note was obtained from him through
fraud at the time that it purchased the
note. An officer of the .bank stated
during the trial that the 'Bank of
Parksville now holds notes of this
character aggregating $28,500. The
jury rendered a verdict in fa'vor of the
defendant, the maker of the note, but
.judge Sense at once set the verdict
aside upon the ground that it was
a negotiable paper and that the pur
chaser of the note, according to the
testimony given, did not have evidence
of the alleged fraud at the time the
spurchase was made.
The case has been closely watched
as there are in this section a consid
erable number of persons who pur
chased stock in the Fisheries Products
company and gave notes in payment.
The statement has been made that
the notes given in this section of the
state will aggregate $750,000.
Take k
ou tofn
- i/IT
IN col weat
h ake o wnd
You know
here's wnd
about how fai
go on five gall
"Standard" Mott
doesn't just. happer
Scientific -selectloi
oils, perfected rj
esses, and test5
every mnanufacti
You cc
Next Washday,
Surprise Yourself .
Soak the clothes overnight
in water wonderfully soft
ened with Red Devil Lye.
Use only a tablespoonful to
each pailful of water, be
cause this lye is so very
Take this easy way to make
the hardest water like soft
est rainwater. Red Devil
Lye loosens the dirt, gets
.the things soft and snow
S;white, and saves so much
1 idrudging at-the washboard. Dissolves rease
It is washboard wear that frays out Softens water
clothes. Red Devil Lye saves a Unclogs drains
great deal of that wear, and saves Dkst ouse
work besides. sanitary
When you mop, or scrub, put Red Prevnt flth
Devil Lye in the water. Two hatcing
tablespoonfuls to each pailful is G00( for countless
plenty-this lye is strmigD other tasks
Gets your cleaning done quicker
snd better, without backache or
'chafed hands. Does countless
other everyday hard jobs better This
than anything else can. --,DAlways sifter-op
Maes youhusee
keep a can handy. 0'us whett 0o,
Made by may Waste.
Wm. Schihd Manufacturing Co. a
St. Louis. Mo.
AGsyou ca Sonuce
a. bet te, wit u b
'chafed ad.De nlss
iethr eveyda hardnc jof betteryaloo
jutha nthn e"stan.da" MoftrGaolne
keepo oa can han ev popert tat""* ct
Madoet ro by rosveacisolut
wm.hied Mianufacturing cu.l-t'es
ronptl. St.a rd"Mo.t -- Gaoln
isaLipoedgsoie a
ouf"aias0" signk e
jus wasietanfo "Standard" Motorie
tod"Motod. Gaoline oerayo.-votiet atw
o cde, quikl youpraresrs, eom
an on0fo orsv cdcen
rnn phethe esiyshe takesn qadities..
roiyndptly. "tnandrd" th ost daolin.
he il l a n impra oved gasoline,
nessw rkpi bsrebyh utmost ecoRnmyan
m- . a eficeny
N ew.Jeriei hreyuse h
famlir ". ." ig. Ct*
r aoln anflof"tadr" oo
to b god. asolne o-dy. Ntic ho

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