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Stops Pain Instantly-Itemoves Corns
1verybody, everywhere needts to
know what millions of folks have al
ready learned about "Gets-It", the
End YC Coms With "Geb.it."
guaranteed painless corn and callus
remover. Any corn, no matter how
(eei) rooted, departs quickly when
"Gets-It" arrives. Wonderfully sim
ple, yet simply wonderful, because all
Corene ss stops with the first applica
tion. Get rid of your corn and wear
shoes tbat fit. Big shoes simply make
corns grow bigger. Your money -back
if "Gets-It" faiis. Insist on the gen
uine. Costs but a ritle everywhere
AIfd. by E. La.wrence & Co., Chicago.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
W. S. M. Says:
"Being a morgue
keeper for dead bat
teries is a job I don't
want. No siree! The
Willard Battery for
mine. Willard Threaded
Rubber Insulation
doesn't have to be re
newed. It insures you
a long-life battery."
Wilkard Servico Man
More miles of uninter
rupted service per dollar
are yours if you use the
Willard Threaded Rubber
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
tac Rubr tt ard
Lanford, Nov. 7.-The Jission Study
class of Friendship church presented
the mission study course at the Bap
tist church Sunday morning In a very
interesting way, the class -being led
by Miss Sara Lou ;Bobo. There were
about twenty bright young ladies rcp
resenting this class .and they all
showed earnest zeal and determination
In Kingdom work. They are to -be
commended'i for the good they are do
Ing. They were entertained in the
homes of Capt. J. W. Lanford, Mr. .1. 1
M. Fleming and Mr. C. 1). Cox, and all
enjoyed havin.g them. Mr. 0. C. Cox
iwas also present and was pressed
into conducting services.
1rs. 0. F. Fowler is very sick and
has a trained nurse with her this
week. We hope she will soon be re?
stored to health.
We are so i:leased to learn that lit
tie -Mary Diumniond is improving sollie
andl her many friends are so hopeful
that she will soon be well and back to
her accustomed place.
iMr. and "Mrs. 11. T. Higgins and lit
tie soi, of 'Buffalo, and Miss Carrie
Lou Iiggins, a teacher at Arkwright,
visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
S. Higgins this week-end. While here
they were also guests of Mr. T. A.
Druimniond and other relatives.
Mr. and Mirs. Ilobson attended the
Spartanhurg County Fair last week,
returning home Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Walter O'Dell andl Miss Nan
nie Lanford swere shoppin.g in Wood
ruff Saturday.
'Mr. Charles Drumimond, of Spartan
burg, and Mr. James lDrummond and
family. of Laurens, visited their moth
er, Mrs. WV. H1. Drummond, Sunday.
Mir. Charles Waldrep, of Salishury,
and Mr. Yates \'aldrep, of Woodriuff,
spent tho week-end with their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. 'Waldrep.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson, -Mr. .1.
). Johnson, Mrs. Waldreq and daugh
ter, Pauline, Mr. .J. F. Waldrep, .essrs.
Boyd an( Clyde DlShlields also attend
ed the Spartanburg fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Ezelle Garrett, Miss
Ida D. Garrett Ms. S. E. Riddle and
family visited Mr. and Mrs. E. IT. Gar
rett during the past week-end.
Mr. C. AW. McCravy and Mr. Barks
dale, of Laurens, were visitors here
Mrs. 'M. }1. Fowler, of Ora, spent
Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. T. A.
Mrs. Rep. Osborne's mother died
Sunday and was buried the following
day at her old home church, Pros
pect. -She has made her home with
Mrs. Osborne since they have been liv
ing in this community and was the
widow of a Confederate veteran.
S 6*.
.Riddles Old( FIeld,'Nov. 7.-The hard
et rain fell Monday that we've had
in some time. Hail fell in some places.
Those whlo wvere in Fountain Inn
:his wveek, having dlental wvork done
yvere Mr. and Mrs. Ezelle Garrett,
Witss Mattie 'lBeul ox, iMrn. and Mrs.
hV. G. Putnam.
Mr. J. A. Britten and son, Jenniings,
,vent to 'Woodruq Saturday on bust..
Mr. J. A. 'Britton and family spent
sundlay with 'Mr. and Mrs. Will Cr'ow.
Mr. J. S. Todd was the guest of his
laughlter, Ml's. 'F. E. 'Boho, Sunday.
'Mr. "Bud" 'Putnam, of Greenville,
mid JIames Todd, or Fountain Inn,
liedl at JT. M. Todd's Sunday.
Mr'. and Mirs. J. M1. Todd spent Wed(
iesday and Thursday in Chester ewith
!rs. Todd's brother, 'Mr. John Powers.
Misses Edna 111iddle and 'Blanche
Podd were the visitors at Mr. T. W.
'annxady's Saturday.
nd 'Miss Mary (Garrett went to
ireenville Sunday after Mrs. 'Mary
>onnon, who has bee 'nat the bedside
f her daughter, 'Mrs. J. 0. Davis.
Mr. S. E. Riddie'k family went to:
sanford Sumnday to be with 'Mr. Ii. C.
iarrett's family.
iMiss .1-ester' Britton was the~ wel
omie visitor of Misses Rosa and
haudle Riddle Saturdhy night.
Mr's. Marviln Rihodes attended' the
eachers' me'eting in L~aurens Satur
a y.
Ml'. rind Mrs. W. E. .Shemfbert were
he gulests of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gar
ett 'Monday night.
Miss Oradeli Rirades was visiting
elatives in ifanrens last 'week.
A WV. Rhodes' family rpent the day'
'ecently wih Mr. andl~ Mrs. H. J. Burns.
Born to Mr. and Mirs. Calvin Mc
~auley, a son, Columbus rlarl.
Mr. 'Ilijah Riddle ha's been sick for
he past few days.
GIrs. H. A. Hleombe has been suft
~ering for the p)ast two months with a
felon on her thumb. 'She anfd Mr. Hol
combo wish to thlank those who have
showed their kindiess and sympathy
during her afiltion. . *I
,Mr. Clarence 'lisitton swpent the day
Sundaf witti his friend'Posey 'Howard.
Miss Mae Ridle sipetlt a few days
last. week with Mrsd Ray Garrett.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* *
* * * *C* C * * C * * * *
Jones, Nov. 5.-iWe have had abund
ant rains and the farmers will soon
-be busy putting in grain.
In common with the many friends
of Mr. Stoplhen 'lerndon, of North
Carolina, we were very sorry to hear
of his recent death. lie was bori
and reared .at Cokesbury and was a
splendid gentleman. We tenderly sym
pathize with the bereaved family.
We extend congratulations to Mr.
.Howard Carlisle and Miss Lucile Cope
land, nwho were recently married.
Mrs. Dr. W. T. Jones and daughter,
Mrs. .G. L. Graham recently visited
Mr. W. P. Culbertson, of Mt. Olive.
We extend congratulations to our
cousin, :Mr. Carroll Smith, of Laurens,
and Miss Wilkinson. of Greenwood,
who were recently married.
Mr. Furman Odell raised a flne crop
of peanuts and potatoes.
Several of our neighbors hauled
potatoes to .1-lodges last week to store
in the potato house.
'Mr. and', Mrs. Frank P. Jones and
A Wond
$4.50 Brocaded Cr4
and white
3-Day Sal
$3.50 Crepe-Voile
pekin, coral, orci1
3-Day Sal
$3.00 Canton Crep
3-Day Sa]
40-inch Charmeus<
3-Day Sa
Yard-wide Change
colors---orchid, c<
3-Day Sa
$2.00 yard-wide bi
3-Day Sa
No Good~
Vsit 0
Harry and Ciarlio Moseley -attended
the State Fair last week.
The friends of Rev. Robert Sharp
will be pleased to hear that ho has
fully recovered from his recent Illness.
The oldest fariners never knew all
of the cotton picked in October.
The cotton crea is very short and
the price should at least be 25 or 30
cents per lb. Our property is almost
conilsoated by excessive taxation and
the )col)le should demand relief from
such oppression.
Dr. W. T. Jones is profoundly grate
ful to all friends, white and colored,
for recent kind favors.
'We recently mot .the followinmg
friends: Dr. Shirley and Willie Irvin
of .1 Hon ea.Path, Gov. I. A. Cooper, Col.
Ilenry Simpson and Wells Todd, of
Laureis; 'Marion Moore of Mt. Pleas
ant, Newton Odell, Robert Redden and
Alf McNinch of Gwingsville; and Jas.
Sproles, Bonnie Brown and Claud Em
erson, of Greenwood.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
stops the Cough end Iadache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Ly, Frida:
lerful Oppo
gh Grac
spe-Voile Satin, in navy
le $3.49 Yd.
Satin, in brown, black,
[e $2.49 Yd.
e, in black and navy.
ie $2.29 Yd.
;, in black, navy and
Le .$1,69 Yd.
able Taffeta, in high
>ral and blue.
le $1.49 Yd.
ack Taffeta
le $1.49 Yd.
s Laid Asidd
lay and .Noi
Co. Cash I
ur New Be
Start a Savir
F arn
Capital .
Surplus .
Your Patronag
and S
rtunity to F
le Silks
P .
Yard-wide black Messal
3-Day Sale $
6 Yard Li:
Yard-wide Satin, in high
blue, tomato, pekin
3-Day Sale $
Yard-wide black Satin
3-Day Sale $
Yard-wide susine Silk, iit
3-Day Special
40-inch silk Dress Vel
3-Day Special
Yard-wide silk Poplin
3-Day Special
-None Sot
le After Sal
. S. C.
rgain Dep
igs Account
Al Bank
e Appreciated
1.00 Yd.
colors--pink, rose,
1.49 Yd.
1.29 Yd.
all colors
39c Yd.
ret, in black and
$4.99 Yd.
59c Yd.
d Before'
t Stol

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