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Frm Al Article fi
. . The Chicae Journai
People whose skepticism re
1garling the efficacy of chiro,.'
(Practic has been overcome and
-hwg9gave gqRne to a. chiregractor
an had th r healt4. restored
kn. why '~ iagso. important to
tIj ents while the dis
ea8 is in the acute stage.
'5%ty know that if the adjust
me* rp jkei' in . the acute
stago dh'dliase wil-1 never be-'
con p rolu. q And .that is when
r r Wiuts you to
coxpyaq g - vcti~n,4 (I roncy,
* thro il i a lon ei j4W9 esu.e
Yoq .wIld .)rpr ow
of the thousands wl4 restall
every. attack of sickness by tak
ing chiropiactic-a's t prqphylac
tic-letting the adjustments
abort the disease that may be'
But that was 'what made chi
ropractic famous as the -most
effleacibus health iethod. The
real test. came with chronic
cases. rhese people had tried
cverything else. They had been
given up as invalids for the rest
of their lives, and many of them
were not even expected to be
invalids long. As a "last straw"
they sought the chiropr'actor.
There was no one else to go to.
The dim hope that flickered
within was slowly transformed
to a flame of conviction. They
knew they were getting mwell. No
one. can realize their exultation
at this good fortune except those
who have experienced the jour
ney from invalidism to health
after being told that there was
no ho-pe. Thousands are going
through that great ex'perience
today. That is why chiropractic
is 'being heralded near and far
as the greatest health method of
the age. it is the enthusiastic
pralise of the multitudes restored
to. -health.
Whether you believe in chiro
practic now or not, you should
be g'lad that If at some time your
health or your life Is despaired
of -by .the methods you do be
lieve inl, there is a last resort
that thousands of sick people
have gone to in despair and
lived to praise it to the skies'.
P. M., Monday, Wednesday and
Enterprise Nat'l. Bank Bldg.
Plies Cured in 6 to 14 Days
A Druglitsts refund money If PAZO OINTMENT fall,
tocure Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you can c
Vest l eedafter the fITst appleation. Pren oO
:For Constipated , Bov
Thea nicest .cathartie-laxative 'to
phpic your bowels whe *n you have
1,eadache Biliousness
Colda . Indigestion -
Dizziness Sour Stomach
is .candy-ljke Cascarets. One or two
Prices Re
We have just been t!
ofMillinery' ad marks
.fprices fwryour bene
?ther g~ods lso ma
lorow price co
Pe ask you to give
prices with others.
tSide of Sq~u~
. . . S * *, r%4. t * *** 5.
4Z4urens City, 86hools
Pupils who attain an average on
BchQlarship of 95 or better, with. per.
foct 'kttendshce, punctua'lity and de
prtifent are lIighly Distinguishd;
l)U1is o 'attfin .an average of 90- t
96 os18i6larship, with 95 on attend- Q
ance, punctuality and deportmenit, are
Grade Eleven-lighly Distinguish
ed, Satra Eliza Swygert;, DIstingu-ished,
Rebecca Adams, Margaret Coleman, ?
Martha Lila, Lois Fuller, Allie Gos- (
nell, Toctod Gray, Eula Ai6 Martin, I
Louise Smith, Eva Taylor,,Grace Tay
lor, Jack Miller, Martin Teague. t
Grakie Ten-Highly Distinguished, I
Sarahi Katherine Barksdale; Distin- I
guished;: J. J. Adams, Mary Sue Bolt,
Fred Clifton, Leonide Finley, Roy I
Gaston, Ray Goodwin, Margaret
Knight, Martha Saxon, 'Winifred Sit
greaves, Carl Thompson, Wyatt Wal
drop, oMaude Wofford.
iradle. Nine--Highly Distinguished,
lary Ooodwin, Sidney Holmes; Dis
tinguished, Clara Boyd, Nelle Cheek,
Janie Holmes Davis, Mariegene Gray,
Katherine Hicks, Norine Martin, Cor
nella Machen, Louise !MeCord, Paul
Ph-ilpot, Rose Rosenthal, Sara Senn,
Hilda Taylor, Thomas Wrofford.
Grade Eight, A Section-Nighly'iUs
tinguished, Pascal Miley; Distin
guished, Prior Babb, Willie K. Bald
win, Zell Blakely, Mildred Franklks,
10loise Miller, James Machen, Inez
Grade Eight, 13 Section-Highly Dis
tinguished, Frank .Roper, Elizabeth
Thompson; Distinguished, Harold
Hudgens, Tillman Miller, Allie Cul
bertosn, Kathleen Dean, Fay Chaney.
Grade Eight, '0 Section-Highly Dis
tinguished, Cothran MeCravy; Distin
guished, Miller MeCuen, Earle Riddle,
Marviii' Stdwart, Netile Mae Tollison,
Bertson, Kathleen Dean, Fay Chancy.
Grad. Siren, A Section-Highly Dis
tinguishedi' Lega're Blackwell, Collyhir
,Barksdale; Distinguished, Lupile
Hawkins, Augusta 'McClintock, Fran
ces' Blakely, Huh Coleman, Thomas
,Hamilton, Callie Hill, Samuel 'lem
Ing, Sai'rah Cheek, Harriett Bishop.
Grad Sven, B Section-H ighl'y Dis
tingu ished, Bruce Thompson, Sam
Todd,, Ilarlowe , 1Mahaffey, Martha
Power, Amaryllis Smith; Distin-guish
ed, James Powell, Charles Rosenthal,
Cecil . Sullivan, -Pinckney Sullivan,
John 'K. Taylor, -Mary Thompson, Har
e6ls -Bilious Live
tonight will enipty your bowels com
pletely by morning and you wilt feel
splendid. "They work while you
leep." Cascarets never stir you up
or gripe, like Salts, Pills, Calomnel,
or Oil and they cost only teni 'enute
a box. Children love Cascarets too.
duced On .'
hrough our entire stoCk
d it down to unheard
d hve~ a big lot to '
rked down to compete
8 trial and COmpare
lot Todd, 'Clgra Sexton, 'Harold Tiin
,leton; Henry. W4lliams, Mittle Le
lartin, kitte McCravy.
'Grade Six,..A Section-Highly Dis
inguished, Miry Ball, Mary Andersori
VWlliam BHamlett; Distinguished
label Barton, William Crews, DAlli
)endy, ..Rbert -Moore, Jones Martin.
Grade: Six, B Section-Highly Die
inguished, Annie Power, Fannie Ros
nthal Gertrudt Templeman; Distin
uished,-'Mary Reid, Margaret Wassor
lwnee Watson.
Grade -Five, A Section-Distinguish
d, Jack Babb, James Dtinklin, W. C
Alier, Bertha Barnett, "Argini
3lardy, - Martha Franks,. Armild
lough, Em-ily Taylor.
Grade Five, B Section, Highly DIE
inguished; Irene Todd, Antoinett
dloore; IDistinguilshed, 'Martin 2Millei
lordon 'Miller, Jeanette llamiltoi
ary Dell Rowland, Frances Switzei
Allianl Kitchens, Mary Lewis Swini
rack Dysong.
Grade Four, A Bection-Highly D,
Inguished, Dorothy Norwood; Distir
;uished, Sarah Dorroh, Belle Hlami:
oh, Rolfe Hughes.
Grade Four, B Section-Distinguisl
d, C. T. .Squires, Jr., Louis Whani
dary Ellen Owens.
Third Grade, A Section-Disthi
uilshed, Jack Balle, Charles Hick
Foe 1-ough, Bert Kennington, 'Emil
Third Grade, 'B Section--ighl
Distingulished, LouIse Taylor, 'D'orotli
itgreaves; Dist inguished, Clemieger
reague, 'Margaret McCravy, Joe Re,
Roy :Mil-ler.
Grade Two, A Section-lighly Dii
Linguished, Laura Iflabb, Martha Susa
Briggs, Dorothy 'Humbert; Distih
guished, Charles Crews, Jdies Davi
John A. Franks, Jr., Ambrose 'HLu<
ens, Billy 'Lancaster, Harold Le
FRowalrd Scott, Mary 'Clarence lBrain
lett, Harriett Gray, Roberta Holme
Virginia. Blades.
Grade Two, 1 Section--HIghly DI:
tinguished, -Mary Elizabeth Squire
Maudaline Sullivan; DIstinguishe
inez Templeman, Jessie Carroll Mi
Ier, John H. Montigomery, 1-taro
Poole, Lawton Vincent, Norman Whai
Samuel Wilke% Fred Lanham.
Grade 'One, A Section - Distii
guished, Thomas Balib, Jesse Barto
Williamu Bolt, 'Robert Bolt, Mau.i
Cannon, 11ob Childress, 'Billy -,Cop
land, Charles lD'uBose, Gordon Dunla
William Hipp, 'Reubefn Iryy, Ddwl
lanham, Lewis 'Reid, Helen Blakel
Mlargaret Gray, (Marjorie WMinter. .
,Grade One, #B Section - Distil
guished, Laura Maddep, Rachel No
wood, Frances Putnam, Frances Rov
land, Doris Swain, James Owings.
Laurens Mill School
Fourth Gra(de--Di)stinguIlhed, .la
Yaret Brown,*'uby Monroe.
Third Grade--Highly Distinguishe
Dlmer Davis, . James Word;' .Disth
tuished, Laviniac-Bosdell, Bessie Davi
Bertha Marlei-: Joe 'Rose, Lora Sea;
,-yda Snoddy, Alula Templeton.
Second Gi'ade-Distinguislhed, Loi1
Busby, Icivira Cannon, Beulah Davi
)ma Dl"avis, IoIE Martin, . Oscar L<
Bishop, Samuhie Owens.
First Grade-Dstingushued, Tillma
Uamb, Clintok 'B-ishop, Howard Browa
Kate Broom, Christine Weathers, Maj
lie Davis..
* * * * * * * * * * * *
-Laurenis, S. C.,
R. F. D. 2, Box 78,
Dec. 12, 192
aly Dear Santa 'Claus:
I will write you a felw' linies askini
ro to lilease bring me a -box of~st
.lonery. Wishing you a merry Chris
Your~ loving friend,
Susie Ruth Sanders.
Laurens, S. C.,
R. F. D. 2, Box 78,
D~ec. 12, 192
)ear Santa Claus:
'Please bring mce a doll 10 inche
ig'h, with black curly hair.
Wishing you a Merry- Christmas,
Your littleied
arh Myrtle Shnders.
Laiinford, S. b.,
Dec. 12, 192'
)ea~r Santa Claus:
'I afn a little boy 0 years old. I g
o school and get -a gold star ever'
lay 'and am' a good 'little boy. I sta
nith my Grandpa. I want you t
>lease briflg me a. ifie Bomne frul
its and eandy. Please bring 'mysii
le brother Cam some A B C blocki
Frank -Fleming.
, Ieurens, 8. C.,
-Dec. 12, 192:
)ear Santa Claus:
I am a little 'girl tour years old, an
uin "'trfing to be 'good as I want yo
S ,bring mq' solne toys for Christmal
lease bring fue a- aleepy doll, a do:
>ed, doll ea~I'iage and 4ea, sot; als
rrult' and candty,. Sagita Claus, doli
9rget the littde'boya afwi. girls whi
Isa Bramlett.
Switzer Con
Suits. Dresse.
To close out every Coat Su
in our stock, we are offering
count all this week only.
This discount is in addition
prices which we have previo
- excellent goods.
$7.50 Skirts, 25 per cent Off,o
$25.00 Dresses, 25 per cent 01
$13.75 Dresses, 25 per cent O
$19.75 Coats, 25 per cent Off,
$35.00 Suits, 25 per cent Off
$18.75 Suits, 25 per cent Off,
Every Garment Marked'i
---From I
For tihe Whole Fami
"The Candy of th
*Candy is always acceptable, and more so e
her a box of Nunnally's, from one-ha
- uhas Combs, Brushes and Mirrors a
for Christmas
Eversharp Pencils Tobacco Mar
Military Brushes . *Cigrtte Cases Wh
T~h Lights 8moking 8eta ap
Ingersoll Watches Shaving Sets Eas
Pcet Knives Safety RaorsCr
Collar Bags Fit. All Cases Eve
Lauren., Soutl C
ipany s
5 Skirts
it, Dress and Skirt
a 25 per cent dis
to the already low
usly placed on these
>nly . $ 5.63
f, only $18.75
Ef, only $10.32
only . $1492
only . $27.25
only . $14.07
in Plain Figures
) Si
ly, a Box of
~t the Christmas tide. Send
If pound to five pounds.
re Such Appropriate Gifts
et Sets Stationery
icure Sets Kodak A'iumns
te SetrySets Termos Bttles
es Ihand Bags t- r ses
tao Cars Vtr ' ord B
sa rp Pencils NnaWs Cindie.

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