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Velvety Skin
Whiter than snow
in seven days!
A complexion glowing with health, soft
and fresh as a flower at dawn can be yours.
Superior Skin Whitener
3leaehea the skin. keeps it clear, soft and fair.
I'eitively rem~oves tan. freckles, PIMP
lea in seven days. Your money refund
ed if it fails.
You can Rociro the Kenuino William.
Superior Skin Whitener at Laurens
Drug Co.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Group is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Ilayes' Heallig Honey In
side the throat combined with the healing offect of
Grove's O-PenTrato Saolv through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies ror packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined trcatmit Is Me-.
Just esk yqoir druggist for HAYES'
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
W. S. M. Says:
"You know the bird
that gets up and makes
a speech, waves his
arms, pounds the table
and then don't say any
thing. $ame way with
battery guarantees.
You can go tip and.
down the street and
collect all kinds of 'em
but they don't mean
anything! What you
want is a battery that
works. It's the Wil-.
lard Threaded ,Rubber
WVillard Servioe Man
We're here to give you
battery service, Mr. Car
Owner, Drive around.
W. Lauzrens St.
Phone 446
en the ceienttai * ~Ifer
Threaded Rubber Battery.
Collector of Internal Revenue ExplaIns
Vow Provisions of Income T Law.
The following statement, is issued
by Acting Collector of Internal Reve
nu, W. IR. Bradley, Distict of South
Enactment of new revenue legisla
tibn -has brought to the offices of Col
lectors of Internal Revenue a flood of
inquiries regarding various provisions.
The Revenue Act of 1921 became ef
fective November 23 1921, "un'less
otherwise provided for."
To avoid error in 'the -preparation of
their returfns an dlater difficulties
with the Bureau of Internal Revenue,
taxpayers are advised to carefully note
the changes and when they become ef
The excess profits tax is repealed as
of January 1, 1922. The rates for 1921
are unchanged.
The surtax rates for the calendar
year 1921 are unchanged and range
from 1 r:ler cent on the amount of net
income between $5,000 and $6,000 to
65 -per cent on the amount of net in
come in excess of $1,000,000. For the
calendar year 1922 the surtax rates
range from 1 per cent on the amount
of net income between $6,000 and $10,
000 to 56 iper cent on the amount by
which the net income exceeds $200,000.
The exemption allowed for a depend
cnt is increased from $200 to $400.
Married persons living with husband
or wife and 'heads of families are al
lowed a personal exemption of $2500
(instead of $2,000), unless the net in
come is in excess of $5,000, in which
case the personal exemption is only
$2,000. The act provides that -in no
case shall the reduction of the person
al exemption from $2,500 to $2,000 op
erate to increase the tax which would
be payable it the exemption were $2,
600 by more than the amount of the
net income in excess of $5,000. This Is
to overcome the disparity in the case
of two -taxpayers, one of whom is just
within the lower $2,000 exemption atid
the other just within the higher $2,500
Single persons, and married persons
not living iwith husband or wife, are
al-lowed an exemption of $1,000. Non
resident aliens are allowed a single
peroanal cemxplXon of $1,000. Per
sons having gross not Incomes for 1921
of $5,000 or over are required to make
a return, regardless of the amount of
not income.
Provision is made for the repeal as
of January 1, 1922, of the tax on
holders of a personal service corpor
ation as such. After that date such
corporations are to be taxed in the
same manner as other corporations.
The income tax on- corporations for
the calendar year 1922 and thereafter
is Increased from 10 to 12 1-2 per cent.
The $2,000 exemption. heretofore all..
lowed corporations is to be granted on
ly to those corporations whose not in
come Is $25,000 or less.
Many persons are under the Impres
siog that the taxes on ice cream, soft
drih ks, etc., monthly returns of which
are required, have been rc'pealed with
the enactment of the ne'w act. These
taxes remain in force until the end of
the calendar year 1921.
'No change 'Is made in the tax on ad
mission, except that after January 1,
1922 there will be no tax where the tax
is 10 cents or less. 1Effective January
1, 1922 the following taxes are also
abolished: on musical instruments,
sporting goods, chewing gum, p)ortable
electric fans, thermos bottles, fur ar
ticles, pleasure boats and pleasure ca
noes, (unless sold for more than $100),
toilet articles, medicines and numerous
articles of apparel.
On and after January 1, 1922, the
tax on various works of art is redlucedl
from 10 per cent to 5 per cent, the tax
on candy from 5 por cent to 3 -per cent
and the tax on carpets, rugs, trunks,
valises, purses, fans, etc., from 10 sper
cent of sales price in excess of speci
fled amounts to 6 per cent of sales
price in- excess of specified amounts.
The tax on parcel post packages Is
eliminated effective January 1, -1922.
The new act provides that no taxrpay
er shall be subjected to unnecessary
examinations or investigations, and on
ly ohe Inspection of his books of ac
counts shall .be made. for each taxable
year, unless the taxpayer requests
otherwise, or the Oomnmissioner' noti
fibs the taxcayer in witing -that an ad
ditional Inspection 'is necessary.
The period for, filing returns on the
calendar year basis is from January 1
to March 15th, 1922. This year, as
last, the tax may be paid in full at the
time of filing the return or In four
equal installments, due on or before
March 15th, June 15th, September 15th
and 'December -15th.
Copies of the Rtevenue Act 'may be
had by FApplication to this ,office.
SDoetor Heavily Fined
Mobile, Ala., Dec. 16.-4Dr. Harry J.
KrudoD, a prominent physician of this
city, 'was fined $600 and costs of court
in the federal court here today by
~ederal Judge R. 'V. Trwin on charges
of violating the -Harrison harootic act.
Pilos Crd in to4 D'4ys
-' i op le
Calhoun Association Meets in Abbe.
ville. Next Meeting in Chester. e
Abboville, Dec. 17.-At a meeting j
Thursday of officers and directors of i
the Calhoun iHighway association, it 1
was shown that some progress was Y
being nade. Considerable road work 1
has been completed in a number of I
counties between Wilmington, N. C.,11
and Athens, Ga.
At the meeting was a delegation 1
.from Dillon asking that their county
be 'taken into the association. Those
present from-Dillon were Dr. Stack
'house, J. 'H. McCoy and Mr. Bethea.
Dillon county was welcomed into theo1
association. k
S. W. Orr of Elborton, Ga.,, was
clected president for the state of j
Georgia. 'W. L. Buck #was elected a I
director from Robeson county, North
Carolina, and J. D. Brown, vice presi
dent for Columbus county, North
Carolina. 1
Chester was chosen as the next
meeting place. Following adjourn
ment the visitors were taken for a
sight seeing trip about town.
'rhe following members were here
for the meeting: J. F. Jacobs, Sr.,
Clinton, ipresident; R. E. Hanna, vice
president, Cheraw; W. W. Harris, Clin
ton, secretary and treasurer; James
R. Copeland, Clinton; E. E. Child,
Whitmire; Kenneth Baker, Green
wood; S. M. Orr, Elberton; J. E. Ager
ton, Pageland; 1. C. Deaver, Par
-lisle; J. 'S. Stark, Abbeville; A. P.
Dunaway, Sinlthsonia. Ga.; C. A. Jeter,
Carlisle; C. C. WUouglas, Chesterfield;
Dr. I. .M. lalpton, Colbert, Ga.; E.
J. Ervin, Smitbsonia, Ga.; C. A. Ar
nold, Elberton, Ga.; J. M. Nickles,
Abbeville; C. W. Stone, Clinton; W.
M. 'Sherard, Whitmire, and Thomas
W. Cothran, Greenwood.
Stomach distress goes in five min
utes. Laurens Drug Co. guarantees
Mi-O--Na to relieve indigestion or any
stomach trouble, or money back.
@ ?
this store yc
while in Spi
your Christm
will gladly ta
And don't f<
Hose and Be4
all make pri
that we have
ried assortme
which to cho
1 s to your
'line is to y(
ed oil refiner can make
ximum power, or give ni
Lat will enable a motor
throttle; or that will giy<
balanced gasoline combi
>per proportion took ye
'.chemists and engineers
.ctically every It is parti
nproved refini- weather i
icate chemical dlitioned(
~sts for flame sluggish <
esidIue; tests in fuli, carbo
ial combustionNetim
laboratory andi hexttie
iese 'were some "s where
ich ledl to the ba'anc'
aur improved lialne Se
Gasoline. ime. Soee
undard" Motor how quic1
i excels other in." Keep
>ep, power and get. One
i fuel and up- buy it.
e year around, garages ev
es of POLARINE for als
niernal combustion engi
(New Jersey)
Greenville, Dec. 17 -Marshal C. J.
yon, whose resignation was request
d by Attorney General A-tarry M.
)aughorty several days ago and who.
as been in th- national apital for'
everal days returned to Greenville
esterday and announced that he has
Lot tendered his resignation and will
Lot do sa untill he is ousted by the Re
Mr. Lyon has been marshal of the
Vestorn District since it was formed
n 1915 and holds an appointment from
Voodrow Wilson. The appointment
ocpires March 1, 1924.
Special dispatches from The News'
own Washington correspondent have
tated that no charges have been pre
erred against Marshal Lyon but that
in investlgation as to -his activities in,
lpholding the prohibition laws owill be'
nade unless he tenders his resigna
Marshal Lyon conferred with Sena
:ors Dial and Smith, Representatives'
Byrnes and McSwain and Attorney
ieneral IDaugherty while in Washing
ton and started last uight that he is "in
'he hands of friends". Other than this
Marshal Lyon has little to say for pub-'
lication, merely asking that his deio
3ratic friends stick by him until the
arisis passes.
Take notice that on t.,_ 1I1th day of
January, 1922, 1 wiil rendir a final ac
count of my acts and doings as Adn:n
istrator of the estate of Z. V. (iarrett
deceased, in the offlce of the Judge of
Probate of latrens "o.inty at 11
o'clock, a. m. and on the same day
will aipiply for a final riis-harge from
my trust as Administrat:>r.
Any person indebted to said estate
Is notified and required to mai'e pay
mnent on that date; an.] all pnrsons
baving claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever harrel.
Decemb-ir 14, 1921. 2?-at-A
smPortl Cal o
But to peCrfect a
proyerties in pr<
mentationi by om
Crades from pri
producing field, ii
ing processes, del
determinations, te
speed, pressure, re
every type of interi
engine, both in the
Sin actual service; ti
of the factors whlu
development of<
"Standardl" Motor
This balanced "StE
Gasoline equals o:
motor gasolines in
econoniy. It keep
keep costs down th
e Co.
burg, S. C.
IVITED to make
ur headquarters
irtanburg doing
is shopping. We
ke care of your
irget that Shoes,
I Room Slippers
ctical gifts, and
a large and va
nt of each from
V ~t:3* .
>ur Motor
ai gasoline which will
taximumi economy, or
to idle well and run
small carbon dleposit.
nling all the desirable
ars of careful experi
:ularly desirab~le in cold
rhecn less perfectly coun
gasoline makes motors
yven with a rich, waste
n-making mixture.
you need~ gasoline dirive
you see the familiar
ign. Get a tankful of
'Staudard" Motor Caso
what remarkable pulf
you get on the hills,
dy your m~otor' "snaps
tabs on the mileage you
(quality wherever you
It service stations and
kinds of

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