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* I1#iAlI thfersonal Mention *
. . . .
r P .''Iirk, of Fountain In'. Rt.
, fasva:bushess visitor in the city
.'Mr. ".'-Bloidell" 'Hart, of Clinton,
.spent iio week-end in the clty with
. Miss Mary Bowers, student at Lan
der college, spent the week-emd in the
* vety mwith Miss Margaret Dunlap.
Mrs. Ohiles 'Calhoun, of Greenwood,
s visting relatives in the cily for a
.few days.
'Mr. and Mrs. -Frank Reld left the
'irst of the week for St. Ltis,- Mo..
whero -Mr. Reid goes on T-hnsess.
'Mliss Ruth Blo has accepted a po
:ition with the 'Peoples Loan and 1u.
change Bank and has alrieay entered
ut)onher duties.
Mrs. Jo.%. T. Johnson atid daug-h
ter, Elizabeth, of Spartaniburg, hai-e
been visiting relatives in the city for
several (lays.
M1r. M. 'L,. Senn, a former 'resident
of this city but noy :a ueilden.t -of
Newberry, spent the week-end in 'the
city with relativ'es.
Mrs. A. it. Twitchull iturned to
her honie In 'Sparta-nhirg iSitturday -af
tervisiting -Ar . and airs. 'W. 'Gray
here for several -day.
Miss Vcra Cobb, who 'har, been in
charge of the millinery tiepartmient of
SwItzer Company during the past sea
son, left for h r liotrne in Q'reensboro
-Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wharton, 'Mrs.'W.
A. Williams, Mis 'J-e P. Wharton,
Mrh. J. T. Unelmett and 'Muss Pudna
Harvey, of Greenwooi, were visitors
In the city yesterday.
Miss (Iladys Roper, iwho 'is attend
Ing Coker college, spent the -week--end
In the cliy with her iparents, Iir. and
Mrs. Luther 'toper. She was accom
panied by a college frliend, 'Miss Em
mine lroadwater. Both of theni were
returning 'to their stuiNies after at
tending 'the meeting of the 'Uollege
Press assoclation. in Ch'eenville.
County Offirers Ho Legal Sales l10n
day lorniug. Large Crow.d Bitt Jlow
Pric s.
'The large crowd utten(Ung thq.Ingal
sales of land londay morning did not
.urove itself eager to run u,p .the iprice
on the Inads offered for sale. The
Clerk of Court, Judge of Probate and,
RSbcriff made sales, aS follows::
Clerk of Court
In the case of W. E. Gray vs 1M ..
iGwinn; 951 acres of land in Dials town.
shp, sold to AW. E. Gmay for $d,000.
)i l the -case of Bank of Cross Hi.
vs 'Mrs. Mary Addy Pitts, 110 acres
'i .(pross Hill township, sold to Bank
of :Cross 11111 for $700.
In the case of the Bank of Gray
-Cour.t vs. .lrs,. iSallie McCall, 157 1-2
-acres in I ials township, bought 'by R.
1,. GruI for $2,050.
In .the case of R. L. Gray vs J. T.
Dood, 41)'acres of land )ia Dials towit
ship, solntto IR. L. Gray for $2,000.
In -the rase of J. WV. Copeland Com
pany vs G.oo Suber, 11 acres of land
in 1hnter township, sold to J. WV.
Copeland 'Company for $165.
.Judge of Probate
.In the aetiilement of the estate of
Anderson Robertson, colored, 52 acres
din 'Dials towlyship, bought by Sallic
R. Sweeuiey.
'In the case ,ci the Bank of Waterloo
vs Mrs. S. M. -Pearce, et a!, house andl
lot dn WVaterloo, widAt to flank of Wat
terloo for '$500.
- 'Foot Bali Huskiles to Banuqulet
The football team .of the high school
will be tendered a bpunquet at Mrs.
.John F. Bolt's -home next Friday cv
cning at 8 o'clock. Twenty-flye or
thirty young huskies will 'gather
around the 'board wvell prepared to
"tackle" the edibles as they are put
befo them. An interesting program
has abeen arranlged as followvs: Intro
ductory remarks, Surpt. H. 'W. Uasque;
"TFhe 'Moral Side of 'Foothball," Rev, C.
T. Squires; "F'ootball and B'usinesrs,"
JT. J. Adams, ISr.; "iHigh School Ath
letics," Z. b. 'Fey; "'RetrospeCct," WU.l
liam Albright; "Football and the
.C'oachm," Thos. C. Bolt. At the con
elusion of the sp)eehes, a caetain for '
thoite' 922 team wvili '1)0 elected and.
flock lettersa and stars will bhp aavard
ce. the members of the team. Cecil
'Roper will be asked to furnish the
Card of Thtanks '
$ wish to thank the many friends
and ndighbors who were so kind to me;
.and .my .family during my,'ill ness. a
' God's jichest blessings .'o with ohm
P4LMETTO LODOGE, Nio. 19, A. y(M. j
Argull ~r commlulcation
of PalmetILd , No. ,
- A. . M.,4l1be 'held on
11RII)AY nigat, Dec. 9th,
at 7:30 o'clock. Members
are u ged to his present and iIsit--'
ing bxotron welcome. Illection "and
~y dr of
.Mss Brucie Owings -delightfully en
ertained 'Friday .afternoon in honor
)f her house gueat, .Miss Margaret i
P1errin, of AbbovIl1e. .After a number I
)f games of 42 were played, delicious I
refreshments were .served.
Young &nigk Enterailed
Mi-s Sarah Saxon and her kinder- .i
famien -lsi. assisted by the children
.u the neighborhood, gave an enter
tainment Tuesday, Nov. 29th, at the
flame of Mrs. Glenn1 Fuller, for the
benefit of the Jaurens 'Public Library.
ic lupiilr, gave a most enjoyable
rea.t :t .those preset and reflected
m11uch credit -111on their teacher.
.Miss IUxmee Paige, daighter of Mr.
and Mrs. .1. .11. Paige, and Mr. Osic
Atgrea.ves were. happily married Sun
hlsv afternoon. After the ceremony
tlhey .left an .it short honeymoon triip
Lo Augusta and other points. The
bride 'lias been employed in the Peo
pLles Loan .-and 'Exchange Bank for
several years, where she mad many
btiends. ilhe groom is a member of
the .postOlIce. force as city carrier.
A :marriage wlhich came as a sui
Irise to their many friends was sol
imnizei:.'atur'day evening at the home
of .Mr. and :Mrs. '. J. McAlister, when
Miss Mai'ie:Siiijh became the wife of
U r. John 1nman. Rev. P. F. Rilgo per
riled tiw ceremony in the presence
rrf a few friends. ''he bride's home is
in Woodruff, but she ha-s been living
in this city for some time having bten .
a -iemher of the office force .t the
(veiglt depot. The groom .Is a rising
yoting business man of the .eity, being
as~ociat-e'd with his uncle, Mr. Wylie
\WIilis, 'in -the furniiture business.
'Pley are :residing at the bome of' Mr.
WIIllis on South larper street.
0 0 0
Entertained Il AllawAa -
TDo follow1ing news story, i ken
from the society page of thw Atlanta
Jou, nal, will *be of Interest 'to the I
rliedi of 'Mi .'Beatrice Babb, dasgh
ter of Col. and Mrs. R. E. Bah, 'Who
Nas Line of the honor guests at .this
ocial function -in Atlanta:
Mr. and 'Mrs.-'S. Linthicum enter
LaineO at bridge Thanksgiving even
ing at xdi'r home on East Fifth street,
in honnor of their daughter, .Miss
NTancy Tithicum and her guests, 'Misr.
Beatrice llabb, of -Liurens, S. C.; Miss
D)oroth3 Uove, of 'Memphis, Tenn., and
"bis Katherine 'Rollins, of Florence,
3. C., who are Miss 'inthicum's school
nates at Brenau 'oillege.
The reception irboms of the home t
wvere decorated With orange and
lack, the 3renn colors, and with
luantities of white and yellow chrye
tnthemums. The taliie in the dining
'oom, overlaid with a lace cover held
por its central decora'tlon a :basket of I
hese lovely flowers, surrounded with.
illver candllesticks holding orange and
vhite tapers, burning unshaded. Yel--|,
ow and 'w hite mints contained in p11
Per comphlotes were placedi nt intervals.
Mrs. Jinthicunm was assisted in,
mntertaining by -Mrs. John GI. -Wil
iams, Mrs. B. L. U/obbs and Mrs. 'W.
~. Andrews.
Forty guests wvere entertained.
Ora. Nov. 30.-Among the loveliest (
f the fall weddings -was that sol
nmized in the home of Mr. 'and Mrs. :'j
Fohn 'LaFayette McClintock at 41 o'clock 1i
n. the afternoon of Noy. 30, 'when
hey gave in marriage their daughter,
Ulice Isabuel, to Evlns Abmney Good
vin, of Union. 1
Sliwi.iliety wvas. the keynote of the t
iire service. The hall and ceremony I
oom were beautifully and artistically
lecorated with Southern smilax and e
yh:i to chrysanthemums. An impro
'ised altar of Southern pine, whicli
vas crowned on either sideo by white .t
edestals adorned wvith white baskets
if chrysantheniums, .made 'a. dafmnty
aeaground for the bride and her at
endante. t
In the gift room' in iwhich 'Mlsses r~
izzie 'craig and Elizabeth McClintoqck r.
intertained; the note of yellow wvas I
redominant. Hero numerous and y
alu'a'ble gifts were displayed, among a
hem a handsome, chest of silver' from f
ho 'bride's family.
The bride's 'book was presidedl over c
y Mr's. S. 3. Craig, t-he .grand-aunt of
he bride, who was maid of honor in -v
he .bride's 'grandmother's wedding, e,
ame of honor' in the bride's mother's e
redding and jdst '3n youthful and hap- h
y upon this a'+ upon the previous oc-. e
asions. c
The guoests wvere met and ushercd 4
nto the ceremony room by Mesdames z
I. H. AFleminag, DI. 31. McClintock and t
liss Linda Huinter., To the strains of l
he 'weddirig march from 'Mendelssohn, li
rhich swere efflclently rendered by a
dra. &, J1. lalkely, the bridal party
ntered. First came the little ribbon
irisI~, inces L.40tilse 'unter and
$race M'o SotookW~~o' 4elintily
ire6s d'1i~ wdite or'oSudy-seti rib.. a
'ous being used for trimmings-and
vho carried shower bouquets of baby
:hrysanthemumse Then came Rev. .
4. Kennedy, followed by the bride
ind groom. The bride was never
nore lovely than tupon this occasion.
;he wore a gown of white brocaded
atin trimmed with real lace, ropes
if. peals and orange blomms. Her veil
trranged in coronet effect with ucale t
>andcau, lace, and omn-ge blossoms, 1
he veil constituting the train. She
arried a bouquet of bride roses and
il-es of the valley in shower effect.
ie impressive ring ceremony was
In the receiving line were the
ride's mother, father, brother, John
-1. McClintock, the groom's mother,
virs. . 1. Goodwin, sister, Mliss Sadie
loodwin and brother, 1W. Goodwin. -
After the ceremony an informal re
option was held.
Tihe guests were invited into the
lining room in which the color scheme
)f pink and green twere carried out, by
drs. 1H. C. Gray, Misses Nai 'McClin
-ock and Belle Craig. Mesdames J.
C. Bryson .and W. E. Mc'Clintock pre
sided over the refreshments which
:onsisted of ices and imints gracefully
ierved 'by Mrs. Clarence Link, Misses
Janie -Ilunter and Rosabel Fleming.
While the guests were being served
-weet strains of music issued from the
idjoining balcony and up1)on leaving
he dining room Aliss -Sadie Sullivan
)iiled hand-painied favors upon each.
1s the bride slipx)ed away to don her
raveling costume of brown ldIve-de
ane with accessories .to match, she
.hrew her bouquet which was caught
by Miss Janie Huniter.
Mr. and 21irs. Goodwin then left by
into for Clinton where they boarded
l train for Washington and other
)olnt sof interest.
The bride is the only daughter and
is widely known thironughont. the state,
lot only for .her magentic personality,
but on account of her extensive i
lly connection. She is Ithe graid
laighter or Olapt. W. A. 31eClintock,
who served for iour years in the War
)f Scoession, and is a graduate of the
Woman's College of .Due West. The
groom .Is a .Pdoular young busIness
man of l'nion,. where he nituber his
'riends .hy the score.
Amoiji the out-of-diswn guests at
,he .marIrkjge VIere.: .Mrs. S. I. Good
.vin and E. GCoodwin, of Greenville;
U1ias Sadie Goodwin, of Chester; Dr.
P. Sally, L. J. ]]amles, S. S. Leake,
)f Union,; Mr. wiad Mr. 1. F1. .ij inter,
)f 1edalia; Alrs. T. C. Petty, of Gaff
i1.y Alisses Nan and Elizabeth Mc
31nit.ock, o' ,Spartanburg.;. Misses Sadie
3ullivan, Irene Ray, Bettle Riharts
dr. aud Mr.11. ..C. Gray, .Jxr. and Mrs.
Jlareuce Link, Alison 'Lee, and Dr. J.
-1. Powe, of Laurens; Aliss T. Craig
luinter, Mr. and -Mrs. L. J. Ulakely, of
,ray CourIt.
After returning from their bri'daI
our Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin will be at
071e to their friends in 'nion, S. C.
Thonuts A. Lynch
Mt. Olive, Dec. 5,-Our rural mail
nan, -Mr. Colton.Chase, of -lountville,
riought us the sad news 'a fe days
go of the death of Mr. Thomas A.
iynch, 0one of the best citizens of
iounltvlle, anid a d!onfederatc soldier.
Iir. Lynch had lieen in feeble health
or' several months, partly (due to his
dvanced age aind partly to physical
erangement. IHis .condition 'gradulally'
lhen death relieved him of his suif
,lhen (leatil relieved hii mof his suf
Diring. Trho fuintil ,and burial rites
ere held at 'Mountville the following
ay conducted by his pastor', R1ev. J.
i. Wilson, of Cross .H1ill.
It was our good fortune to knowv Mr'.
,ynch for several years, and( wve wish
a say to his memlory that but fewv
101n excelled him in unahlEsumfing lhu
rility and consecrated Christianity.
V~e coun~t him1 one0 -amonJg the best
ien .we ever knew, conscientious and
rue in all his associat'ions wvith men
nid loyal to the Masteir w'hom he
>vcd and served No less triue and
xemnplary was his life in the hom'e
s hus~band and 'father, where Chirist
rais given the highest Iplace and in
3grity and honor wvere ruling princi
Mr'. Lynch, b~irn and r'ear'ed at Cross
nel'or, in Spartanburg county, moved
> AlounItville and settled on a farm
lore than 25 years ago. In 1912 -ho
Oentedl his farm, bought a house anid
>t in Mountvillo, and moved to town
rher'e ho hoped to enjoy -an easier
nd more convenient life. In the Coni
3deratte army ho observed 'the same
igid honesty and true loyalty that
ontrolled him in private life.
Mr. Lyneh is survived 'by his wvife,
'ho was Miss Lanie- Harris, of Wa
wloo, and one s'on, Walter Lynch, lisa
nly child, 'who is now engaged in
uisiniess at Mountville. He leaves al
a manny otheor relatives 'in this and
ther states. Many other thinigs might
o said of the life of this qilet citi
on, spent in the- service of his coun
ry and his' God, but- suiffice it to add ,
er'o that tho comunity whose life
as been -touched and quickened by
tuh a character must feel and say,
Heb was a man.".
fub-My-Ttem, antiseptic and pain
iller, for infanteA seroa, ttter,
ffell Knowin Citizen Dles Suddenly it
His Home Near City.
Mr. Alsey Fuller Coleman, age(
lixty-flve, was stricken Wednesday
norning while walking about In his
rard at his home near Watts Mills, and
lied before medical aid could be ob
aitned. It is thought that heart fail
tre was the cause of his sudden death
-o had not been in good hcalth fori
t Year or ilore, it is stated.
Funeral services "were held Thurs
lay afternoon at Chestnut itidIge
The deceased was a native of this
ou1ity, a member of a large and influ
mtia.I faitly. le resided in the city
'or several years, and later moved out
.o the Badget farm two miles north
>f town.
'lie is survived by his -widow1, who
ivas before marria'ge a Mliss Donald
ion, and by three children: Haskell
-oleman, of Laurens; Cleveland Cole
nan, of Spartanburg, and Mrs. \lary
Loleman Dule, wife of Dr. IlhuPre, of
Simpn lsonIville.
ray Courl-OiswIngs Local Talent Cast,
' to Bftliuet it Laurens Hotel Friday!
Frank J. MQoore, proprietor of the!
Laurens 'Iotel, is jlanning for a (IC
lightful ,I' !raad at the local hostelry
Friday night when the Gray Court
Owings cast of the local talent play
"Lone >Star" (will sit down. to a baun
quet to celebrate the close of a very
successful round of entertainments.
The east has given the play in about
half a dozen different places in this
and adjoining counties andi has metl
with marked success. The 'banquet
is being given to the cast as a tokeni
of etseen and appreciation.
666 is a prescription for Colds. Fever
and4 a1,1144rippe. It's the most speedy
remedy we know.
A T l0NIcO
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating cffoct, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and bow
it improves the appetite, you. will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengtheniig, Invigor
ating Effeat. t6oc.
Appointed b
Fleming Bra
fer for retai
tire stock of
All prices ha
erything will
This is an op
mas presents
Come in an
get the Barg
,the spirit.
Then It Is that G(ude's Pepto -ian
in is the great hell,. It is a red 'blood
S tIder. It i3mts 'led into "ha h!ood1
icreascs the numil-e ot corpuseles
.\ hieh muae blood rich alil red. When
I, 0 blood jsestored to its natural
healthy state, the seiisaltoi of well
.g returns. Illstead of shuffling
')ng carelessly, there is the lirta and
'itingy step, the bright lusterful eyes,
;v clear comp1leXton, Identified with
the strength and vigor of Igoo( health.
S(Iruggist has Gudo's Papto-Mlan -
in .both liquid and tablet form.
' -ertise nt
The mnn who burns the midnight
oil never se(mlls to m1ake as mouch
moiey as the one who sells It.
ings Account
i the
al Bank
t g e Appreciated
Dealers in everything for the eemo
The largest and best equipped mon
imental mills in the Carolinas.
AREENWOOD', - - - S. C.
eiver for the
iess, I will of
>day, the en
own and ev
your Christ
efore others
'oor lood Makes l1ad ilealth-Thei
(ome. the "Blues".
Once the vigor of red blood become.i
aplped of its strength, the door to hap
lfless is literally slammed. Weali
less of -body follows and it unfailingly
ngenders depressed thoughts. To be
eserved and cheerless becoiles3 a
abit. After a time there is an almost
ilm1y (Imness in the exipression of' the
,yes and a pallor to the skin. )ays
Wceim dull and dark and difficult. A
!C15s of insufferable glooml pervades
Start a Say
Capital .
Surplus . 4
- Your Patronc
'y the courts as rec
thers' jewelry busir
1 sale, beginning tt
jewelry of this firrr
ye been marked d
go in the sale.
portunity to buy
at greatly reduced
d inspect the line I

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