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Velvety Skin
Whiter than snow
in seven days!
A complexion glowing with health, soft
and fresh as a flower at dawn can be yours.
Superior Skin Whitener
Bleaches the skin. keeps it clear, soft and fair.
Positively removeA tan. freckles. pimp
le insovendays. Your money refund
ed if it fails.
You can secure the genuine Williams
Superior Skin Whitener at Laurens
Drug Co.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Group is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve throuih the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment Is &cr
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking
Tho world's standnrd ermcdy for kidney,
liv.. ~bladder and uric acid troubles.
Helland's national remed7 since 1696.
All druge;ts, three sizes. Guarant:cd.
Aook1 for the ranw- Cold Medal on cvary box
Calormel Good
but Treacherous
Next Dose mav Salivate. Shock
Liver or Attack Bones
You know what calomiel is. It's mer
cury; quicksilver. Calomel is dangerous,
It crashes inito sour bile like dynamite.
cramping and sickening you. Calomel
attacks the boyns and should never be
put into your system.
If you feel bilious, hecadachy, consti
pated and all kuiocked ott just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Dod
son's Liver Trone for at fewv cents wvhich
Sa hai'mless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomecl, Trake a spoonful and
if it dloesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
thant nasty calonmel aiit wxithout making
you meck, you just go back and get your
Dorn't; take calomel! It makes you
sick the nest day; it loses you a day's
work. I odson's Liver Tone'straightens
you right tip and you feel great. No,
salts neccessary. Give it to the ohhldren
heen'citi~i it s perfectly harmless aut ean
First Stops All Pain-Then Peels the
Corn Off.
Don't tr'y to fox trot on corn tor
turedI feet. Get rid of your corns. I~f
Make YorPetH Remove Those
you have nover neon a corn 't1ckled to
death, just, apply a feyv drops of "Gets
It" to yotirs. Then watch that corn
die-peacefully ag It it .had -gone to
sleep. Soon it is luothing but a loose
piece of dead akin that you can lift
right off with your fingers,
Get after themn now. Your drugglat
hasi "Gets-It". C.asts but a trifle or
-nth~lnhgrat all if It falla. IMfa by T,1.
Varnville, Nov. 20.-In a ceremony
of unusual beauty, Miss Nannie
Mazyck Vincent and iDavid Herbert
Sullivan were married Saturday even
lg at 8 o'clock at the Baptist church
lere, the Rev. A. P. Toomer, of the
Presbyterian church, oficinting.
Long before the appointed hour,
the church was filled with friends and
relatives and just prior to the cere
mony Miss Thelma Lightsey of Crock
ettville sang "Until" and "All for
You." The wedding music was ren
dered by Mrs. James H1. Mauldin of
IH-aipton, the wedding march froni
Lohengrin being used as the proces
sional and Mendelssohn's weddhig
march for the recessiral.
The church -was 3tlly decorated
with palms and Southern snilax fes
tooned over windows and doors and
handsome ferns. An improvised altar
was crected in the rear of the
church, and this was banked with
vines, palms and feathery ferns, while
the soft glow of many candles made
a beautiful setting for the lovely
gowns, which carried out the rain
bow idea very effectively. and iwhite
baskets, filled with chrysanthemums,
suspended over the altar gave a pretty
The pages, James Dowling and
'Henry Vincent, Jr., opened the gates
for the brida qparty. Then came the
little flower girls, 'Louise Vincent and
Sadie liee Vincent, each with a bas
ket of hiaby chrysanthemums, and took
their places. The groonismen came
next: '1. A. ,Sullivan, Jr., of Laurens
and Crandell Varn, A. F. Martin, Jr.,
and L. A. Philpot, of Laurens, -follow
ed by the bridesnelds, liss Inez Vin
cent of Orangeburg, niece of the bride;
Miss Anna Sullivan, Miss Ethel Black
of Bamberg and Miss Sophie mlack,
then the dames of honor, sisters of
the bride, Mrs. J. 11. Tison of Savan
nah and \irs. McuAlpine Albergotti, of
Columbia. The little flower girl, Mar..
jorie Simmons, came next With a
basket of .baby white chrysanthemums.
Little Clara Vincent Albergotti of Co
lunbia came next, carrying the ring
on a larg" ,*I," chrysanthemum.
Miss Besise Glenn was maid of honor.
Then came the bride and met the
bridegroom and his best man, George
Harley, of Columbia, at the altar. The
bride m-as given in marriage by her
brother, fHugh Vincent, of Laurens.
The bride was a vision of loveliness
in her wedding gown of shimmering
satin, the short round skirt being
given dignity .by the long train of
satin twhich .fell from the shoulders.
The low cut bodice was trimmed with
Jilver lace. 'his silver lace also
draped the skirt. The delicate mist
like veil of talle was caught with
Pearls and fell the entire length of
the train. IHer flowers were a shower
bouquet of bride roses and ferns.
Immediately after the ceremony a
reception iwas held at the home of the
bride's parents, 'Dr. and Mrs. C. P1.
ncent. Receiving at the home were
. and irs. iVncent, Sr., Dr. and
-.r's. C. '. Vincent, Jr., of Laurens,
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Vincent, of Lau
renq, Dr. andl Mrs. D). W. Vincent and
Mris. Sullivan, mother of the bride
groom, and M\iss ;Miller, of Greenvlile,
After congratulatiojns, block ice cream
1nd cake were served by a 'bevy of
'oung .girls. Fruit punch wvas .servedi
mt two tables in the -hall. In the din
*ng room the bride's table wvas very ait
.tactivye with yol low ch rysanthemums,
mnd in the center the bride's cake wvas
~astily arrangedl. At a lawte hour the
3ridie changed for her traveling dress
f brown poiret twill with a becom
.ng hat of fuchia velvet and acces-,
tories to match.
Tihe couple left .with the best wvishu
3s of their many friends here for a
wvedd~ing journey,
Mirs. Sullivan is the youngest daugh
ter of Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Vincent, is
1.graduate of Chicora college and very
inuch loved in this, her home town.
[t is a matter of -general regret that
her marriage wviM take her awvay. Mr.
sullivan -is a graduate of Olemson
sollege, a young civil engineer of
mnuch .promise and is at present en
gaged by Abbevile county 'to superin
tend road building. 'lHe 'Is from Lau
rens, .but has many friends here. 'Phe
handsome array of silver, china and
eut .glass attested the popular'ity of
M1r. and Mrs. Sullivan.
Foermer Husband of One Victim Held.
Children Witnessmes.
Wilmington, Ohio, Nov. 20.-Oliver
Vandervort, agedl 32, who claims to ibe
[t fur' dealer of this city, wvas being
lteld uinder a murder charge in the
mhton county Jail here today follow
ing a triple0 murder at Cuba, a yiihage
near here, last night.
Those murdered -were 'Bertha Whit
tew Van~iervort, aged 30-, htis divorced
wife and mother of Vandenivort's three
children; Mrs. Jeff Whitlow, aed 57,
mother. of Mrs. ,Vandervort; and how
urd ,Bonier, aged 24, said to htave 'been
a caller on Mrs. Vandervort.
Mrs. 'Whiblow before dying from lieu'
wounds, the police say, deolared tat
Vand ervort committed thme murders.
rh'e olice said she told them t-hat Van.
[lorvort camo. to her' home whilo. in
toxicated and started a quarrel whick
ended in the shooting of the three.
Rodney Wallace, a farmer living
near the (Whitlow home, Informed th
authorities today that Vandervort
while crazed by drink, shot him lasi
night. A post mortem examinatoio
will be held tomorrow to determine L.
the same caliber bullets killed th(
three persons and injured Wallace.
Vandervort told the authorities toda3
he was not responsible for the triph
murder, and that he is the victim o
circumstances in 'having been foun(
at the Whitlow home. He claims tha
while walking in the roai in front o
the 'Whitlow home he heard a commo
tion and saw in the darkness a flgur
rush from the door. 'le said he coul(
not tell whether it was thait of a mai
or womaii. According to his story, th
police said, Vandervort's ten year ol
son Oliver rushed from the house t
call for help, saw his father and in
duced him to enter. ,
Asked )y the authorities who dic
the shooting the boy said: "'Papa (i1
The three small Vandervort childrei
were the only witnesses. When th
police arrived Vandervort iwas sittini
in the house holding his younges
child, a ba'by.
Oliver, the ten year old son, tokl
authorities that after the shooting h<
attempted to atitract the attention o
neighbors 'by sohoting a revolver fou
times Into the ground. The revolve:
with four empty cailtridges' was foun<
In the house. Another revolver, whicl
had not been fired, was -found in Van
dervort's automobile. No trace wa!
found of the gun wit'h which the mui
ders were committed.
Mrs. Vandervort was killed as shi
came to the door to answer Vander
vort's knock, according to young
Oliver's story 'to the authorities. Shl
had her baby In her arms but It wa
unharmed. A bullet pierced her head
Bosier was then shot, the boy said
and Mrs. Whitlow fell a third victin
Thanksgiving <
tankful of gi
your motor you will g(
faction only thirous
Volatility is imhportai
gasoline. It largely i
starting speed of your
. the richness of the ni
have to use. For st<
that enables you to <
in traffic or whirl up e
without a lot of gear si
motor fuel must have
speed and a high rate
development. For
operation gasoline mi
big mileage per gallo
up so completely tha
minimum of carbon I
It needed years ofreni
'enee and countless
when she came down stairs attracted
by the shooting. -
Vandervort and his wife had boon
divorced -twice. Their second divorce
was granted about six weeks ago.
** * * * . . . . . . .. .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ekom, Nov. 1.-We are glad this
morning to see the sunshine after a
week of rain and cloudy weather.
'We are glad to report the health of
our community very -good.
Misses Evelyn Culbertson and Mar
garet McDaniel left Sunday afternoon
for Ware Shoals -where they have ac
cepted work ni4th the company at that
Mr. Theme and family were visitors
at the home of Mrs. Lou Culbertson
Mr. iBroadus Cooper and family, Mr.
Jay Cooper and -family, Misses Edna
I and Kittura Cooper spent Sunday with
I Mr. T. J. Cooper and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Culbertson and
little Martha, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Gray Cooper.
r lMorn to Mr. and Mrs. 'Homer Cul
bertson, a daughter.
There will .be a lot of moving around
this time. Mr. SMorgan has moved to
the old Henderson Place, and Mr. Nix
to the old Roberts place.
Miss Minnie Brissey spent Thursday
nitrht with her -sister, Mrs. Gray Coo
Mr. J. H. 'Blackwell is moving to
the old Owings place.
Rub-My-Tism, antiseptic and palin
killer, for infected sores, tetter,
sprains, neuralgia, rheumatism.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a speclelly.
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulat3 4 Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
1 O
1I img
a lbird for velop a balanced
linner or a all these specific
soline for has beeni done.
t real satis
h caeful "Standard" Mot
Ii arfu best not inone<
only. Under the
it to good covering every ft
~overns the 'p~erfiormanice, "Si
motor andl Gasoline stands' ft
aixture you
sady power You can easily pr
reep along up where you s
teep grades "S. 0." sign.
tifting your Notice the "pep"
high flame car'has. See hio
of pressure hard hills. KeE
economical mileage you get
ist give you wherever you bu:
nt and burr everywhere,
It Iclayes a Do you know tli
>ehinld' 4 properly lubrica
ning experi- eliminate auy dot
lests to de- POLARINE.
(New Jersey)
Our college Is
inerclal Schoo
rhe wrld.
gain by *ttew
Accredited S o
send for oul
logue, at onc
"Take g<
and sa'
hbuy -the grade
Often the mediu
'THE W(;
are exactly the t/A
in your paying f<
is needed for first
job. And it's ju:
your lumber buy
advantage over tl
and order "some
costs. Your neare
you honest advic
Write us for list of FR:
Southern Cypress:
253 Graha'n Building, Ja,
~asoline to meet
ations. But it
,r Gasoline is
r two respects,
most rigid tests
ature of motor
andard" Motor
ove this. Draw
se the familiar
rest a tankful.
and power your
easily It climbo
~p tabs on the
.One quality
r it, and for sale
Lt your motor is.
ted? You can
bt by specifying
a mkember of the National Association of Amosdited Coni
is of the Unite 8State.-4he a on eetoba n.of schools In
ro find
M 'llwill
hoo I.
)od advice
ve a sob
that fits the jol!"
[m or lower grades of'
ing. There's no object
>r a higher grade than
-class results on a given
t this selective shill in
ing that gives you your
iose who merely go out
boards." You cut your
st retail yard will give
:e. So will we.
EE PLANS for farm buildings.
Mfrs.'Assn. In-iran"ide
-k it by this mark.
:onville, Fla,. h ak
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