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0. Langdon Long
Enterprise National Bank Building
All Legal Business Givvn
Prompt Attention
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Offie In Peoples Bank Building
C. C. Featherstne W. D. Eni, ht
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
All Business Intrusted to Our Care
WIQI Have Prompt and Carefdu Atten.
Offleo over Palmetto Bank
Mr. Featherstono will spdnd Wednes
day of each week in Laurens.
'aerracing , : Leveling
Gray Court, S. C.
Simpson, Co'oper & Babb
ttornevs at Law.
W1R Practice hi alH State Courts
Prompt Attention Given All Busiaess
At Dr. Albright's Old Stand.
Traynham Building
Phone 31
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, - - - S. C.
State of South Carolina,
Gounty of -Laurens.
'hursuant to a decree of the Court in
the case of J. B. Verden individually,
and.as administrator of the estate of
Ida 1Verden, deceased, against J. W.
Verden, Mary B. Verden, et al, defend
unts,1 will sell at rublic outcry to the
hghest bidder at Laurens C. H., S.
C.. con saloaday in 'November, 1921, the
7th day or the month during the legal
hoeurs for such~ sales, the followling de
seritbed lands, to wit:
.All tthat tract, :piece or parcel of
land, situate, lying and being in Lou
rens County, South Carolina, contgin
lug ~sixty-three (63) acres, more or
iess,Ybounded om the north 'by lands of
the estate of 3. J. CIparks, east *by
lands~o1' estate of John (Benjamin, south
by lands of P. B. Dailey and iwest by
lands .or 'Launene County (Home.
Terms of Sale: One-half Cash, bal.
ance te be.. pa'id t-welve months from
date, with interest from date at eight
'per cent per annum, secured by bond
of the purchaser and mortgage of the
premises; with leave to purchaser to
.pay entire bid in cash.
'Purc'haser to nbay for ,papers. If the
purchaser fails :to comply with his bid,
the land to be resold the same or .somse
subsequent salesday, on the same
. terms, and at the risk of the former
J. P. L. C.
tDated, O I48, 1921. 14-3t-A
Organized 1892.
PR'IOP.E:RTY INSURED $16,150,000
W'RITE6 OR CALL op the undersign
ed for any information you-may desire
about our, plan of insurance.
'We insure your property against de
struction by FIRE,. WINDSTORM OR
IAGHTNING.* and do so cheaper than
any company in existance.
-Remember, we are prepar~d to prove
to you that ours is the shfest and
chgapest ,plan of insurance known.
'Or sociation is now licensed to
%rite l'nsurance in the counties of
bbeville, Greenwood, McCormick,
Eldgeflaid, Laurens, Saluda, Lexington,
Riehiand, Calboun, and Spartanburg.
Greenyille, Ple'kons, Bamborg, Barn
eWli, Clarendon, Sumter, Lee Kershaw,
~Obested~eld, Lancaster.
The oflicers, are: Gon, J. Fraser'
Vyon, Presiderit, Columbia, 8. 0.; J. R,
Blake, Gen. Agt., Secty. and Treas.,
GreenwpQd, 5. 0.
A.0, GIran' .. .....Mt. Carmel, 8. 0.
J. I Blakel.... ..Greenwood, 8, 0.
W.?oungblood .. ..Hodges, 8. 0.
?a~~ Lyon .. ... Columbia, 8. 0.
u, o4. oWsrt n .*. ,.tdefle, 8, 0.
* * * * * * ,'* * * * * * *
Treat Seed For Smut *
There $ no good reason .why more
wheat :should not be grow-'n in Lau
rens ounty. It is true that wheat can
not be grown here in compeCtilloni with
the Central States. However, we
shoutld grow wheat to supply our local
noeds. The growing of wheat will lit
in well with a system of crop rotation,
.a1nd crop rotation .is one of the essen
tials for boll wevi! control.
To got good rcalt. fromn wheat a
comparatively rertile soil must be
ulsed. Te seed be- shoutel b: thor
oughly pulverized, and nwell settled by
draggiug anl rolling. III order to
get good results from wheat, it will
be necessary to fertilize. About one
tonj of groiund lime stonte to the acre
will favor wheat. This should be ali
-l)led about two weeks before plant
inig, but fair results can be had with
out 'tie lime. The following fertiliz
ers should be applied at planting time:
250 lbs. acid phosphate, about 25 lbs.
fpotash salts, and '25 lbs. nitrate of
soda. Another application of soda- at
rate of 50 or 75 lbs. to acre should
be applied in March as a top dressing.
Stable 'manure applied on the 3ald
at planting tine will be a great help
in making wheat.
The following is a desirable rota
tion to use, from the satidpoi-at of
growing wheat and controlling the
boll 'weevil: First year, cotton. The
cotton stalis plowed under early and
wheat sown. Second year, wheat, fol
lowed by cow 'peas or soy beans to be
cut for hay. Third year, corn and vel
vet beans. Beans and oirn stalks pas
tured in winter and turned under in
early uping for cotton.
The best time to sow wheat is as
soon as possible after the first frost
As we have had our JIrst frost, %we
should begin sowin.g wheat now. The
olbJect in sowing wheat after frost is
to avoid the ravages of the Hessian
fly. When the seed are town by drill,
which is decidedly the best method,
about five pecks of seed to the acre
.will be sufilcient, but. if sown broad
cast about seven pecks of see- per
acre .will usu'ally give better results.
The Blue Stem and Leaps Prolific are
the .varieties usutlly recommended for
this section. The Fulcaster is A beard
ed variety that usually does nwell.
Smut is one of the serious diseases
that attacks wheat, and it can be con
trolled by treating the seed before
planting. Use one pint of formalin or
formaldehyde to 40 gallons water, or
three table spoons of formaldehyde to
five gallons of water. The seed may
.be either dipped in this solution and
removed immediately, or the seed may
be spread out on the floor and splin
gled with the solution, care being tak
en to moisten every seed. Bags should
be moistened in the solution and laid
over the seed 2 hours. If the seed are
not to be planted immediately they
should be dried thoroughly. These di
rections should be followed carefully,
or disaippoinmtnet may result.
Sowin'g on ferti-le, well drained up
land soil and the use of early maturing
varieties of wheat are 'the most suc
cessful methods for comnbatting the
rust, which Is the most serious dis
ease that we have to. contend with.
Laurens County Agent.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* * * . * * * * * * * * * *
Cross gHill, Oct. 31.-Lir. Alex
>Brown, of the State 'Highway Depart
ment, is visiting relatives here.
Miss Eleanor IDial, of, the Poplar
Sipring school, spent 'last -week-end
wvith homefolks,
iliss Myra Leaman, of the Clinton
~graded~ school, is visitir.g Miss Ger
trudo ILoaman..
'Mrs. J. B. IPinson andl Mris.'Dr. Senn
entertained 'with a H~al'lowe'on party
on last Thursday afternoon.
Quite a good many from hero at
tended the "iHome Coming" 'at Rocky
Springs church 'on last Sunday.
Mrs. N. E. 'Davenport had tihe mis
fortune of having a -barn and contents
destroyed shy fire on last Mlonday af
A very enjoyable event of the past
1y9Q15 y/mn the .1Hallowe'en party'given
at the school building on Friday night,
The auditorium wa's beautifully dIec
orated with autumn -leaves and pump~
kins, suggestive of thme Hallowye'en
season. 'Ghosts and jack-q'-lanterns
peo~pedl from every' nook and corner.
TPhe pupils 'of the schookl entertainedl
with a -very interesting program, af
ter which the "ibeauty contest" at
tracted 'quite a 'good dleal of atten
tion. 'Then a contest nw'as held for a
beautiful cake, a 'unique feature of
which 'was that the winners were two
little six year old girls, Lois Wade and
Anna Richey.
Miss Eistelle Bradley has 'been elect-.
ed princi'pal of the Long View school
and 'began teaching on last 'Monday.
You <ton't 'have 'to risk a gent to she
relleved of catap'rh. et a a oe
outtflt troin -the lnt'am n1.4 a(p m1i
Captain in the German Army Wants to
JReturin to this Counin.
lVashington, Oct. 30.-The state do
-partillent has asked the department of
justice to rule upon the question of
PeDrn'littin-g t'hc return to this country
of Captain Hans Tauscher, late of the
Imperial Cerman army, who left for
Uermany in Feblruary, 1917, 'with form
er Ainhassador von Bernstorff while
under idictmelnt in San Francisco for
violation of American neutrality.
According to oelicial advices from
Dierlin, Tan.-scher wishes to become an
Anerican citizen as an example to
his coliltrymen of the proper solution
of Germany's future through the cul1
tivationi of good relations VitIh this
(coulitry.. Ile is reporte'd to lave slig
hested that the governiment drop the
indictifient still ,iending in Sait Fran
cisco in order that he may tranisfer
his allegiance.
Despite lTcher's record of alleg
ed connection withi the activIties 'f*
Von Iernstoff, VMm Paeni ard otheY
Gernian agents duiing the anxiou
days imit diately preteding Ameri -
ca's entry Into the war, the war and
navy departmMents UrN lundn'stolod %o
intimate 'that' Tausch'er is in poss s
5 onj of scsret hinfor'mua th'omi wh.iclh
would be of' valuie lioth 'h) the gav
iernient und qcertain Amui'lcan in
Taugpheer, 'accor6img to inteli1genmfce
agenWts, as conon'iieil with Vide.
spread Germuin Intrigue in this voun
try anil wa inMeted with forier
,German military Atta:he Vim PaIpwn
for violation of -neutrality ia'%s in
connettion with the so-ca'lled Ylindit
plo. to ship arms and ammunlion. to
Indir. After reathing '(ermany, how
ever, lie Is dec'lareil'to have evidenced
a friendly attitude toward this coun
try and 'nsed 'his iilence in behalf!
of American prisoners of war.
Beyond stating that the nuttt-er was
under advisement, 'justicc departnient
ollicials declined to discuss tkre case.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* W. .H. U. MEETIWG l'r*
* *
* * * * *' * * * * * * . * *
The Quarterly meeting .of tthe Sec
ond Division of iLa.urens W. M. U., w Il
be hdd at Chestnut Ridge .kn Satu r
day, Nov. 19. The program is as fot
Morning Session 1080 VClock
Devotional-'Mrs. Joe 'Thomason.
'Reading of minutes 'of last meeting.
1Enrollment gnd reports of .societies..
Why Should Every Woman )be a Mem
iber'of :W. M. S.? Mrs. Brodks Nash,
What It Would Mean to Our Church
and Community if Every Woman
'Were a Mem'ber. Mrs. C. C. Cald
Notes From State Convention. Mrs.
IC. B. IBobo.
Appolfitment of Committees.
Social iHour.
.Afternoon Session
Blessings of Tit'hing. Mrs. T. N.
Our Young 'People in Church Activi
ties. Mrs. J. 'D. W. Watts.
DevelopIng the Spiiltual Life of the
(a) Through Personal Example.
Mirs. Eugene Simpson.
(Ib) Through Home Influence and
'Family Altar. Mrs. W. N. Cream
(c) Through tihe Sunbeami Band.
Mr's. Quy Smith.
Reports of Committees.
Adjourn ment.
The followilng churches are ini the
Secondl DIvision: Lucas Avenue, See
ondl LIaurens, First 'Laurens, Mt. Olive,
Mt. Gallagher, 'Poplar iSprings, Union,
Princeton, Rabun andl 'Henderson. Del
egates and visitors aire cordIally ini
Chairman of Program Committee.
Cemetery Wail hid Ornesome Murder
Ne w IlBrunswick, N. J., Oct. 30.
An unidentified well dr'essod man to
(lay was found shot to death ltehind
the wall of a sitaall Russian cemetery
at South River, seven miles from
hero. The lnside vest coat pocket was
torn and gave evidence, plice sai,,
of robbery. Three bullets 'had entered
the man's head.
-In the :pockets of the clothing,
whiich was of fashionable cut, pur
chased in Newv York, the police
found part of a newspaper wrapper
On which they were afble to distin
guish '"Meiryland" and a spectacle case
bearing the name of Dr. J. W. Dande
burgh, 17 West Saratoga street, Bal
New Zealand "Frost-Fish."
The name 9frost-fish~" is applied on
the South island of New Zealandl to
fish of a deep-sea species (Lepidopus
chudatus) often found lying dead Qn
the sliore durIng and ater severe coldi
weata~t It is a lon w'ibowl)m ao
S* * * * * * 9** * e .
* *
Lanford, Oct. 31.-Last Sunday af
ternoon in the Baltist einetery, the
little Infant of Mr. and Mrs. G. C.
Thoias, of Moores, was tenderly laid
to rest. The you couple have the
sympathy of the .nmiunity in this
disipensation of God's providence.
The Wonian's Missionary society
'met Saturday afternoon and had a
very interesting meeting.
Rev. iDorsy spoke at the Methodist !7
church Sunday afternoon. Ills talk --
was nbstly oil the work in Brazil.
The young people lin the Sundav
School enjeved the entertainien giv
en '1h1em1 by their teachers aaturday
evening at the home of M rs. Johnson.
Mtsie, games, contests and a mock
Wedding were the principal features
of the oceaAion. , Delicioii marsh
7aellow Cake and fruit piunc,'h were
:erved- -liss Hlle Patterson and
Mrs. C. I). ('ox assisted the teachers
In serving. About twvnt(y-igIt guests
enjoyed this deligh tful occasion.
'Mr. and Mrs. Handolph and Mrs.
Grogans nnd dlaughter, of 'Spartanburg
were guests at the home of Mrs. L. M.
Cannon 'Suinday.
-Mr. ... 3 1 larmon, and mother, of
Laurens, visited Mrs. Martha Ilerbert
and 'Miss Fannie larmon, m aday.
;Mr. Kenneth Shell and family, andl
Mrs. 'Dula. of l'aurens, were guests
of Mrs. 0. F. Fowler Sunday.
Special services will he held Sun
day morning at the Baptist church
on luission study. Tle program will
be hi charge of the Friendship band.
The public is cordially invited to at
teni theso services.
Mrs. 'Walter O'Dell and little daugh
tei-, of Atlanta, are visiting her moth
er, Mrs. 1.thel Lanford, this wecek. She
has -been s lpending some time in Ashe
%ile, N. C.
Ca)t. J. V. llaanford and Mi. Mell
Fleming have returned home after a
10lglihtfuil visit. to the soldiers' re
ilon at Cha.ttanooga.
There will lhe a *i-allo-wo'en -enter
'taiminent given at the school house
n ,e7xt Frid-y ni'ght, Nov. Ith. There
will be nirmerous spooks 'present and
enjoyable and laughable stunts for
,al1, The public Is Invited to attend.
HabituftCsonstipation Cared
)In 4A# .to 21 Days
%NAfX-FOSITRJ'X 'PEPSIN" da a speelilfy
prel aredSyruillonic-Laxative forHabitual
ConUtipation. lit relieves lpromptly lbut
dhould be taken regularly for.14 to 21<days
tPI nduce rqgularTaction. :Ittimilatesand
Rel fulates e'Verg Pleasait tto Take. '60c
per bottle.
'We thauk ear
aim our qpenmn
paid to eer !br
While we are
our Short Los
Short Loaf, 1
Pullman Loal
All kinds of F
ready for deli
worry now ab4
We Invite
lhe school is progreshing n1icely 1111
t he eillclent nialagernent of our
Ia'ble faculty. The debate Friday
ern1oon was well gotten up and the
lidrein slowed reiarkable ability.
Our colle.:o Is a me4s1
linercial Seliuo!i of t
the World. To fill
out 4 lit t ti wi
gain los atteinlin a
Accredited ; h It o1
sehd for our cal1
logue. at ollce.
Millions in gold stac]
Federal Reserve Banks a
insures the safety of your r
our INational Bank.
Gome in and let's g
way and if we can serve y(
whether or not you are yvt
wi-h us. We will welcome
We add 4 per
Make OUR bai
The Enterprise
N. B. DIAL, President
'friends ifor their al
g and for the many
ead and pasbries.
proud of our entirec
>articularly to our loa
if and the larger F
6 ounces baked .
',22 ounces baked
The Best Made
ies, Pastries, Crear
very at any time.
ut specials for unex
mn Inspection of 0s
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
uAXATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets remove the
ause. Thero is only one "Dromo Quinine."
E. W. GROVE'S aiguaturo ou >ox. Mc.
LE, ATTENT10fi r t olil1,,'4.t :Z
ieoftho 'Natloi'uI Assovinlong of Acemlited (iu
Vi. ItC(I stntts.-tho strwlsgvt chiiu of isotioom~ hi
(ed up in the United States
nd guarded by Uncle Sam
noney when you have it in
et acquainted in a. Banking
iu by advising you come in
doing your Banking business
cent. interest.
ik YOUR oank.
National Bank
C. H. ROPER, Cashier
tendance up-.
product, we
f bread. Try
uliman Loaf.
* . 10c
. . 15c
n Puffs, etc.,
No need to
ected guests.
ir Bakery

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