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Effbe lbbertser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Yei
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurons. S. V.
Advertising Ratej on Applicatiou.
fittuarles and Cards of Thanks: Oil
Cent a Word.
1atered at the postofilce at Lauren
S. C., as second class mail matter.
LAURENS, S. C., NOV. 9, 1921.
Sen. 'Watson, of Georgia, is agal
making a scene in the United Stat(
Senate. The biggest part of his tin
seems to be taken up1) in creatin
scenes and criticizing somebody c
something about which he knows vei
little or is lprejudiced t great (leal. 'Th
senator, with one of the keenest iv
tellects in congress, acts like a sort
head and is tihe cause of endless u:
necessary debate, not to mention ey
pense. Weln will we get free of sueh
* * *
Maybe the (isa rmament confer1enc
will last a year and then it will llav
been fouir years since the war' wa
practically closed. Four years c
struggle, three years of talk and tht
4world still in arm1s. Allies of thre
years ago still armed to the teeth an
still arim ing. Friday has been s(
apart as a (lay on which to conniew
orate the close of the war, but wit
all the clatter and clamor, the feveris
')reipa rations for more wars, one doo
not hardly feel that the issues of ti
war are settle(l. Our hope is in tHi
disarmament conference. lay it ac
complish more than it now promise,
* * *
The statement made by Sen. Dial t
City Council .Mlonday night that hi
company had already bought machit
cry for an emergency steam plant t
generate electricity in time of drougl:
is welcome news. The city has lon
stood in need of a more regular soirc
of electric current and the emergene
plant will, we hope, meet tle deicier
cy. The action of the Council i
granting a site for the plant at
nominal rental, will, we believe, tac
with the approval of the citizen:
Whether or not the present contrac
between the city and the power con
pany is favorable to the city, it is t
the city's iltcrest to be assured of
rest lar
it is right i co-olJerat in; to at tai
this en(d.
lineral of Miss Anias Ha1dmtrelt
The remains of Miss Anna Badget
all lderly lady of Spartanburg .I
was a former resident of this iplac
wer-e brought to this city .londay a!
tenoon and laid to rest in the loc
cemetery. .11iss hladlgett was th
datghter of the late Thos. Badget
who lived for many years just beyonl
the present site of the Watts 1111
She is su rvivedl by a brother, Mir. Tho
iflzdgett, and a sister, Mliss Mlat
Badgett, both of S:>artanbu rg.
Library in ('ourt flouse
Announc'tment has been madle by il
Wednesday 'Club that the library, whic
has formerly ccuiipied rooms in tIl
People's Loan & Exchange Batnk -buil
ing, has; been moved to the room '
the court house formerly occupied 1
the county demonstration agent.
wvill be opten on Tuesdays and Frida)
fromt 3:0 p. ml., until 5:30 p). m1. Tii
dutes tor the library are $1.00 per yea
The .::blic is invitedl to join and tal
advantage of tihe 3,000 volumes no
on the shelves.
$ll57.00 IN PlIZE~
(Continued froms Page One)
LIMI1T to the number of 125,000 Exti
Vote Coupons any eandlidate is po
mitted to win.
From Saturday, 'December 17th, 4'
mn., until Friday, December 23rd, 3
en., an Extra Vote Coupon good it
100,000 Extr'a votes wvill be given eat
candIdate with each $25.00 In subscrij
tion btusihiess turnedl In. There Is
limit to the nunmber of 100,000 Exti
Vote Couieons any candhidate is perm:
ted to win.
In ease the contest Is extended 01
week the 100,000 ~xtra Vote offer wi
be extend~ed.
The Rules
This contest opens November. 1ll
and will e'd Friday, Decemobe" 23,
3 p. mi. QPublisher reserves the right
extend the closing date until the san
hour on Saturday, December 31st, n
tice of such extenslor to be riven a
candidates not later than Decomb
{ 13th.)
Only one nomination ballot counts
U.to any one candidate,
Candidates, or .their friends, ca
clip as many of the '150 vote ballo
from the tweokly Issues of the Adve
tiser as they wish, and send them I
The 150 vo coupons expire on ti
various date~s' printed thereon.
Candidata may antidt suhanrintil
Candidates may be aided by as many
. friends or relatives as they can secure
to take subscriptions in their behalf.
ir The subscription rate of the Adver
tiser is $2.00 the year, payable in ad
No votes will be is:med, except vote
coupolis issued with cash subscrip
tions secured, extra votes issued from
time to time as srpeciiled in the extra
o vote schedule as printed in this issue,
and the 150 vote coupons printed in
the ists of the Advertiser.
Xw subscriptions, renewals, and
collections of any past due accounts
- give votes for the candidates securing
the business and turning it in to the
New subscribers, or old ones renew
n lig, may pay directly to the Adver
'a tier and vote for any candidate the
e subscriber wishes, or the subscriber
9 can pay the candidate in person and
W the candidate can bring it to the Ad
y vertiser office.
e There will be no "doubling up'' of
- can(idates, pooling of votes, or trans
ferring of votes from one candidate
to another. Votes once issued with
Cad.;h SubscrSiptions can Aiot be trans
? ferred to another candidate after the
subscriPtion money has been turned
e inl to the Advertiser.
o Any information, recei:t books, cir
s enlar letters, sample copies of the Ad
if vertier, etc., furnished free of charge.
e All subscriptions must be turned in
e to the Advertiser office at least once
d each week. and the cash secured with
t each subsc ri ption im mt be turned in
along with tihe subscriters' names so
hi we can start the paper or credit old
b subseribers with I)ayments made.
s Newspaper couo 1n must be Voted
e lrior to the (late printed thereon.
e The Advertiser reserves the right
- to reject the names of any undesirable
candidates entered.
Any man, woman, boy or girl, of
0 good character, residing in Laurens
s or adjacent counties, is eligible to
0 Any candidate who may stir up dis
:-atisfaction among the candidates or
g try to d1 iscourage others for purpose of
e eliminating rivals, is subject to being
dropped at once.
In case of a tie, identical prizes will
Ie awarded those tying.
a in case of a dispute the Campaign
A Alanager shall have the final decision.
The candidate polliig the highest
voto will be awarded the $750 Ford
Sedan: the second highest vote, the
0 $225 Victrola; the third highest vote,
a the $S:2 kitchen cabinet; next highest,
- . i ". -::Meh. Theso four priz
is ar1e ko hwn as the iAnad Prizes.
Special cash prizes aggregating $50.00
will he awarded from time to time,
under conditions named at the time of
0 Any active caiidd~ite competing to
th. end of the con tcst. and failing to
win one of tlhe four grad prizes, or
LI _aN of the V. ecial Cash prizes, and
:.; t least $25 in cash subscrip
t itn businaess, will he given 10 per
cent in ensh on all the non-prize win
ini ng candidate turns in. fBy "an active
iandda' te competing to the end," we
speellicall mean one wvho turns in
at least three (3) yearly suibscripitions,
or thoir eqtuivalent, during each wveek
of the lamt three eseeks of the contest.
Tlhe final count and awarding of thle
hi prizes vwill be made by, a committee
of I aturens county business men, andl
1- their 1find1ings shall .be final.
Candidates entering this campaign
agree to abide by these rules, herein
[set forth, and such additional rulings
,as may lbe found necessary from time
Cto time.
r No church, lodge, society or school
ennu compete as an organization.
.\ake all checks; and money or'ders
payable to the Laurens Advertiser.
No promises made by any person0f,
and no statement made outside of
Nthese -rul1es and other' infor'mation set
forth in this issue shall be considered
as authoritative by any lierson. The
--'ontiest Manager has absolute charge
'a of this camipaign from beginning to
Address all matters relative -to the
contest to the Contest Manager, The
ILaurens Advertiser', Laurens, S. C. -Or
pihone 55. T1he Contest Manager can be
found at the Advertiser omele any week
Sday from 8 a. mn. until 5:30 p. im. Also
oany evening dluring next wveek by al)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 0
1C **
* Laurens City Schosols ,*
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
h, 'Pupils who attain an average on
it seiolarship of 95 or bettoir, wIth petr
to feet attendlance, spunctuality and con
to duct, are highly distinguished; spupils
n- who attain an average on scholarship
l11 of 90-95, with 95 on attendance, punc!
ir tuality and conduct, are distinguished.
Elevecnth Grade-~H-ghly IDistinguish
si ed' Rebecca Adams, Allio Gosneli, Eule
Mdae Martin, Sarah Eliza Swygert,
*: Grace Taylor; 'Distingttished> Marion
ts fllackwell, Mary B1oyd, Alma Coleman,
r'- Martha Dtula, Inez FPranks, Lois Ful
n ler, Toccoa Gray, Jack *Miller, Louise
me Smith, Doran Bromlett, Eva Taylor,
aMartin Tongue, Herman Taylor.
Is Tenth fOrrae--MIghty lThingsantad
Sarah Katherine Barksdale; Distint
guishel: J. J. Adams, Mary Sue Bolt,
Fred Clifton, Leonide Finley, Roy Gas
ton, Margaret Knight, Ellen Lan-gston,
Floride Moore, Martha Saxon, Wini
fred Sitgreaves, Ruby Tnipleton,
Maude Wofford, Carl Thompson.
Ninth Grade--tghly .Distinguished:
Sidney iHolmes, Paul Philpot; D1istin
guished: Nelle Cheek, Janie Holmes
|Davis, Mary Goodiwin, Mariegene
Gray, Thaddeus Hamilton, Sara Seni,
Hilda Taylor.
dfighth Grade, A Section-Highly
Distinguished: Zell Blakely; Distin
guished: James Anderson, Willie K.
Baldwin, Edith Hellams, Ida Mae Hun
Aer, James Machen, Pascal. Miley,
Eloise Miller, Inez Motes, J. C. Pinson.
Eighth Grade, B Section-lighly
Distinguished: Frank Roper; Distin
guished: Harold 9-hudgens, Tillman
'Miller, Roy Page, Fay Chancy, Lillie
May Cooper, Allie Culbertson, 'Martha
May Martin, Elizabeth Thompson,
Janelle Teague.
Eighth Grade, C Section-Highly
Distinguished: Perrin Wright; Distin
guisled: Cothran MldCravy, Aliller Mc
Cueni, Lila Rickman, Ethel Speer, iar
vin Stewart, Nettle M.lae Toilison,
George Wright.
i3eventh Grade, A Section-Highly
Diistinguished: Collyar Barksdale;
tinguished: Legare i3lackwell, Lucile
1lawkins, Thomas lIlamilton. Sarah
Check, Alla Ioyd, Samuel lPleming,
Frevd Rlmpr.
Seventh Grade, B Section llighly
Distinguished: llarlowe Alahaffey,
.lartha Power, 'Bruce Thompson, Har
riot Todd, Amaryllis Smith; Distin
guishe(d: Pinekney Sullivan, John K.
Taylor, Harold Templeton, Sam Todd,
flenry Willians, Ml*ittie liee Marti,
Kitty McCravy, Bcatrice Rowland.
Sixth Grade, A Section--Highly DIls
tinguished: Mary Ball; listinguished:
William lramlett, M.\ary Anderson,
William Crews, J. W. Cuilbertson, Dal
las Dendy, Robert Moore, Jones Mlar
tin, Laura Vance Jones.
Sixth Grade, B Section--lighly Dis
tinguished: Annie Power, Mary Reid,
.largaret Wasson; Distingished: Ger
trude Templeman. Pawnee Watson.
Fifth Urade, A Section-Highly Dis
tingu ished: Martha Franks; Distin
guished: James 'Dunklin, W. C. Miller,
Hertha Barnett, Virginia Clardy,
Arminda lliough, Emily Taylor.
Fifth Grade, B Section-Ilighly .Dis
tinguished: Irene Todd; Distin
guished: .lary Dell Rowland, Frances
Switzer, Mary Lewis Swink, Lillian
Fourth Grade, A Section-lIighly
Dstingu'ished: Dorothy Norwood; Dis
tinguished: Sarah iDorroh, '.larion
Ilipp, Frankie 13. Miller.
Fourth Grade, 13 Section-i)istin
guished: Mary Ellen Owensil C. T.
Squires, Jr., 'lelen Vincent, Louis.
Wham, Mildred 'Wysong.
Third Crade, A Section--iNstin
guished: Jack Balle, Joe Hough, Emi
ly B3abb, 'Bert Kennington.
Third Grade, ,B Section-istin
guished: .\largaret McCravy, Clyde
Ray, Sara lkiddle, Louise Taylor, Clem
iegen Tengur .
Second Grade, A Section-Highly
liaistinmguished: Laurma Babb, D~orothy
Ilunmbert ; Distinguished: Virginia
Blades, Mary Clarence Bramnlett,
Charles Crews, James Dayis, John A.
Franks, Jr., Ambrose Hudgens, Harold
Lee, ti-oward Scott, Martha Susan
Briggs, Harriett Gray, Roberta Hlolmes,
Billy -Lancaster.
Second Grade, B Section- -Highly
Distinguished : Maudaline Sullivan,
:Mary Elizabeth Squires; Distin
guished,: Laura Sue 21aadden, In(ez Temn
lpleman, Jesse Carroll Miller, Charles
Taylor, Norman Wham.
First Grade A -Section-Distin
guis'hed : Thomas 'Babb, \William Bolt,
Robert Bolt, 'Blob Chmidress, Maurice
Cannon, Billy Copeland, Gordon Dun
la-p, 'William Hlipp, Reuben irby, Otis
M\adden, (llelen 'Blakely, Margaret
First Grade, fIB Section-Distin
guishedl: F1rank Sloan, Laura Madden,
.'bachel Nor wood, Frances -Putnam,
Frances Rolanmd, 'Doris Swain, Mary
Frances .Shmell, iHel en Te mpleton.
L~aurensm Mill School
Fourth Grade-DIstinguished: Mar
garet 13rown, Ru by Monroe.
Third Grade--i1ghly iDistinguished:
Eimner Davis, James Word; Disat:n
guiishied, Lavinia Blosdell, Bessie Davis,
Blertha :.\arlar', Lyda .Snoddy, Alma
Second 'Grade-Distinguishmed: Loree
Busby, E'l vira,. Cannon, Beulah Davis,
Oma Davie, Maud Lanford, Lois Mar
tin, Goldie Waddell.
First Grade-Distinguished: Tillman
La mb, Kate 'Broom.
Take notice that on the 9th day o(
December, 1921. I will render a 11inal
account of my acts and doinga .as Ex
'ontrix of tile estate of W. .M. Pinson
deceased, in .the office of the Judge of
Probate of 'Laurens county, at 11
o'clock, a. mn., and on the sarpo day
wvill apiply for a final discharge from
my trust as E~xecutrix,
Any -person indebted to asid estate
is notified and required to make .pay
lent on that date; and all personsB
having claims against said estate will
pre'senlt themn on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
Nov. 9, 191. 1rtAr
Same Old Thing.
Jud Tunkins says the man who al.
ways wants the most of everything lie
sees eventually finds that the musician
with the bass fiddle isn't any better off
than the boy with the ukulele.--Wash.
ington Star.
$ *$ $ *$ * IF $ $
0 e
S * $ * S * s e S e 5 e s' p(
For Rent-Several nice Lw< three
and four horse farms. See R. V. Irby,
or R. R. Nickels. 17-It-ptd
Buggies and Wagons-Rubb - ires,
top ,buggies and two horse wa isa for
$90.00 each. Some to see is. T. B.
-Sumerol. -17-11-tp4
Cow For Sale-Young coy, with
third calf, helfer calf ten dya old.
Good milker. T. 1B. Sumerel. 17,-1t
Straight Salary $35.00 per weqh' and
expcnses to man or woman th rig
to introduce 1ureka 1-gg P ducer.
Eureka Mfg. Co., E~ast St. Louth, Ill.
House Moving-I am ready 'o/move
that houise of yours. 12 years xperi
eniee. C. A. Owens, Route 1, C)inton.
.For ienft-Five horse - *I two
miiiles froi town, wit arns and
dwellings. See Clydce T. Franks, at
Farmers National llanl. 17-it
Lost--One white hound wit;h tan
spots, IMt. ear cropped, ab ut four
yars:; old, answers to name r Dan.
Left lily lioie at Sanituck ebtober
24ti. lie ard for recovery. . no. W.
Gievgory. Jr., Santuck, S. C., Union
Coun.ity. 17..tt-)d
Trespass Notice-All persons,, are
here-by warned against huitigU or
otherwise trespassing u pon11 n ' lands.
Violators of tliis wari ig will e dealt
vith by la;. A. A. Garlington.
Trespass Notlece-All persons jaire
hereby x.arned against 'uim1 .* r./ ent
tiing down trees or' otlwise L.bass
Iag 11pon m lands. Vict- f this
wvarning wili he dealt with h law.
Ml. it. Leop~ard. .17-.it-pd
Trespass Notpe--All persons 'are
hereby warned against lettlinK Atock
of any kind run oil lily lands, %tnder
penalty of prosecution by law. G. M.
Harlan,T..anford Station. 17-1t-Ipd
Tri'islas Noticel\-'.ll personh are
hereby warined against, hunting or
otherwise tresailssing upon tle \lands
of the estate of the lait( J. 11. Kennedy.
Violators of this eotice .xill be dealt
with by laiv. C. X. Kennedy, Admniln
Ist ra t or1. 17-3t-pd
Trespass Nti Ce----All iprsons are
liereby wa rled not to hIlunt or other
wiso trespass upon ithe Ia Is of the
undersigned. 'Viol.tors of nda otice
will be proSeented to tle filest ex
tollt. of* the law. 'S.. 11. 1ilem i g, R. 11.
Flemina. Dr. R. il. ]l1'yso;n, Mrs. ,S. 11.
FIlm11ng. 17-'It-pd
1 !.ack tter hitch), t 11 about
eight inche's lon":. nnswvers > namec
"Re:'". Rteward for heri ret o r\V o. in
formation as to her wyher.'abouts.
P. L'. ilron, Laurins, Rt. .1. 17-it-pd
Wantdsi---A ieal live dalr to sell
Iyart- Parr Triactors for us in TLaurens
county. Super P'Ler at ikIt and
Draw lar. Pulls a -2in svstei 4hen
40-horse motor Ovas cut out beoanise
,.of low water. We offer specia! price
on tirst order. Ask WiJ Byrd.
Huitelhinu & o., Spartailug, 1 1-3t
Hemdlcing2.ir.1J. .\. Wiggins
has installed a hemiiistitcling a iI)lcot
ig m1iachinie. Not mieely nIl attach.
mont. - Phone 395. 12-5t-.)(
Covern menit Whligonls-For Salb, oi
offered in exeblang for corn, otts, hay
or limber. \aons il .good condi
tion. Dixio lee and FulI Co., Clin
tonl. 16-t4
Tr')s1yns1 Notles--All lir :: ns, are(
hereby warin ed not to( hunt or other-i
wise tresis up1jon my lan1. r(1
pansers wvill b'e prosecultcI to t ha lim it
of the lIaw. .'.'r. RI. T1. 'D)niap.
Not Iee-I have ar.rano fd to 1~ .in
Laurens twvo days each n/ nth.- urr~~
piano need~s tuingl lea Ai'der with
S. Mt. & E. HI. Wilkes &Co. 0. M.
Tinl 1y. Piano Tnuner. 2g-tt
.Trespass. Not ice-All peonsar
herob'r warned net to hont or oter
wise trespass upbon the lands; of'Mrs.
Mary J1. and thc (estate of J1. L. Na"'ers.
Notice--A fifty Iottnd al1. cot toj m~at
Sress, heavy tickineg, made in n
woodI, nine dlolars addi a qui S~r.
WrTlite for deoscriplt ive. circu ilar1s and
testiimonials. .John A. 11011land. G reen
aWood S. C. 17-5t-pd
Strayed-H ound dog, white vailh
black spotn On b~ack. one ear tah landt
white spotted, other ear tan; one'fa
01(1. .Reasonable rewvard If returned tc
W. B. Coats, Mountville. S. C. 17-lt-pd
Automobile Chaiins at O'ostr---AlI om1
4,. 4 1-2 and 5 inich We d nid RhId-O
Skin tire chains for sal t cost, ini
chuding seven pair 32x4 1 i)neumJ~atic
tire truck chains. WV. C. \Vaild 'p.
/- 17-1
For Rn t.-On e t irnIshe roomi
M rs. WX. UI. Unough. 17..-1
For* Sae--Fordson Tre . r, .tracto:
plowv, harrowv, grain dii and com
plete outfit, at a bargain 1ilie R. R
T. Todd. /17-11
For Sile-Cow fresh in ki I. Will
trade .for beef cattle at 6 I/ents
pound. J. A. Armstrong. 17.-11
Notice of Lost Certificate of Deposil
Notice is hereby given that Certifi
cato of Deposit IJo, 2055 of 'Peoplel
Loan and JExchange Bank, <1ated May
24, 1920, has been lost or isplaces
and that I will make application toi
a diualicato of snme at said abank or
December 15, 1921.
Laurens, S. C., 'Nov. 1 ,1921.
Apply Electrik Maid
Bake $hop
Opposite the Postoffic,
Who is the
Most Popular
Maid iA Town?
For a superior she is hard
to down;
She is all that's attractive,
clean and sweet;
course, on Main Street.
Electric Maid
Bake Shop
Laurens' Superior Quality Bakery
Postoffice Opposite Us
B. G. Sanders W. N. Dyess
Beatrice Wilson A. . Adeso
Fairly Bristling
With Smartness....
is this Suede 2 Strap Sport Pump with
leather trimming to match, which comes (
in both black and a rich shade of brown.
By far the prettiest sport style we have
ever shown.
Price $14.40, Including War Tax.
Mail orders shipped same day as received
Catalogue on request.
Wright-Scrugga Shoe Co f'

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