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Hearing Before Judge Coth.
ran Yesterday
Attorue)s for Luther iinions and
M Iroe Willard Appeared Before
JU0ge Thom. 11. C"othran lit Green.
ville and Applied for Ball. Solicitor
UlAckwyell for State.
Lutheor Timmons and Monroe Wil
lard, public service drivers of Clinton,
charged Jointly with the murder of
Policeman Hosa Martin, of this city,
on the night of Deceinber 14th, were
refused bail at habeas corpus hearing
held before Judge Thos. P. Cothran,
in Greenville, yesterday.. Feather
stone & Knight, appeared' as counsel
for the defendants and Solicitor 1.
. Bracldwell alvcared for the state.
Timmons and Willard were brought up
from the state penitentiary at Colum
bia Monday and are now in the county
jail to await trial at the next term of
critminal court .in March.
In their. first public statement since
the night of the tragedy, as contained
in their aflidavit filed in the hearing,
4both Tininions and Willard deny hav
ing shot a single sliot and claim that
-they did not know that anyone had
been killed until three o'clock the
next morning, about four hours after
policeman Martin was wounded. For
the first time, also, Tininions publicly
clahned that he himself receivedi a
wound in the back on the night of the
Afidavits in addition to those made
at the inquest were filed by Rural Po
licemonO 'eis' And Abrams, the first
being made' to prove that, the two de
fendants iwere on an unlawful errand
and 4tho latter to rebut the testimony
of the defendants that they were not
armed on the night of the tragedy.
F'ollowing are the affidavits of the
two defendants and the two officers:
Affidavit of Defendants
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
Personally appeared before me t
Luther Timmons and Munro Willard
each of whom after being duily ;worn,
says: That on the night of December
the 14th last, they were traveling to
gether with no one else in a Ford
tou;ing car on the road leading from
-Maddenl Station in eaid County and
State to Clinton in said County and i
State and while so traveling these de- I
ponents unexpectedly met two cars t
with eteral men about the hour 11:30
near Tis.bon Church 'between two said
pointa or places, and these deponents
did not see or discovor said ears and
in~on until they were right tupon them
In. .the road, and in coming in contact ,
with said men on'e of said I'arties ran
:around and undertook to stop these
delionents without disclosing wvho
they were or what their purpose05 was,
and 'these depononts not kndwing wvho
they were or what they wanted, with
sonlo dlifficulty drove arounid between
said ears to avoid .trouble or being
lield up, and as these depononts drove
their ear between the two standing
cars in the road aend after hir'ng1
-piassed one standing car and1 while .
a-bout opposlte the other, several shots
were fired behind these deponents<
moving car nd on of said bullets hit
ing the d d~nent in the back of the I
left shoulder.
Neither of these d1ei;onents werd
armed on said occasion not having a 4
.pistol of any description and those
depononts further sayeth, that neither1
of them fired a single shot during said
night while on said road.
These doponents after passing said]
piarties and their automobiles in said
road, iwent straight On to Clinton and
upon their arrival at Clinton, wont
immediately to thew rdom of T. 3. Leak
for th'o purpose of having him to ex
atnine a pistol wound in the shoulder
of the said Timmone and see how so
riouis it was. Thence they,. went to
'King Stroud's residence in the town
of .Clinton, and that these deponents
(did nott learn until about three o'clock
the next morning that any one in sMid
,inirty, had 'boon shot and killed.
eernming the foregoing suffieient foi
Libi rdeent we Aier~by. reserwit the
rtg#ht to' testify more fuliy~aid iti de
tftes4hO1 day of our trial An Court. -r
en-tO , anubertbod, t'o abfore
Wrote ('hristmaats Appeals fin Behalf
of Starving Victimas of Turks. More
1inids Needed.
'llded by Gov. Robert A. Cooper
of South Carolilna, sixteen State 10xe
Cltives who atteiided the recent Gov
ernor's Conference at Charleston have
written Christmas time appeals to the
)Cople of their states in behalf of thne
work of the Near Blast Relief, accord
ing to advices received at Columbia
from New York and announced by
Congressman A. d. Lever, Honorary
State Cliairm.n.
According to -Mr. Lever, this is the
second time the Governors of the
country have recognized the services
of the Near East Relief 'in succoring
the victims of Turkish barbarity. and
hatred for Christianity. At the con
Ference in -larrislAirg, Pa., last year
they passed a resolution of endorse
nent, but this year have gone further
mdi made individual appeals.t
In addition to Governor Cooper, the
rollowing .State Executives have signed
tppeals for the Near East Relief tnis
rear: Rob't. D. Cary of Wyoming, Wm.
J. Sproul of Pennsylvania, Tios. E.
lilby of Alabama, Edward I. Edwards
)f New Jersey, D. W. Davis of Idaho,
W. D. IVenny of Delaware, IEphrain F.
Qiorgan of Wiest, Wrginia, .J. M. Dixon
)f Montana, Henry J. Allen of Kansas,
3has. 0. uMabey of Utah, Thos. E.
,ampbell of Arizona, J. 'B. A. Robert
ion of 'Oklahoma, Nathan L. Miller of
40w: York, 10verett J. Lake of Con
iecticutt and Jas. Hartness of eVr- t
The Near 10ast 'Relief has undertak
n to raise $100,000 in South Carolina
>efore June 30 next, to carry on Its t
hild-saving workc in Armenia, Georgia
ad other fansine and Turk-ridden
Uttes in Transcaucasia, Syria, Pales
Ine and Mesoiotamia. The Palmetto
ftate is talking care of 1,665 children I
vhxose parents were murdered by the
P7urks foi' refishxl#to rendance Christ
fnd become Mohammedans.
leloved Woman Dies at Her Home at U
Cross Hill. a
Cross .Hill, Dec. 26.-Death again d
ntered our midts on Wednesday, Dec. A
Ist, and claimed one of our conse- 1
rated Christian ladies. Mrs. %einson, I
houigh feeble, owing to hgr advanced C
ge, was seriously ill only #fow hours, I
o her death came as a shock to her
iany friends. She was a consistent f
riember of Liberty Siprings church. i
Mrs. Pinson is survived by her hus- 4
and, Mr. .1. S. Pinson, and one daugh
er, Mrs. S. A. iToaman, and one son,
Ir. T. M. Pinson, of Cross 11111. One 1
rother, Dr. J. H. Imillor, and one sis- 8
er, 31rs. W. V. 'Payne, of Petersburg, P
ra., also survive her. t
The funeral services were held at
Aberty Springs church on Thursday, 1
)ec. 22, at 3 o'clock, being conducted ti
y her pastor, Rev. W. D. .Ratchford,
asisted by the ,Methodist and BRaptist e
oastors of the town. t
The remains were interred at the
"resbyterian cemetery. The active t
>allbearers wvere nephews of the de.. t
eased. Our community deeply sym- I
>athizes with the bereaved family.
Waterloo Teacher Dead (
Miss Sarah Stuart, princip~al of the c
Vaterloo school, died at the Green- 't
voodl hospital Monday night after a 1
>rief illness. She first became Ill Imn- r
nediately after the Christmas exercis
as at the school Friday night and the
iext morning was carried to her home
n Coronaca, -being carried from there
o the 'hospital at Greenwood. The
'unoral services will be held today atI
~oronaca, a large number of patrons
mad pupils of the school going over to
lay their last respects. Miss Stuart1
vras vpry -pellmlar both among the chil
Iron andl -people of the community and
ior death is 'doeply mourned by all
vlho knew her.
Death of a Child ...
Boyce Madden, the four year old son
>f air, and Mrs. W. Earl Madden, who
lve on Sullivan street, died at 3 a. mn.,
sunday morning and was 'buried in
~he local egmetery Sunday afternoon
it 4 o'clockc. The sympathy of the
amimunity goes out to the bereaved
(>arents in their sorrow.
COotton Market Stronger
The cotton marloet showed an up-4
ward tendency yesterdey, s it did sev
sral days previod(s to the- Christas w
holidays, The linarl~ot advaniced about I
rorth pints yesterdely,.-041 nst $3
Chock Them Full of F
Rewards Justifies
of W
Contest Closes Promptly
I* * * * * * * * *
The following is the standing *
of candidates: *
.Mrs. .. Connor Fuller .. ..664,000 *
Mrs. 1ilayne Taylor .. ..6..60,000 *
Mrs. J. N. Hudgens .. .. ..650,000 *
Aliss Henry EIta Owings 648,000 *
Mr. W. A. Wilson ... .630,450 *
'Miss Elberta, Teague .. ..602,500 *
Mrs. M. F. 'Medlock .. ....600,000 *
Al'iss Lillie 3Mao Cox .. ..590,000 *
'ilss Eva Bolt .. .. ....440,000 *
'Mis Laurence Culbertson 430,000 *
Miss Bessie Gillespie .. ..421,500 *
Miss Mary Sue Dagnall ..411,100 *
Miss .Daisy Belle Owings . .401,550 *
'Mrs. Hogan Walker .. .. ..401,000
Miss 'Louise Saxon. .. .... .400,000 *
Miss VFrances Blakely .... 396,000 *
Miss Mary A. Powers ..395,500 *
* * * * * * * * *
Just three more days in which to
trive for those four ,grand prizes and
ommissions. The leadel's for the past
breo neeks still hold their own, but
he rewards for steady, faithful work i
my see a great and radical change by
be. time the three judges render their (
ardict| No one 'has an absolute cer- c
rinty. Not one. has an iota of advan- i
go or favor. Every cash prize, ev- 1
end Petition to President to Speak to I
Frmue in Behalf of Armenians.
The 'First (daptist church of Lau
ens, at the morning services Christ
ias day, adopted resolutions voicing y
protest, against the reported with- t
rawal of the French troops from I
.rmenia, thus leaving the defeuseless e
coplo of that country to the further v
ossible atrocities of the Turks, and t
ailing upon President 'Warren G. t
larding to use his good oflices in an
ffort to save the Armenian people f
-om another ma4sacre. It was stated
i press'dispatches a few days ago that
Lie French troolps probably will be
rithdrawn from Armenian territory
anuary 4, and that appeals had -been a
iade to the president of the United
tates to intervene to the extent of
reventing the contemplated step at
ts time.
The resolutions, as adopted by the
kaptist congregation, is a strong peti- 11
Ion to the president " to heed the cry
f a defenseless and doomed people, ]
ud to save them from the terrible
'agedy that threatens them." t
C. I. Roper, who read the resolu
ions, was5 aili'POlinted as chairman of
he commttlee named to present the
etition to the .president through ~
[nited States Senator N. 91. DIal, and
Sis 'understood that Gov. R. A. ~
oop~er, who is a member of the board
f deacons of the Laurens Bapt'ist
hurch, will be asked to sign the roe-.
muons along with ether officers and
members of the church, including the
astor, the Rev. Samuel H. Temple
Negro IKilled Another
Casper Thompson ism dead and Ju
lus Finley is behind the bars at the
eonity jail, also painfully wounded, e
.5 a result of a lAght which took place ,
'etween thenm near the old Pitts place, y
a Scuffletown townsh-ip, Tuesday at--~
ornoon. According to reports 'of by- ,3
sanders, Finl'ey shot Thompson in
ho back witih a 32 pistol after Thomp
on had fallen on the ground. Finley,
vho was serilously cut while the fra
as 'ass in progress, came to Laurens
or medical attention and was arrest
'd by Sheriff Reid while his wouna
vas being dressed.
*Taxes Being Fald Slowly
Taxes are coming in slowly, said I
ounty Treasurer Young, yesterday.1
V/ith only this week left during whiph I
ounty taxes nmay 'be paid without pen
city, he sadd, a 'very smlali proportion
>f the taxes had boon paid. People
iavo a tendency, hdImeter, to tput off
b9 $OM phyig questidn' Unmtil the last
##~t6 Mu4 the troeurer is looking
lersistent Effort for the
the Hardest Kind
at 1 P. M. Saturday
ary standing has been won by straight
mt, honest, work and merit, ainxd that's
the way the four valuablo prizes will
beA won. The publisher and contest
ianager have no favorites excipt in
iofar they admire a persistent, never
iay-die worker-a nworker who does
lot get discouraged and will not
icknowledgo defeat for the highest
roal till the last minute has passed.
Mrs. L. Connor Fuller took the last
mash prize of $7.00, winning by a small
nargin over Mrs. layne Taylor.
The extra vote for the week ending
3ccember 31st (end of contest) will be
0,000 for each $15.00 in subscriptions
urned in.
Now, for those Now Year's gifts in
)rizes and commissions. Who will
vin the Big Pour?
'Let us have an I1th hour whirlwind
And remeiber, TH11I CONTMST
ontestants having business to turn in
lust be in the Advertiser omle at that
'Cargin Poole, 1eginning on a Small
Scale, Has Large Dairy in Laurenis
Gray Court, Dec. 26.-What a young
ian can accomplish by staying on
10 farm, applying himself earnest
r to the tasks at hand and being
ternally amobitious is shown by a
isit to the dairy of Yeargin Poole,
iree .miles from Barksdale and twice
iat distance from Gray Court.
This young man, who returned
roin the navy three years ago, has
lown that brains and pluck will off
et extperience In managing a dairy.
[e was a student at Clemson before
ntering the navy and after tossing
bout on one of Uncle Sam's floaters
),r 15 mfonths :waq eager to return
3 the farm.
As many persons know (and some
ave experfenced) the farm has a
ark side as well as a bright one. The
berty, the freedom from alarm
lock and houily .bell are offset by
Io heat of summer, the cold of win
)r and the uncertainty as to a imar
et for farm products.
Young -Poole decided to laulnch iln
a the dair'y business for two rea
one. Thle first of these, ho said, was
ecause ho wanted to stay at 'home
nd quit traveling over the country.
'he second was because a man from.
partanburg w'hio v'isited the place,
uggested a dairy, offering to buy all
'f the milk young IPoole wold ship
Beginning on a small scale tile
ormer sailor has expanded until he
as 21 cows, many of them register'ed
erseys and Guernseys, andI many
ther hlead of cattie. The adjoining
elds, Wiere ls glNwnl most of the
orage necessary to sustain the cattle,
ho0W benefits of fertilization and~ are
keen contrast to the red hills whlere
sany flarmers still persist in placing
ily fertilizer that Is sold in sacks.
lastly (If this might he termed pr'og
ess) young 'oole has systematized
1is marketinig and ships cream each
nlorning to Greenville, haying aban
loned Spartanburg as *a market.
lie is yet a young man, being only
veil statrted in his twventies, but unl
ess there is a change he says he
>ro'bably will keetp at thle dairying in
ilstry. lHe has learned much about
t, he says, although modestly admit
ing that what he doesn't know
rould fill a book. But the farm, the
arge mil~k cans which each morning
Ire ca'rlie'd 'by trucks to the railroad
ttion anid .the line herd .of cattle
peak suocess for the lad more Plain
y than do any of his own 'words.
Mr.'P. B. Irby, of 6astonia, Is spend.
ng the holidays in the City.
WO'i1,1) GET $400,000
overn1or's igha11y Prograimi Would
('1a11 for 76 Miles (of improiei Illigh
waVys in IdLurons.
Inder Ie State Iliighly programil,
whllich Governor It. A. 'Cooper will
presCit to the legislature at the comn
ing session Laurens county will Ie
ceive a total of $500,000 for Ihe cOn
struction of 76 miles of roads.
The attache' tabuilation shows
what each coun ty's share in the pro
posed road construction find would
AlEnd .- . .--..... 1 0 0 0 43
Anderson 920,000 150
Bamberg ..220,000 50
Barvll .... ..2.... 260,000 64
Beaufort -9.......... 0,00o 55
Berkeley .......... 180,000 120
Caloun--.-.... .....200,000 54
Charleston .. .......I80,000 98
Cherokee .............320,000 48
Chester......... . 380,000 73
Chesterfleld.. .a..... 380,000 93
Clarendon .:..1..... 340,000 37
Colleton -........ 360,000 88
Darlington ........ 500',000 52
Dillon - ........ 280,000 41
Dorchester-....... 210,000 62
Edgefleld ...... ..240,000 52
Fairfield ...... .... 3'0,000 55
Florence... 580,000 62
Georgetown ..........300,000 73
Greenville ........1,140,000 131
Greenwood.. ...... 460,000 86
Hampton .......... 240,000 61
Horry ..........380,000 75
Jasper --........ 180,000 53
Kershaw ........380,000 89
Lancaster ....-....280,000 61
Laurens -.-.........500,000 76
Lee .280,000 58
Lexington .1. ......460,000 82
McCormick ..... . ..180,000 64
Marion -- .....260,000 54
Alarlboro -...... 420,000 1
Newberry.--...... 410,000 80
Oconee -..-...... 360,000 44
Orangebu rg ........60,000 180
Pickens ... ......320,000 57
Richland ...1.. ...1,100,000 79
Saluda -..-.... ...240,000 38
Spartanburg .. .. .. 1,100,000 116
Smnter ---...... 480,000 64
Uinon .---...... 340,000 61
Willliamsburg ...... 400,000 86
York ............540,000 86
Total..... .....$20,000,000 3,414
Total mileage - --... ..3,414
Constructed' or provided for . .1,600
To be constructed..... ... .1,814
Hose of Mack Reynolds In Clinton
14ided and Eight Pints of Whiskey
Captured. Reynolds Arrested.
Eight pints of Christmas joy .hile
was side-tracked from the main line
Friday andl detoure'Cd to the sheriff's
ofmee as the result of a rid made in
the Clinton cotton mill village by
Sheriff Reld, Rtiral Policemen Owens
and Abrams and Chief of Pollce Mason,
of Clinton. The house of Mack Rey
nolds was searched and eight pInts of
whiskey taken, besides two emp~ty ten
gallon contaIners and a quantity of
empty 'bottles. Reynolds himself was
arrested and birought to the county
('olebrates 69th1 Birthday
The home of 'Mr. and Mrs. Tr. Mae
lRoper. was mado happy on last Mon
day when all of theIr children, grand
children and .great-grandchildren, with
tho exceptIon of 1 daughter and 3
grandchildren, gathered to share in
the celebration of Mr. 'Roper's 89th
birthday. The long table made ready
for the occasion was laden with good
things to eat, the handsomely decor
ated -birthday cake forming the center
attraction. There were about 30 pr1es
ent, four generations being represent
Stock to be Rle-Sold
The W. 0. tWilson stock of dry goods
sold at public auction last week to
'Mr. C. J. McWhirter, of Newberry, is
to be re-sold, aeording to ad
vertisenments made aby Mr. Thos. D.
Wilson, brother of the deceased owner.
It is understood that Mir. McWhirter
failed to coon~ly with the temsl of theo
Christmas Fund to be Made
('8risima111's for Orphaned Martin (IL11.
dren is Made Happy by Generouis
P)ublic. Fund to be Enlarged so as
to 'orii Permanent Maintenance
The orphan children of Ilosea Mar
tin, killed in an attempt to halt al
leged tior ruqnners on the night of
December 14, were enabled to enjoy
a visit from Santa Claus like other
children as a result of the open-heart
ed response to the appeal for that
cause as contained in The Advertiser
last week. The nail of The Adver
tiser has contained checks from this
city and other cities in the state, as
seen in the list of contributions be
low, and a ipersonal canvas by 'Mr. L.
Cr. Roff, a member of The Advertiser
force, brought still other contilbu
tions. The total sum thus far real
ized amounts to $106.86.
The editor of The Advertiser, after
conferring with friends, decided that
it would not be 'wise to expend this
large sum for Christmas presents
alone, especially since it had been
found that a few gifts had already
been sent the children. It was there
ore decided to oxfpend a reasonblo
sum, about $10, for toys and trinkets
for the children and enough money,
$4.40, to buy a case of condensed milk
for little Lois, the infant child.
The Advertiser ds informed that the
five older children are to be taken
into an orphanage. The orphanages
at. this time have more applications
than they can possibly comply with,
we are -told. To accept no many chil
dren from one family under the pros
ent conditions is readily seen to be
out of .the ordinary and for that rea
son The Advertiser is goinng to place
itself at the service of a sympathetic
public in helping to give reasonable
assistance to the orphanage in caring
for these children.
Therefore, unless objection is raised
by the donors to the fund to date, the
balance of the fund, amounting to
$92.45, will be made a nuelleus to be
enlarged Into a substantial fund to
be presented to the orphanage as an
endowment fund, known as the Hosea
Martin Endowinent Fund. This fund
we hope to make at least $1,000. The
interest from this, of course, lw-ill not.
commence to pay the expenses of these
children while they are in the orphan
age, but it is expected that the fund
will remain with the orphanage in
popetuity, thus sorving to repay in
part the debt of gratitude on the part
of ,the public and at the same time
creating a memorial to the dead officer
which shall instill into the minds of
future generations a reepect and ad
miration for lawv enforcement.
W. R1. Richey, Jr. .... .......$2.00
Red Cros .. .............10.00
Advertiser ..............200
W. Mf. liundley .... ..........50
'Miss Bleth Shell... ... .. .. .. 1.00
[Dr. W. D). Ferguson.. ......1.00
M rs. L. Conner Fuller.... .. .. 1.00
IFrnest T~asterby ........ ....00
S. B1. Sexton .. .... .... .... .50
Jim Moore............ .... .50
T. L,. Monroe .. .. .... ...... .50
W. P. Tihomason ........... .5.
WV. U. Lancaster.. .... ........50
Laurens Kennedy.. . .. ... .. ..2
C. Ii. Roper .. .... ..........50
'Stanley Crews.. ..........1.00
Cash .... .......... ......25
Owings & B~obo .... ..........50
Mrs. Clara M. D~avenport, (Gireers 2.00
JT. M. Clardy .... ............25
Oscar Hende~lrson .......... .50
Oash.--............ ........10
W. S. Power.. .... ..........25
C. A. Pdwer'................. .25
Rosa D. Young .... ........1.00
0. 'P. Jenkins...... .... ....'.. .50
WV. Solomon....,,........ ....25
12. 0, Roff .... .... .... .... .50
A.i. Mahiaffey......,,.. ........50
T. L. Timmnerman ........ ....50
J. T. Crews ,.... .... .., . 2.00
S. C. Wood .. .... .. .. ....s.5
C. K. Ray -.--..,.. .. ... .... .50
RI. iL. Walker . .. ... . 1.00
T. T. Easterby....--.........60
E.A b. ,..,. .. .... .6
W. P. Gludgens.... .. ....... .25
(Ointtae4 an q Vr

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