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RUb It In for :*pi ?
Colds in the Chest,
Sore Throat, Grippe and
Inflammation of Any Kind
The pure oils in Mexican Mustang Lini.
ment soothe inst.ittly. penetrate quickly
-nd reduce swelling of glands. Austang
is particularly effective III treating Croup.
Diphtheria, Rheumatism. Lumbago. Frost.
bites. Cuts. Birns. Piles--all ailients that
can possibly be reacled by an external
remledy. Contains III alcohol-DOES
NOT SA1ART OR STING. 73 years'suc
cess. No hone should be without it.
Doctors Prescribe It - Read This
Dr. J. C. Compton, Ratliff, hiss.. writes:
I have ptccribed vour Mexican Mustang
Liniment for Sore 'fliroat. Chilblains. etc.,
and the resilts w'ere entirely satisfactory.
I think very highly of it."
I t Ft treet, Jruoklyt, . Y. ' *
- 50c-$1.OO
So., .arug and General Stores
IThe Goed Old Standby Since 18-18"
VOID the misery of racking pain.
Iliave a bottle of Sloan's [ini.
ment handy andI apply wlien
yu first feel the ache or pain.
It q(uickly eat-s the pain and sends
a feeling of warmth i through the
aching part. Sloan's Liniment penctratcs
without rubbing.
Fine, too, for rleumatism, neuralgia,
sciatica, sprains and strains, stiff joints,
lame back and sore muscles.
For forty years pain's enemy. Ask
your neighbor.
At all dIrggists-35c, 70c, $1.40.
Liniment PlI
Clear You e Compledion o' pimaIleI..
acto and other facial disfiguroment.
Use freely Dr. Hobson's Eczema Oint
ment. Good for eczema, itching skin.
and other skin troubles. One of Dr.
oLt cough
T I TI violent pa roxysms of coughing
Soon catsedl by D)r. King's New
D iscovcry. Fifty vears a standard
remedy for colds. Thildren iike it.
No harmful drugs. All drtuggists, 60c.
Dr.. Kins
Neow Discovery
Pt 4 ~we.~INrnil Naiture's
ihe way of D r. King's Pills
ud( fimly regutlat ing tile bowels
bi i i the inftecst inie clogging
At. all dlruggi't s, 25c.
IYou Can't Trust
Calomel at All
It is Mercury, Quicksilver, Sail
vates, causes Rheumatism
and Bone Decay
TIe 'nel(xt dose of calomeT you fake
.a: s.ali vate you. It may shook your
liver or start Ibone necrosis. Calomnel is
dtamc routs. It is mtereurv, quicksilver.
It crashes into sour bile l'ike dlynamite,
era . ping and siekening you. Calomel
attacks the bones and should never be
put into your stystemi.
I' tou feel bilious, headoohy, consti
pr and all ktnoekrd out, juist go to
y-'truggist and get a bottle of Dod.
.. r TIone for a few cents whtich
niost veetbl sbituto for
sn't start your liver and
af voin up helter and quiicker:
t< ' enlomiel and wvithonut making
y*. -a 'Ott julst go back and get your
t~ take galomnel I It can not be
trusted any mior'o than a leopard or ar
wild-eat. Take Dodson's Liver Tone (
whIek straightens. yu.rIght up and
makes yo~ feel fine. , No salta necessaryi. I
(live itt the children because It is
prfeotly harmless andt an ntaliv.t.
Other Delnocritle Seniators Say They
)o Not Affach Imipiortll(ce to tie
)oeuillent its a Peae Mearsiure.
Was It In g ton, I)ee. 10.---!ndientions
of opposition in the t . nite'd States Sen
ae to ratifica I tionl of the four. power Pa
vific treaty developed today witliti a
few hours after tire new pact was an
nolitteld to (he world at a plelary ses
Oilo not tire armiramlrent Conlferelce. Sen
ator Heed, Dem., Missou ri, one of tihe
hieconcilables in tie long and site
essful fight against tie treaty of Ver
ai Illes, in a formal statelmrelit de
nonnced the new quadruple unider
tanding as "treaherous, trenosnable
Ind danbe"and predicted thart
'there would be a fight and a hot one."
)ther sentors of tire I i'econcllable
rouip for the most part Withheld
-omiient but spealkrig privately indi
'ite an unfriendly attitude toward tIe
reaty, while Senator Reed said he
lid not expect to make the fight, alone.
atniaor Horlahr, ofr Idalhp, leading He
itian irreconcilable, was ont of
ioe dvelining to comment, locking
tiltslfI ii his olice -with a copy of tihe
o rerment. iepublicalans generally, in
'hiding most of the leaders, however,
wedicteld ratification of the treaty by
tin overwhe.'Iing Vote and in this pre
lietion to a greater or less exteit were
oined by a numb-r of Democrats, in
'Inu(inig leaders o that side of tire
Senlate cham ber. Many sean tors of
oti sides refused to commit thei
;elves, declaring they wished to study
Ahe pact. W11e a Coisiderale numi
rer- of the Senate membersihip was ab
en t from the cr ital owing to the
week-elid recess. I
Democratic senators in a number
If instances said they did attach ii
portance to the document as a peace
irueasure that was claimed in Repub
lican iuarters and described It as "in
1iocuou , and as having a great s'im
Irity tu t he Le: gue of Nations cove
om )emlocraits pointe( to article
wo of tille new treaty which h1inds
he signai to ries it' their rights in the
Pacific islands are threatened by the
Ig~'ressive action of any other VoW
--r to "coimutniCate with one another
'ulIy and frankly in order to arrive
11 an undelrotanding as to the most
fileien.t measures to be taken, jointly
)r separately, to meet the exigencies
Af lite particultr sitiation." This they
.a"i, diffe red but little from article
Ion of the league covenant which the
P!ipuliena foiltid lmiost objectio inable.
8. . t 1.rr on, of Mississippi,
ne~ o nf the -emocratic spokesien In
Ihe Senate in his comment -aid In
this coniect tion:
"The best parts of tihe treaty are
tIIo- r:ovislons takeni from the
I -:'Umue of Nations covenant. If more
had b een t:rtken it woul( have bellen
het I er.,' One of the principal effects
of the treaty, .both repulblicans and
DemIllocrats agreed, would Ihe its ter
mination of tihe Anglo-.,lapanese Ali
Senator leed contended that the
treat.y \Was an altliance and gave tire
Uniited States only one of four v::tes
andl prledgedl tihe Urniltedi -ates~ to
rrrake war, if neeessary, in support of
Biritish, JIapanese or F'reinch inuterests
ini thaill e lli.
"Ther rea.'l putrprose o~f the t reaty i
luingfl-ly rmaisked tby linre lphrases,"'
Senator leed dleclared.
"'It is a vorhital ,pholtog ri;h otf'l 0b bu
11cot. 1.uk no1w ithsotandu ig its surgar
out n g it is nothing more na:r l-so
t hanr a 101 finadruil all ianlce ibetween
irat Biritain, F'rance, Jiatpan andi~ thre
P''itdl tttes by3 whtich. they murrtutilly
b~ind. (h edhier to exert Itheir joit
pow.er Ifo tire control11) of' thIe IPaei lie
(d for' thie m-d;;(:ru:;nee of the i gttn
'1' IOach 'in the(ii' insilrthr flor.5sins
rf the Pacific ocean.'
"'If v.'e sign th i treat.y, V. e thind our r
-clve's tot go to -tire assistaiwe of .Japan,
lrea-t Blr!ta in andil France ini the ev'V''
thrat. their insular doionlrs in the
"gion of tire Pacifle are threaterned.
[ have quroted1 fromfl thre prreamble 1, hu'1
he pro M mnde (I plain by Aritie(lnf
~. 'T'ha t artille .plainly means tha~t
hiCOse plow'ers wVill asseml~e an'I w.'
r1 Pl'On fthe methtolls to be em ioyie-1.
.wl hi h, of cou rse, meants taht they
''i.l joiI-ly Fo tor war If nece'sar iv
'y thirr e"-i ned nowver of thirreas '
irridate othrer nations."
Studymrg Smokeo,
i, iike rs prhaps('l thite hifrr enm
ii~ltl'55 Th Uneiied (ttetsr' bureaui
'n' ll t smok houstI e"n-l noOepeit's
Inr'iii exiretly whato Is r'(ii!'-di ilo 'n
"'sioke ansks"'i a: sfe an I
etin for meon enrgarged ttr srubdu
No Worms In a Hecaithy Child
All children troubled with Woruit have an un
cilthry coto'r, wich IndIcates ofvblood, and as a
dte, threre Is more or (ess s 6el distftbance.
urly for two or three weeks. wilt enrich tho blood,
nprovethodigestion~and octosageneral~trength
ruing Tonotb the whole system. Natut-e will thea
irow off or dteIe the worms, and the chid willbe
Srftect heel - Plasant to etae. aan ner..aneea
Carolina Solons Using Influence to
Have M1n lletained in Ofilee During
Greenlville. D)e. II.- -Ieignation of
Chi'rles J. lyvoni, as Inited States Mar
shal for tle Western district of South
Carolina, has hee' retiuested by At
totney General larry M. Daugherty,
despite the fact th:t Mr. Lyon's term
(toes not expire ut Il' March, 1924.
Marshal Lyon himself announced
yesterday -that his- resign nationl had
beeni requeste(l. 1He recived his ap
poiitimient fromi Woodrow W8ilson and
has been the mar'hal of the western
distriet since it .mis formed Iln 1915.
Prior to that tme le was sheriff of
Abbeville county, and has served in
various other official capacities.
South Carolina senators and con
gressmen are brinhltg PressuiC to
bear in the capital to permit Marshal
Lyon to contiiue in office until his
term explies, it Is understood. This
has been the piolicy of the Republi
(nn adini 1st ratIon towards Demo
cratIe oflce holders and no little
si:nrise was created wheni it was an
nounce(d that Marshal Liyon had been
asked to subint, his resignation.
Major John F. Jones, of Blacks
burg, a staunch Republican, well
known over the l'dimonit section of
this state, has received the en1dorse
ient of the UiTon 'Republican League
of South Carolina for the ofilce of
niarshal and in the event Marshial
Lyon I, ousted before his term ex
pires 'Major Jones probably will be
Highest Mountain In New York.
The iglhest imotainlii in tlie state
of New York is Mount MRCy. It peac
in the Adirondacks, which rIses 5,344
feet above sea level. The average or
mean elevation of the state, as est1
ma131ted by the United States geological
survey, Department of the Interior, is
000 feet.
The Ba
I F the banker coul
If the grocer's 1b
tainly would.
If eithier could find a
in cold weather, beCtt
and easily controlled
his way for it. If so
troub~le or bigger mi]
Butt balanced gasolir
vides quick starts in
combustion dlevelop)
to dilute~ the lubricatia
valves and pistons. A
maximum mileage ai
"Standard" Motor G:
that gives real assura
Tfhat's why, the ibank,
best for' the motorist
You, too, want the I
"Standard" Motor Gt
you have an unbeata
**o * * * * * T * * e * * *
Naruie, Dec. 12.--The fa'rmers of
Our section are sowing wheat to pro
tect themuselves from ethe boll weevil.
Miss Daiy Bel'l Owings and Miss
-Sara Owligs spent the night with
thoir sister, Mis. Earl Love last Eat
urday ni'ght.
Mrs. .Joe Dendy and children s)ent
Friday afternoon w~ith Mrs. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Owings and Mrs.
l'arl Love motored to Enoree to spend
the day with Mrs. L. V. Waldrop.
Mrs. 11. W. Owings and daughter
Ella and Olasue spent 'Wednesday iL
We will soon welcoio Mr. Chumley
in our sottloment.
.\lis Olasue Love and sister slent
the afternoon recently with Mrs. E.
T. Toillson.
Piny at Gray Court-Owings
Comedy in Four Acts to be Given at
Gray Court-Owings School 'I'utesday
Eveniing, Dec. 20.
"And Hilly Disappeared", a comedy
in four acts, full of mystery and fun,
will be presented by the high school
in the Gray Couit-Owings school audi
torium Tuesday evenhig, December 20,
at 7:30 o'clock.
The cast of characters follows
Hon. It. M. Borden, the attorney,
Bob Rlogers
Ishmael, the hermit, Charles .lohnson
Mr. hilly, the aviator Jack Bryson
Bub Dusen-berry, the -boy, Jerry Gray
Gene. Greener, the salesman,
George Hopkins
ary Blake, the mystery, Ethel Dial
MIss Match, the spinster, Blanche Cox
LIrs. Gray, the wife, M'ary Blakely
Nancy Borden, the debutante,
Louise Owings
Aggie Borden, the child,
Elizabeth Stoddard
Kittie, the maid, Emma Lou Curry
nker and'
buy I]
ri get better gasoline at any 1:
oy couldI buy more econon
motor fuel that would give
er power on steep grades 01
power in congestedI traffic,
m e other gasoine would gi
cage, it would be good judg
ie excels on every test. Its
coldl weather. Its rate and c~
maximum power with mir
ng oil, smut the spark plugs
L lean mixture of balanced g
id economy.
asoline is improved, balane
nc of efficient and econom
er and the grocer's boy bot'
aid best for the motor.
rest when you buy gasogine
soline. With Polarine iny
ble combilnation..
A woman seldom has too many Shoes
or Hose.
Now if you will do a little "diplomatic dis
covering" you can find out just what style
she wants---then come or send to this store
and you can niake her wish come true.
Strap Pumps in Suede, Kid or Patent,.
. . . . . $6.00 to $11.00
Brogue Oxfords . . $5.50 to $11.00
High Shoes . . $3.25 to $12.00
Fine Silk or Wool Hose $1.00 to $ 5.50
Bed Room Slippers . $1.35 to $ 3.00
Prompt Mail Service
Wright-Scruggs Shoe Co.
bie same GasolineC
rice, he would.
iically, he cer..
quicker starts
more flexible
he'd go out of
ye less carbon A0
rient to b)uy it.
volatility pro..
mpleteness of
inmura carbon
and carbonize
tsoline assures
ad motor fuel
ical operation.
.The best is
)ur crankcase

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