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To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat wombined with the heelinag effect of
G~rove's 0-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a couigh.
Botli mcinedls ate packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatincfl is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Wite Haired Alabama Lady Says
and Go But The "Old Reliabli
Came and
Dutton, Ala.-In recommending Thed
ford's Black-Draught to her friends and
neighbors here, Mrs. T. F. Parks, a well
known Jackson County lady, said: "l am
getting up in years; my head is pretty
white. I have seen medicines and reme
dies come and go but the old reliable
came and stayed. I am talking of Black
Draught, a liver medicine we have used
for years-one that can be depended up
on and one that will do the work.
"Black-Draught will relieve indigestion
and constipation if taken right, and I know
for I tried it. It Is the best thing I have
ever found for the full, uncomfortable
Choice (
We get about as
much wholesale -
for one pound of
Short Loin as we do
for four pounds
or Chuck
The wide variation in the
cuts from the same side of
demand for the so-called choi
course, just as wholesome.
It seems as though mi
demanding choicer cuts, and
If few people ask for the foi
forequarters will automatic
enough to induce people to bi
Even though certain ct
prices, other cuts, due to lack
our profit from all sources o
averaged only a fraction of a
It is competition betweei
cuts that keeps prices for thc
equalizing demand for alt pl
benefit producer, packer, reta
Our average wholesale a
has fallen about 40 per cent a
Swift & Comi
. . . . . * . * * * * * e*
Our hearts, though sad, yet rejoice
to know that we lost a deiar sister
aid friend in the death of Mrs. Opel
lia F. Wowler, one who was a great
Lufferer. one who always spoke words
of encourageient to all about her, one
who set the example which all should
follow in always being submissive to
the chastising of our dear Saviour.
F'he always bore her cross no matter
how heavy, without a murmur. She
would so often say, God chastises -those
She Has Seen Medicines Come
e" Thedford's Black-Draught
feeling after meals; Sour stomach and
sick headache can be relieved by taking
Black-Draught. It aids digestion, also
ssists the liver In throwing off impuri
Lies. I am glad to recommend Black..
Draught, and do, to my friends and
Thedford's Black-Draught is a stand
ird household remedy with a record of
over seventy years of successful use.
Every one occasionally needs something
to help cleanse the system of impurities.
Try Black-Draught. Insist upon Thed
Ford's, the genuine.
At all druggists. (. 7)
.and Others
A few months ago a
newspaper man visited
one of the wholesale mar
kets of Swift & Company.
He wanted to see a re
tailer buy a short loin of
beef and then watch the
retailer sell the porter
house and sirloin steaks
from it over his counter.
He thought this would
make a good story.
The head of the market
took the reporter into
the "cooler" where he
showed him a high class
side of beef. With a
wooden skewer he marked
off the short loin and
said, "That is only 8 per
cent of the weight of the
whole side and it is selling
for four times as much
as this piece (and he
marked off the "chuck,'
which is about one-fourth
of the side of beef)."
a wholesale price of various
beef Is caused largely by,
er cuts. The others are, of
ore people than ever are
their demand sets the price
requarter cuts, the price of
dlly drop to a figure low
ly because of cheapness.
its sell for relatively high
of demand, sell so low that
ver a period of five years
ent a pound.
i consumers for the choice
se cuts relatively high; an
arts of the carcass would
ller and consumer.
elling price of all products
Ince September 1920.
manv. U. S. A.
he loves and it is all right for this
affliction, I am only waiting for the
summons when I shall pass over the
U'er and rest under the shade withi
all my loved ones who are w'aiting for
ml4e oil that beautiful shore.
We, the ladies ol' the W. M. U., of
Lanford church, do feel like a dear
mother has been taken from us. She
was a great inspiration to ts in our
work. Sel was always ready to do
her ii)art. WheIn affliction camne she
always asked to be remembered at a
throne of Grace, and her heart was
with its though her feeble body was
for a year or more not able to meet
with its.
Resolved, That in the death of our
dear Sister that we place to her mei
ory a blank page, not only in our note
book, -but in our hearts, a living mem
ory of her woh was so faithful to work
for hci Master. We do extend to her
three grandchildren our sympathy, our
love for their dear old grandmother.
We feel like we need sympathy in the
loss of ber, whose place is forever
vacant in our W. M. U. May God bless
each one of its and cause its to do
more for Him and (Us cause than we
ever done.
Mrs. J. S. Higgins,
Lirs. J. M. Fleming,
Mrs. Alice Mills,
** 4*4 * * * * * * * * * *
* ** * * * * * * * * * * *
Riddles Old Field, Dec. 5.--Hlog kill
ing seemls to be the order of the day.
Several have already killed. If thp
wcather cotitinuesd to lie cold a nium
ber of others are planning to follow
Several from here were in Uaturens
last week on business. Among those
who went were E. H1., 11. P., S. 'M., N.
D., larlow and Ida Dee Garrett, S. ',.
Riddlei .1. M. Todd, Guy Putnam, E.
Al. Riddle, P. E. Cooper and 'Mr. and
Mrs. 1). 11. Jutnam ana little James.
Mtr. and Mrs. A. W. Rhodes were In
Greenville Thursday on business.
Mrs. S. E. Riddle annd Mrs. Ezelle
Garrett spent oen day last week with
lmrs. Fowler iBurns, near Barksdale.
.\r. R. L. Robertson and family and
mother, Mrs. Cora Robertson iwere the
gusts Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. S. E.
The W. M, S. Circle No. 2, met Tues
day afternoon with Mrs. S. E. Riddle.
A very interesting program was car
ried out. Mrs. C. C. Cox, of Lanford,
gave a report of the W. M. S. meetAng
held at ' 'hcstnut Ridge which was In
teresting, as well as lielpful
Aiss Carrie Rhodes spent. last week
end with Miss Nannie Owens.
Mr. J. A. 'Britton Is on the sick list,
we are sorry to state.
MIss Allie Williams visited her sis
ter., Mrs. Ezelle Garrett, recently.
Mr. S. D. Garrison anil family, of
Gray Court. and Mr. Henry Franks, of
Laurens, called to see Mr. and Mis.
A. W. Iliodes, recently.
Mr. Elugene Todd entertained a few
of hi1, friends at a biirthmday supper)01
.\londlay night.
Miss Mittile Cannady -and motheri are
vilsiting trelatives In WVoodrutff.
Mr '. Hi. A. HlCOmbeI wvas fortumnate
enough o hil i icome .wild dutcks t'e
Mr. and Mt's. Ben Sherbert, of this
commtunity, have recently moved back
to their home place neat' Owings. Mr'.
and Mm's. Ray Garrett wvill occupy .the
Mr'. George Cox, F. E. Bobo and Mir.
Kellctt cnjoyed a aahbit hunt Satur
day. Sir. Cox's dog went mad while
httnting. No one was bit. The dog
lot away.
Mr'. and .Mrs. Driayton Rhodes have
returned from Georgia. They will
make their home at Canupobello,
Jones, Dec. 3.-In common with the
hosts of friends of Hon. -D. S. Header
son, of Aiken, we were very sorr'y to
hear of his recent death.
The game of basket ball between
Ware Shoals and Whitmire, on the
26th of November, resulted -In favor'
of Ware Shoals.
We extend congratulations to Mr.
WillIe Jones Medlock and Mise Rhodes
who were recently married.
George 'and Adam .Jones have re
crvercd the old1 Jones honmestead.
'Thanksgiving paesedi off euietly
'fth us.
Miss Mary Gambrell, of Winthrop,
'cnompanived by her seheolmate, Mimss
"' ton, of Alken, spe'nt Thanksgiv
e with her parenatl, Mr. and Mrs. J.
4' 1'mbreUt. of Ware Shqals.
After a visit of several weeks to her
ents, D-. end Mrs. W. T. Jones,
JT. A M"Gowan end daughter,
ura, have r'eturned to WVaycross, Ga.
Mvstrs. U~ne' end V M. Daven
*Iare sanM lumber In our comn
!r. J. A Hill haa acpod a post
"'m with th-e We"e Shon Company.
Our nephew'. Samur! and 'Preston
"-""iams', ofi -La~urens, ecently sold
.-,ttont at Ware Shoals,
Mr. 'ny Golden. of Flo-ida. ia vinit..
ing relatives and friends In this see
Mr. Curry, of Gray Court, has hauled
two truck loads of cotton daily for
several months to Ware Shoals.
Dr. W. '. Jones Is grateful to his
colored friends for cutting and haul
ing him fire and stove wood.
Mr. J. C. Gambrell is on a northern
We recently met the following
friends: Claud Pinson of 'Clinton, Eu
Igene Darnore of Donalds, Mr. Wright
S[mms of Waterloo, Jas. Carlisle of
Mt. Bethel, and Blain Sample of Green
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITII PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxativo for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulate3 % Very Pleasant to Take. 00c
per bottle.
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
3r5-cents buys a bottle of "Danderine"
at any drug store. After one applica
tion you can not find a particle of
dandruff or a falling hair. Besides,
every hair shows new life, vigor, bright
mess, more color and abundance.
On Au
By a fortunate pur
able to offer the f4
Racine, Mason and
30x3 Thermoid - -
30x 3-12 Fabric.-.
31x4 Fabric..
32x4 Fabric_
33x4 Fabric
34x4 Fabric
33x4 1-2 Fabric.
35x4 1-2 Fabric
32x4 Racine Fabric,
33x4 Racine Cord.
34x4 Racine Cord.
30x3 1-2 Mason Cor<
32x4 Mason Jr. Cort
32q4 Mason Sr. Cord
35x5 Mason Sr. Cort
One Lot of Dodge T
30x3 ..
30x3 1-2
32x3 1-2
34x4 .
32x4 1-2
33x4 1-2
. 34x41-2
35x4 1-2.
35x5 ..
All First.; ?
. Mail Orders Filed
- Cah With. Ordew
WoPrepay Charges .
For Constipated Bow
Sour Stomach
The nicest cathartic-laxative in the
world to physic your liver and bowels
when you have Dizzy Headache, Colds,
Biliousness, Indigestion, or Upset, Acid
Stomach is candy-like "Cascarets."
One or two tonight will empty your
You Just Try
NR For That
One Day's Test
The stomach only partly digests the
food we eat. The process Is flniplhed
in the intestines where the food is
mixed with bilo from tho liver.
It must be plain to any sensible per
on who realiheo this, that the
stomach, liver and bowels must work
in harmony if digestivo troubles
are to be avoided or overcome.
This fact also explains why
sufferors from indigest!on, nlso
suffer more or less from head
aches, biliousness and constipa
If you are one of the many un
fortunate persono who cannot eat
without suffering a9fterward, If you
are constipated, bavo billous npells,
headaches, coated tzngue. bad breath.
variable appetite, are nervous, losing
energy and feet your herilth slipping
away, inko thin advice and get a box
of Nature's Remedy (NIt Tablets)
- and -tart taking it.
" - - , or two
Laurens Drui
Lrd of
chase of automobile tire
>llowing wonderful barg
India Tires and Tubes; a
---------- ---31
------- ----3--2
res, 32x3 1.4, Special F
.....-..------..... ---$
------------- ---------3
els, Sick Headache,
Bilious Liver
bowels completely by morning, and you
will feel splendid. "They work whilo
you sleep.' Cascarets never atir you
up or gripe like Salts, Pills, Calomel,
or Oil and they cost only ten cents
a box. Children love Cascarets too.
Get your organs of di
gestion, assimilation and
elimination working in
harmony and watch your
trouble disappear. NR
does it or money back.
Proves MR Best
end just reo how much better you
feel. Seo how quickly your sluggish
bowels will becomo as regular as
clock work, how your coated tongue
clears up and your good, old-time a
petito returns. See how splendidly
your food vill digest and how youre
energy, and "ginger" revive.
Just tryer
You takco no risk whatever for
Naturelc Remed (Nt Tablets)
is only 26c FL bX, enough to*
last twenty-fIlvo days, and It
must help a~nd benefit you to
yourt en tre natslaatlon, ort
rmoney returned.
Fi mlion boxes are used every
Tear,-no million NP, Tablets aro
taken by ailing people every day
that's the best proof of Its merita.
Nature's Remedy Is the best and
safest thing you can tako for bilious
ness, constipation, indigestion and
similnr complaints. It is sold, guar
anteed and recommended by your.
Co., Laurens. S. C.
e Tires
s and tubes, we are
ains on Thermoid,
,11 firsts; no seconds.
.60 $ 8.85
r.60 10.50
1.20 16.00
.40 18.75
~.85 ' 19.25
1.10 19.75
) 90 22.90
1 10 26.20
r.50 17.75
~.95 29.85
).60 14.50
!.00 23.85
L.75 25.25
.75 44.00
rice . . . $12.50
20 $1.50
60 1 65
90 1 80
45 22
60 2 30
75 2 40
90 2 50
55 2.95
.65 3.20
80 3 25
85 3 35
80 38
6,000 Miles.
ing Plant
NMa Oeers Fimg
.caub Wib Ors
We Propsy Charge.

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