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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, December 28, 1921, Image 2

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A t i kd If u J J i'(Ck.)101n
;i~ld jltdI!1 ?(.
1)(01% ~ ~ 22 1" 'j NI" is t i
(It r. f.- ('rd H im. "Wh t-What
YOU Mcan?"
If' *i"': I I I t 0u~ : tr 'I
All Plii.I) s -:; :vo n u l
but'? Ilk , Fy'oizu (! -:i vi ''111'A Ii . a.ied
"Oid h,'r:iiu lautu Fa'S huiz:e .I lI.t
li~IJt C f~t i' i'S III' ''''ru 1.
*"lJt't'~:ih IWas [a ldj ii abutl.
hot ~ ~ A -. 1' .... ......'t! St to o
ht, 1921- by iThB Syndicate,1nc.
b.,r4 . k ws hi- hai isu'h J'r'wt
kI:d u pgh , 4,1 r d y
1t v s' v.anyti ngInel .r
-I : -ft w ! t r
bI I vYoy I o
- *f UntArje .li: , in l~
(r1- ' h9 , r l, .h:ot
II I. -x '*1
If r w f. 1
* : *.. :j.:- h. 1
ni r hJ
- : her own.'T:.: , tiew
- . tsry? t ing t:r' *'' 'ri
-l v ?"
--t.. .t ."
b I '-, rep at. "Yout don' ha9 to!!I
r99.. *91 -r '(IrI 't"
'9 n -,, -. ir e i .i i \ ':1ll,
who -\er ! w s o 9 b he t l
9,it .115 f." 1 :.bI ' lk e vO I Ii I ' ii 't
"ti hli e d d, tin,'lt -I ifIh f 5E
i-ti 1111 u rI c p d lie ~s Iup Itt t1-9
-it Cr '.-t th to tel U.-r,
/-1 .re t.?: .r.tiji
her Ii'" he abir . "JIfe she
ittt , howtsfn 'd eve n w itt ,o
-i , ttliit It b tory I olb ou wny ufd
"ih, It brE IJ . hnow. Sh-'6re OaIdC, ni11(1
an'dei th1t b~-y linl nbfr ter-toigt ITd
dJ it losto xkwly liko t t!: yo from
he would. So, when I tell 'ainybod,
about It I'll only tell just you and thi
other boy."
"What other boy?" Herbert de
And her reply. thrill!g through til
darkness, left bim paralytic with hor
ror. "Wallie Torbin !"
e . . * 0
'The* next afternoon, about f'ul
o'c',ek, 11erbert stood gloonily at th
mIn ent ranae of Atwater & tooter'.
ONNw pnapier Iulildi, . awaitIng his part
.I.r. Tihe other nzitraices were no
oily ialled fast, hnt nit-'vely bar
(14.d1d; and: this- one (conlsist ing ol
thI rincient (cIarin-hiouse' doors, open
Ilg upirm a driveway through tI(
yard) had recitly been iade 1 ?fvec
tIve as an intrurelnent of exclusion
A long and htalv p1ik leaned againsi
the wall, niar by. ready to be set it
hook-shaped I ron suppor ts fastened t'
thi Iiner sidies of the doors; and
whr the doors were closed, with thit
groat plank Iin place, a person Insid
the building in ight seem entitled tc
cou(nt upon t he ienjoyajent of privacy,
ex Illt In ca-e of earthquake, tornado,
or fire. li fact. 1!he sIze of the plant
ill the substalitit quality of the i ron
fa-e-nings, Coult( be looked upOn
from a crtdi viewpollit, a-S a hieat
felt ((Ilthent to tile nrgy and per
sistence of Florte(nc Atviater.
II1e Ithitl been In nio colmpill
in (It arl'y fraini of mind. however,
when hi le rlvi-ed the obstructlons, nor
wags :e low In such a frame of mind.
Hoe wa.s doeply ploss Ilnistic inl regaIrd
to hii fuitilr, aid also elibarrase(!d In
ant at uion of Scame exlanations it
woub I be hie y. ItI miak to H
Iart; r. Ie strongly hoped tlat
Jleury r aub'r a:er-shool appoear
no W It !!w newppr build4ing woub]11
ivres le fitr! en hI. theser e.x
plantt1 1in rojinr. d tt h ul0liberatlon
1:,. :ill,! ht uns convincet' that
It w u! h alll. t !,Il ib-- le to linake
thmn.H f 'oec ot therer first,
I' u t! od timt hie' was unfor
i:tm y Iv b i ll h vr lower; anl hi
s:\N tha1t It voil be dangirois to
p 1: 1111 for her xelusionI
fron tlie O id n'' tihls 11ew ulieelln)isill
coltrivi; u such hopef1'u care, and
lit it ':'t If two d11ollars and twenty
fi% o t. or. 10in! an u lsbscri p
thins to the Oriole out of a present
total of thirty-two. What he wished
Ilinry lit believe was that for sm0e
good reason, which* I Herbert had not
yet been able to invent, It would be
btetter to show Florence a little po
liiteness. lie hind a desperate hope
that lie Inight ild solie diplomatic
way to preval on, ienry to )e as sub
servient t to Florence - as she hiad
-v(rIl to donnanad, and lie was deter
1iitoied to touch any extremity of tin.
veracity rat her than periIt the (e
tlills of his inswer lin "Pruth" to rn
to his lar tier's knowledge. I Henry
tooter was nint Wallie I'orbiln ; but in
Jtio5ssessioI of rItatrial such as thI.9
he coul easily rnake himself Intoler
able. I was a strange human
thinhg, arnge yet (ommitnon to most
at inds I reading in fear of piublielty.
We seilm realize that the people
whiose rh-ili(on we fear may have been
as ImnprtdeInet IS w have beIOn.
Theiei.(fuore, It was In it flurried stirto
of nilid that Herbert waited; and
3 when his filendi appeared, over the
fence. his verturbation was not de.
creased. He even failed to notice the
unuiial gravity of Henry's manner.
"Hello. Henry; I thought I wouldn't
start in .work till you got here. I didn't
'wanlt to haf to come all the way
downstairs again to open the door
and .'r: ou! good ole plank up
"I see." said fleury. glancing ner
vou'zy at their good ole plank. "We.l,
I guesA Florenco'll never get in this
good ol" (looi -that i-, it we don't
let her, or soniething."
This f.nal clause would have sur
prised Ifterbert if he had been less pre
(wr-upled with his troubles. "You bet
rlhe won't !" he said inechanically.
"She couldn't ever get in here again
if thw failly didn't go intafering
around and give ine the dickens and
everythiung, because they think-they
say they do, anyhow-they say they
th-they think-"
Ie paused, disguising a little choke
as a cotigh of scorn for the family's
thinkin; .
"Wiat <dd you say your family
think?" lenry asked absently.
"Wni. they say we ought to let her
have a share in our newspaper."
A' [nii he piaued, afraid to continue
lest hi hypoerl y appear so barefaced
en1 to b4a1 towar1n id Su1-1pi1on1 (1n1d dis
coveiry. "Will, naybe we ought," he
a s. iM ny' -ntily upon his toe,
which slowl iffs-d the ground. "I
don't say we .;ht, and I don't say
' 0:q I I-t at lenast a burst of out
r-:-1a psroii- fron his partner, who,
tin "!.: ln' n phsantly astonished
h . * .!, t!hat': the way I look at
t." IhI'ly'V. "I don't say we ought,
I i L 0 t Eo ItItI't."
(To b.e continued.)
r IE racking, agonizing rheunatic
arhe is quickly relieved by an ap.
ciation of Sloan's Liniment.
For forty years, folks all over the
world have found Sloan's to be the
natural enemy of pains and aches.
It penetrates without rubbing.
You can ju3t tell by its healthy,
rtimulating odor that it is going to do
you good.
Keep Sloan's handy for neuralgia,
sciatica, lame back, stiff joints, sore
muscles, strains and sprains.
At all druggists-35c, 70c, $1.40.
Liniment .3
Makes Sick Skins
Well One of Dr.Ilobson's
Family Remedies. Foraclear.
healthy complexion uso freely
Bfective De
rices of all Essex mo
oach, are reduced as
ssex Touring.
ssex Coach..
Bsex Sedan.
F. O.B.
Start a Savii
Capital . .
Surplus . .
Your Patrona
UTO 244
ei& ril
Ih ~ ~=' t sF' Ia) the :: r'
rearli. V'Mt woultln't like Al~ str
ol :ds yott h d the 01i' r CI
do't vuur tires by our vul-:tni'l
SpeelrI Pricem on Good S
30x:3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$').0(
3Ox? 1-2 ........... .$13..-0
31x4 ..................$20.00
34x-.... .. .... .. ... .$26.50)
S1- .. .. .. ..$33.00
cember 24
diels, including the ne
. . . $105
. . $132
. . $18:
Car Cc
B. S. C.
igs Account
il B'ank
ye Appreciated
Anizing SM4 fMe
h ; theiIm.t b:-l out oi iII$
-12. Youl wouhin't tanid for"
w ith . 1 ).
10u11ar1- 'I'ies.
' .. ".k . . . . .
N '' I . . . . . . . 1 .2

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