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* ocal and Tersonal NenUon *
Mrs. Jas. T. Rgbertson, of Lake 'City,
is visiting relatives' in the city for the
Mr. W. H. Dial, Jr., who has been
in the hospital at Camp Sevier for
several -months, is in the city .for the
Mises Harriett and Cornelia Mayer,
of New'berry, are visiting their grand
mother, Mrs. W. W. Jones, during the
Airs. L. . Burns returned home Sat
urday from Brooks, Ga., where she
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred
West and their little son, born just a
few weeks ago.
Misses Juanita, Kathleen and Wino
na Ma-rtin, acconpanied iby their
frienAd, Miss Blanche Hanks, of Call
fornki," are visiting their another, .Mrs.
W. 'H. ludgens, at Maddons. Mr. Ryan
Martin is expected in a few days.
1Mr. and Mrs. W. I. MoPhail, and
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Reid left on Fil
dag.4 for .a two weeks' motor- trip
thaough Florida. - They will .be joined
in Agusta -6y Miss Lucy McPhail, who
is "evbing this year in Barnwell.
WtU Known Farmer of Gray Court
Soetion Passed Away Saturday Night
*ray Coui., Dec. 1.-Following an
illness of several 'weeks, J. Nick
W'ood, a well known farmor of the
Dialn section, died early Saturday
night. Funeral services were held at
Dials church yesterday afternoon at
:1 o'clock, being conducted by the Rev.
V. M. Watson.
'Mr. -Wood, who was 45 years of age,
had 'been ill for a nuniYber of weeks,
all but tVxo of the ten members of
the finmily having had tyi)hod fe
ver this 'all. This is the first death
to occur. In the family, however, the
romaining ' members having slowly
imiproved. A widow and eight chil
dr('n survive him.
Mr. Wood died during the electrical
stoim that passed over this section
ealy Saturday night. Within a few
minutes after his death three large
hogs and a cow were killed by light
nhig in the back yard. The boft
struck several hundred yards from
the house, traveling iy a portion of
the wire- fence and killing the 1.ogs
and cow.. Several goats, which were
neaoiby, seemed to 'be immune ana
riere unharmed.
* *
Jones, Dec. 19.--Mr. Thad C. Dean,
a jro'minent 'business man of Spartan
burg spent the week-end with his
friend, Mr.,L. E. Cattleberry who has
-clfh'ge of the Ware Shoals farm.
dr coduin, Mr. John Casper Smith,
- of Waterloo, sold cotton at Ware
Shoals recently.
Theo car of Mr. 'ary Elliott, of Ware
Shoa'is, was stolen Shturday night and
no ti-ace of the thief has been founid.
-The fittle folks are all anticipating
a visit fronm Santa Claus Christmas,
and they nmuat. not. be disappointed.
There is a large amount of' travel
over the iDixie Highway from the
Northu to Florida.
.We extend congratulations to Mr.
Walter 'Morrison and Miss Nellie lHen
de~adn, wile were recently married.
The 'friends of- Mr. Ollie Ellison, of
Waro Shloajs regret that lhe has -moved
to "At'loer'son.
sliir.. 0. P. (Necl and - Mr. Kenneth
B~aker, of W1eeniwoodl, -were in ouri
mi~d~t '-ttwed
The farmers have been very busy
sowing wvheett and oats.
'Sedei'al isemnbers -of' Bl'ewerton
1odeeattended' tile Mason Ic banquet
at Clinton last Thursday and swere
dlelighted Wit-h' the generus hospital
Ity ex-tetided them.
-Dr. Blake, or Glreepivoodl, ws in
Ware Shoals a. few dlays ago.
M.r. Samuel IRasor, of 'Mountville,
(was here last Monday loolfing -after 'his
farming interests.
Hion. Dunk iBoyd, of L.aurrens, 'was in
our *uidst recently.
We recitly met the followilng
friends, J. 1. 'Widenia~n, Tr6esurer Eil
lison, Maremnore Mays .and Adolphus
Mceord, of Greenwood; Ilbd Illmore,
CarI anid 'H-Ionty Wharton ,.gd 'Wright
Sims of 'Waterloo, 'B. 'L. H~nderson, of
Honca Path.
Born on 18tli inst., to M1.e and Mrs.
Allen Arnold, a son.
We wish a "Happy Christmas and
. prosperous 1922 .to 'the editor, printers
and readers of The Advertiser.
-Now figent at Allendle
Mr. *1tal Gapque, who has wor'ked in
the ioeal freight floPot since he was
n kie pantwith the eixceAt~on of
(he, time he; zpent 'in the army, leftt
l1st week it Aletadae where he ha
been ppoirited agnt of the 0. & wV. C.
E fle-roa ' fr(9%id0 here, while ret
:: ~~i t t~~ imu lea9'e tO'Wn, tfrO
Former Mayor lichey Sends Contl.
bution and Suggests' Firther NIs,
The Advertiser has received the
letter below from Capt. W. I. ichey,
former mayor of the city, now 'military
Instructor at the University of 'Ten
nessee, enclosing a remittance of $2.0(
to go toward a Christmas fund for the
children of the late police officer
Hosea LMartin. The Advertiser will
be glad to receive contributions foi
the fund and will enlist 'tie aid of its
friends in making proper purchases
adding its contribution with the rest
(Remittances .may be made to Th
Advertiser either by mail or in per
The letter of Capt. 'Iichey follows
KnoxVille, 'Tenn.,
'Dec. 17, 1921
E1ditor The Advertiser:
I was greatly distressed on readinli
in yesterday's 'State" of the tragi<
death of Policeman Hose Martin.
*During- the time that I was mayo
-and!' Hose Martin was a policeman,
had ampfe opportanilty 'to dbserve Iii
from all- angles and 'I considered hin
one of the best officers hve'had, and v
good' man and citizen. I could sa
more good about him but to do s(
would carry me far from the real ob
ject of this letter.
The killing of this man is - bai
enough In itself. but when. one think
of the six sinali children left withou
father orI mother, it is ildeed a sa
case. I know that there'is little tha
human power call do to cheer an
comfort these little ones now, but ih
order that the 'Christmas season ma
be made as cheerful as possilble fo
them, I hope that a Christmas fun
may '1e ralsed aid ureseited to ther
so that Santa Claus will visit them a
usual thil; Christmas, and to give sue
a fund a start I am enclosing herc
with $2.00. 1 hope tlhat others wil
feel as I do about tis matter mnd wil
make contribitioios to yoi as truiste
of the fund.
S;ncerely ydurs,
- W t. RIICITEY', Jr.
* * * . * * * * * .* * * * *. * . *
Lanford, Dec. 1.9.--Tho Hural Schoc
Improvement association met Frida
afternoon at the school house. Afte
singing a Christmas song, a Christ
ma. musical contost was oonducted b
Mes., C. b. Cox id Miss ,Anmie'Fool
man, the' music teacher.
Miss Nina LMis and Mrs. Etti
-Lanford won the first prize, and M'rm
J. S. Higgins woll the second r)1'iz
They were awearde miniature .musica
instruments as pr' ce. Mrs. J. S. Iis
'gins served delightful fruit cake.
The ladies of the Alethodist chur'c
entertained the 'W. M. U.'ladies of th
Baptitt church Saturday afternoon, V
very gteresting harvest program wa.,
colidu ted by the president, Mrs. V
D. Patterson and other members of th
society. A delightful salad cour'se an
cofc were ser'ved In 'the church pal
lor' by tile ladies and. the young girlt
All enjoyed thle afternoon to the full
Dr'. Gr'aves Li. Knight 'has ireceived
unanimous call from tile flaptis
chiurch and 'has consenited to lpreac:
the first Sunday In January.
Mr's. JT. .R. .iPatterson wvas a gues
of Mirs. Alice -Mills one afteinoon las
Mr'. J. R. 'Pitters'on and Mr'. J. (1. F
Martin wvent fishing -last Tuesday an,
caught two( fine fish weighing 191
-pounds together, so they"'are reccivin'
congratulations as cham'plon 'fisher
Miss Grac4 'Deehields is at hom
from ILander College, to almond 'the 'ho1
idaysiwith hei' -parents, Mr. and Mrs
J. 'M. 'DeShields.
Mr. Claude Metlton, of Sumter, wa
a business visitor' here last week i1
thie inter'est of a chautauqlua. out fron1
Mirs. J. 'We Johnson entertained thl
B. Y.O P. IlU. Withl a delightful socia
Satumday night. All enjoyed fhe oc
casion' ver'y much;.' They 'will hay
their regular -meetjng with Miss 01
'lie Mae Taylor next Tuesdiiy night.
Mr. and 'Mr'. J. B. :Williams wer
-guests of Mr. and':Mr.s C. D. Cox, las
Sunday.- -
Born to Mr. and. ra. R. T. Crow
Dec. 16, a soin.
Stores Ojen 'Evenings
The Advertiser was infgrnfed by sov
eral merchants yesterdag that thet
places of 'business would be open ev
*nings <during thle i'est o6f the week
The mereclante exlir'essedl a wish .tha
the town 'people do their shoppini
in the evenings rather than wait un
til the- ladt~ day' before, Christna)
when the udiial rush, is expected.
Chris~is [email protected]
A Christmas progratm 'will be remi
dored at the Pir'st Methodist churci
etinday morning at 11 o'clocok my niemn
bers of the Bunday. Bohool, A Christ
anna tree wil' 66 blaoed on the tult'ni
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Crew% and Rural Policoman Abrams
said that fAir. -Martin realized that -le
was 'going to die and stated to them
that -6he mnen In the car shl~ot hhtn and
asked that his six little children be
placed In the orphanage. 4b
0r. Hayes, of Clinton, who -made the
post-mnortemn examination,. testified
that he found two bullet holes in the
body of the dead officer. A sall
hole, abouts the size of a lead pencil,
thought to have been the p~oint of en
tranice of the bullet, vs found In
front near the left hill. The other
llole, a jagged one about the size of a
dimte, thought to have been the (point
of exit, was found Iin the vicinity of
the right thigh -behind.
'.The verbatim testimiony at the i
qluest, with the excep~tion. of that of
the attending physician, is found on
another page of this paper. The phy
slefan's certificate was in the hands of
the coroner at Owings yesterday and
could not be secured.
Ilosca Martin was about forty years
of age and -had been a police officer
here and at Fountain Inn for a num
ber of years. le was considered a
fearless and conscientious oflicer al
ways diligent in the performance of
his (uties. Ie was a son of the late
Pedeni Martin, of Youngs township.
Only a f'ew months ago he' lost his
"xife, leaving him with six small
children to care for. Besides these
childrenl he is survived by two broth
ers and four sisters, as follows: W. A.
and 13. F. Martin, of Greenville; Mrs.
Dick Putnam, of UAturens: Mrs. Stella
I.Am igston and 'Mrs. Inez Martin, of
rGreenville, and Miss izzie Martin, of
Th,1e funeral of tihe dlceased offlicer
was held at Friendshii Baptist church
in Youngs township, Friday, the ser
vlces being conducted by Rev. Samuel
Templeian, of this city. A number of
his brother officers and members of
the City Council -attended the funeral.
besides officers from other counties. A
delegation of oilcers caie over from
Gaffney but arrived too late for the
hCard of 'lianlis
Wie wish to thank every one, both
white and colored, for the nagnificent
way they assisted us on last Thursday
night when our home was burned. We
thank them all. The best Ieople I4n
the world live in Laurens. fWe know-.
- Dr. and 'Mrs. T. L. Timmnei'iai.
Notice iA hereby given that I will
sell at -Laurens, South Carolina, on
the south nide of the Court ilouse, o,
Deco'nibes.528th, 1921, at the hours of
eleven o'clock A. M., to the highest
I bidder for cash, the following stocas.
- 2 shares of the Cap. Stock of the
Laurens Trust Co., Par value $100.00
per share, evidenced by certificate
No. 9.1, i:;"ind Sept. 22, 1909.
2 shares of the Cap. -Stock of The
L Laurens Trust Co., par value $100.00
Sper share, evidence by certiloate
No. 194, issued December .1, 191;.
5 shares of lol Cap. Stock of the
D Farmers Nation Bank, of the iar
I value of' $100.00 >e ir share, evidenced
- by certificate N#. 8$5, issued August .1,
'' shares of \th~ Cap. Stock of the
- i'COples Loan Exch:.nge Bank, of
the par value of $100.00 per share, eri
i denced -by ceit fcate No. (606, issucd
tSept. 23, 1916-.
10 shares of the Cal). Stock of
1 tho Sibley Mt'g. Co., Augusta, Ga., (of
the 'r value of $100.00 per share,
t evidlenced b~y certiflcate No. 2S00, is-'
suted March 9, 1920.
10 shmam'e of the Cap. 'Stock of
the Sibley Mfig. Co., Augusta, Ga., of
.the 'iar value oif $100.00 . er share,
Sevidlened( by certificate No. 2861, is
sued March 9, 1920.
10 shares of the Cap. 'Stock of
the Sibley Mfg. Co., Augusta, Gia., of
- the par value of $100.00 pcer share'(,
evidenced -by certificate No. 2862, is
51ued March 9, 1920.
250 shares of the Cap. (common)
- Stock of the Angerson M~otor Com
.pany. Roc'k 11111, S. C., of the par' value
of $10.00 Per shiard/ evidenced -by ccer
tiflcate No. C 3654, issued Oct. 7, 1919.
A.ll of the..aad stocks have been as
signed to securd the, payment of debts
of' the assigners, and~ are being sold
for the payment of the said (debts.
Atty. andi Agent for Assignees.
1Dec. 20, 1921. 23-It
"Danderine" c'o t a
only 35 cents a bottle.
On dand icationends all
and faling hair, ad
in a few. noments,
Sou have doubled the
eau ty of your hir.
It il a pear a nmass, so
so lu rosyand eas
to do up. But what wil
plleae you most will be
after a few veks use,
Wyhen you see efo hair
fine and down at firsf
~yes--but reall new hair
growving all over th9
:seal.".Danderlne" is to tlie ir 'iyhat
~rosh sh~~ore of rain and atnaine are
tpvegetation. It goes rij~m he the roots,
, ivloatoa aid Btreittaois to This
Our collego Is a
tl ie world. To
out What you
wale by ate tCd
Acereditted . 1i Ii
stn, or U ar
Rogue, at on1ce.
For Constipated Boy
Sour Stomaci
Thn nicet cathartic-laxative in the
world to physic yonr liver andi bowels
when you havo Djizzy. Headache, Colds,
1ilioustlcss. Indigestion, or Upset, Acid
Stomach is candy-like "Cascarets."
Ono or two tonight will empty your
The Qt
When the day's a
is more restful a:
hour spent with
forgetting your <
living with his cl
ing and thrilling
varied lives?
Globe ~
Today Sectional 'Boc
standard-and three
tional cases in use ar'
denotes preference, si
manship, and crea1
value. And three-fc
mnbst likely right.
Sectional constructio
the Globe-Wei'nicke<
corners, beside fire-j
taste and convenier
catalog illustrates ma
and gives full inform
I askin'.
*S. N..
Students at Home
Boys and girls from tile various
1o1leges of the state began trooping
In for the Christmas holidays Satur
say. Several of the colleges have not
ret closed for the holidays, so the full
(uota has not yet arrived, but the
streets are already b'ecoming mi1ore
lively and attractive by their presence.
W. 3L U. Meeting Postponed
The quarterly meeting of the Third
Division W. M. U. nwhich was to 'have,
been held Saturday, Dec. 17, has been
postponed until after the holidays.
Azile M. Wofford, Pres.
Notice is hereby given that a Cer
tificate of Deposit dated Sept. 211d,
1921, and issued. to J. Hi. Jones and
payable to J. 11. Jones or order, has
been lost or misplaced by the said
owner and holder thereof, and that
the said Certificate of Deposit by any
other than the said J. H1. Jones Is tin
lawful and unauthorized.
Notice is further hereby given that
a duplioate 'Certiflcate of Deposit will
be issued to the said owner in lieu
thereof after advertisement for two
Dec. 1G, 1921. 23-2t
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
the directions and dosage iworked out
by physiciains during 21 years, and
proved safe by millions. 'Dake no
chances with substitutes. If you see
the layer Cross on tablets, you can
take them without fear for 'Colds,
Headache, Neuralgia, Rtheumatisin,
Earache Toothache, Lumbago and for
Pain. lIandy .tin boxes of twelve tab
lets cost few cents. bruggists also
soll larger packigeg. Aspirin is the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
alonoaceticacidester of Salicylicacid.
tate of South Carolina,
County of Newberry,
Cleora B. Coats, individually, ,and as
Administratrix, .1. Gettis Coats, Ad
ministrator; of the 10state of W. F.
Coats, 'Deceased, and the Farmers
Bank, Chappells, South Carolina,
Plaintiffs, .
George W. Coats, Katie M. Coats, Mal
colm T. Coats, Gettis L. Coats, Julia
Al. Coats, The Bank of Cross Hill, S.
C., the Commercial Bank of New
berry, .. C., W. C. Rasor and J. H.
Rasor, Defendants. .
Pursuant to an order of this Court
in the abovo entitled action, I will sell
at public auction at the Court House
in the Town of Laurens, in the
County of (Laurenh, South Carolina, on
the first Monday in January (Sales
day) 1922, within ithe legal hours of
sales, the following described three
tracts of landl, viz.:
1. All that tract and plantatio.-z a
land situate, 'lying andl being situate
in Laurenms County, S. C., containing
One 'Hundlred (100) acres, more or
less, and 'bounded on the North by
lands of S. D. Jones, on the East b~y
lands of Harris knowvn as the Griflin
place, and on the South and \Vest by
landls of J1. 8. ,HIlll, said tract -being
first known' as the AMills Brown tract,
andi being the same lands conveyed to
WV. F., Coats by D). T. Vaughtm by deced
dlated Jan, 15, 1914.
2. All that tract or plantation of
land situate, lying and being in Cross
11111 Township, County -of l'uirens,
State of South 'Carolina, containing
One Ilund~red Sevenlty-Thr-ec and One
Fourth (173 1-4) acres, more or less,
and 'bounded 'by lands of BHob ihabb,
Mi's, Katrherine Coats, W. C. Rlasor' and
Mr's, P. Y. Witherspoon, said -land
knotwn as Tract No. 11 of the Spring
Grove tract,
3. All .that tract and plantation of
land situate, lyinig and being in Cross
H-111 Towvnship, in 'Laures Couty, and
in .the State of South Carolina, con
taining eighty-five and 'thr'ee-fourths
(85 3-4) acres, more or' less, and bound
ed on the North 'by lands of WV. C,
Rasor, on the East by lands of W. F.
Coats and Mrs. Mildredl Coats, on 'the
South b~y lands of 'J. W. Ward and
Mrs. Mildred Coats, on the West by
lands of S. Hf. Goggans andi S. D). Jlones.
The tract of -land being the same land
conveyed to W. F".'Coats by -Mrs. M. K.
Coats astd John C. Coats by deed dated
Trm's of Sale: One-halt of 'tihe purl
chase -price to 'be p~aidl in cash, and
the balance inl one year, -the cr'edit
portion to 'bear interest from- (late of
sale until paid in full at the' rate of
night per cent :per annum, payable an
nually, and to .be secured by the note
or' notes of the purchasers and a mort
gage of the promises sold, the said
notes and mortgages to contain the
tisual stipulation to pay ten per cent
tttorney's fees in case they are placed
in the hands of an attorney for collec
tion or suit, wvith leave to anticlipate
the credit port.ion in whole or in part,
the apurchaser to pay for a-ll peapers,
recordin'g fees and revenuo stamps. If
the purchaser shall fail to fully com
ply with the terms 'of the sale. within
Wie days after -such.sale, the prsemises
bid off by suoh dtelinquont purchaser
grill be resold by the .Probate Judge for
Siewberry County on the next or some
succeeding salesday,'at tho' risk of, the
said delinquent purchaser, Th~p said
lands. to .be 'sold 'subject to aiy 'leases
>nl said lands, existilng at time of .saild
male'for' the ypaX 1922,"
W, e 1WAf,;
Probate Judge for Newilerry QQ.
[)eoenbor 10the 1921. , 2,,~A
OPLE, ATTENTIONI "rlai vou f-r.sui
memnber of the National Assocnoat o AS L.ut j, i
fin t n at -th e la of er in 1 o -
vels, Sick Headache,
j, Bilious Liver
bowels Completely by morning, and o1,
will feel splemi d. "They work w bie
you sleep.' Cascarets niever stir yous
ip or gripe like Salt", Pills, Calluwl,
or Oil an"d they cost only toulen 'i
a box, Children love Cascarets te.
det Hour
3tivities are over what
id enjoyable than an
your favorite author,
.ares and trials, and
1aracters the interest
happenings of their
-fourths ofalth e
I lbeWrn4V .Ta
Bpro eig'n ok
Wce rmyicte. u
n arsti arranogentzds
rthln s yorfo the bi r
&~ Els.H . obul
&saon winos.i

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