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* Ie .. e V ....... C C C
Local and Personal Meition *
* .C1r. J. C. Smith, of 'Waterloo, (was
am1ong those who attended the fun
oral of Mr. Paul Kilgo yesterday.
.Alr. and Mrs. 'Bob Barnett and little
daughter, Rebecca, of Gaffney, are
visiting relatives in the city.
Allsses Genovieve and Gladys Fuller,
of Waterloo, 'were the guests of Miss
'FrancesKennedy last week-end.
The friends of Mr. Homer F.
iWheeler, of Cold Point, will be sorry
to learn that he Is critically ill at Spar
tanburg hospital where he underwent
an operation several weeks ago. Since
the operation, it is learned, lie has been
steadily growing weaker.
Mr. W. B. McGowan returned -to the
city Monday after visiting friends in
several adjoining cities. Mr. McGowan
stated to friends that the report re
cently printed In the newspapers to
the effect that ho intended opening an
office In Greenville was an error. While
he has been considering the matter, lie
has not defliitely made his decision
and may open an office in Spartanburg
Officers for Entisuing Year ure Elect.
ed in Iecent, Meetings.
New ofileers for the ensuing year
'have been elected by three of the .a
sonic Lo)dgesi of the cIty during the
piact several weeks. On Di~ecember 2
ollcers were elected by Adoniran
Council No. 2. On last Friday night
ofllcers were olected by Palietto
* Lodge No. 19, while on Monday night
Commuandery ollicers were elected. Of
flcers for Laurens 'Lodge No. 260 are
to be elected Friday night of this week,
aid oficers of Rising Sun Clialter No.
6, will be elected on Friday night,
!Dec. 23.
The following 'oflicers have been
elected .by the three lodges:
Adonirami Couneil
Jas. 1-1. Sullivan, I. M.; C. A. Power,
D. .l.; L. G. fRoff, P. C. N.; .j. H. Na
bers, Tl'reas.; .Jas. Al. Clardy, Itecorder;
R. W. 49riggs, C. of G.; J. K. Pool, C.
of 'C.; S. C. Wood, Steward; W. U.
WINasson, San1tinel.
Palmetto Lodge
M. L. Smith, W. ~\I.; L. Rtussell Gray,
S. W.; S. Boyd Sexton, .1. W., 0. 0*.
Sinmmons, TPreas.; 4. 0. Anderson,
Sec.; Roy C. lHoy(l, S. D.; .1. M1. Clardy,
J. D.; S. C. Wood and .1. H1. Nabers,
Stowards,; W. G. Wasson, Tyler.
aure-mns Commandery
M. L. Smith, Commander; It. . A.
- Babb, Generalissimo; 'L. C. Barksdale,
Captail General; J. if. Sullivan, S. W.;
R. R. Nickels, J. W.; Rev. 0. T.
Squires, Prelate; L. G. -Balle, Treas.;
R. B. Roper, rooe.; C., A. Power, 1S. B.;
S. B. Sexton, S. B.; T. L Monroe, W.;
G. 11. Ellis, 1,. G. tRoif and Jas. Al.
Olardy, Guards; V. G. Wasson, Senti
' ottin Takes Slump
'When the agricultural department
made its .last estimate on the size of
tihe' 192-1 cotton crop Monday, placing
the figures at 8,340,000 ba'les, the Newv
York anid Now Orleans inarkets showed
marked declines, somdgmonths falling
over a hundred points; The market
wvas steadier yesterday, however, very
little chmange being noted. Good cotton
on the local markets Is bringing
around 16 1-2 cents.
. Ente rtieInment at 'rinceton
A Christmas program, conisisting of
a lahy followecd by refreshments, w-ill
be .given at the Princeton school Fri
day evening, D~ecembe lx3r~bd, begina
ning at 7 o'clock. The public is cor
dilly invited. No adimission fec wvill
be charged.
WHO()lv WII, TAKI? (ARE 01' *
* Tyfl)E 99 PEAI CENTi
* TPo the ,People olf Laurens County:
* .\any pople& are asking why *'
* 'Miuth Carolina dloen not take earo *
* or the thousands of lierlple wom '*
*' have tuberculosi '. in this slate. *
* It is. because we have n ever real- *'
*' lized our~ duty to the sick.*
*' Sout.h Carol ina furnIshes 1G60.
* beds which will takhe care of vpI- *'
*' proxhnfately 1 lper cenit of' the ac- *'
*' tive eases in the state, or about C*
* one.-thirg of the casca(~ in La:ulr(ns *
* county, 'l'hcreforo there are anou01St
*' 99 people ewalig for each b)ed C'
* provCiided by the statoe. *'
* Jonsus 1of Nazjirethi said ai good *'
* shapherd wvould nht be hatlsfied
* With the 99 shdep'that wer'e in the *
* fold If only one were loft on the *'
* outside to di1e, By the principle *
'W laid down 'by Christ, South Care- *'
Slna .1. flot (1 good hsliherd.sfor *
* only one Is 0on t'ho inteido while 09
are on ieouado with a deadly *
'* yet. cura lo disea'vs *
* W a - agkin g Christian pee- *
i pie to in11 the 9901e .cent .left. *
ou~tside ~ the State. The only *
'income tei this, work copitrp r *
*the sats~ Christmas seals, it *
yQu notlielp 'us liberallY?.
Gam I H Templeman, -*
6 *' 6*
(Ity Attorney Authorized to Offer
Bonds to Highest Bidder.
At a called imeeting of City Council
held Monday night, City Attorney A.11
C. Todd was authorized to advertise
for sale tle two bond issues of $35,000
for street improvement and $20,000
for- sewerage extension. The bonds
aire to becar interest at 5 1-2 per cent
and are to be retired in twenty and
thirty years respectively. In view of
the recent strength shown in the bond
markets, the council appeared to be
Cxpectant of getting a much better
price than they would have brought
several months ago.
Mr. Don H. Irvin was authorized -to
continup the work of top-solling Flem
ing Street begun last -celc, The work
will -be continued -to the Laurens Mill
line near the store or Mr. C. B. Adams.
On motion of Alderman Simpson, the
mayor was authorized -to secure esti
niates from Mr. N. C. 1-Hughes as to
the cost of 1paving Church street with
asphialt to a width of twenty feet. Mr.
HIughes had previoutsly reported that
the cost of paving the eitire width of
the street would be i., he neighbor
hood of $35,000., As it appeared to be
ilipracticable -to expend thlli., much
money on the street at this time, the
new estimate for a narrower street
was asked.
On inotioll of Aldermgtn Siupson,
.\i'dyor Franks was authorized to sell
to the best advantage the rcmains of
tle city truck destroyed by lire 'shen
the city -barni was burned. Several
parties were reported to be willing to
pay a niomii in(Ll price for it.
Mayor Franks stiated that lie had re
ceived a letter from Sen. N. B. Dial in
which Sen. Diah had brought up the
question again of .the- Reedy River
Power Company buying the entire elec
tric light systeih from the city and
furnishing consumers direct. The pos
sibility of such an arrangement had
been discussed at a foriher meeting
when sentiment seemed to be against
it. Although no motion was made in
regiard to Mr. Dial's letter Monday
night, the reporter for The Advertiser
understood that Mayor Franks was to
re-ply in the negative to the proposi
Local len Putting Them Out at the
itate of One1 a iDay for. Over Fifty
'With iost otiler liens gone on a
strike or holdinig off for higher :rices,
Mrs. Ross D. Young, of this city, has a
proud cackler producing all egg a day
with clock-liko regularity and givin.,
no hidicgtions of being tired of the
job or ready to-call for more corn or
shorter hours. Last Friday Mrs.
Young had counted fifty eggs layed in
fifty consecutive days 'and yesterday
she called up The Advertiser to say
.that the prize layer hadn't yet lost.
the liabit.
Witlh ifty-four erggs in fifty-four
days to her credit, and still going
good,1her "admilrers will wnatch hicr fu
ture career wvth a great deal, of inter
B. Y. P. U. Soeial
Misses Connie Mae and Esther Crad
dock wvill entertain .the Highland H-omne
B. Y. P. U. Friday nIght from 7:30 to
HI o'clock. All of the Union is invited
and expected to homne.
Ljouise Hunter,
.Leroy Ramage,
Osthier Craddock,
At'Edeni School
"'Tile Old 'Fashiion Schooi" will be
giveni .by tihe "old folks" hf 10den, at
the school houtse Thursday evening,
Dec. 22nd. 'The. pubhlic is invited to
ecme out, for anl ev'ening of fun is in
store for thiem. Admission will be .t0e
and .i5e.
At halley School
Thtere will be a Christmas tree,
C5hristmn:ls exercIses andl othier enter
tainimenits at -Uniley school house Wed
niesdlay evein lg, Dcc. 21. beginning at.
7: ;0 o'clock. Theli pub~lic is cordla'hiy
ivitpd to) attend.
Me'ething of TLaurens Lodge H, of IP.
There will he ai regular meeting of
Laurenis Lodge No. 43, K. of P., on
Monday night, D~ee. 19. 'Election of-of
ficers and~ othier business,
'Notice is hereby given that (lie next
Annual Meeting of (lie County Board
of Conm~inioners 9f ilureons County,
*S. C., will bo holden at Lauronq 'Coirt
l'louse, S. C., at the Supervisor's otice'
on Thursday after (lie first Monday of
January, 1922, being'theo 5t-h dlay of
tihe month, Ait -the'ehour of ten o'clock
in -tle for,hh'o.
*All ipersons holding claims or de
marnda of anly kinld against the County,
pAot previously presebted to the Board,
are hereby not1ite(1. and required. to
file sameu w itity Clerk :of the Boardl
on or beforeoth o hst 'day of Januftry,
so that they rmay be ordered to be paid
at the annual ineettjig/as provided by
Done at 'L 0' 8. 0., Deceinbef'
Continued from 1st page, this section)
Ial Foch as the "great son of France" t
nd as the "last of a preat line of (
varrior chiefs," and Gov. Robert A. I
looper, who after briefly telling the
,enoral of the esteem and affection
n which he is held, presented the
;eneralissiio as "the first soldier of
he )vorld."
Foch Speaks
When tho cheering had suhsided
he marshal spoke briefly, pausing af
,er each parasgraph that 'Col. Frank
Parker, his aide, who is. a native, o
3outh Carolina, might interpret his
The general said:
"It is very easy for me to express
nyself to you. The friendshiip whichI
ias so long existed between our coun
;rles has so recently been cemented by
Aood on the battlefleld for the same
"The reception I receive in no way
a m
_ N
C.J~f ~
S. .&E
urprises me, but I wish to place tih
cception in its true setting.
"I vish to thank you first, and thei
ongratulate you, for sending to u
hose line colbat ien lland then foi
ho material assistance and inall:
or that g-'reat spil ri t of unanitimit:
hich, arising in the West, swep
teross the ocean and carried uts vieto
'lously to the Rhine.
"Inl applying the samte principle a
tpplied during the war, in maint-a
ng the sa me . unity, we shall surell
nove on to success in tlime of pence
is in time of war.
"It is tlen with ex p1 ress ion of Im:
aith in the future, based oil the sol
darity of purpose, that I leave n:
'ervent wishes for happiness of you
;tate of South Carolina and the cit:
)f Greenwood, which I iufortunatel;
iave such a short tine to visit."
The only d'sturbinig incident of th
lay caie when the marshal was force
o stop speaking for at least a ninut
vhile a C. & W. C. freight train ran
ts bell, puffed and tseamed, at th
Om Spec
\ / lli
. . IL
railway station across the 'way from
thle Stand.
At the conclusion of (lhe address, the
time was almost up and therel'ore tle
several tokens were given to hI) li it i
out addresses. The Knights of ',inni..
bus gave hii a memInviorial written on
sheepskini, expressing1 "the supri ive
satisfaction yourp preseice in S m
Carolina afford'.. ourl k. " The
Iev. 1. Ja tlier of Columbia mlade the
- presentation. Ollicial greetuigs were
given froi the city of' Char ulestion by
.\. Theodore Soubeyroux, pre. i-; dleit. of
the Societe Franetis, and o'll .as
NW. lincol, president of* tile I tiguienolt
- Society of South Carolina, repre'sen ted
his orga nizat loll. Mayor hrirveley of
Sreenville gave the ma1,r eshal a gold
p key to the lioi)uitaini city and a gavel
7 Ilade fromt wood from Camp Sevier.
Mrs. Ii. .1. Brinson of Greenville hand
ed1 him nuts from South Carolina trees
i with a note attached, which expressed
the pretty sentiment that the marhal
plant themt in his native land to re
place trees lost In the world war.
e by Special Arrange
(As shown in cut,
Sold on Club Plan f
at the Very Low Py
For Complete S
ial Club Terms of 0
and One Dollar Per
e Early or You May
that This Set Consists of:
Onte 5-Quart. TeaL lettle.
Onte 8-Onip Coffee Percolator.
Onze 3-Quart Colonial Sauce Pain
One (i-Quart Preservling lettle.
(E p 1 -Quart Sauce Pan.
One 1 l-i Quarnt Naiuce Pan.
O'e 2-Quiarit Sauce P'ant.
One SN:l Carvinag Kn ife, huittec
e 'rld o f the Kitchen" O)utfit.
accompanied by littie Carroll ('hipley,
ton h .o" r id I T . livley,
broii ght mi i. natha l : . t
graet 'l;iary ilain took a . flmil
he lit ,- i l '-s (l i and g :Itl v I at tttet
th y) 1 a n anl on) the chiu.
t ln' - w I a il aways r m' en bI r
the visit ofP I ocI, and will Iway,
cherish the"i French Hlag NWilh ho gave
to Mayor I r11:'.g for the city.
F'ilch 'Olicers, traveling inl the of
licial party, comn pli m1111eted Greenlwood,
telling Pos'ti Collunalldelr Roselbervg
that it i' thci flirt City w-icre t(o
Crowd- allowed the processioll to [ro
eled absolutely onl schedulle, an1d
whero the- departure 7. a made oil
Card of Thanks
I wishi to thank the many friends
and neighibors w.ho 'welre so 1(ind to mie
anld ily family '(ur-ing lly illness. lay
God,'s rhllst blessinlgs lie With thiem
all. A. F. AMDDI-N.
ments Obtained
or Christmas
ice of
ae Dollar Down
OER 17TH.,
Be Too Late.

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