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Tje abertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertislig 11aki oi Application.
9ituarles-end Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
fttered at tie postollice at Laurens,
0. C., as second class nail matter.
LAURElNS, S. C., NOV. 30, 19,21
Abbeville peo;le are looking forward
to the opportunity of givinlg General
Foch a little taste of real Ahbeville
life when the great soldier stops at
the Seahoard "shops" to change en
gincs. A stoy at the Abbeville shops
will be a great thing for the general.
but just wait till he gets to Green
wood and takes a look at the stand
'ot only Greenwood but the state of
South Carolina will have the oppor
tunity ri(ay week to welcome at
Greenwoo( Ferdinand Foch, general
isshno of the allied armies, in whose
hands during the trying days of 1918
rested the hopes for eace an(
dleoaey in the world. It is a fore
goie conclusion that Greenw"ood will
measure up to its respnibility that
(lay an(1 do its part in iinpressing I;p
on the distinguished visitor h honor
it fdes in having him as a guest. The
wekom to he xtelded, however,
should be more than local and every
patriotic citi:zcnii who can possibly ar
range to be present should (10 so and
lend to tle occasion that whole-souiled
welcome that numbers alone can give.
The honor of the orcasion is not
Greenwood's alone. It is a state af
fair; and eery South Carolinian is his
The 1e:>pcery e(itor of The Newherry
Observer, exponent of Jacks township,
has no fears for speed, speed cops or
speed laws, judging by the record run
he irade from Newberry to Greenville
last week with a filend. We all know
that-the War Horse of the South Caro
lina iev.spapr fraternity has imorelI
PeP in his system and more punch in
his pen th mt of 1'trn
aries half his .ge, but none of us
thought that he could negotiate an au
tomobile ride of 68 miles in eighty
minutes and call It a "delightful i(e.
Some speed buzzer, eh!
This fiend on the road archly says
that they only "met" eight cars on the
road, naturally enough whizzing along
for only CS miles at 51 miles per hour
on the average, but he doesn't say a
,word abott how many ears the,
"passed" g)ing in the same directica,
We say the ld gentleman wa; hust
ling scim'. lk'lowv is his ovwn story
in bldek and wvihti. andl we call on the
lawv offictrs of Nwvb er'ry county to ar
rest him. flut we imagine that the I
speed editor, x hen facing the offcers,
willl du p!-ate the stor'y of the famous
bird( hunt'-, wvhen the law foihadi the
kIlling of more than fifteen birds per
(lay. TPhis hunter was coming from his
hunt 'and was accosted lby a stranger
who nsked him how many birds he
had killed that day.
With' the 'ride that "gccth- before a
fall'' :he rt ilied:
"Very nice kill, son," caid .the'
str'anger. "tt (10 you know ,who.I a?
"Couldn't rwear that I do," said out'
Nimrod, withI a feigned aiir of' suffer
ance andl~ toler'ation.
"I an the county game war'den,"
said the strange:' wvith some show of
Not 'abashed by the new angle that
affali's hadl taken, our friendl w~as ciu~ck
to rep r:
"WVel, do you know :who I am "
"No,' said the game warden,
"h I am the biggest iar' in the
'lier'e Is the' evidence In his owni
The Obser'ver' man left New-herry at
12:25 We'dnesday after'noon with Mr.t'
J. C. Poole In the latter's F'or'd for
Greenvlille. Mr. IPoole being on his
way to spendl Thanksgiving wIth the
home fell:: 15 mlies northI of (Green
Vylle, Tlhe Observer' mr'n to take thle
interurb'lan at Greenville for' Spartaut
'hurg. It was a most delilghtfuil idel,
the Ford I;:g on chock-aibv'rher's
and traveling r~t the liheari ratt. al
lowed by:, law. lut cihoek-absorbero
were not needed, the reads were ito
'good. There were no had places itn
the road, and, with Mr., Poole at the
'whetl, the speedomnotorn reghittered
no steadilly that It seemed to bo
'Tmeetig--other' earn-anid in the whole
dintance of sixty-eight miles not
mere than a dozen c'ars were met.
We r'olled Into the mountain city
~tt2: 15, having stopped by the r'oad
sido somethIng like half alt hoit r to
6j9joy lelnotely a ntico lunmcheon, in
~uding somo~ exellenigeoffee that wvo
di ptit in a thermos bottle at the
s'Uy jIlo reot'traxitayh'y. WE' stst.rted .
gfnd that was so hot *1hen the bottle ,
.'1S Q91d 'WQ had td jet it 9001 off
somne bere drinking it, -it is wvorth
a day's outing to enjoy a luncheon
,like thatI
The Interurban came along shortly
alter we reached Greenville. and I
was in Spartanburg some time before
Too much opraise cannot be given
the roads, with a few exceptions In
L.autcns county, one of these being
this side of Clinton. There was a
difference when we passed Kinards
and again when we Imasis-d Fountain
01 IINA.
Lust for power and riches has been,
the seat of nearly all wars since the
beginning of time. In the wars of the
-gyptians. the Babylonians, Persians
and1 ldRomans, on down the line through
the period of the modern Iuropeani
nations, expansion of national domain
for purpoe, of trade ha- been at the
bottom of the cause of wars. The lat
est great tragedy was the result of
commercial rivalries between the great
nations of Iurope. President Wilson,
in an idealistic dream which failed of
realization largely through partisan
politics at hoie, sought to remove the
Incentive of expansion by fixing the
boundaries of the nations of the world
and forming a leage of nations which
would guarantee that these boundaries
be kept intact.
President Harding has called a conl
ference of nations oi disarmament to
prevent the cost of proparation for
War. Success of his tlan is again en
clangered by the same old lust for pow
er and riches. China, practically the
sole remaining field of exploitation in
the world that is not able to take care
:f itself either by arms or diplomacy,
is the bone of contention. Japan, its
miitarstic nieighbor. t lEgland and
Prance have wrestled territory atnd
toncessions from the vas*t but helpless
L'elestial empire which they refuse to
give iu), but which all the time creates
the spirit of rivalry and distrust which
lemanids of each a large militaristic
r-ganization. The l'nited States, itn
self defense and as a protection of its
Dwi interest sin those spheres, Is
rorced into the same positioni of rival
Should the four great powers coin
sent to act fairly by China, the Far
Fastern question would be solved and
Japan at least would have no need for
great naval armaments. Likewise our
iecd and that of Great Britain, making
the three rival naval powers at this
inie, would be diminished an(l the cost
)f naval armaments automatically re
luced. At the bottom then, after all,
:he question of naval disarmament
lests upon the question of an honest
ttletmen of the Chinese situation.
'he question of land armaments Is ain
>ther matter.
A clear explanation of the Chinese
iuestion is found in an article by
.ishop Warremi A. Candler, of Atlanta,
01111d In Sunday's issue of The Atlan
a Journal, a part of which follows:
Why not all disarm, then, and go to
votk instead of trying to be always
'caty to go to war? III one word,
trange as it may seeni, the answer
, "China." Why doles Chiia stand In
lie way of dkarmar: ent ? Yat for atny
ault of China, hiltt beause' the nuAn
iEutrope atnd the emtpire of Jaan -have
een for years trea ting Chitna witht itn
tusti'ce. Their wvronig to thte 2holese
ta; -been, andi it', a :nost cosly~ crimve.
As far 1:aek as 1812. when China at
im ted to ;.at an end( t, the nefarious;
rade in10)1 oim, biy which her people
vere beitng debauched, Great Britain
ame forward to forbid the aholitlotn of
lhat htorrible traffic. The sale of opilumt
neantU millIions to Br itishi tradlers, atid
to war was decclar'ed otn China. The
ssuec of the "oplutm war" wvas certalin
romi thme first; Chin~a .wan beaten; an
ndetmnity of $4t2,000,000 was exacted;'
tid Great Britaini took over lIIongkong.
Seeing that mioney and land could lie
aken frotm China so easily, France
sooni stepped in and annexed Cochin
2hina, and titn e-xtendied a "protect
>rate" over Cambodia. Still later the
samue jowver pirovoked an unjust war I
.1dth China and took Tokin and~ Atnam.
Of course, Rutssia wanted somnething,
chile "getting was eany,"' and she In
urn took the Amuir river, wIth all Its!
etmmercial advantages, and annexed ~
'he entite coast of Manchuria to the
rotier of Korea, and built the fort oft
Vladilvostock with Its valutable port.
Tfhetn Germany came In for her '
'sp~hete of influence," and, making at
retext of the killing of two German
nitssionaries, b~y ChInese fanatics, she
threatened China with .war unless the
harbor of Kinchow were leased to the
Kaiset's E~mpire~ for tintety-nine years.
Such a gi-ab game was -bound to
aroutse the cutpidity and fears of Japan,
and she began to take notIce with a
view to having a htand In It. At first
she plrofessed great love for Korea, and
gave sympathy to a Korean revolutot'
,or indlepend~en, wvhich brought on the
war between C~lna and tihe Empilire of
the Miktado. China was beaten in the
cotest atnd a large Indemnmity was ex
tor'ted b~y Japan. China havitig been
thus~ put out1 of the way, a wvar with
Ruissi!a wayii briought. on, and na. the end
of that contest, JIauan ;.nnexedl Korea
with neverI a thiought of Korean inde
penidence for which ml' l'rofessedl sitch
concern whetn she wrint to war wllh
China. Beicndes annfexng Korca, Jeamn
undertook to - acqtuire the Llaottung
Peninsula, Formnona, and the Pesea
dotes ,Islands after her prtevicous war
with Chi)m, and this effort wait the pr6b
vaking causo of the war with Ruttia.
Klachow, (a forced lease from China),
When Germany leased the harbor of
Kiachow, Great Britain compolled
Chinr to give her a lease of indefinite
lontgth to the gre~at h-arbor of WVeihal-j
wel, and site (phtained also a leabe oft
four hundred squtare mies of territory
In the Peninsula of Kowvloon, profess
lng to have need ,of it fgr~the mIligry
dofense of Hiongkong.2 -
Subsequenthy Great fBritain extended
her "spheo-e of infittence" up the
Yangtze valley, and France, not to be
outdone by her neighbor across the
lEnglish Chanel, threw her "sphere of
influence" around the P1'ovince of Yu
It was not surprising that after the
European powers had thus continued
to loot China for years "the Boxer war"
broke out in 1900. It was a rebellion
against foreign injustice, although it
was attended with such brutality that
the nations of Europen, with our own
country, united to put it down, which
result they accon:lished in short oi
After the "Boxer war," the nations
exacted indemnities from OCtina, of
course; -but be it said to the honor of
the United States that the indemnity
paid to our country was returned to
China, and I snow being used by the
Chinese governmet as an educational
fund for educating students in Ameri
Japan and the 'nite( States got
nothing out of the "Boxer war"; but
when Japan made war against Russia
and whipped the forces of the czar, she
took all the holdings of Russia, includ
ing the L-iaotung Peninsula with Port
Arthur and IVaiy, subsetiently ab
;orbing ManchurIa and Inner Mongolia,
and annexing Korea.
During the World War Japan oustedZ
Germany from Changtung and took
ver the Kaiser's ninety-nine-year lease
)f Kiaochow. And Great Britain vir
tually annexed Thibet by the Young
Ilusband Expedition and "unveiled
But in all these rapacious schemes
>f the E'uropean Powers China was giv-'.
mn nothing for the things she lost. She
was systematically robbed, and then
orced to pay indemnities to cover the
'ost of the robberies.
And poor Korea was treate(d as badly
is the Kaiser treated ilelgium, and
vith far less excuse, although with
So Ciinma has been despoiled of her
nheritance and Korea deprived of her
Thcse facts show the very core of the
lisquieting "question of the Far East."
If the nations will deal honestly with
'hina and restore to Korea her right..
il inheritance, there will be no such
tuestion left, and disarmament will be
implifled immeasurably. -
If they will not treat China with
lonestv and Korea .with justice, it is
nly a question of' time when there will
>e the most awful war that ever human
melfishness inspire( and human skill
Bishop Candler speaks plainly but
rulv. For the futtiro peace of the
Vo.ld the I'nited States might well
*all for an open and above-board dis
ussion of the Chinese situation and
et the world know whether this men
ice to peace is to be removed and if
lot, who is to accept responsibility for
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State of South Carolin,
County of Laiurens.
Bank of Gray Court, Plaintiff,
'irs. Sallie 'McCall, et al, Defendant.
Pirsuiant to a decree of the Court
in the above stated case, I will sell at
public outcry to the highest bidder, at
Laurens C. 11., S. C., on Salesday in
iecember next, being Monday the 5th
day of the month, during the legal
hours for such sales, the following de
scribed pro;perty, to wit:
All that certain tract. piece or par
cel of land, lying, being and situate in
the county and state aforesaid, known
as the home place of Alex McCall, de
ceased, containing one hundred fity
seven and one-half (157 1-2) acres,
more or less and bounded on the north
by lands now or formerly belonging
to W. 13. Abercrombie. on the east by
Graydon lands, on the south by lands
of W. 11. 'Mahaffey, and on the west by
lands now or formerly belonging to
,1. V. Holder.
Terms or Sale: One-half cash, bal
ance to be paid twelve months from
date of sale; the credit portion to be
secured by bond and mortgage of the
purchaser over the said premises,
bearing S per cent interest from date,
with leave to purchaser to pay his en
tire bid in cash. Purchaser to pay for
paipers and stanips. If the terms of
sale are not complied with, the land to
be re-sold on same or some subsequent
salesday on same terms, at risk ot
former purchaser.
C. C. C. P. and G. S., Laurens, S. C.
Dated, this Nov. 10 1921. 18-3t-A
Take notice that on the 9th day of
December, 1921. I will render a final
account of my acts and doings as Ex
ecutrix of the estate of W. M. Pinson
deceased, in the ofice of the Judge of
Probate of Laurens county, at 11
o'clock, a. in., and on the same day
will apply for a final discharge from
my trust as Executrix.
Any person indebted to asid estate
is notified and required to make 'pay
fent on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
Nov. 9, 1921. 17-5t-A
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State of South Carolina,
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Pursuant to the decree of the Court
of Common PleasAin the case of'I. L.
Gray vs J. T. Wood, I will sell at LAu
rens'Court House, South Carolina, on
Salesday in December. IN921, the same
being the fifth day of the month, atl
public outcry to the highest bidder for
cash, the following tract of land, to
All that tract of land situated in the
county and state aforesaid containing 4
forty acres, more. or less, and bound
ed on the north by lands of J. 1). Gray
do.n, on the east by lands known as
the Abercromble place, on the southl
by lands of T. It. Campbell and on the
West by lands of James Armstrong and I
Sam Armstrong, the said tract of land
bling known as the Jim Craydon I
Terms of sale: cashi. Purchaser to 1
pay for papers and stamps, and if the
purchaser (toes not comply with the
terms of sale, the land shall he resold i
on the same or any subseiuent sales
day on the asme terms, at the risk of 1
the defaulting purchaser.
C. U. C. P.
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itate of South Carolina,
County of laureita.
Pursuant to a decree of the Court:
n case of Sallie R. Sweeney individu
tily, and as adininistratrii of the es
Ate of Anderson Robertson, deceased,.
laintiff, against Thad Robertson et
ti, defendants, I will sell at publie
Luction to the highest .bidder. at Lau
-ens C. 11., S. C., on -Salesday in De
emnber, 1921, the 5th day of the 'month,.
luring the legal hours for such sales,
he following described property, to
All that tract or plantation of land,
ltuate, lying and being near Gray
'onrt, in Laurens county, State of
3outh Carollia, containIng fifty-two
:,2) acies, more or less, and bounded
)m the north by lands formerly be
onging to Nancy Robertson; on the
,ast by lands of Mrs. .1. N. Leake, on
lie south by lands of -R. Lj. Gray, and
)n the west by lands of Bud Putunm,
Terms of sale: cash. Purchaser to
,ay for )a)ers. If the purchaser falls
o comply with his bid, the land to 'be
'esold on the same or some subse
ient salesday on the same terms. and'
it the risk of the former .purchasor.
J. P. L. C.
qov. 16, 1921. ,18-3t-A.
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IE 33

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