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- Kills
Instant Relief from Scalds,
Burns, Cuts, Wounds, etc.
Contain& No Alcohol. Acids or Pepper.
theore fore DOES NOT SMARTI
Painful injuries often result from
accidents. Mustang Liniment kept
always at hand is cheapest and best
insurance. Made of purest oils, it
penetrates quicklv. soothing and
healing the affected parts.
S Rev. A. S. Singleton. Danville,
ysVa.--I haveused youirMexican
Mustang Liniment for 30 years
and find it the vcv best remedy in case of a
cut, a burn, a bruise-in fac. almost any
ailment that can be cured by a liniment.
In using I think it quite important to rub it
well into the pores and repeat the operation
at frequent intervals."
TODDLE TOP. Hilarious funi Send 2 cents
st'nms or coin for Trial Bottle Household Size)
Mustang Liniment, and aetTodll'~pc bsoluteltv
free. Lyon Mfg. co.. 41 So. 6th St., irklyn, N. Y.
25c - SOc - $1.00
Sold by Drug and General Stores
"The Good Old Standby Since 1848"
Ki m.-jiverl, b'ladderU and uri'c acid
trou. : areYm316s' a.gcrous be.
cA" . hir 0i1sidious attacks,
H':t .varninr they give
tiL :i by takin
T ' :ml & 1sta:,:,ird r for these
th r v. ill (.1Iwrd e thie7e dis
cat-m:: :ad renh.ajth body againsi
urt r .ck::. Thiree Lh:,, aHl druggists
".. i.ho nae:n Gold idedol o:a overy .o
r.:1d accept no imitation
OoWegre MM
Read how AMrs. Albert
I, Bluford, Ill., got rid of
her ills. "D~urinlg . . . I
wvas.awfully weak ...
gMy pains were terrific. I *
* thotught I wouild die. The
Sbearing-down pains were
actually so severe I coul d
not stand the pressure of
my hands on rihe lower
part of my stomach .. .
for but a short time. My
husband was worried .. .
*One evening, while read- -
ing the Birthday Almna
p ~nac, he came across r
* case similar to mine, and
went straight for some
* Cardul for me to try.
The Woman's Tonic
M "I took it faithfully and
the results were Immedi
ate," adds Mrs. Gregory.
"1 continued to get bet..
* ter, .all my ills left me,
and I went through . ..
m? wIth no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
strong, and mysel--thankc
God-anm once more hale
and hearty, can walk
* *miles, do my work,
U though 44 years old, feel
like a new person. All I
* owe to Cardul." For
.1many years Cardul has
been found helpful In
buildIng up the system
aswhen run dows by dIs
orders pecullartowomaen.
Muh of This Loss Can be Prevented
boy Takiig Proper Precautions.
Clenison College, Nov. 17.-It is es
!iniated tLhat 'lant diseases take an
annual toll of smct hing like four mil
licn to eight m1 illion dollars inl South
Caroli .. Not all of this can be pre
vented 'l)ut a very considerable l)or
tion cal, -according to the plant patho
logists of Clemson College, who make
tle following suggestions.
Plowing cottont stalks under in the
fall and plaming cover crops, as ad
vised for holl weevil control, will
have the added advantage of contrib
uting very considerably to disease
The following notes from the
"Quarterly lulletin" of the Michigan
Ixperineiit Station are as worthy of
attention in South Carolina as in
"A clean-up of all trash should
take pi)ace l)rolptly in the garden.
Many fungi survive the winter on
such trash. Sanitation is the garden
er's greatest protection."
"'IAold-over cankers of fire light
" I lor-ted by the blighted twigs
on which the leaves have withered
anl (ied. The canker Is at the base
of the twig. These should be located
and remove(d. Thorough winter eradl
cation coteCle(d with vigilance in the
early part of the growing season will
control biight."
''Any pruning cut exposes the
heart of the tree and opens the way
for the heart rot fungi. As soon as the
cit surfaces are dy they should bhe
painted with a white lead paste (not
zinc white). Common -barn paint or
realy mixed house paint has small
protectinug values for prullned surfaces.
The primning icut should be made Ilusht
with the main branch. The healing of
w;cIiunids cones about from 'callus'
.lrowtlh froiim the caibiumli. If stu bs
ate lebit III protecting als prevelit
the healing.''
"In till fall pruning of apple or
(Ihards the firnl'r has a chaicie to rid
the trees of calkered limibs. .In de
eiding what ellt.- are to be made the
vi goir anld freed omn from discase of a
limb siotrlhi le horne in innd."--For
utiih Carolien the foregoing should
be applied to all1 orchards and not to
ap1ple or1cha1rds only.
"Ini the fild !;altitlioln is obtailld
h , v crop ret 'ttionl. Those who follow
(Cer with (orn, beets with beets or
beant with beans, have this yea r
founll that disease has belen an ilm
Polant fMator In their farming. Aside
*. :: i eaitions to soil fertility,
rO r01ot11ion1 i necessary to avoid
disease intensifleation."..-. In South
I Carol n tliose vwho followv corn with
'I "-"tt""" ith ( "tol, :'eet loti
toes.; with s;wet #;otato's, etc., may
expet. ;im!!ar results.
11) N [11d' li W I'IEll
('1111uy for Promonion of Imimlnstry.
Clemisoni College, Nov. 27. In colt
Inlitonni withi the counnty agents
*thi Cghout tile atet a camlipaign of
wiinter pru'lni ne sprattyling, and other
o; clird wor ~'tk is a'being ptit on in the
v.arious11 couinties by3 time extension hor
Sicutltuiirisits, whlo are now carrying out
a schedulein by whIch they03 will spend
* nie to the itdC'(ays wvitht each county
ageni . All farmiers who .are intert:ated
in~ growing finuit, either oi. a sinall or'
large sealhe, should se'ek illfoillmation
fromi till ('ounlty agent con cerning the
"Orchard 'Week'' to be held in each
coun lty andl~ shIouldi arrange to 'at
t(end some11 of the demonstrations that
will bte give '(in a thiie vaioust orchards
of the comunty dlutr'ing the time1 dhesig
nauted as "Orchiard \Veek".
importance of the home or'chiard- In
suppllemnentin; the i'amily food su111
1)1y is too great to need( arlgulment,
and uinder the ab~normal condlitions
now ex:stintg, .withI the boll weevil a
menace to thle South's chief inaney
crop), a good home or'chard' Is a ne
cessity for iright country living, and at
1east a few trees should be .planted
about each home.
Since famll and winter are the best
mtonlths foi' orchard work, farmers
and othora who have availlable land
erai' urged to be'gin at once to lantit a
I ' :ut those who have al
ready any fruit on the place should
plan to give -hetter care In prutning,
spraying, and cultivating such or'
chard 'as alrea dy exisot.
Attention is called to tihe short
a'e of good trees and vinen and con
orequtent hIighi pices, butt stress is laidl
lipon t he fact that the trees for' a one
Ifrt'fh-acre htomet orchard (appr'oxi
matuely 30 tr'oc'J'anid vines) is rsufficlent
to su pply the average family with
abundant. fruit and will cot priob
'tbhy .nct mor'e than $10 to $15, which
isasu infimportat in opa o
jwith iho value of fruit to b~e derived
fromn 0:uch 'an prchcard..
I t has -been well said that "Man
never' planto a tree -foir himself alone."
This is-. partiettlauly true of fruit trees,
I, and All .'.vho can possibly (do so should
get -behind the "Orchar'd Week" move
mount 'mnd hellp put uo .homne-grown
f ruit into South Carolina homen.
Sure Lease Will Go Through. Sees
Thomas Edison.
Now York, Nov. 19.-"You bet, its
going through," Henry Ford said to
day regarding his lease of the Muscle
Shoals, Ala., nitrate and water ipower
project. The terms, lie added, were up
to the government.
Mr. Ford, who conferred here today
with Thomas A. Edison regarding the
Muscle Shoals .project, was asked it
he proposed to compete with Chile in
the production of nitrates.
"If we can't beat the Chileans we
ought to quit," lie asserted.
Referring to his visit to Washington
when he conferred swith -Secretary
H-oover, Mr. Ford said lie also had a
conference with President Harding
and at that time had offered to buy
for junk battleships scrapped by the
government as a result of the arms
conference. -He added that the presi
(lent had enjoyed a hearty laugh.
Before leaving for Detroit the au
tomobile manufacturer mentioned that
he wont to the bedside of Secretary
Weeks, who was ill, late last night in
Washington and placed before him the
proposition to take over the Muscle
Shoals property. He declined to say
whether they had reached any defi
nite agreement. le also preesnted to
Secretary Weeks his proposition to
buy scrapped battleships for use in
making automobiles and trucks.
"It's nothing," he remarked, "we buy
scra-p iron all the time."
Mr. Ford said he would leave it to
the experts to figure how much horse
power could he developed and the
amount of nitrate It would 'be iposst
ble to produce at Muscle Shoals. That
would be determined, he said, after
lie and 'Mr. Edison with technical ad
visers, had inspected the property.
Both Mr. Edison and himself were
anxious to eat turkey dinners in their
own homes Thanksgiving (lay, Mr.
Ford said, but the inventor would go
At Ei
traffic or
I ~roadl, "St
and burn up coni
That ~i why its
the increase in t<
Experienced dr'is
"Standard" Mot'
their way to plac
But that is not
ideally balanced
of the highway i
for "Standard")
grades masquera
If your motori
cylinders and sp
your crank case,
sene, fill with P
cars Tfhen put
tank and see wha
to Detroit the following week, and
then they would depart for Alabama.
Mr. Ford said .Mr. Edison would work
out matters 6f chemistry in the ni'
trate production plan.
Citadel to Ask for Appropriation of
Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand
Charleston, Nov. 17.-A statement
of much interest was that made by
John P. Thomas, a member of the
board of visitors, at the "'pep" meet
Ing held by Citadel alumni to stir up
interest In Citadel affairs and espec
ially in the coming football game with
Carolina Thanksgiving day, when he
said that the greater Citadel project
would need $250,000 from the next
legislature for the purl)ose of financing
the building of officers quarters, buy
ing equipment and otherwise getting
the plant into shape for use next fall.
The three large ibuildings built on
the Hampton Park site are practically
completed and represent an extpendi
ture, including money for the mess
hall and kitchen building, and some
other ;work, of about $900,000, 'but
much has yet to be done before the
great institution can be ':ut into use.
OMeers' residences must be built, a
hospital erected, and a lot of class
room and laboratoi'y equipment, fur
nishings, and so on, secured, to make
the new college -plant available. It is
believed that the request for an ap
propriation of $250,000 will be granted
Ireadily, in view of the great need for
this amount of money. Otherwise, a
most important educational develop
ment will be se'lrusly retarded.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there is more or I ess stomach distiftbance.
larly for two or three weeks. will enrich the blood,
Improve the digestion, and net as a generalStrength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms.and the Child willbe
in nerrect henlth. Pleasant to take. 60e per bottle.
~ht Miles'
crawling along at a snail's p
hitting the high spots on a
andardl" Motor Gasoline wi
sales are climbing out of a
tal gasoline conlsumpltionl.
ers who have tried a filling
or Gasoline would cheerful]
e repeat orders.
necessary. Reliable dlealel
motor fuel are to be foun
rherever you travel. They
~fotor Gasoline than others
ding under fanciful names,
s sluggish have the carboi
ark plugs, empty the old <
and after washing with a pii
OLARINE of the grade spe
"Standard" Motor Gasoline
t agood car can do.
Nothing Illakes a more appropril
and our stock is now so Complete
pretty patterps that Christmas shopj
you -come to this store.
Women's Fine Silk iose inl lace
stit.eh clocks, pin stripes, wide satin
thread silk, in fact most anly patte1
brown, Russian and several shades <
Prices frqm $1.0
Prompt Mail 5
We will gladly mail out of towv
for selection.
Wright- Scruggs
Lni Hour, or
ace in congested
n open country
11 'fire smoothly
I1 proportion to ea
of the Improved
y go far outo,
s handling this
on both sides
charge no more
ask for inferior
i cleaned fronm
filuted oil from
it or so-of kero
scified for your
Into your fuel
Ite gift than .pretty IIose,
Sitl so many new and
ling will hbe a pleasure if
)open clocks, double drop
stripes, lace siripes, plain
'rn you wish inl 'blalk,
f grey.
0 to $5.50
11 clustomIer's seveial pairs
Shoe Co.
,s. C.

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