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18 to 60 hours is usually adequate.
Watch the pickle and If it becomes
*opy take out 'all the meat and wash it
in warm wate'. Boil the pickle or
na-ke new, wash the container and put
tle meat and brine iback in.
Dry Cure for lams, Shoulders and
There is 'at very good cure for meat
tiat has been used for years in 3Mary
land and Virginia. Meat cured with
this formula has been found palatable
and weet after several years.
To each 100 pounds of meat use 8
pounds of salt, 5 pounds of warm syrup
(and good syrui.-) can be used, or home
made sugar syrup ma, be substitut
ed), 2 ounces of saltpeter, 3 ounces of
black pepper, and 2 ounces of red
All the above ingredients should be
thoroughly mixed together. It will
first lump up .and darken. When thest
are rubbed out the Ingredients are
ready to rub in the meat and should
make a coating over it. The syrut
causesA It to stick.
The meat can -be put into a barrel or
box, or can -be ipiled on the floor o1
table, which should be clean. Therc
will be a drainage which is bette:
taken car' of in a barrel or tight box
Ld you
nderf u
d 36-inch Wool Serg
Yard-wide Woo I Serge, nav
only, worth 95c, a yard ; Sa
te sprice
49c a Yard
Suits, Coats,
At Radically Redu
T1he Dresses-all -tl e n<
navy, tr'icotine and serge,
and misses, values to $25.'
lo't at
hed $9.95
The Coats and Suits-V
entire stoek in two classes.
ODASS 1.-Coats and a
ua-$35.00, to go at $49
CDiASS 2-Coats and 'S
$20.00, to go at
60e a
r'ice, Children's (
Children's Coarts att half a
of iformer selling prices.
many; 'they inust ho sold.
mali- dreni from five to twelve a
erial. . $3.95 to 4
25pairs larige size p laid I
Sketa, blue, pink 'and tan pl
Tick- on white. Overstocked
will Price, a pair
Sale $2.39
m . Men's Hats
Ging- One lot of hien's Dress
d for all aizes, all colors, valu
c Salo $5.95. Overstoekoed
Price $26
4*.....*... ......
* (J. E0. Trevathan. County Agent) *
For a very good brine cure take for
each 100 pounds of meat, 5 gallons of
water (bolled), 10 pounds of salt, 2
ounces of saltpeter, 3 pounds of sugar,
slowly dissolve 'all ingredients in warm
water and allow to cool. Sprinkle a
little salt over the bottom of the con
tainer, then place the meat in it very
snugly, cover with boar(l or earthen
cover, weighting it with somethinig
that will not rust (use stones, don't
ure Iron), then pour the brine in.
Leave the meat in 4 days to each
p1oun(l, that is forty days for a ten
pound ham. IDvery week take 'all the
meat out of the 'barrel, then the brine.
Place the meat back with th'at which
was on the top on the bottom, then put
the brine back. When the meat has
been long enough in the cure take the
meat out of the brine and soak it in
water for an hour, wash it in warm
water and hang it in the smoke house
over not too hot a ilre, 120 (legrees,
until the required color is obtained,
ait -Mo
J.& P. Coats Three
150 yard ,pools
All sizes; black and l whi
6 Spools for 25c
Dress Ginghami
Fine Dress 'Gingham
stripcs and plaids, fast
or's, a real value. Overstoe
-Sale Prmice, per yard
Canton Flannel
Bleached and unbleae
Canton Flannel, good wel
and durmble. Overstoc
Sale Price, per yard
12 1-2c
Mattress Ticking, good C
ity aind durap.le, different
ored stripes. Overst'o
Sale Price, per yard
Shirt Madras
Fine quality 'Shirt Mas
'beawtiful assortment cif
torns, fornmerly sold for i
yard. Overstocked Sale 'P
per yard
Yard-wide Pongee, -fine
tyr, worth '76c a yard.
two 'bolts of this mat
Overstocked Sale Price,
Feather Tickiri
'Phe best grade Feather
ig, A C. A., positivel:
hold feathers. 'Overstocl
Price, per yard
*Dress Gingha
A light weight Dress
.ham, dark patterns, go
qilt. lining. Overstoel
price, per yard
[lork on the JFarm, Kiling, CUuring 11
ad Canning." U
all llowing Best for Boll Weevil
Conditions. Y
CIlemson College, Nov. 28.-The im- o
ortanice of carly deep plowing and it
Arly spreparation for cotton under 0
oil weevil conditions can not be e
iven too much stress in making %
lans for 1922. .A deep sced bed, well
'ttled, with as early spring surface t
illage, such as harrowing and disc- v
ng, ar possible causes the groun(l to
'arm up carlier, starts the young
ottoni .plants off early, lielps prevent
amage from the cotton root louse, and
nables the fertilizer applied at plant
nig time to be more effective. t
'Vlen1 cotton follows corn aud vel- 1
et beans, and, a large amount of veg
tative material is turned under, plow
ng should be done in the fall and nut
ater than midwinter, So that the vege
able matter will be rotted and the
,eed bed well settled by cotton iplant
ng tIme, suggests N. E0. Winters, ex
tcnslonI agronomist. i' a large aiount
A organic matter h; turned under 'a
short time be'fore planting, tihe seed
we ar
Men's Heavy Worlk
Men's IIeavy Cheviot Work
Shirts. Ful11 eut, sizes 14 1-2
to 17; wort.h $1.00. Over
stocked Sale Price
ES Men't
At Rad
Dress Shoes in black
rly3 sold for $6.00. Ov- Onc lot of
e, per' yai'r . . . .$3.75 Youn1g mei~
sizen, ten
d leather Dress Shoes, Overstocke
rs, all sizes. Over
3, pair pair .. . .$2.48.
tecd Goose 'School Shoes, BOYS' Sui:
y sold fo'r $3.50. Over- 'patterns.
e, per pair .. ..$1.98
qality Dress Shoes,
50 a pair. Overstocked
air .. .... .. ..4.75Pantsawe
stocked 'S
at Shoes, all sizes, 'solid
eked 'Sale Price . .$1.98
as Sh'oes, black vici kid
lish Shoes, 'worth $5.00 CLASS 1
eked Sale 'Price . . $8.45 szes 8 to
iber Overshoes, all sizes.
rice, a pair .. .....98o OLiASS 2
ress Shoes, values to $5. stocked 6
: Price, a pair .. . . .$2.98
-Values Laurens, S. C.
Long Cloth
.e Yard-vide Long Cloth, soft,
). flne quality, formerly sold
r for 25e a yard. 'Overstocked
Sale Price, 'per yard'
'Leave the meat six weeks in the
cure, and the extra heavy -pieces a ai
week longer. dif you wish to smoke
it, taken it right out of the pile and E
hang it in tlhe! smoke house, without
washing, and smoke it until you get
the right color. Pe careful not to 'have
the smoke house too hot, not over 120
Pure Pork Sausage
A good foriular for pure tIork
sausage, which has been tried and giv- 1)
en satisfaction is as follows: 9
To each 100 pounds of meat .prefer- t
ably 60 to 65 per cent lean and 35 to
40 per cent fat, ground through the v
finest illate, take 1 1-2 ipounds of salt,
4 ounces of black peilper, 2 ounces of
Isage, and one ounce of nutmeg. Mix c
all together well, sprinkle over the I
imeat and mix thoroughly.
If the sausage is to 'be kept for scv- N
cral months, it should have 2 pounds <
of salt instead of I 1-2 pounds. It I
should also be stuffed in casings or I
packed in jars and covered with lard. I
For convenience and to insure keeping
it can be madc into cakes, fried, packedI
in containers an( covered with lard.
F'rlther informat ion can be secured
from Farmers' Bulletin 1186 entitled,
will, too
I values
e Corsets
Parisanl lady Corsets are
Y good corsets. Now is the time
e to bluy onIe ait a reduictiol.
$1.50 Corsets ........98c
$2.00 Corsets. ... .$1:45
$2.50 Corsets ........$1.95
$3.00-Corsets ..$2.59
Dresses SHI
ed Prices
west styles in One lot Ladies' fintI
izes for womenU Iand :bronyn, forme
0. All iln one erstocked .Sale Pr]
One lot 'Ladies' soli
gun metal bluche
e hae pu our stocked Sale Pric
- One 'lot Children's 1
uits, values to all sizes, formneri;
stocked Sale Pri<
One lot Meni's fine
English and wid<
ultsvalus to brand, 'worth $7.1
Sale 'Price, per p
One lot Men's Scoi
leather. Overstc
~Ots One lot IMen 's Dr4
and brown Eng
d less than half Ia pair. Oversto
We have too One lot 'Min's Rul
Sizes t'o fit chil- Overstoeked Sale]I
ears, priced from
iOne -lot LIadies' D
5.95 Overistockea. Sal,
The Store of Better
Wool Serge
ats, 36-inch Wool -Serige, navy 'bl
ms to .only, formerly sold for $1.5'
Sle Overstoeked Sale Price, pi
* 75c
od will likely not be well settled and
le or'ganic matter will not be .suti
lently rotted by planting timue. 111is
mtses the cottonl to start off lowly
n(d lattire frilit slowly. m1a(ing it too
ite for boll weevil conditions. On the
rerage poor land of this state, where
rganic miatterP is so badly needed, the
icorporation of a large amount of
rganic matter from velvet beans (oth
r legumes, is a line thing for cotton
rhen plowed undirler early.
It will usually not be practicable
c) precede a cotton crop with i a
vinter cover crop, unless the cover M
:rop Is put In (arly in the fall and
lowed nilder very early in the
Ipriing before it has too large growth.
f'-a winter cover crolp Is permitted to
3row late and Imake a large growth and d
hen iurned uider for cotton, it makes 1l1
he cotton too late under boll weevil
- - w
habitual Constipation Cured Io
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITiI PEPSIN" is a specially- I1
prepared Syrup Tonie-Laxative for Habitual .
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regiularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. it Stimulates and
Regulate:; D Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
you see
-e offeri
Phoenix Hose
Womenl's .Il Phoenix I'lre A
Silk lost, the $1.25 ununher.
Overstoeked Sale PriceP
1 and Boys' Suits
ically Reduced Prices s
Men's Suits
fifty Men's Stits, values to $25.
's and -conservative nmodels, all
lifferent patterns to pick from. (
d Sale Price
$14.95 .
Boys' Suits
?, values to $12.00, sizes five to
well made, durable Suits, pretty
Overstocked Sale Price
Men's Pants
made one lot of all the Men's
have, values to $5.00. Over
ile Price, a pair
Boys' Pants
-Boys' $1.50 heavy School Pants,
16. Overstocked 'Sale Price, pair
-Boys' $2.00 Wool Pants. Over
ale Price, per pair
Cotton Flannel
10 pieces Ibleached and uin
bleached 'Cotton Flannel, good
weight and durable. Over.
stocked Sale Price, per yard
Curtaiia Scrim
Eeru and white Curtain
Serim, yard 'wide, formerly
sold for 15e a yard. Over
stocked Sale Priee, per yard
- 10e c
ow Preparation Known as
Williams Superior Skin
Whitener-Will Clear up Your
Skin, Keep it Soft And Fair.
Pll PosItively Remove Tan
Freocles in 7 Days. Il it Faits
Your Money Will Be
This preparation is a new scientiflc
scovery guaranteed not to harm the
ost (elicate skinl. Williams Sulpor
r' Skin Whitener is the only propara
in of its kind on the market. It is
lick and (elightfil in its effects and
ill not harm the most delicate skin.
Be sure to specify Williams Super
r Skin Whitener. Youi can securo
e genuine Williams Superior Skin
hitener at Laurens Drug Co.
Pilos Cured in 6 to 14 Days
:Tqcnel mw'y i.' PAO uiNTMENr Paiis
orP~rdigplS al
Women's Vests
omen's 75c Ves4ts, good
eight, fully 'bleaced(, fully
ade. Overstoeked Sale
Men's Socks
0( uai it hily blens Cott on
o'ks, worth 1 5e pair. Over-E
ocked Sale Price, per pair
Women's Hose
lood quality Women's Hose,
rorth 15e a pair. Oversto'k
d Sale Price, 3 pairs for
Wool Serge Skirts
Slot Ladies' wool Serge
skrts, black and navy, values
o $5.00. .Overstocked 'Sale
Diaper Cloth
tull 10-yard bolts, bleached
Diaper 'Olth, White Lily
Brand. Overstocked Sale
Price, a (bolit
Pepperel Sheeting
Popprell Sheeting is the
Standard Sheeting of the
world. Now is the time to lay
in a year's supply at Over
stocked Sale Price. 9-4 Un
bleached Pepperell Sheeting,
per yard
9.4 Bleached Pep perell
Sheeting, per yard
Ladies' Silk Hose
Ladies' Buster Browvn Piure
Silk Hose in black arnd brown,
All sizes for enen also. Price'
75c a pair. Overstocked Sale
Price, a pair
Ladies' Lisle Hose
Extra -fine 'Mercerized 'icae.
Seamed 'back, worth 350 a
pair. Overstocked Sale price

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