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Big Cash and Bonus Vote Pri
Extra ]
'iontesi :it ThN Stage of ltre'e is lln
- nifvl iiry. Apparittly the Con.
teitnts are S"w owbt l'p inf ork.
Gredat l'i'hl in Whcih to Solicit Stil.
FINAh Li i 'AT): L
It hs beti deided, after dile *
(ontsidieration, by the mantgemuent. *
of this paller to extend tht(le (losilig
date of the tontest to December s
3Ni, a1 P . M. - Tis extenlsion,
orm de .o in ,ti rites, Is fottnd *
exip dien it for ihrre reasons:
3iiiy of our-coliestiits did not :
fit.ly uni delh aild tle sign'illivante*
or oUr gresa offer, this gefttle it
1ate start. We 11-3n1t. them to have
n full opportfun ity to do Ihei'r bst.
Others flnd that milr firs! e.1sing1K
date voulid not tive Lthent sufeienit t
* tien to ennlvassm Il It- respectilve*
Aud the pllhier belevett r ther t
will reman hiiit unrtds of subscrib.
(lra On lOur list that will ntot have *
a in opportlili(y to reniew to *
11 idates tllulh s nit'2ore ilne is
Therefore, i-:(UIT DAYS more *
will be given our score of wo'rkers
to Iin tie bit: prizes anmd commtis-*
siols otn 'New Year's -ve--reelly
coiing it New Year's gifts. *
* ..*
* * * * * * * * * * *. . ; d
'Vite $10.00 catsh prize offered for
the greatest number of Renowails t.urn
ed in for the week endinrg Decem'her
10th, was won by Mrs. L. Connor Ful
Jer by a close margin over Mrs. Hayne
,o fa'r this contest is lagging-we
are not gettitigs results, and there are
results to be gotten. The county as
yet ik not scratched.
There are. 1,200 more renewals to -be
ccured, yet there are those amoigit
our workers who have let it in ef- %
forts declaring So-and-So has got all
ithe siubctriipt ions. 'There are hun
dredis of people in the county NOT
caking -the Advertiser, and there are
hulndreds NOW taking this paper who t
would inay up and renew if they were
Most all our workers are busy peo- I
ple of regular employment, but'it is
the busy people who win, for, they arc:(
the inda who think of their minutes
and they find a lot of 31INITIEMS
when they try. Knowing the value
of your tine and how .to use it is
what CO'NTS in this life.
* * *
We ali have exactly the same nunm
-hor of .MINIUTIDS in~ each hOUR
the same niumber of 'llOURS in each'
D)AY or' each WlDK wec live. The
WV'AY we USIC those minutes, hours,
or weeks, is the difference between
success or failure in .life. He or she
w'ho gets the' most returns out of
each hour of life lives the most.
Money, health, learning 'isn't our
capital in life-it is our minutes
hours--days, and we all waste this
capital more ,recklessly ,than anything
we possess. For when our alloted
apan et time is done-our life is
- (lone.
* * *
Today we .have-"tomorrow"-Well,
. tomorrow N'E)VtFR comes. So 'take
your receipt 'book in hand and start,
to work today-or If you have been
*wo-iding, resolve -to do better. You
can if you try.
There-are FOUR prizes. And no one
- tandidate in ,the race can .win but one ,
of the -foujf grand :prizes. ' A worker
might Wpossibly qWin several of 9the
wgeky -prizes apd still 'win' the auto
Qgother 'big p~Ize-but there Is no
can4idate who 'will 'wiln more than
3th4-6FOUIR- major prizes.. That
g%11ii .ral workers a. chance at a
* Ail evreryiedy. gets soijiethtigr Jn
St ea prize or a cash iinfiimt%
SWith a GUARNT! ik0 this
a 4yvoEtiser expeots you to woi4(%
~dto~ your ow*i good-ahep~s ~
be than oiie or two
~,..k~Sitter 10%1ce it ee r~~f~
* .-t to 91 P g 4 tts s
zes Offered This Week for
Standing of Contestants
'The following Is the stanlding of
*;'d idiates:
(ir still It!
\lIr. WV- A. Wilson, I.. 11'. 1. .3:79,000
\1 .% Johe B1l. Nabors, 1ti. 2 . . . . 150,000
. Lanford
0.4 I liC Mle Cox . . . . .:75,000
Si. . Connor Iuller'-.. .. ..199,500
0i. llayne Taylor . 396,500
Uir. .1. N. I ludgeuns .:,87,000
01,,;. Al. F. Medlock . 377,000
i 's Miary Site Diagnall . ..:101,00)
i iss Sarah nlishop .. .. .. . 289,000
Si.s Franeces bakcly ......289,150
i~Laurens ]{. F. .1. 1
liss Eva Bolt .302,500
Siss )aisy Belle Owings .. ..289,500
i'iss llessle Gilles pie . 288,000
I: -s Mary A. Power's......2SG,000
Laur111ens U. F. 1). .1
Ir I oganl WaVlker . . . . . . . .300,000
LJaureis R. F. 1). 4
6liss J-Laurenice Culbertson ..00,600
liss Elberta Teague . . 37,0001
41.4s 111l1n1y IMtta Owings .3.:79,150
ilss Loulse Saxon .. .. . . ..275,000
Vidow of Mat hew C. Cunninghama Ied
at Maddens Friday. -
M1rs. iettlo -C. Cunningham, widow
>W the late Maithew C. Cunningham,
lied at her home at Madden Sttitkn
eriday at the advanced age of 87
ears. The immediate cause of her
Leath was a stroke of paralysis, from
viich she never recovered. The fun
ral was held at Prospect church Sat
irday aftei-noon at 2 o'clock, the ser
,ices being conducted by Rev. Samuel
I. Templeman.
The deceased 'was a member of the
jangston famIly, prominent in that
cetlon of the county. She was a sis
er of Dr. J. W. Langston, of Green
ille; T. S. Langston, of Maddens, and
irs. J. R. Finley, of Maddens. She is
urvived by one son, W. C. Cunning
lam, of Cross Hfill, and the following
our daugliters: Mrs. Evie Bailey, of
3ross Keys, Union county; Mrs. Emma
?inley, Mrs. Dora Bryson and Miss
-lettie Cunningham, of Maddens.
'Mrs. Cunningham was a life-long
llnlber of the Baptist church and a
roman of deep piety and Christian
-haracter. She will be greatly missed
in 'her community.
Programa of Real Dramatic Worth to
be Pres ented at O)pera) Hou se Friay
A program of real dIramatic worth,
iiarked by fun and pathos as interpret
id by sterling talent in impersonation,
*s that .to be presented by The Fennelly
Players at the Opera House on Friday
ligght as the 'first number of the Bea
Don Lyceu-m Course. Two talented
antetainers appear in an offering
which includes short plays, sketches,
readings, and mu'sical monologues.
Notable wvill b's the 'work of Waldo
Wettenigel in "The Mfan From skow
hogan" -in which he plays two diverg
ing and difficult roles with an artistry
which is udisputed. Hie is a sterling
player and won signai succesa last,
year with his work in that fine drama
Miss Marion O'Donnell Is' assisting
rtist and hor especiqlly fine dramatic
talent is apparent in this play while
in the less demanding field of 3nusical
monologue and at aight r'eadinigs 'Ihe
alppears with fine distnctfan.: Anth-~
er notable 'offering of -the evening's-en
tertdinment will be "'Patches", a little
sketch of fins dramatic Possibility i
the gn1erartation of which- tihoeetw9
players never tail to .bring delighlt to
theirs glidtences. The'varled. prograin
is to delight' all lovers of the
dsiA. ~ iner thanifestations.
-Wnd Mare, J.'a. gnell, of WaR
te~r v~isiio~I ie, 9lty yes
En.loyatBli Banquet of New, Business
Leaguo ield at. Laurens H1o)e Last
The fi'st, monithly baniuet of the re
Ji.uvinaited (ham1iiiber of Coni nieri'Ce, iii
der tile new iname of' the I'airens Iusi
nuess 1.eflgie, was held under h)PPY
circVumeistane's a the 1.aurens Hotel
n11.4 Tuomsday -vrening. About '75 mnetn
,rsadl .ilents Wee pireent, the
iet in .be Ing Presided orr by (eo.
.11. WVrigilt, ne(y hetedl pt-osident.
'lhe 1('olov.n iii meui was served by
'roprietor .1. I rank .\loore aft eri which
the ieeting went into a bisiless ses
(-riape Fruit
Cre:,1n Tomati mIII .
\ixed Pickles Celery
Laurenvis County Turkey
Cranberry Sauce
Steamed itice Seal loped Oysters
llis:h Peas Candied.Yams
Chicken S.Ilad SalLines -
Stra.vwerry lee Cream---Cke
After tie lat coitrse the ba nciteters
lighted Caiel eigarettes furnished for
the occasiioi by .\lr. 11. 11. Kay, local
alesmaii for the R. .1. leynolds To
hacco Compi;.aii y, and then turned their
attention to consideration of local
lReporting for tle committee ap
voin ted for that purpose Mr. Lailar
Smith sibmritted tle proposed Consti
tution .and By-Laws which 'was adopt
ed without discussion. The constitu
tion provides for ia montihly meet ing
aild'banquet and (ues of $2.1 per year.
Mir. W. 11. IMeCuen submitted the re
port for the committee appoiitedl at i
formeri meeting to secure data from
the City Council on which to base a
recomimiendation as to the advisability
of votilig fugtl r b!42y impoyve-.
ment and extenson of tle pieent wa
terworks system. -Mr. McCuen stated
that the committee bad not been1 able
to 'get a full repopt from tle city in
tlime to make a complete report, but
read figures which had been in hand
for some (ine, including information
secured from other citled, which lie
said idicated that ie tax levy in Lau
rens would have -to .be raiesd from 25
mills, the present levy, to 33 mills be
fore the city could stand a bond issue
as large as other cities of the same
size as .LIauren:. On a motion from
the floor, the committee was continiied
with instructions to make' its complete
report at .the next meeting.
Follhw-ing - tle committee reports,
the meeting was thrown open for gen
era'discussion. Mr. W. L. Gray want
ed to know why tle banks of this city
were not securing money under the of
fer of the War Finance Corporation as
he said other counties were doing. Sev
eral bankers ipresent, liluding L. (.
Ialle, of the Palmetto Bank, W. G.
Laicaster, of the Entiperipisc National!
Blank, and JT. J. Adams, of (lie Laurens
National llank, pointed out that (lie
iequirements of (lie War Finanico Coir
poration werie so 'bound uip in red
tape and that there were such otheri
restictions that it wvas questionable
iwhether or not it was advisable foir
local bhanks to go into thie airra'ge
Mr. William G'older, a guest for the
occasion, asked as to suggestions lie
might, make to the new league, said
that 't'ho important .thing befoire the
people of this section today is to pro
vide markets for tho produce whilcn
the farmers wvill grow next year. Trho
farmers, he said, must have some out
lot for their products and 'that the
Business Men's League could help
them. Mr. Golder's suggestion was
given general endorsement and Pires.
Wright was authoirized 'to alppoint a
committee to look into the matter andl
make ai, report later.'
After passing resolutions of thankys
to Proprietor 'Moore foi' the excellent
spread and to Mr. Kay for the Camel
cig4'ettes 'the following "'booster"
poeln was read by Mr. R. R. Nickel8,
after which the meeting adjourned:
Do You Belong?
If you like your town best,
Tell 'em so!
If you'd have her lead the rest,
Help her grow!
Where thgre's anything to, do,
tot the fellowg count on1 you!t
You 11, feel bacdly when it's thru,
Dfon't ~knowt
Greenwood Provides a Big F
11. Wk I CUT ItE (00DISTS
1Busilitss andl Social 311-ing l li t
the Spaciou, Hlmeii o' MIrs. it. L.
'lle lliarvet .\lect ing of the ray
(Cwtit. AletlodA eii -eh was blchl at
1he bea tilll honile of, Mrs. lwh rt
,Gray, Decv. Ci.1_ Th s' wou h lb
imid intrlors wore filled wvith ladies,
young anI old For bh1) 1 I soc jlite. h1e.l
their ,i.ml i busini ; meetini.! and
then a11 (-:1111 -togeother for- a :-erial
Duting the busiietuss metet ii of t he
senior socitty, th preideit. Ml.\;s.
vin C ity, wa.ts Iresented \0i an Iil
,;t; e o ook iou.k by thle lad I it4s, in
appreciation of her tirelss ifforts as
presideti of the society.
st a the cjit sociely closed
tirI bus inss nie eting thete was a
swert, chorus of voices icard comin tig
i throii"OI the halls and the younlgel 1A0
Imleni ('intered, leId by tirit. splendid
stiperintendie nt, .\l rS. s I les l Crry.
IFour young womnen stood out from the
large~ grotty and all were asked to
Sgue"..- the countr11e, thevy represenited.
lirazil, Chinia, .la and Arica were
before ius. .\. c Cach yount.g woianI millade
lier speech telling11 of tle sad Ieed of
the glad Gomeil in her land, we felt
that we had indeed lieard the call
fromN women of these Ilaidis.
An hour o' del ighitll gaies vlannei
by the young women, was then spent,
and when all ithe autighter was over
and things gro.x still, Mrs. 1est us
Curry spoke in Iigh appreciation of
t(he work of the year Iuider the noble
leader, rlts. Alvin Curry.
The yciing womlenn served del icioiis
I'tfi'esfhinenti. 'Jiist before the pdates
Were brouight in (ie pa r'sui5 wife Wias
surprised by a lovely shower.
'T'le following ollicers rICe elected
for the elisuing year:
President, .lMrs. Alvin Curry; Vice-.
President, Mrl's. C. W. Walson; Sult.
Young People, \lt's. lP'stu1 s Ciury
Supt. of Clii1reni, Mrs. Odolpliis Ow
ings; 'reasu rter, \lrs. 1.aniic Shell; k-,
sistanit 'Treasurr, .lrs. W. 1'. Gray;
Cor. Secretary, Mls. Lander Willis;
Ree. Secretary, Mrs. Clarence Shell;
Supt. of Supiplies, Mrs. John Wells;
iu It. of Social Seivice, .lrs. Robert
Cray; Supt.- of Missiton Study, lrs.
C. W. Watson.
Ileose G(lennl to lead LauIres High
School'Team Next Season.
At the banquet of the Laurens High
School football team, held at the home
of Airs. Johi F. Bolt, Friday night,
Reese Glenn, halfback during the past
season, was elected to lead the team
no.<t year. Charlie Barksdale, full
back, was elected as alternate.
The baniquet was a declighitful affair',
several congratulatotry spieehes being
mad aferthe meal was finished.
At the close of the evening Coach
T. C. Blolt awvarded block -letters and
statrs to the following men whio werc
on the team 'during the season:
,t~tters--Duckett Young, Richard
"Counts, William utnlap, James Temn
photon, Carl Thompsotn, Calvin Sny
der', Lawrence Kilgo, Martin Teague,
Nathan Blarksdale.
Stars---mhmett Jessee, :Mack Poole,
J. R. Ellis, Reese Glenn, Frank Glenn,,
Charlie Blarksdale, CecIl Brow-n, Ralph
Star and Crescent-WillIam Al
During the past season the team was
admitted to bo the lightest of any
1teams it went up against, but In spite
of the handicaip broke even on the1
gantes pilayed, winning five and losing
-Next Teachers' Meeting
The next teachers meeting for Lau
rens county will be held in the Court
House on Saturday, December 17, 1921,
beginning at 11 o'clock. Superintend
ent of Eiducation J. E. Carroll of York
COUnty .yill be -the sipeaker.
At Friendship School
The puflic is cordially invited to at
'tend Christanma. exercises at Friend
ghp gehool (6,itlivan township) Wed
nesday evening, 'Dooed1,..beginnine 'at
'7:80. No admission, ' 4 plate suitper
will be served after the exercises.
eception for F"amusLI 1ench
i d lfIS Iy 44 Viple I-'rom V IoNiusr
'lidons 4 the 11, Stae (i nth ed i
oili, . mill d I''biy to Welcom .ilar
G~t:- 11 1 . i a. l. ie rd inn lilt
I-' t i s Ial o il*ranct,. omimiii amler
ilnahif the alli l i e . hiloltrvd
it 1 ,o Souith ;'earolhl in
Thi) !!irea 1, l1 ittll -' i nnan.u ill
1ho .1hands not Ino imon1 zt go
n ' i te kiv s Io I i iire I,, l min,
iuII th probable flestinly of thil intireI.(
Itliir iit!, i t Imo to til l ln .t 1 IIIr .
bl."i, tlnd asively asi i~e itver ion
jI lrw I o , S1 o i he1)l i i h hre
11 paritls fie o int e athe ai lrae
ill pcOe le Glen repretaties to pty
on l ' thU mo II os iifitary
-eniusI will leer he foIa otte buenbt
.sh , like \\'is hing toni . s i n only
:rat nw war, but in phace.
TI' taenwood fIllte aditinction of
i goleleralissino's ollcial \, i t. aini
lo 1)la ce (,oui ha 1,ve m o re roulIy
Ian th. hlo 'oli. It li i t in ii i
broughalFout that tholigh this thriving
lillout e ty was the Settin tor the
enow, the welcomei tw in
ewhal oif all South Carolina.
Teis genelissimlo hastbden -en
letions from tho Statue oa, ihb
rty to the Golden (htte, inl tho \\est,
htV East, the North and now the
south. There have been larger dm
mIstrations but it Is a sae' assertion
htli nowhere during his stay in the
ntited Statles has h had a imore
iholehearted, hospitable receptin i
hain that accorded him ill Greenwood.
alsha t Foch has beeA dined, (but
lot wined) fromn New York to the Pa
:ilic coast, yet It Is a safe het that hIs
wiute Fren1ch last(, for. good Cooking
tis nowhere we better satislied than
igvhtn he partook ton1ight1 of lls Pie
enwood tuiltkey and it cessories.
dklewise whenl he feasted onl the
soulthw Carolina posuml, lie ate a dish!
it f mI the iods.,
.All1 Too Brief
Thirty mlinlutes! flow brief ai timei
-ereow m uch took place ithnll its
tits. The seial train arrived
wiletically' onl timte amid the s;ounld of'
vhiistles and as the Oilicial delga
ion had met him at bhvillc, eno
illic was lost at e depot. As be
Alighted he Was e cered and ae
ong throuih a spick and span le of
lailey "Military Institute ell dets,
Irw up at present, he was hurried
s wsiting automobilesn ia driven to
hi a ge o i t ar y thie principat
-tereonies took place. lHis approach
os a the si0gal for a great outburst
vhich must have thrilled event a n
ike( Foch Who for. Weeks has beenl
theered as no foreigner has been
Ciheerevd. mrc eoe
Ah marof hl camewd thul Unite
State aetos thethuestato. the goera
Leor, andouhdeefoedyne as
he immipaywa thuegt ofrheeot
oh. A Naione Combaer fChisstaf
thereopreset hlaj. Littn thatborristh
sintte geneatigeera'. Thein Lane
college oftmilitsang hedqarters.
larer Thve men a din nt hesitatt
to moutin the p.,atnd men hg
girlo beankosig the naioal an
thoe not, were heunry. Itmm-esiatedh
chat saut,0 thpe row ie o it
tresenood. asi sow "h
cuidbThe marshal met oae ned b
Stats Josephe guen of helAmian
Legion ben uedefor thedaruis was
theyettedie gutendtngf theepon
iCarolna eiona1826.Trvlnwtl
'Commandertional Commander Madr.
(Ctied tnrlsion The Lande
Meets Death While Driving Alone Be.
ween Newlierry and Whitmire Sun
day Night.
A distressing aultoimtobile aecidemt,
Costing the lite of Pail Kil gto, young
est "onl of Riev. and Mllrs. Pierce F.
Kilgo, of thin city, occurred onl the
\Vhit Ii ire-Newberry road, ablit nline
miles from Newberry, Sitiilay night
about 7:30 ocloelk The youn; iman
-as alolle at the4 tiie, making it ill
POSSible, t-o deter*luinv theV exaCt Caulse
of tihe, aevidnlt. The cal. was badly
i.reckedl, Iowever, and other signs inl
dieal that the car wa. going at a
hi gli rate of Sped When the accident,
occur:ed. (.ilions of those Who vis
it ed the scen differ as to wihetlier a
rear wieel of, the car gave vay or
vAwether younig Kilgo, driving a higi
)ower! cal with which Ihe was not
fisniliar, lost. control when it was
I oluniing a &ti-rve.
Sunda * Ny afterilooli late 'ati Kil :o
and s:'.e I Ilarn, selol of' \lIr. \Vil
liail Solomon, l-t. here inl .1'. Sodlo
mnol's iitidson Six toutring car. to vi.It
sollie ladies. 'Theiy went towad New
berry and tiietud back toward Whit
liiv e a few miles out of Newberry. At
the ho:e of .\r. Cal. Baker, abolit n ine
miles From Newberry, .\r. Hlearn. got
out ali tinlied the cal over to .\lr.
Kilgo, who started toward Newberry.
A. short. time afterwards, several Iwo
plie inl passing the ilplace follid Ile
Srecked ar heside' the road and the
micolsclious body of lr. Kilgo llearby.
They pieked him up) and calrried him
to the Newberry Hiotel, where medical
attention was secured. It was found
that he had sustained a fracture of
the 'skuill and other ' minor injuries
about the face and liad. lie never
regained conscioitsness and at about
tliee o'clock Aloinday morning passed
away. His parelnts and a number of
friends from here reached the bedside
before the end.
The body was brought to Laurens
Mo6n'ilay ifirniIg. 'Ystiay iiorning
at 11 o'clock simple exercises were
held at the home of his parents, after
which interment took place in the Lau
ireus cemetery, a large concourse of
friends of the deceased and i!s be
reavedl family following his blody t-o
the grave. The active pall bearers
were associates of the yoing man
while the honorary ipall bearer,; were
olicials of the Methodist church, of
which Rev. Kilgo is pastar. A group
of young ladles' from hiis class at the
high school followed the bier, each
carirying a beautiful wreath of flowers.
Other floral' tributes were nunicrous
and beautiful."
Among the out-of--town ministers at
tending the funeral were ini uncle,
Dr. J. W..Kilgo, of UInon; a brother,
Rev. Pierce F. Kilgo, of Duncan; a
cousin, Rev. Edward Mason, of Lan
caster; Rev. J. M. Steadman, P. i.,
Greenville; Rev. Ed. Jones, P. .X.,
Spartanburg; Rev. A. I-. Holler, P. E.,
Anderson; Rev. J. R. T.. Major, P. E.,
Columbia; 'Rev. HaInlin Ethridge,
Earhardt; Rev. L. W. Shealy, Kinards;
Rev. W. B. Garrett, Greenville; Rev.
C. C. Herber't, Greenville; Rev. L. E.
Wiggins, Clinton; Rev. C. W. Watson,
of Gray Court, and Rev. Monroe Speer,
of the Laurens Mills charge.
Other rolatives attending, the fun
eral -were his brother, Wallace Kilgo,
of Charlotte, two sisters, Mirs. Paul B.
Smith, of, LaGrange, GIa., and Miss
Mary Kilgo, of Greenville; HI. A.
Blethea, of Latta; T. A. Bethea, of
Darlington; Hion. Andrew' J. Bethea,
Columbia, and Mr's. George Bethea, of
Mr'. Kilgo comes of a famIly which
has been distineguished in the ministry
of the Southern M!etohdist Episcopal
church. He is a nephew of Bihop
John C. Kilgo, pf Charlotte, N. C., and
Dr. Jas. W. Kilgo, of Union. is fa.
ther shas long been in the ministry,
both as ipastor and presiding elder,
while a brother is pastor at Duncan.
'His mother was a Miss Bethea, a sister
of former Lieutenant Gov. "Andrew J.
,Bethuea, The young man himself was
eighteen years of ago, a student 'at th(
'local high school ahid very .populai
among his associates.
M[eeting Postponed
Owing to the -bereavement to oui
beloved pastor, Rev. P. W. Kilgo, th.
'Sodial Service meeting which was t<
,be held in the 'Methodist churoh Wed
nedday'- afternooti, will be postponei
until further notide.
Mrs. Wmn. Solonien,
*. Simerintendent.

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