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Velvety Skin
Whiter than snow
in seven days!
A complexion glowing with health, soft
and fresh as a flower at dawn can be yours.
Superior Skin Whitener
Bleaches the skin. keeps it clear, soft and fair.
Positively removes tan, freckles. pimp
les insevondays. Your money refund
ed If it fails.
You can secure the genuine Williams
Su~perior Skin Whitener at Laurens
Drug C.
Upset Stomach,
Gas, Indigestion
"Pape's Diapepsin" gives
Relief in Five Minutes
"Papo's Diapopsin' is the quickest,
surest relief for Indigestion, Gases, Fla
tulence, Heartburn, Sourness, Fermenta
tion or Stomach Distress caused by acid.
ity. A few tablets give almost imme
diate stomach relief and shortly the
atomach is corrected so you can eat fa
vorite foods without fear. Large case
costs only few cents at drug store. Mil
lions helped annually.
ti 6 to k4 Daye.
ilB d g or Prottdigl Ii1
Ples1 and you rin
f r qt lpplation Pr e
W. S. M. Says:
"As a salesman I'm a
good bricklayer. It
isn't hot air that sells
.batteries. It's honest
to-john performance on
your car. That's why
I'm sure the Willard
Threaded Rubber Bat
tery is the battery for
you. Willard Threaded
Rubber Insulation lasts
as long as the plates
and doesn't have to be
Willard Service Man
W~hen you come in and
say, "Willard Threaded
Rubber Insulation" you
are pronouncing the magic
,words that banish* battery
troubles. Let us show you.
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
Tbed4Rubber Battery.
Ex-Governor Says le Siands for Low
er TaxatIon a1nd,Enforeenient of All
Laws. If Elected Will Forget Dif.
fercces of Irevious ('aimpaigns.
Cole L. Blease of Columbia, for four
years, from 1911 to 1915, governor of
South Carolina, has definitely an
nounced that he would be in the Demo
cratic primaries next summer as a
canuidate for the nomination as gov
ernnor of the state.
A- l min ination was impidarted in
a letter to A. John Boggs of Pickens.
Mr. lUlease will have strong oppos -
tion, but as to who will be tho major
candidate against him is not known.
The most prominently spoken of oppo
nent is A. F. .Lever, of Washington,
chairman of the Federal Farm Loan
board, formerly congressmani from the
Seventh congressional district, this
state, but iwhile Mr. Lever has had
the matter under consideration for
some time, he has not publicly divulg
ed his -political plans for the future.
Mr. Blease, In his letter to Mr.
Boggs, signed "'Cole," says:
"Your letter of the 16th instant re
ceived, and I appreciate very much, in
deed, the kind expressions contained
therein from you and from those for
whom you sieak.
"1 haVe received similar letters and
personal requests, such as yours con
tains, from many people, and I feel
most ihghly complimented that those
who have been my friends in the po
litical campaigns in the past were so
well pleased with my record that they
are again requesting me to represent
them, and I feel flattered that so many
of those who hitherto have never sup
ported me are expressing themselves
ipersonally and through letters, and
like -those who spoke to you, through
others, requesting that -I become their
spokesman and representative. I am
now giving you, in writing, my -first
definite reply.
"I shall be a candidate (if it be the
will of God to spare me both health
and life) for the governorship in the
campaign of 1922. Not that I have any
further personal ambition along that
line, 'but because there seems to be an
earnest and sincere desire on the part
of a great many of the people of this
state that I do so. .I would feel that I
,was not true if my people believe that
I can serve them in any capacity, 'how
over humble it may 'be, and declined
to do so.
"I shall repeat In my campaign the
old slogan of the 1910 campaign, which
was: The reduction of taxation, the
p Alition of all useless oflices, clerk
ships, etc.; the enforcement of all
laws to the letter, for if they be good
their enforcement will tend to the un
building and uplifting of our state and
our people; if they be bad our people
will soon demand and cause their re
cal. If a law is good it should be
enforced; if bad, the quickest way to
Isecure its reepal is by enforcement.
"Give me a good government and
a rich people, in preference to a rich
.government and a poor people; for
when you make a rich government and
thereby impoverish the people, you re
verse democracy and create dissatis
faction and discontent among the peo
ple, who are the masters and not the
"I shall advocate liberal aippropri
ations -for all of our state institutions,
but I do not believe in the extrava
gance that our, recent general assem
blies have been engaged in along this
line, and I can not and will not give my
sanction to it. 11 am in favor of -build
ing up a free school system, so that
all of the .white children of the state
may -be gIven the opportunIty of a.
good common school education, and
comfortable and convenient school
houses. I .believe in paying our school
,teachers sufficient salaries to secure
the 'best, and I mean by best salaries
commensurate with the class and
character of wvork that teachers are
sup~posed to perform, to wit, the mold
ing and directing of a competent and
efficient citizenship.
"I 'believe in and wvill advocate
the passage of such laws as will fur
ther' aid and protect labor in all of its
legItImate claims and endeavors, and
in such laws as will iprotect capital na
all of .Its lawvful investments, so that
all of our people may 'be protected, to
the end that we may give equal rights
to all and special privileges to none.
".1 am in favor of a liberal support,
yea, ir it be -necessary for their com
fort, extravagant support to the few
old Confederate veterans who are left
.that followed 'Wade Hampton through
the afields of Virginia, and through the
turmoil and strife of South Carolina
in 1876.
"I am in -favor of the strictest en
forcement of the laws which prohibit
- ~ 1)jn~ andl use of cocaine andl
similar drgand of our national ipro
hibition laws. If our people do not
want this done, then rise up like men
lndi (demondl~ their repeal, for if they
aro on the statute 'books andl I have
taken an oath 'before God and man to
e ' a- ce 'i . t shall do i,.
"h"iv 'be, in fact there are,
qthor. additIons to these expressions
which shall :be discussed 'when the
campaIgn shall have been begun.
".In making this fight I shall know
no faction and no class because the
requests to me -to make it have come
fromi all cl'asses and all factions; and
if elected governor, I shall forget all
differences wvhich heretofore have di
vided our people and spall be the gov
ernor of all the people. All who know
me know that 'there 'is no deceit or
'hypocrilsy in .me, and that when I say
I will, 1 will; and that when I say I
will niot, -I will not; and they realize
"e fact, if I may be ipardoned for say
ing it, that I am what I am, and that
I do wvhat I say I wvill do,
"Now, John, if this pk'atfont as
laid dowii here appeals to you vand oth
rr who have so kindly wr"itten and
spoken to me, then ,I make one demand
ii (on you anid them. Give me from
every county in this state members of
the general assembly, iboth of the
house and senate 'who are in synmpathy
with me, and .the great common people.
If you are going to have me for gov
ernor -and men for 'the general assenm
bly wvho are not in sympathy with me
and the great mass of the conninon peo
epio and the issues which I, as their
spokesman represent, then you are
wasting two ballots no1d I pre
for for you to vote for another
!:ian for governor when you vote
,for that class of .men for the gen
'al assem'bly. But if you, and those
like you are earnest iII your requests
for me, and I know that you are 'when
you say so, then when you vote for
me, vote for members of the general
sembly who will not 'be dictated to
eby incbut who will be there in the in
terest of those whon I represent, and
who favor those things which we rep
resent; for all of us who are honest
anl truthfuly in our expressions that
we wish to get together must Join in
a common campaign and light for G'ort
and the right, for the interest of all
our people, and in the interest or no
special class. Then we shall accom
plish something and we shall have a
ippy and contented people, and God
will smile upon us, but so long as we
-have dissension and strife and fight
Five V;
The undq
wish to anr
season whic
Course, begi
Schedule of Atti
Dates to be Ann<
Davis, The Man Wh(
The Master Mal
Adults 50c C
The Bell Ringing
Four Male Vo
Musically Amt
Adults 75c C
The Dixie DI
Dainty Artists Ft
Sunny Sout
Vocal and Instru:
Adults 50c C
Davis & Comp
Short Plays, Humo
. . Serious
Pianologues and ]
Adults 50e Ci
The Chicago Ladles
Vocal and Instru
In Its Third 1
- Adults 75c Ci
Prices Plus Wa
A L1
The Opera Hot
Beacon Lyceum nig!
ily ticket, good for fa
tickets will be $2.00
tal, if paid at the do<
We do not expe
lyceum may apply f<
cess Theatre.
Lee Bros.
The Opera Hou
.nlong ourselves, w w-ill never be a
la)ppy PeOPlIC, becatse lod will not
len'ld hlls assIstance to those who do
not lOve 11hn a1nld obey 1lis comands.
Excuse me for the length of tihis
letter, but youIr required it."
The Qiine1c I'hiat Does Not Affect
the Iteld
Hecause of Its tonic 111d laxative er
(Tablets) can be taken by anyone
without causing nervousness or ring
ig in the hoad. E. W. GROVE's sig
nature on b<,x. 30c.
Notice of Lost Certiicate of 1)rc.,jt
Notice is hereby given that Ce'rtill
cate of Deposit No. 2055 of Peoples
Loan and Plxchange Bank, dated May
24, 1920, has been lost or inispladed
and that I will mako application for
a duplicate of saie at said bank on
D~ecember 15, 1921.
Laurens, S. C., Nov. 1 ,1921.
3n Lyc
uied and Ple
rsigned lessees
tounce a Lyceu
:h we have nai
inning this moni
!actions We hi
)unced Alkahest
gician we belien
kildren 35c numbers,
ices tette and
iildren 50e lated to I
'om the have mac
mental brow" en
ijiden ~make a s,
rous and a way ins
nusical the mone
Lildren 35c We ho
mental, in this un
ealre 50c Lyceum
r Tax year's cot
ise 'will hold a good many
it a big night in Laurens.
ither, mother and all the c
; children's tickets $1 .00, y
r, $3.00.
ret to make a rea~l member
>r tickets by mail, using th<
& Switzer
se The Princess
hs, S. C.
Our colle.:. a a en
n b , the I
Out 1*i at ylr , :!I
gain by nltteralg a It
Acerulited . e 1 ato , I
rend for our eata.
Mogue. at onaace.
I will bo in a positionl 0roum now on
months to (10 your surveying. S Nrv
work, so why not have it rIone at!
do It over*.
.R. T. 1
P.. O.-Barksdale, S. C.
eum Cc
asing Entertain
of the Laurens Ot
m Course for th
med "The Beacc
we entered into a cor
Lyceum Bureau, of Ati
-e will be five very att:
including a male quart<
three other numbers w
ill out a well rounded
le no effort this time to
tertainments, but have
1lection that would be <
piring, amusing, and w<
pe that the support whi
dertaking will justify us
mn annual affair, improv
people. We want to fill it u
To do that we are offering a
Iiildren for $5.00, plus war te
>Ius war tax. Single admissi
ship campaign. Those think
a coupon below, or see Mr. S
Laurenis, 8. (5.
Enclosed please Andi $.........
..Adult .Be
Adult Ticket ... ...$2.20
Two Adults Ticket $8.5 .... Children'
Children's Ticket $1.10 --. . F'aily B
Family Ticket $5.6i0 Nam~o ...
Including War Tax
P.h ...
J '
trough tlt! fall and w iter
i tires0 ail d xi v lut e I I
-il now and not. hate to
>era House
e 1921-22
in Lyceum
Ltract with the
anta, for what
cactive lyceum
,t, a ladies' sex
iich are calcu
course. We
include "high
endeavored to
~ntertaining, in
>rth more than
ch we receive
in making the
ing it with each
p and make every
new idea, a famn
x. Adult season
on tickets will to
ing worthy of the
witzer at the Prin
ar whieh mail me;
icon Lyceum Tickets. I
SBeacon Lyceum Tickets
encon Lyceum Tickets.

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