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Program (afls for Big Diay for Shrlilv
ers from Upper Part of Cite State
Oreenville will 'be the Mecca for Ali1
Shriners of the tupper part of'the state
Thuri'day of this week when the
Nobles'will gather for the,regular fall
Ceremonial. Laurens Shriners in
large numlberg are already .preparing
to wend their way to -Greenville and
enjoy the program nyhich has been ar
ranged. The .following news item
taken from the Greenville News gives
some idea of what may be expected
that (lay:
Shriners from all over the upper
part of South Carolina will gather in
-Greenville on Thursday of this week to
participate in the celebration which
has been arranged for them by Hejaz
Temple. The program for that day
includes many amusing and entertain
ing events whclh have -been especially
wprepalecd for the visitors. The var
Ois committees are just beginning to
ibreathe easy after the strenuous work
they have gone through in order that
'everything might be in readiness on
Thursday when the visitors arrive.
A letter is being 'prepared to send
'out to the Greenville members of Hejaz
Temple, requesting them to appear
in the Shriners' official garb, that is,
full dress suit and fez, nt the cere
monial on Thursday. On account of
the ceremonial :being held in Green
,ille, the local -members are In a bet
ter position to appear in .full dress
than are many of the visitors who twill
need to ride many miles, over dusty
roads, in automobiles in order to bei
ipresent on the momentous occasion
that will bring them to the city Thurs
day. -Nevertheless, many of them will
come attirefl in the official dress, while
others will don it after their arrival.
Potentate George T. Bryan in speak
Ing of the remarkable showing made
-by Greenville members of Hejaz Tem
Ple at the I last ceremonial, when so
many of them wore full dress In the
parade, stated that. it was his dcir.e
that ij greater number wear the ofli
clal garb on Thursday. Until the last
ceremonial tht order of affairs was
hesitancy in ampearing in full dress be
cause there were so few of them who
did so that they felt conspicuous In
that attire. However, at the spring
ceremonial there order of affair was
changed; there were innumerable
Shriners in dress'suits, and remember
ing what a splendid appearance they
made, it is hoped, in addition to the
Greenville members, that the out of
tow' members and visitors will ask
"friend wife" to hang out the old
sissoirs tail" suit to get- rid of the odor
of moth balls, and send It to the
pressing club and then pack it in a
suit case or grip, ready for the "do
inga" in Greenville on Thursday.
All 'Shriners, as their wive% and
sweethearts will agree, look fihe in
dress suits. They make a "prune" look
like a prince of good fellows. Even If
they are hammered down, 'bok-legigen
dwarfs; or long, lean, lanky bean-polps
with Adam aipples that insist on riding
the tops of their etillars; or of cor
pulant propensity with so-called "ibay
windows" that appear to need a prob
or support, it makes no difference,
they will look good in -their dress
suits when they crown the effect -with
their'fez. The "Hanidsome ~Harry"
types need no urging to vie awith .their
aforementioned brothers in the mat
ter of dress, although, :be it known,
they will attract less attention among
the flair ones of the opiposite sex,- all
-of whom are inclined to lean to and
like something odd and different.
The officials of the TIemple do not
wish the impression to go abroad that
Shrindrs not in full 'dress will'be out
.of place on Thursday. No $hriner is
ever Qut of placo at a Shrine gathering'
if hre can produce the current year's
-Shrine card and spea'k intelligently the
requisiteo Arable anue.The oft
cdal are not so lnceh after, the dress
suits as they ar-e after thti Shriners
themseived, so those -who will not wear
the official garb are urged to get out
their fez and 1921 b. tine card anid
r-ide, 'Walk or crawl to O3reenville for
'Thursday's festiyitles,
(Don't fail to see d'h faire of
-Anatol'' at the6 'riniceas ? ~re rhurs
day amid Pridsy$, De 1 4 .*
4464 etonfort els. Pver'
an ~L e Iru thme most a ddy
naTfldy we ua w.
No Let-Up In Campaiig to Secure
embership-lin American Ited Cross.
The annual iRed 'Cross 11011 Clli
which was to have begun Armistice
Day and to have closed Thanksgiving
Day is still in progress in Laurens
county.. Under the direction of -Miss
Margartt Dunlap the campaign for the
Roll Call is making fine progress-Tle
organizaticn for the Roll Call in Lau
rens county iwas not perfected until
the early part -of .lqt week. So far
over three hundred have joined the
Red Cross.
The record of the Red Cross In its
national program alone would cause
miany persone to join this organiza
tio t. The fundametal aim of this or
p.anization is to continue and carry on
a system of national and international
reliefl in time of peace and to aid in
uiffering caused by pestilence, famine,
fIre, fiods and other national calami
ties; and to devise measures.for pre
venting same and to promulgate a ipro
gram .for national health. The Red
Dross membership doll'ar will help to
inake possible the accomplishment of
Its duty, "The union of all who love
in the sereiee of all who suffer."
Not only .thc national record but the
local record of the Red Cross is
worthy of conisderation. During the
p)ast year in Laurens County the R.ed
Dross through its Home Service do
)artment aided hundreds of ex-sqrvice
lien in the county; through the nurs
ng department it hadxmany successful
Jaby campaign' at Laurens, Gray
Jourt, Owings) and 'Clinton; held a
.ubercular clinic at Laurens; exam
ned several thousanad school chil
Iren; and gave visits to many sick
.olk that were in need of medical at
ention. In addition to these definite
hings the Red Cross chapter at Lau
,ens helped to formulate a more defl
lite program of' healti education
hroughout the county.
What, then, is the iprogram of the
Rled Cross for the coming year in Lau
ens county?
First, to continue its association
with the .National organization in its
oiley of assisting in the reconstruc
ion of the devast'ated iworld and aid
ng in making American citizens
xealthier and stronger. To do this It
s neqessary that a number of folk in
Uaurens county join the local Red
3ross and thus let a part of the -money
)e sent to headquarters.
Second, to have a Home Service
worker for a number of months to as
siet the ex-service men in adjusting
heir glaims. During the past month
he Clean-Up Squad was in (Laurens,
)ut necessarily much work was not
,ompleted. 'Recent days have biought
nany ex-service menl to Red Cross
leadquarters for tiis purpose. Some
;hing over three hundred men were
xamined by this squad. and .the con
,lusion is that twenty-five per cent of
hese wvill need additional help. Sbme
lays ago a young man came to the
Red Cross with a claim. This man
!ould neither read nor write. 'He has
eOen due $27.50 per month for tile past
uight months and lIas not received a
~ent. Tihe .Home Service uworker will
e 'asked-to look closely after such cas
Third, to have, a Red Cross nurse for
he county. The past year showed the
work that thia -nurse may do. This
work showed the possible good that re
mults, The Red Cross chapter at Lau
rens feels the need of having a nurse
o assist I'amilies of ex-service men;
:o direct the health programi of the
bunty,, not only amopg the adults but
wmong the children as well; and to co
>perate with other orgahizations in
the state program for bettering the
me'alth facilities ot the state.
'Miss Ma.rgaret 'Dunlap, of Laurens,
zas 'been selected as the Home Ser
vice worker. She will be in her of
act three dlays during the week, Wed
ries.l .y, tJhut'sday iand Friday. This
mfce .will be kept open six months.
r'ho Red Cross chapter feels that al
Ilaims ~for comipensation, hospitaliza
tion, etc., ought to 'be'fully cleared up
by;fthat time.
vIfhe nurse for the coming year has
ztot Been selected. Funds for employ
ngd his nurse, hgve been inadeqiuate.
IA4ye~' tho e Ite Cross chapter had
Stnds otiouill to eftiploy Vnurse' onily
foira tar. .The logal Redross is now
in totuch with headquarters for the
sul'pose of employinda~ p.murae for the
iomltig yea r.~
Yo crty. ut- this vrogramn it is
WC1se ydh4bt tlhol' be a IfVge 1ted
3rge bteftierthip~Sm ff1ursis coutity,
f'auvot n' 't ie equaty' wishes to take
0it ai- hue 0n
oloed the Red Cross let hi senld hi
M.Nembership Dollar to Mfiss *Margare
Dunip, Liaurenls, S. C.
XIt. Gallaghor, Nov. 28.-Miss Fran
,es Odelle and Miss Ruth Martin, ih<
Ire in school at Tigcrsville, spen
rhanksgiving at their homes and re
urned to school last Sunday.
Mr. Wyley 'Wells and M'r. Walte
Now is the t
and the righ
Do your Chr
Realize your
Featuring the- w
ren in oxfords,
' $12.00 Vah
Ladies' Brown Kid Shoes,
Now $8.44
$12.00 Valh
Ladies' Black Kid SIhoes,
military heel
Now $8.45
$10.00 Val
Ladies' Black Kid and Tan
Shoes, military heel
Now $7.4E
$7.50 Valu
La(ips' Afahogany Kid, Eng
tary heel
Now $5.91
Twenty-seven inch
20 cents yard, no
Twenty-seven inch :
25 cents yard, no
Fine Ribbed I
For boys and girls, regula>
Nov. Sale Pric4
'Middy Suii
The senaation of the day-'l\
prices that sweep you off yot
and Misses all-wool Middy
$22.50 suit
Nov. Sale Price
Ladies' Fall (
Navy Iblue, 'brown and -black
ed, and self collars. Sizes
'worth $25.00
Nov. Sale Price
Children's C<
Brown, red, navy; fur and bi
sizes up to 14 years, worth
Nov. Sale Price
(lay with mirs. J. i. Hill, Sunday.
Mrs. W . Ii D)avenport. and littl
i DicC, Went sholmping inl Greenwoo
t week.
dr. J. It. 'irown, of this Section, ha
1 asSistising AI'. J. 0. McNinci , i:
Work at the livery stable at .War
3als, last week.
liss Carrie Coleman, of Ware Shoal
L Jast Saturlday for tlt city hospita
Coliumbia, to go in training to -he
rie people of tius$ county would 'b
'y grateful to the county superviso
he would see to the roads bein
Aace, the thir
! Here!
models for men, y
vest styles and foi
, with hall Strap, Ladies' Bia
ruhbber heel
plain or cap toe, Ralston Sh<
or full toes
lish last, miltary Tan Englisli
ioes, low heel Boys'
One lot New Dresi
styles, just receive
quick selling
Only 4
all-wool 36-inch 36-inch Bla<
formerly sold alt 'black only,
rice 98cNo
ISerge inl assorted
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'rice 16c b~e had in 1b
dies! Nov
'ats, all styles, go..
ce $19.75 We have b,
Silk variety of
E, worth $1,50 Nov
rice 98c
Blankets 'Standard fi
,voo worth $12.50 regular $2.5
ice $8.89 Nov,
S. C.
4 Wells, his nepiew, spent last Sunday thu
t With Mr. and \'As. W. 1). Davenport. ]
Ml rs. )r'.10rton, of Ivey, spent last 8M1
week with her parents, iIlr. and Xlirs. la
'WN. II. Hughes, of 'llugihesville.
The Thanksgiving entertainment at be
Mt. Gallagher. school house last Wed. his
nesday niight Was very much enjoyed Sh1
by all -present. Many interesting I
- speeches and dialgues were recited by lef
the children. of
Miss Agnes Martin, who teaches near nu
-Hllonea alPth, apent the Week-end 'with
honefolks. * ve
Irs. Ton Odelle 'and children spent if
ime---here is the i
t prices.
istmas buying noi
dollar's worth at
ell known makes and:
hoes, boots---in all ne%
ie $7.50 V
military heel liadies' new Tan lBrogu
low rubber heel .
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Gardiner's Cushion -Sole
low rubber 'heel
ue ENow $
Kid, Eg ish ' $5.00 V
a-dies' Black Ki(d, En
Now $2
lish last, mili- $5.00 V
Girls' Black Kid rS.
Now $3
Dress Gingham, worth
y 15c
Blue Chambrey, worth
W" ;
lose . Serge
i' 25e value. One ot heavy weight,
4c Serge, assorted colors
sNov. Sale Pi
liddy $uits at 36-inch Cotton Dress
ir feet. Ladies' colors, for school wcar
Suits, regular Nov. Sale I
$11.98 Look, La
1Ilot $35.00 all-wool (<
oats Iing now at
all wool belt- Nov. Sale Pri
well assorted,
$11.98 36-inch rongee stil
ats trme, Nov. Sale P
itton trme, Wool Plaid
110 and $12.50 Full double size, all
$6.75 ,Nov. Sale Pr
workva arollnd here, as they 'are inl
11e rxorst condition they have ever
I been ill. Some phles are alimost ill
A ir. Arthur I )avenport will move to
e his fathers' home place ncar llodgens
next week.
will break a Cold, Fever and Grippe
quicker than11 anilything we know, pre
Y eniting pnieumonia11.
kgs you need,
omen and child
r every occasion.
$3.50 Value
1k Kid Conunon 'Sense Shoes,
Now $2.79
$10,00 Value
)e for Wen, tan calf, English
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$5.50 Value
or 'full toes, for men, rubber
Now $4.89
$4.00 Value
School Shoes, gun metal
Now $2.95
sers, all new winter
d, worth $25.00, for
c Chiffon Taffeta
ik Chiffon Taffeta, worth $2.50,
. Sale Price $1.98
silk Stockings
These arc not seconds. Can
lack, ligiht gray and cream
.Sal,e Price 48c
Idren's Sweaters
Linched one lot of Sweaters in
styles and colors, worth $5.00
Sale Price $3.48'
Iohawk Sheets
ill size fMohawk Sheets, 81x90,
0 value
Sale Price $1.69

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