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Laurms Dug Co.. [aurenS . 0.
Dealers in everything for the -exe
The largest and best equipped moa
umental mills in the Carolinas.
All new building is best done
with our own world -famous
Southern wood,
OrH2o wiMF ar
It's equal to an insurance policy
against a lot of repair bills later
on. For true economy, first as
well as "last," simply stick to
"the Wood Eternal" and
Buy the Grade That Fits the Job.
Often middle or low grades are
"just right for the case."
Write for list of FREE PLANS for farm buildings.
Southern Cypress Mfrg.'Assn. ... .. id.
253 Gralainm Bldg.. Jacksonville, Fla. t by thiS mark.
Tempting Bread
and Pastry
When you want something extra nice
try some of our pastry. Among our
many V'arieties you'll find just what
you want.
Our bread is full of flavor and whole
Around the table you'll ask for more.
At your grocery store you'll remember
the name and repeat your order.
It's the bread everybody's talking
"Taste the Dif ference"
The following grocery stores carry our bread.
Order a loaf from them today.
J. C. Shell & Co. J. H. Sullivan
J. M. Philpot L. N. Owens
'd Carry Carryteri&
*aid Bake Shop
an erior Quality Bakery
e the Postoffic.
W. N. Dyes.
A. L. Andiron
:1y.*., ~
Twenty-Three Kftown Dead and More
Than Fifteen InJurted and Missing
as Result of On-Bushing Waters.
Vancouver, B. C., Oct. 30.-Twenty
three persons are known to be dead,
thirteen and perhaps more are missing
and fifteen are nursing injuries as a
result of the disastrous flood which
plunged down a steep -mountain side
Friday night and transformed the
model copper mining settlement of
Britannia Beach into a scene of deso
lation and ruin.
Fully half of the 100 neat, freshly
painted cottages were carried away on
the crest of the flood. Others were
smashed to pieces by the force of the
on-rushing waters and most of the
remainder were still partially sub
merged tonight.
Four children are dead and ton
others are reported to be missing.
Ten of the dead and all of the in
jured were -brought to Vancouver last
evening on the steamer Capitano. All
the injured are expected to recover.
An energetic search for the miss
ing was made today but the work was
necessarily slow because of the dif
ficultics in clearing away the wreck
age in the sea of mud and water. It
is considered doubtful if the bodies of
some of the missing will ever be re
covered as they are believed to have
been washed into the' muddy waters
of Howe Sound.
aManager J. ODonahue, of the 'Bri
tania mines tonight described the ef
forts made by those on duty at the
mines .property, three miles back
from the beach, to warn the residents
of the danger. When the railway
fill, which caused the accumulation
of water in the hills, gave iway and
released a roaring torrent into the
creek, a warning of the disaster to
come was sent .over the private tele
phone line of the mines. This mes
sage was received by Miss Ellen Pat
terson, telephone operator on duty at
the compressor 1plant in the village.
'She promptly rang everybody coa
nected by telephone, relaying the
miners' message: "For God's sake get
out of your houses; flood coming
down the creek."
Before the warning could be un
derstood and circulated about the
town, the waters crashed down the
mountain side sweeping away trans
mission lines and 'plunging the vil
lage into darkness.
The waters had fallen 2,000 feet in
their three-mile journey down the
mountain and smashed ,straight
through the center of the settlement.
Britainia creek now runs through the
village Itself which is under several
feet of water, strewn with timber,
telegraph poles, furniture and other
Former Emperor Captured by Horthy.
Troops in FlIght.
Budapest, Oct. 24.-Former Emperor
Charles and Former Empress Zita
were captu red today near Komorn and
are now confined in the castle at Tata
Tovars guarded by two companies of
government trocips.
Colonel Oetenbu rg's troops, cover
ing the retreat of the former rulers,
were forced to surrender, and are
The second attempt of Charles to
reestablish 'himself on the -throne of
'Hungary was no more of a success
t,han the 'first. There is not likeily to
be a third attempt, for Charles now
awaits the -pleasure of the allied pow
ers as to his fate.
The episode moved so rapidly that
the full details have not yet reached
the .capital. As far as is known at
the present timo Charles managed to
push a train load of troops to Budar,
a short distance from Budapest.
At first 'he held his own against the
forces of 'Regent Horthy but when the
iHorthy treaos were reinforced Charles
was compelled to beat a retr:>at at 5
o'clock Sunday afternoon, closely fol
lowed 'by the iHorthy forces to Her
The monarchist troops, who were at
tempting to open the 'way for the en
'try of flormer King Charles to the
Hungarian capital, were defeated this
morning in hand to hand fighting, in
which grenades were used, near Tata
Tovars, about 35 miles from (Buda
pest, They lost 200 ktilled and about
1,000 wounded.
The former king sent another pleni
ipotentiary to Admiral Horthy, the re
gent, today, and discussions lasting
several hours rwere carried on but with
little hope of agreement at both par
ties 'were 'obstinate and bloodshed has
aggravated the situation.
The Karlist premier, Rakovsky, ,has
issued a proclamation to the nation to
rally ,to the king's banner and fight
against "the ungrateful rebel, Hor
Budapest, Oot, 24-The Karlist ipre
mier. Dakovsky, and Count Andrassyt
were captured at 'the sayxe time as
PFornier Kixig Charlea and' queen Zita
ni 4 omora.'
e. ut oi'ces are etd
~all diroctionz,
* * * -* * * * . * * * * * *
Dials, Oct. 31.-The school at this
iglace opened Monday morning, Oc
tober 24th, iwith appropriate exercises.
The (Rev, C. W. Watson gave an in
teresting talk calculated to instruct
and uplift both -pupils and teachers. A
goodly number of patrons attended
the opening exercises, and under such
pleasing auspices and the tutelage of
liNsses Cecil Owings and Alva Stod
dard, who are beginning their third
term as teachers, there is no reason
to expect this to 'be other than a suc
cessful year in the history of the
The Epworth' 1League met at the
church Sunday evening and gave a
most interesting .program. The League
at this place is very much alive and
is accomplishing a great deal for the
church and community. There will
be a union league program given in
the Church here on the 1st Sunday ev
ening in Novembers. Leaguers from
Gray Court and Shilob, as well as
'Dials will take &art in the program
and the pubic cordially invited to at
.Mrs. Florence Ro'pp, spent last
week-end in Gray Court visiting rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. Dave Blackwell, after enjoying
a pleasant sojourn with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Curry and other
relatives left Saturday for her home
dn Quincy, Fla., ber husband, the Rev.
Blackwell having already gone a few
weeks ago.
(Dr. Marvip Harris, of Greenwood,
was the' week-end guest of homefolks
Prof. C. F. Brooks and 'Mr. and Mrs.
H. Z. Nabors, of Greenville, spent last
week-end with relatives here.
Misses Margo and Mary Hlopp, of
Gray Court, were the guests of their
sister, Mrs. L. W. Brooks, Friday night.
A social event, beautiful in its sim
plicity and arbistic appointments took
place on Monday evening, October 24,
when the E3pworth League entertained
with a iallowe'en .party, he affair tak
ing 'place In the school house. The
spacious auditorium 'presented a verit
able woodland scene with its decora
tions of autumn leaves and flowers,
the color scheme of yellow and crim
son being successfully carried out An
every detail. From a crimson and
yellow bower of loveliness a bevy of
attractive young ladies served punch
and nabiscoes.
In keeping with the JHallowe'en idea
shaded lights and grinning jack-o'
lanters greeted one on every hand,
while .Madam H1allowe'en 'with her fol
lowers of Witches, gelbblins and
"spirits" were very much in evidence.
The party was in the nature of a
masquerade. the guests all coming in
costume and wearing masks. After
the grand march, however, the guests
all un-masked and the remainder of
the evening was taken up in playing
games and performing Hallowe'en
stunts. Together with the leaguers
and their 'guests, albout fifty ,were
Miss Nannie Campbell had as her
guest Sunday, Miss Clara McCall.
~Misses Fannie and Sallie 'Browniee,
Mrs. Townes Curry, and Miss Dewey
Armstrong, were among the num'ber
fromt his place that spent Friday in
Greenville, shopping.
The ladies ot the Woman's Mission
ary society, of Dials, enjoyed a very
pleasant affair Saturday, October 27,
at the hospitable home of Mrs. J. Al
vin Curry, of Gray Court. It was in
the nature of a mission study class.
The devotional was conducted by Mr.
W. C. Curry, after *hich the study of
Miss Montgomery's book, "The Bible
and Missions" was taken up. At
noon the guests were ushered into
the, dining room 'where a tempting
l-unch, consisting of all manner of
good things, were spread. The Curry
home is well adapted to entertaining,
the entire floor being thrown together
so as o accommodate the numerous
guests that were present.
Mrs. Curry is an ideal hostess and
everyone enjoyed the day very much.
She was assisted in entertaining by
Mrs. Festus Curry.
The Rev. C. 'W. Watson filled his
last appointment before conference,
here Sunday afternoon, preaching a
sermon full of power and inspiration.
Mr. Watson is rounding up his sec
ond year on this charge, during wich
time he has made many friends who
trust the bishop will see fit to return
him for another year, at least.
Miss (Pearl Henderson, teacher at
Hickory Tavern, spent Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lace Hen.
Cotg Cage grip gag Entsemmm
Eax~nAWEOMO QURlN3TBhes mmmoe
cause. There is oly ene "hcame Gina,"
B, W,.ROVB'8 igentere enbo. 50.,
QiiyrelIre Cei00pa on, Bit.
*1 App tMad Htest.
"After Evry Meal"
-Next time you =
want to concen
trate on a Piece =
of work Just sipe '
a stick of WRIGLEY'S =
between your teeth.
5 t's awonderful help =
in daily tasks - and
sPorts as well
and hard
Places comeeasy.
ives You comfort
and poise-it adds
the zest that
* :means success.
A great deal'
for 5c
Fords on
"27ie ffndof
Q Perfedt Day
-.an eli rady for anothe, whether it be to
po, barrow dris to run the thresher, the
corn shellr, the hay ber rwhatsnot. For
Fordgon tractors l ~y doing 4 Ithe
general Aded work ?&~ the world over
but they are 3YOQSUtat~ abor and'
naneylintaklng . M6wr job,
It -m--n anUos the aUanda..einofk ia
vant*e.-.o aiv w. ~ a t,..t.,
Et hI gts ft Is p sk1Iis clde fits
.emetb- Ia both u4CItO a j
P dse base~ -e~w to t ~ .~
W. C. WAWROP, Dealer

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