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Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
I'ubliished by)
Laurens. S. C.
Adw rt llag !?ntYs o.. .\pplleattloi..
lilt tilt ries om lards ol' Thanks: On
CentI a Word.
Entered at i. m ;>ostollice at Laurens,
.. C.. as se'contd class mail matter.
la~i'ICENS.S. c'., IllW-. itI, 9 l
PalA:ASEI) YO' TIi,, 'EM!
The e'dItor' of this paper had a big
timtt in Grenitwood l'riday. i' the
plaudits of the thoisanIds itaule (Itn.
1"och feel Iny bette' thIant the lattry
of at few\ of o, 1w r in . over there:, h:
was ('erttainly madie to feel good. Our
own h1 ppy ,!I xw it'n was dIm, to a lit
tle reek h's' hanlling of i few of out'
Greenwood frien is last week unilder
the"(; beinfin "G vnood \\elcomes
,.':tni r1epritd'(i in the Index
-lontI:il TursdIay. The little skit
.otem r io Itike a Ieular cliorl over
t(he" a nud :t let of fol.. w Ire ki itI
t e uI I to 1 I I s to oI!r f;Ieo t It it
t ealiy ins ing~ and , wh:t\ was
h 1P Vi 1i a. i t t:
I 1 1 1 I T , I I e
* * P . . 2t in in it . l - ii'ltter' d.
(.h:~ ~ ~~ 31i: .\-: al kt of;!l):nt
the: -:- 'ni ::0 . . It only 1Y to
! Th I IN 1 -: i .N\\-OO)I
lT'O:. a .eptiin utl r vaedI by iar~e'n
Iood l : t .20i* o . t'1 ))Y e
ed e'- ~ t ana It Z,11nd the Ita:(. The
I roraIl wa.V n et wily w tlaranted
but s.,a iua~ l -et with r irin
I'ien -wea ir iP. (l' f s me to have
h !d : ial t) (r-h-r. The d c ra in
wee bm a til ;. ,ood taste, ill
eh-ei b edareb of triuinphl
nr~:- iin shatl paa.ew' itt en
at. elu. i tnually :,triltio
pie i.eTd ttangenntit ifZor
tile- i lpeak and for til.
eradit to ill' ao perlfect.
.-~!I mi!c Wf ithout at hitenl,
but(g)Ito did nlot give way to en
th.N.Tllc .\l!.d~i rece-'ived a1
ro isiti:. riei iton. All inl all, it i
doubi l!It:\' : t:- r h city i tih'e itate
wold aeuald the receptlonl
tin;ll! 3
W. h ' t n it referred to be
fore. 11, :1 gocdman years ago. if we
reme10AH -. oa I11. \\'iI Iiamil J. I r1yan1
splOk to mIn jimnonse.4 crowdl from al
tio.a tlhe identical 0 asot dild Foch
Friday. h'I e olu C. & W. C. freight
depot was ieln w here the Union pas
sengir s t:I .ti iS n..v and had a plat
fot mi arontd t it cn which many of the
peolele stood. 'he Westetin U ,n ion
Telegraph Company had its oilee in
the depot. and MAitt Calhoun was just
hudd intg ot as ai t('legr'apher'. Jiryan
was aboutI as bh' a tian to Soth Ca'
oilina detmtocrtats t.hcen as Feoch is to us
aill toiday and e the dlay wasLt Liniothe Iired '(
.insl at tnn r titme 't' it.
sixe tof tb cro.. ! l'tday. The best
Gre' nIw;cel hoiotste': tat it ait 25,000,
whitih- itm i't~etd .t iow~ as 10,000.
It ''' '-.r, howvere,
cai'. No : 'es a made for' dis
'tI .' I i o druttn kennies
S - tnee's of Chail'
u ir h.il
at e Tfi eah himselairs.t
ituvh days s thes I)and'e the res-o
PahecrFt.''"eoo c oitt lwa s gretl
tur'e than most .public men do.'Gn
.irally, picturesi of men In pnbic life
teh1 -to shibw them tUji to adlvantiage.
F'ech lookedl no better 'ar worso than
the likenesses 'we 000 of -him every
day. He ftI)peared to be not over sixty
- rzi
years of age, though he is seventy. le
was dark-skinned, wrinkled somewhat
and gray-halred. He was entirely comn
posed dulring the entire program and
siioke with seeming ease. illis voicel
vm . !< (r a nd his words were snapped
W as it frini rapid-fire gun, the ex
peted l renieh ge:1turci's heing almost
Entirely absent. lie spok e hi French
id fow of is understood what he said
until his aide. Col. Parkei, a native
Solith Carolinian. interpreted for him1
;mragraph by paragraph. It was hard
to look at him alnl realie thut at one
ti in he commanded an army of 10,000,
I men and almost held in his han.ds
te destilly of the 'world.
(Continued from Page One.)
If you walit to make a lilt,
(-et a name!
If the other fellow's it,
Who's to blame?
Spend youir money in the town,
Where you piull tle sheekels down;
(ive tle mail concern a frown
That's the game!
If you're used to giving knocks,
Chaln!e your Style
Throw hoinets insteatd of reeks
For a while.
Let the othir fellosv roast,
u.!lln hiitn. as you would a gho.t
e thi:: mInturner w.ith a boost
Aind a smile.
When a siranlittor fromo afar
Comes along
TIl him who+ alnd whai we are
Make it stron,;g. t
III( I!1uth, for that's .;enolugl.
Joii the boosters-- I-hey're the stuff:
Let's belong!
C'lyde IN. Y.) lIerald.
C(LOSING Iii: O1" ('0N'lEST
(W'ontinuedrl from Pati, One)
i:it DAY . The tmore tine you ('ai
:ut in. tile belter youry chance of win
W ng the $750 Sedan Cal 01 that $225
Vivirola at the end of the contest.
I:i(U:TIIEN I)OI.ARS will he
awvarded Saturday, December 17th, :1
1'. .\1., to the three contestants, bring
'ng in the i rst, seconl and third great
v-t intmher of EN EWA 1 subscrip
tions lor thIe week.
For the thriee workers who turn in
the gieatest tim beir of N EW subscrip
Con; there will be awarded 300,000,
":0IO and 100,000 lixtra Special
Hontus Votes, respe'tively. These are
in addition to the -xtra Votes of 125,
u00 for each $1 tirned in and the
relgilar schedule of votes.
Of supreme inportalce to any con
lestant expecting to Winl the $750
Ford Sedan auto are the extra vote
During the ' week ending leember
lith, at. :3 P. .M., an extra vote coutpon
good for I125,000 extra votes is giveni
withi each .$15 in business you turnt
in and a real .worker will try andl se
eu re .ittat 'a many. of these 125,000 ex-1
tra vota coulpons5 as plossible. Don't
tin lk of being satisfied with less than
two or thr'ee of thie 125,0010 extra vote
cottponls and1( try to get a half doz.eni
I dloizan duh the~4Il Week's Ieriod,.
iorom D~ecember'1 tith to I )ecemiber
I t.l only l00.00O0 extr'a votes given
ui ih Iach $1 5. The contest ant want I
the Iedan is going to t ry, and miss
(.11(o1tlunity to pile up votes--.-and~
thle fastest way is by getting new sub
e~,coll::etig ld (aICCOuntils, get -
Iecas 2 nd thiirebiy seuing as
ji ny of thle big extra vote (c1 Oilos as
nI ilh <-I :n.
t ''owV- b w<.ingii NOW\\, not
tr n I tm dae.wen W\i'Ei:m' wvorki
ni hle !aist -'even I).\YS oft the race.
a' ti I ' rd," will be aivan at
I. A\i tt!mi of 15I
t.a t 'ank jiiianyii friendls
h iri im,''n" ;(indness anid dleep
naa~tli-hyisown, 1o usi nlurinug the ill
a 0nd dea.fth oft 11ur dear' ife and1(
moher i . .\ilay (Godl's ic hest ibl1essifngs
. ( on ieach one of thiemi.
J1. C. Wade aind Chiiildrleni.
C'20sa I1111, S. C., Dec. 12, 1921.
Play at Tirinity-Iidege
"The play "Billy's Annt .Jane," wvil,
lie given 'by pupils of the Mountville
schiool hii TJrinity-Rid-ge apiItoium on
Wednesday night, December 14th, be
ginninig at 8 o'clock, Admissilon 25c.
Miceting ' of. ~iinthr'~op J)asgltters.
The1 i'egtular mnonthly mnhting 'of the
W-Inthr'co D~aughters will 'be hold Sat
uirday afternoon, D~ec. 17th, 'at 3:30)
>'clock at the home of !Mrs. Ea~rl Ow
nan. on South 'H-anrper str otM
At Fleming School
There 'will be ar oyster supper a
h'lIristlas tree at Fleming school
Phltlrsday night, Dee. 22. The pub
is cordially invited.
I 4PEAI, N t1i't('ES.
I * S 0 S 4 S a g S 0 - 0
For ifent-Three horse farm
hat ksdale, known as the Mrs. 111
p~i'ern place. Se .rs. I.
\lachen, Lauren.s S. C. 22
'I'respuss Notice--All persons 1
tiereby warned not to liit or oth<
vise trespass ol my land under penal
if proseetition. 11. L. Blakely.
L.ost--Setter bitch, white with fo
3r 11 e lemon spots. Answers to nal
'Iess". When left house had on li
ow chain about 12 feet long. IMibei
reward. F. II. Caine. 22-It
Ford Curs ('hCnp-One 1919 io
Pord touring car with block for sta
r, and good tires, $175.00. Also
1916 mnodel Ford in good running ord
or $150.00. Sumerel .\lotor Co.
For Itent-Four connecting rooi
Ind bath, suitable for housekeepi
ir olliecs, overP J. C. Shell & Co
Atore. Apply to 1,. 13. Blackwc
'rilnting and Stationery, -Iaurens,
Trespmiss Notiee-All persons a
erery~ warned not to hunt or oth i
vise trespass on the lands of the u
iersinied. Violators of tlis noti
,viII he prosecuted. A. I. antd .1.
Jalha tfey. 22-It
I'sed Cars (hienp---Several iakes
1sed (arPs chea* P. from $100.04) alld 1i
Ve Ir a0'. Su'n:ernl Motor Co. 22-1
(4et ical y PiY your aples, o
ting 1 otts, raisints antd all Chri,
Ias; things pow. A fill liie ad f re
to1k. A. I,. .\l:haffy. 22-1t
WVaItined -A good manl in 'very col
1111iy to sill 1111rbe :111 d granti
oblistoies antd n110on uments. Write 1
herty .AlIble & Guranite '"o., Spa
anbuilrs;. S. C. 22.
lgitigiges ndil Waogons *-.* --A vubber ti
op bq'tgy or a two horse wagoni, eltlh
i $10.m) each I'or the next teni la
13. Sumierel, 1Laurens. 22-it
lost---\\'hite and liver . color
lointetr bitch. About seven monthus o
h(ward for her r-et urni or inlformti ii
Sto helr whiecabouts. i)ick Chlldres
For Sitle-Latet model I 1-2 toil It
itlilie truck, with stake body a1
meumfiatie tires . R1111 less- than 1,01
It Ies. iWit price. W. 11. Kiight.
('hristin l n-l'h..1,11S A lone ."00 fo
otiu Chrittias ha, im re lork sa
age an fre-1t meats of all kinds.
.Plakely. 22
.ost -Solmewhere oil the square I
i 5ontle of the stoles t'rida'- Dec.
me S111.111 lavalier. Reward if r
irld to .lrs. J. G. Cuninghamo, l'.1
eni-, Rout -. 22-1 t-i
('oni- .1l1st received tIwo ea Is
Oial. All orders promptly filled La
elns GIn & Fuel Co. 22-It-i
('ow For Sale--One young gray Je
oy cow. fresl in milk, with calf il
ays ld. A lini'' vow. T. It. F-.umier
au ren .22-1t-i
For it eit--Ilugh Cray shop propel
s for vent from first of .January, 192
lall on Molvrehaint; & iarmers Blond
'arehouse, P. A. Simpson, 1r::.
For Itent---2, 1 or 1 hor;e I'arin
ipper aIrt of coity, 5 miles north
A'are Shoals, knoiwnI as Medlock far
Jles well, good state of cultivatic
Ilendid community. Apply at plar!
1. It. Medlock, Greenville, S. C..
l'los. ). Ilowney, Laurens. 20-5t
For SalI-5:0 gallons of gonuil
Teorgla -Ribbon Cane Syrnup- I gr
01n inl cansi 85c, 5 gatllonis lIn calis
t0c, 30 gallons in wood at 750. t1 iO
Onis in woodi a.t 60c. ilaiI orders iwi
ash to U. E. Rlitter. Olar, S. C. I8-5I.
Take Notice- All Iersonis are~ her1
y t'orbidden to !'utnt, trespass, or I
lye stock Putt out upon11 anly of mn
nuds(1 in StliIivan townlripii. .f.
''ilivan. 2-t
Iott--Severlal ipairs (If wIre strete
'rs, loaned out to cuistomers. S3ot
if those may have beenii loaned to oIt
'rst. Those wvho now have 1tem w
I ease returt n th em at otnce. t.o
i'ountd yourP farm and aee if y
invent't failed toi return tht etm. Thi
-oSt ius monei(y. .JoneI--Talore !bir
':iir' C'omuany. 1 8-51
>ffered i1n exchlang 'e for' ('ornl, ocats, h~
u>r lumlor.~ At' Wagons ini gCood (om
iotn. )IIx Ic Ice :'ndC Futel Co., ('li
oln. 1t0
N"oti(-, i; herihy'ivetn tha: t aft
Ctlnde'ed (It?' ton ', e'nsh1 bsis. P'
rOtis w ill itlea'e n-o tt aisk for ('Cedit.
mir onlS :':myII promptly Th'llose who,
mt j:;Cy ircmtl w!I ill Ie ref.twed :n
110ve'si T'astelcz cii Tlonilc r.mA(
nerct.y anid Vftailty by Pu1rifyuC 4- a.
it blrings color to the cheeks :2 hii
i imrir/Ccs t: tlppe~tite, yoni v.:i! t
'iljpreiate its trueP onict valu~o.
Grovo'n Tu'stoleni cill Tunic is si
Iront and Quill:nin t weended in syt un.
ilastI~~l cVOnI .i id:-a l ike it. lTe bio
neecdn QUININE to1 Puirify'it and1( lIm(N
Enrich it. D~estroys Mak ltril genns a
GripI germs by its Strengthenninig, Itvige
ating Effect. 60ce.
The Car F verlasting
Elfs Motor Co,
- Clintan, . C.
ad The Auditor's oflice will be open
A from the 1st day of January to the
20th of February, 1922, to make re
turns of all real and personal pro
perty for taxation.
- For the convenience of taxpayers
the Auditor oF his I idoputy .will attend
$ the folio *ing nameid places to receive
returas for said year to wit:
5 WednEday', Feb, 1, Youngs town
ship, Stewart's Store.
W Wednesday, Feb. 1, Youngs town
ship. John D. "Cook.
at Wednesday, Feb. !, Younigs town
h shlip. Lanfor d Station.
Thu. sda.,, Feb. 2, Youngs town
. ship, Mrs. W. P. Iharris.
re Frircay, Feb. 3, Youigs township,
Pleasant Mlound.
ty Wednesday, Feb. 1, Dials township,
S.R Gray's Store.
Thuiiday, Feb. 2, Dials township,
Thompson's Store.
Il Friday, Feb. 3, Dials township, Ow
ht ings Station.
a Saturday, Feb. 4, Dials township,
Pd (Fray Court.
e Wediesday, Feb. 1, Sullivan town
ship, T. T. Wood.
a Thursday, Feb. 2, Sullivan townshiip,
r Princeton.
Friday, Feb. 3, Sullivan township,
T'umbling Shoals.
Wednesday, Feb. 1, Waterioo town
ship, W. C. Thompson's Rtore.
S Thursday, Feb. 2, Waterloo town
ship, Waterloo Town.
S' Saturday, Feb. .1, Waterloo town
-tr ship. J. C. Martin's Store.
* Wednesday, Feb. 1, Cross 11M11 town
~ ship, Cross Hill Town.
Wvednesday, Feb. I, lhunter Town
cc ship. Mountville..
1 Wednesday, Feb. 1, Hunter town
-.;hip, C11lntonl.
T u ' r'li I'sday, leb. 2, 1lunter towiship,
1,- Clinton "Mill.
Friday, Feb. .- 1unter tow'nshilp,
-LIydia M .\ .
Hturday:, Feb. i, Hunter townhsip,
h oldville.
olonday, Feb. e, Jacks townsh-Ip,
- llo.
Monia3, Feb. C, Jacks towishlip, S.
r W edInes day, F'eb. I, Scuffletown
'ttownip , T. P1. Ploole.
PT 'lease make note that the appolnt
e' n acuts will be filled just as advertised
Ind to please conme out and make re
-I tur;ns. One man usually makes , the
Vl04 rollid aild Spime m1ay not under
d- *aid tie notice this time, as I have
)Idi idled 1ip the territory in the several
t cwrships.
d All Imale Citizens between the ages
of 21 a n"d 60 years o nthe 1st of Jan..
Id Iary -xept those who are incapable
of earning a sulipport from being
n::inied or from other causes, are
Idc( ii (d polls. Confederate veterans
)* E'XL'e tptC(I
i s1 all male citizens between the
as of 21 to 55 are liable to a road tax
Mi of $1:50 and .are required to make <llr
in g the time above specified and their
retuin of the same to the Auditor
- shall pay to the County Treasurer at
Ithe same time other taxes are paid in
)1 lici of working the road, school trus
tees, studenta and ministers are ex
empt from road tax.
All taxpayors are required to give
* township and number of school .dis
tricts; also slate whethor property is
situated In town or country. Each lot,
1(1 tract or parcel of land must be en
t'ered separately.
Af;ar the 20th of February 50 per
A cent penallty will .be attached for fail
Ii-urn to make returns ol personal pro
lerty and 20 per cent on real estate.
21--td. County Auditor,
e, Notice of Lost Certifleate of Deposit
>r Notice is hereby given that Certifi
-.y eate of Deposit No. 2055 of Peoples
le Loan and Exchange Bank, dated May
1- 24, 1920, has been lost or misplacei
at and that I wvill make application for
i. a duplicate of same at said hank on
thi December 15, 1921.
e- Laurenis, S. C., Nov. 1 ,1921.
et 16*-7t
IC When in Greenwood
Vlisit Us for
Cut Glass
,,China and
Watch and Jewelry
Reparirga Specialty
417" East Main Street
Ooposite Union Station
fApply Electrik Maid
Bake Shop
nnOppolta the Postoffice
Bly virtue of order of Judge of Pro- I
bate Court for Laurens County, w., J
will sell to the highest bidder at pub- s
lie outcry the entire stock of goods, g
wdres and merclhandise, also trades- 1i
fixtures of the grocery business of the
estate of the late J. M. Philpot, de
ceased, on the 15th day of 'December,
1921, between the hours of 12 M. and I
"Where are you go
a smile;
"That's a foolish qi
after a while,
"Everybody goes w
To the Electric E
know the resi
E lectrL
B ake
Laurens' Superior
Postoffice 0'
B. G. Sanders
Beatrice Wilson
/XbrO Y ra
S S,
If you .do not think that an extra
est frienid that a car owner everI
west of nduv'here without one and h
pray lor one If 311 were it )agan
Special. Pricek on Good St
30x3 ............. .$9.00
310x3 1-2 ... .. $13.50
31x4 .. . .. .. .. . ..$20.00
3324 ... .. .. ..$20.00
31424 ... .. .. ..$20.50
P?"" 1-2 .. . .. . .. .$ 30
This Wonderfui H
of This 2
Which vwas staged in Gr
will be shown in-3 reels of
*by The scenic 1Film Compi
The picfhure shows the bea
*maiden, Cateechee.
P. Al.
Terns of Sale:, Cash, said sale to
e held at the store where the said
M. Philpot, deceased, carried on
aid grocery b'siness and where said
oods. wares, merchandise and trades
xtures are now placed and situated.
b. A.. I'llIPOT,
J. 1,1. PH HJP1G1T,
ce. 6, 1921. 21-2-A
ing?" he said with
iestion," she said
rhere they get the
oake Shop --- you
the Difference."
Sh o p
Quality Bakery
>poSite Us
W.W. Dyess
A. L. Anderson
S/4g ttn
GerirT e)(RAn
r -R
ire is about the sweetest, dear
ind you just go about 116 miles
nlve a blowout. Why man,. you'd
With a reputation for being all
aindard Tires.
1ox3 .... .. .........
iOx31-2 .. .. .........o0
14x41-2 ... .. ..$29.00
('xO.. .. . . ). .. ..$33.00
12x-4 . .. . .. . .. .$29.00
re Trail"
eenvlle ~ cArmsicy a
motion pictures, made
tny, of Atla.nta.
iiful-story of the Indian

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