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Large Areas of Leased Territory "n
be Itelinlquished by Three Big Pow
ers With Certain Conditions.
Washington. D~ee. 3.-10'mancipation:
cf C(I ina Ir!a forcigi control was said
to have moved forward considerably
toiiy at a conference of the nine pow
vrs throigii proposa Is froin JInil
Cgreat, Britaiin anld Frallce for relil-'
< :. - c and iIportant
r rI .ts of t l kit rite y ill
te I- VrieffrS If thc thIrInee llower
W * ( llfitiOill l 1o111a liI t( , 11not ill
vll - I a l th ir lI s'd r Its Id t
wer dI (lat.d aliitall' to bK oe to
0lhe most im portant develoirl -:i of:
lit- i"tr -:iA Atern c lonference.
i inivte ic r'.tin is are d tir
redt fer furlthler discnl,-ion at1 'kte n1xt
(lilc ig ofl the P tr I i llim it
tot, next We~I-dne !da . ih-e thref da.y"'
dj llment beingl-- takt n so( tha:t Thne
dkenssions 111 1 \evic 11 hit ti and liti pill
on htn and the tudi.s of
comnitties oni ohr Chinese e.rtions
conhl proced. 'TIlhe conferenc < li y11e
ates-- also decsireid to attend the openl
in'- ceremlonlioe of congres.s- next
F'rlince Gives U'y linangi Cho%%
Whenl the qinestion onl thle conf'er.
(nce agenda of remnoval of special
spheres of iintl( nc( in ilChina was
brought til today. Prance offered to
relinquish her iease(d territory of
We hav
you are
Bath Rob
Bath Robes for
family will be fo
These are most sui
for Xmas
.All Price
Beautiful Hai
The novelties we
ing in Handbags, be
velvet bags and ti
box bag, in the n,
ations of the sea
these while you e
Kwang Chow providing similar ces
slons will be made by other powers
having such special spheres of Influ
ence. Japan followed with reiteration
of an offer to relinqluish her leased
territory in Shantung and Great Brit
-inll joinied with a 1;iroi)osal 40 Ieiln
<luish the '13ritish leased territory of
Kei-I lai-Wei. All of the offers ex
cept that of .lapan coleerling Mao
Chow wee conIditional 11pon cesion
of leased territory by the other pow
ers and also.( itponl perforilnanice by
4China 4of certainl con ilitio ls which. del
-. (. (ecilard t(1 onigh, ft probably
wolhi he met.
.lapan All. ll ilara said. stood on
hel 1,r eIh offer.s to --ive Il) iao
('how 1 the basi: of 1 r position ont
1: .I ho r oe to P king.
to lIi'illi shiml - lit of her I. a ed trri-' -
111r y ill A14 1 l a;ie huria. ia d Grat.
B"rit:iin to 1( lcauz of Kai-L.w, ,
.-:e tI ope11 tleaty 14or1t of Ilonw
K i:. Brit I, (ishI l represeitat VI coil
tmlded that Kai-Low was an inmpor
tant factor in iresentation of tiwe 1ot.
if lln Kong and il insuring its re
eias anl openl port.
,Jajan lolds Port Arthur
'Ihel only leased territory which re
mained for discussion as far as Japan
was concerned, Mr. llanihara told the
com11mittee, was that Kwalitulig pro
vince, or Pot Arthur and 1)airen.
,e quite an assoi
doing your Xn
See our windo
Buy Now
The i
all cokc
gift for
the whole
und here.
table gifts
are show- Spe
aded bags,Jfy
ne dainty- Des
ewest cre
son Se of new
wool da
re in our
- 2!
"As to that territory" he declared,
"the Japanese desire to make it clear
that Japan has no intention at pres
sent -to relinquish the important rights
she has lawfully acquired and at no
small sacrifice. The territory in ques
tion forms a part of SManchuria, a re
glon .where by reason of its close pro
pinquity to Japan's terrory, more
than anything else, she has vital in
terests in that which relates to her
economic life and national safety.
"This tact was recognized and as
surance was given by the American.
British and French governments at
the time of the formation of the inter
national (onisortium that these vital
intleSts iof ,1apan inl the region in
fluestioll sl hall be safegiuarded."
The U~ii tel Statsv., accordi ng to re
!rt IO xp IX Ires S(d a syinpathetic atti
tude toward Chinese aspirations fo
r utrn lihe la: sed areas bit Amle
n. haiving no it id territory was
'aid not o be coiernied directly in
his pha (o0 the disclissiolns.
0 onidlenCe w.as exp)ressed in A er
Um 'i rS tonigt.ht, however, that
t h oit ' her metin gs an ag'ement
woulld d(( velo% for relilIluishlment of
sI vral of he leased arleas atid 1111
der.;atidings in the futire adinin istra
tion of the rest.
ClINTON It. . ). 1
Clilton, Dee. 6.-We are jlad this
Imtorining to see the Sttunslhine after
sone rainy days
Mr. .1. If. Wallenzine an(l son, Claud.,
rtment of novelt
ias shopping. I
vs, and look at (
Before the
nost beautiful line of
ancy Handkerchiefs in
>rs, a most desirable
cials in Dresses
u are interested in a
ee our big assortment
styles, both in silk and
e..,es, going for
per cent off.
t i
and Mr. R. T. Trammell were visitors
in Newberry Saturday.
-Mr. Jesse Prince spent last Satur
day night with Mr. Leegette Nabors,
of the Hurricane section.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Davis and chil
dren spent last Sunday afternoon
with tIr. and Mrs. W. T. Jacks.
.Mr. and 'Mrs. J. t. Whitire and
son, Marvin. of Clinton,- Mr. and Mrs.
P1utnam and NMr. Heriman Schoppaul,
of Shelby, N. C., were the guests of
Mr. Ilumas Prince and family Sunday
Miss Janie lluzhardt and Nlisses
EIunice and Lillie Belle Walletizine
visited nearI lI-aurens Saturday.
Little Miss Sucelia Sanders is on an
extended visit with relatives in U'nion.
.AIr. EIdd Pini1ce slIelt last Su inlay
at the home of Mr. Will Nabors.
.Als. Maie Garvin and (lauigItIer,
.\lmiii lon, are witii her brother,
Ir. .1. II. WV.,Ill zilne. for awhile.
.I r'. ". un way and family vis
it(d .lMr. and11l MIs. Victor 12awson Sun
\ir. Williani 8. Vallenzine, of New
berry, has ret1!urnieod lloi after a1
weksviszit with hCS cousin, Mrl.
CIm11d Wallenzine.
.llss smm Prnceand( brothler,
.leCse, an1d N'. Leegt te Nabors were
the spnd-Itie-day guests of Mr. and
lrs. W. T. Jacks Sunday.
.!arer Everett Mize has retunied
hoilie after visiting relatives and
friends here for sometime.
.\Messrs. I'dd and Jesse Prince and
MI. George Little were among those
who attended the play "Microbe of
Love" given by the teachers of the
y articles that
Below we mak
)ur tables whik
1 Rush Is
Special in Ladies
One lot ladies' S
high-top black, tan al
all French heel. Pric
$10.00 to $15.00, go:
Special for $4
One lot ladies' Fre
shoes in black kid,
and gray kid sold foi
to $17.50, to close oi
'Waists and B1h
We still have a ni
tion of Waists and
up to $10.00, going I
Middy Suit
One lot beautiful
Middy Suits up to $3
ing for.
Central graded school at the Oiphan- 7
age chapel Tuesday night, Nov. 29. e
Mrs. W. T. Jacks spent last Mon- 1<
day with homefolks. ti
Messrs. Roy and Claud Trammell
and Paul Prince were in Clinton Sat
urday night.
Laurens, S. C.,
Dec. 2, 1921.
)ear Santa Cla is:
We are going to expect you Chrimt
lias. We would like for you to bring
us two big (olls, with yellow curlly
hair. a suit, of furniture for the dolls,
Chairs, tea set, stove, a .work basket
nd some good story hooks, antd lots
of niice fruiit .nd candy; 'aIo Some1
Please don't forget our brother att,
baby sister. 11hey ,wodi(I like to get
sollietling niice. too. We will be look
Ing for you, please don't disappoint us.
Katherinie and Alice IPoper.
Ag(-s ! an~d 7 years;.
Lamrens, S. C.
omar Old Santa Claus:
I anm a little boy two and one-half
years old, and I want you to bring
me a piano, o-1 that I can play on,
because imly g-ran(mother will not let
me play on hers. And I want a sicepy
(oll, one that will clo:;e her eyes and
sleep. I also want a Teddy bear. and
please Old Santa, don't forget lily
will interest yoi
e mention of a
h you are in ou
Too Great
hoes, in
nd gray,
:ed from
nch heel Ladie
tan vici, The seat
e $15.00 styles in f
it for iery presei
bilities for
have these
ful styles i
>uses gg8
ce selec
Blouses, Bea<
ror See te
that are
________store. Qu
0.00, go-16bt
white, blac
for $5.95.
itter baby, Mary $therine, and oth
r boys and girls. Please brin i mo
its of fruit and candy. I'm a good lit
e boy.
Allie Bennett, Jr.
Poor PIsh.
A New York scientist has discov.
red a land-living fish. No need to
e a scientist to do that; we know
lot of them.
"Only One Thing
Breaks My Cold"
EII relief that Dr. Ming's New
Discovery givee froI stubborn old
co!(IS, arld oirishiig new ones, grippe
an thr':at-tonri ng coughs ha made
it the t;fanii'r rimedv it is today.
Time-tried fo' f %iftyv years and never
ihole popular inot today. No harmiful
You will FCre niotice the re-lef in
loosene: I ph hgm and cased cough.
Alwzvay; reaiable, a1 good fcr the
whole family. I a con viicing, heal
inig taiSte w'th all its good mdicinai
.1a , ,,)~ 11'jii a
qulalit ie. AI a!I druggists, 60 cets.
New iscovery
For Colds a Coughs
The Regul . 4 Constpation ar
siIk hIadtc e:;, lihousness, allow
i-kim, w-ste ma.tt in the intestinal
system. ('orregt this health-under
umining condition by taking Dr. King's
'ills. 2.5 cent, All drurgists.
i while
few of
r store.
8' Silk Hose
on's most favorite
ull fashioned Hos
it delightful possi
useful giving. We
in lots of beauti
Lnd colors
~. and up.
led Girdles
iew Beaded Girdles
going fast at our
ite a fad, now.
c. and up.
rn Kid Gloves, in
k and brown, going

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