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United Sates, GAreat. Britain, Franet
aid .Japian Join. Ten Year Agree.
ilent Fiially Wo1srked Out.
Washington, 'Dec. 10.--A new quad
ruple agreement to preserve peaco it
the lwater,; of ithe P1acifle was aI
nounced to the world today by the
United States, Great Britain, Japai
and France.
As a consideration of the interna
tional realignment, Great Uiitain am
Japan agreed to consign to the serai
heap the Anglo-Japanese alliance, lonig
viewed with apprehension iII botl
America and Asia.
'Tlhe provisions of the. agreement
which is In the form of a ten yea1
treaty, are confined to "the region o
-the 'Palclfc oceanl. "Under them tht
four powers are 'to respect each oth
er's islanld ipossessions and to meet il
Colsultation if a diripute arises 01
if the rights of any of the four arc
tlreateneId :hy ally other power.
'Announcement of the treaty term,
was made at a .plenary session of the
Drls conference .by Senator Lodge o
-the American delegation and was fol
lowed by expmressions of approval by
the plelipoteitiaries of Great Britain
France, Japan, italy, China, Belgium
'the Netherlands and Portugal.
Senate Must Ratify
To be bindin, on the United State:
the treaty must be. ratified by th
sena0te, several of whose memberl
'Withheld comment tonight pending u
further study of the text. Open wal
was declired oil it by some of the "iIr,
reconcilable group" of .the Versalle
treaty fight, bu-t Republican leader
and some Democrats declared ratifica
tion was certain. The signaturns o
tile representatives of the powerE
have not as yet been affixed to th
document, and there is an intinatio
'that they may be withheld until th<
qiluestion of naval ratio has 'been set
tied deflnitely. The naval situation re
mains unchanged pending word fron
Tokyo, -but there Is general confidenec
that approval of the :AnTerlcan 5-5-4
plan will be -made unanifnous in th(
very near future.
IIn lieu of signatures the principa
delegastes have put -their initials o1
the official copy of -the treaty, and
Senator Lodge said tonght that thi
act of -afirmation -was to be interpret
ed as meaning that the document has
-been "aloproved to all intents -and pur
The treaty agreement is expected
.in itself to hlisteW ade(14,ion hot only
on the naval ra-tio but on all the other
issues before, 'the arms conference.
The delegates believe they are over
the top 'of the hill, and a British1
spokesnian went so far tonight as to
characterize today's session as "prac
tically the break-up of the confer
orice," so far :aa major considerations
are concerned.
'One of the first impulses of 01110
of the senators Was to compare and
I--m-at the treaIty with tile league of
nations covenant, avhichel so lately waIs
the center of a bitter senate light.
By -an omlal spokesman of the Ameri
con delegation, it was .pointed out to
ight that. a feature of athe covenant
on' which attack 'was .concentrated is
omitted f'rom tile four 'power peace
agreement. in Article 10 of the league
of nations the memblers aigreed to "re
spect and pr1eserve" each othler's "ter
ritorial in-tegrity," but in the new~
treaty the pledige is to 'respect" terri
torial righlts .in the 'Pacific. .The omnis
s101n of the guarantee to preserve the
integrity of foreign naftionis is declared
by the American ddlegates to consti
tute 'an all important distinction lbe
inveen an alliance and a compact for
peacefl solution of future conitrover
. No Chianges onl Manscdates.
In presenting 'the treaty, Senator
rhodge said It hlad bleen accepted bly
the United States, subject -to a satis
factory conclusion of the negotiations
now sproceedinig over the islandic of YaOI
anld also with. l'oservationls relative ,to
tile mandat-ed is'lands sonthl of the
oeiuator, 'It was explained by Ameri
can spoekesmen later that the atttudQ
of the Americani government in 1re
sp~ect .to mnand~ates had 'been in no way
iodified 'by the treaty.
At its open session today the arms
conference. also gave formal approval
to severa,1 of 'the resolutions on Chul
n~ese probems ad'opted by the Far
Eastern cotnmittee of the whlole.
The' four .points of"~icihu Root, thle
declaration of extraterruitoria~ty and
the agreements relative to China's nou
tr'a'lity and future treaties affecting
her, were included in the resolultions
thus spread formnailly on the records
of the conference. Although the Iplien
aury session occupied -the attention of
,the glelegatoei tntil afterndon the
Japatese' and, .Chtnese, .In harmony
wt~h the purpDose 'te 'ress collateral is
sues to a conclusion, hold a me gting
late in' the ,day and r'eperted consuid
orblie progress i the negotiations ov
er 8hantilng, t~ext week the Far
Jtaifei . criittee will .resume fits
e; ideration of the Chineso situation,
igd possible that another pienary
setditi w:i11 be :held eerly next 'week to
recor~d thle agreemienlt onl naval ra~tio.
'Tlhe hour devoted by tle conferecle
to the 0111 power treaty conistituted a1
ilemiorabe chapter in the history of
diplomacy. Assembled about the big
green table in Continental hall, flank
ed by .their advisers and by galleries
ipacked with the notables of Iany
nations, the I'lenipoten1tiaries ex'press
e(d ii countenance and hearing as wel
as in spoken words% their realization of
the importance of the new internia
tional alignment they had effected.
Senator Lodge's address of presenta
tion was delivered with a deliberation:
and an emphasis which kept delegateI
and spectators hanging on his every
word. Relne Viviani, war minister o1
France, voicing the devotion of hiF
government to peace and concord, rost
to pasaages so eloquent that altliougli
he spoke in -his native tongue the hall
was swapt repeatedly by applause.
In the cear, direct style so strongly
*1characteristic of 'Blritish oratory Ar
ithur J. Balfour related why Great
Britain was ready to lay aside hem
alliance with Japan to accept a placc
In a broader circle of friendly nations
and Prince Tokugawa, speaking foi
Japan, summed in a few sentences o
tersely spoken English the gratifica
tion of his country at the turn of af
fairs in the Washington negotiations
* e * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
- 1Riddles Old Field, Dec. 12.-Th<
writer feels it her duty to correct mis
takes. In last week's news it waF
stated that Mr. Sherbert had move(
near Owings. It >wns an Incorrect re
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garrett an(
little Rachael spent Saturday nighl
with Mr. N. D. Garrett and family.
Ir. and Mrs. 1. C. Garrett and Mr
and Mrs. 11. E. Garrett all motored tc
Greenville Sunday to be with Mr. an(
M\rs. Frank Cox.
Miss'Irene Owens was the guest o
Miss Letha Williams Saturday nighi
and 'Sunday.
Mr. J. ). Williams and family werc
dinner guests Sunday at Mr. W. L,
Mr. and Mrs. Adofphus Riddle, of
Iaurens, visited '\r. nnd Mr.s J. R
Todd, Friday. Miss Sarah Riddle and
Miss -Blancll Todd accompanied them
Miss Mae Riddle spent last weeli
wit.h her sister, Mrs. Zealous Knight,
of Fairview.
Mr. T-. Hr. Garrett and W. (1. Putnam
motored to Greenville Monday. While
in the city they made a visit to the
nursery and Mr. Putnam purchased
some fruit trees.
Mr. W. N. Alartin and Mr. .1. A. Brit
ton were in Laurens last 'week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E Cooper attend
ed ser'vices at Friendship Sunday and~
were 'the dhiner guests of Mr. and Mr's.
W. B. Cooper.
Miss Nivia Riddle was the attrac
tive iguest of her friend, Miss Oradell
Rhodes Satutrday night.
?Miss Rlosa Riddle sipent last wveek
end with Miss Nannie Owens.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Blritton, Olarence,
Eunice and Florence were vIsiting r-el
atives in Union from Friday until
Mi'. andl Mrs. A. .W. Rhodes wvere in
Laur'ens last-week.
Mr. WV. SL. Gar'rett has recently had
his d'wdliling coveredl.
Mir. E. M. Riddle and Mr'. T. WV. Cani
nadly wvere visiting relatives in Enoru'
Mr. Sam Gi'een and Mr, J. A. C1an
nadly wvent to Greenville last week on
Messrs. Wilkes and Everotte Riddle
sipent Saturday night with Mir. and
Mr's. -Roy Rhodes.
Mr'. and Mi's. Char'lie F. Rhodes were
the guests of Mrs. Rhodes' parents last
Mr. E. HI. Garrett and Guy Putnam
were in Lauriens Saturday.
M r. and 'Mrs. Marvin 'Rhodes were In
Laurens Saturday.
Mr. George 'Cox found his dog iimat
was lost last wveek. It appear'ed to be
all right and 'wasn't mad.
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with pain. Everything
worries arnd the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted. To
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