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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, December 14, 1921, Image 8

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.'>cal Citizen Praisecs Work <
Proposed Work
I ire 1r. r . ?,t - it
'r -
9 9.
19 9
$3.,9 51 a 49
S( lbl I\' at her~. ~ ( PllI
hers5 $1.9 up. to $.9
$95 tou $.8
Chistm Ia ift
f Civic League and Endorses V
War Memorial.
of Ieauty b..r . b the. hands of our
woit-tweshi b D: rouinel to 9I9ath --
n the* rn.i'hanical 01ir 1( of a I:al
i ' tjj~ 9 j3
.r orrli 'w If) >e o nle~to 5 tr
th i J(J.:i ( ne : I. e % i.. :I :I0 I
bi t t aa an :: ;m . V- !(rh .1
-E :h n 1 u o f th w I ta
.~~f:- .jrA L- .
'0 0
$45.00 Coat Suits.
I 'i $10.0) YounI33 .\len' s 4 33H
elat Snia~jt., 133n9 I;3ailored
Sii s, ('Ilose out~I sale . . . . 4
wool;3lac ionig- ('ont3 s ...
I loif $1 2.5() '\933 Wo i ns hetavy
1 lot $20.00) Womjen,'s line I )r
ass oat clr n lis
i53lEin (ai lored 139 Co t l ....
1 lolt .\len's $1 5.00) Suits ...
I lot .\l en's $25.00 Suitsx . .. .$
250 to 75o No. 1.-210 W. i
101(d 'Iam Up
igbway from here to Greenville. Oth- e
rs have sug.,ested a sipraying foun- e
fln to be placed on the court house h
rluare at Laurens. The latter. at the
resent tirne, seerns to be a definite, 11
ractical deserving way for honoring 11
:ir dead.
In the first lace, such a meniorial t
ill be in the central part of the C
ounty. Tlre are few licople In the C
ounty -Alho at sone tirne or other,
iiring the year will not see It and i
blus pay hol'nor to th4 ienunory of ou i' t
ainlt'id lihroes anld not only p'ay .
',ni 3;' to o F heroes, bit tIhlink ulon I
It( lhings for whieh they iedl, anld 0
Ilos tr- mlab- bettfer citizenls of the. "
onIj y. Por who canl wta d gazeT
th : i 3 t on thil : ,otili h icl3 ( of A
- I- 3(.d lno b madl a btteI
iz 1? \\'h. 'an thi:l: of fathors
1l I ( -.; who Iaw i 'r l::: <.
oi r of todlay .\l,!, v. t 1,n
- i:1
I , 712,
Burns &
Hats, Shoes, Ladies'
Skirts, Waistb
W111 -(4)N 1. ET Y
$19.50 I. .\s\
14.95 ':4f.-sI! I TI \
C .10 rs
$6.95 " $A2.48
~ 'a , .es I'anrts , for
12 .39 K sej WforPinl
week .... .... ..
250 lu's Sox, t hisi
2 arige Tlow els, b r
25 t..... .... ..
$99 35e lInc.k Towels..
er We Can List Only
From Ou
.aurens St., Red' Iran Racket
: their efforts and lives that we might
:ijoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of
Therefore. in the effort to erect a'
iemorial of some kind to the service
Len of Laurens County, may the Civic m
nprovement League of Laurens have
we whole.hearted support of the i
>inty. The aLove memorial will not.
'st nitich. It, however, 'will be a fit
ig expression of the fact that we 'of
aurens County still honor those who
ave their lives; and are yet of the
pinion that they did not giv'e their
yes in vainl. They with the heroes of C
Ici are sepn
)n oe'; et'rinal c'a;)ing groun(d
heir ilenta ae t' p 'I reaITd.
rill glory van-twith Folerun roundl
Nothing that %,(e inay do wil! dletract
r :.dd to the1ir loy Th .graves'
onl a r-ran:i,.e lanlguage. YOt pos
re look-, t u to keep alive and
Ian' dwnIl it 'mn expl-'ro..ion of our.
!* I 'ook ''' . (J44 I' (. ll t - ~ '
" F1
.hi r io
C eho a b Su Its- D~ :3er do- e
t I t .
-'4a 'ln . I. I'-i I i''' i ito
(Hr Iho '!; bE A '. E 4 3il> a 041
2 o haece gn esn
Coat Suits, Dresses,
,Dry Goods, Notion
)l I~ (: J'''- hl;\DY). \VEJ 48co t
othe Whole
'ateri ( o te .n t
.........,.....2m-s o
S'~ iti L31P)A lot, .\1e
5.00 'il J ~('repei de 25 f pac
............$22 $2.0e va I
-i's -in. . -e-k - * 1il8l
pel r,(one rolI)) l l,00y
. . . . . . . . .2 5 c' $ 1 . o t0 v a
r..s .....'.n25c 1 lot 'Sr
.... ....8t .95 6-ineh
re' Im enck Stoc s.f
IN TieURhi N weeS
Old Stand ...o..2c Notb
uream Lore.
For a man to dream of beating
ime one denotes good fortune; if lie
in trade, he will thrive; if he is in
ve, lie will narry the present object
' his affection, who will bring him
oney; if he Is a farmer, it denotes
10c erops and an addition to his
alt( of South Carolina,
County of New berry.
Cora 11. Coats, indivilually, and a:.
Ad'mniilstratrix, J. (ettis Coats. Ad
iniistrator. of the ':state of \\. F.
Coals, D rrIat-l n 0 L(tid the F . Imer.
Mink. Chappells, South Carolina.
C. . \ . a i1 .
ol m () T . :1 "ej. (e t1 . ! , ;' N. . ,1
.\! C' oat. 'eI~ ( of I' w I'' llN i,
b(rry. S. C.. W. C. iN1o:1 m . Ii.
T nI
be iSa1lile
Coats, M'fiilnery,
$1.48 45c to 98C 10c t o 48C
IBe ho Sale
pCheots fmiinm e you
pinum Dipper ....c.... ....25
i's 'Bilue W\ork ShiirPts, special 75c
alge I ckll Dr)iau~ght .........17c
uec WVomen's llummnin'g Ilird.
OseI, aI gu~arantefed hose .. ..$14
'lox Watchtes, goodl t imie p)ice 98c
ne Ahnt-mu Clock, special . . ..980
TIa'bletsi. special sale .. . .....25i
dlow Shades, sp~ecial sale . . . .60
1w Ticking, special sale .... ..10<
Lgood Bleachinig, special . .12 1-2<
est quality Bleachled Multslin,
...... ......... .........18<
en~ox -S'a~p .... .... ........25c
avy ribbecd Undervesqts, this
sale .............. .... ..8B
n's hieavy ribb)Ied Union Suits,
.this week ......... ... .4
Men's and.B~oys' Ca-pse, 50c to $1.9%
rds good Plaid Homespn..81
dren's small sizi' Rib~bed Hose 10<
m 's Sox, this week .........104
lk Four-in-Hand Ties, this
.... .... .... ............75<
Taken at Randoir
4Gda of Sqares- in Bssena RU
State of South Urolina, containing
One Hundred Seventy-Three and One
Fourth (173 1-4) acres, more or less.
and bounded 'by lands of Bob Babb.
Mrs. Katherine Coats, W. C. Raser and
Mrs. P. Y. Witherspoon, said land
known as Tract No. 11 of the Soring
Grove tract.
3. All that tract and plantation of
land situate, lyinA and being in Cross
Hill Township, in Laures Couty, and
in the State of South Carolina, con
Itaining eighty-five and three-fourths
(83> 3-4) acres. more or less, and hound
ed on the North by kinds of W. C.
Rasor, on the E0ast by lands of W. F.
('oats and' Mrs. Mildred Coats, on -the
Soith by lav-&; of .. W. Ward and
.\Mrs. Mlildred Coats, on the West by
lands of S. It Goui:. und S. D. Jones.
The tr.-Cte of land b in" the ame lSa nd
(Olv er' nI to W. P. Co'0I:s by Mrs. M. K.
('oalts and .(I;hn C. Coats. by deed datedI
T o' - Oro-:: -f the pill
l ' e(:V toibe p id In entsh. and
oln y , the erie't
prtin to hear itor.<t fromn date of
hper cent -e, annurm, jayile an
S :I(] ;o b4e ,e--cmred ly the note
- -r10( an i mort
- 11. th! 11tid
* . .t -:I I~ T .
4 Vt
v 11 1
ft o I I
I C IS(1
Htt _mA
$ 5 -
0ther Su41its
"t. ) $27.50
TTAHE -4)'
ChritmasShir Sal
98K pt 33
8 - 4
ek8*Lu0 t 33
10 ENX

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