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- , Kills
Instant Relief from Scalds,
Burns, Cuts, Wounds, etc.
Contains No A Icohol, Acid* or Pepper,
therefore DOES NOT SMART'
Painful injuries often result from
accidents. Mustang Liniment kept
always at hand is cleapest and best
insurance. Made of purest oils, it
penetrates quickly, soothing and
healing the affected parts.
Rev. A. S. Singleton, Danville,
Va.--"I haveuised your Mexican
& Mustang Liniment for 30 years
and find it the very bcst remedy in case of a
cut, a burn, a bruise-in fact, almost any
ailment that can be cured by a liniment.
In using I think it quite inportantto rub it
well into the pores and repeat the operation
at frequent intervals."
FREE -a solidbrass "Put-and-Take"
TODL. Toll. Iiarlou. "ul Send26 cent'
s m' * or coin for Trial lottin 4lousehold Siz )
tduatnn Liniment. and n.AT'oddioTop absolu el
free. Lyon Mfg. Co., 41 So. 6th St., liklyn. N. _?
25c - 50c - $1.00
Sold by Drug and General Stores
"The Good Old Standby Since 1848'
The Quinine Thai1t Does Not Affect
Ilie Iead
11ecauso of its tonic and laxative er
('ablets) can be taken by anyone
.without causiug nervousness or ring
ing in the head. E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature on box. oc.
W. S. Mo Says:
"Makin-g a dollar go
a long way is mny favor
ite indloor sport. 1
lonow ho-, you clan do
ton batte:-ico. Buy
aillardi with Thread
This insulation lasts as
don't havb to pay big
battery repair bills."
Wil!ard Sorvice Man
You start saving money
on batteties when you buy
a Willard Threaded Rub
ber Bati~cry.
W. Laurens St.
.Phone 446
This trademarkr, stamped In red
on the case,ldentiflesthe W illard
Threaded Rubber Battery.
Socialist Pardoned by President Hard.
Ing Ooes for Interview with Attorney
'Washington, Dec. 2.-Eugene V.
Ilolbs, the Socialist leader, whose ten
year prison sentence for violation of
the Wlspionage act was commuted on
Ch-ristmas day, cme here today direct
from the Atlanta federal penitentiary
and called upon 'President Hardintg and
Attorney General Daugherty.
.1r. l)augherty said that Dcbs came
of his own "volition," nwhille Debs de
clared his visit to Washington was
at the" "reqtin(est" of the attorney gen
Cral, and that ho was given a. rail
rood ticket to the capital by the war
dlen of the penitentiary without choice
of destipation, although he had plan
nied to go iilimediately to hi.- h1om1' at
Terre Ilaulte, Indiimm
Af~ter hli:; conference with Dcobs,
th- attorney general declared in a
dalement. that there were no unusual
'onditions attached to the colminuta
Lion of the Socialist lecader's sentence,
that no advice was offered to Debi,
nor was aiy requested, and that lie
hoped Dc-bs would direct his talents to
li useful pu rpose.
No statement made made at the
White House after the conference
Lhere, but upon reachin;; his hotel
Mr. Debs broke the silence- he had
naintained from the moment of quit
Aing the penitentiary, and declared he
wvould devote his time .to the freedom
f all prisoners. He added that he
lad (d1iscussed his cipinions iwtth
Pr'esident larding in order that theru
night he no misunderstanding as to
ils princi ldes. and ideals.
Debs reached 'Washington at. 9
)'lock this morning. OHe left Atlanta
n a day coach, giving the extra fare
o Russian relief, but about 10
)'clock last night, according to
.riends who accompanied him, he
,hanged to a sleeper. With him on
iis journey were his brother, Theo
lore, Miss Celia Rotter of the IDebs
reedom conference; Miss Tucy Rob
)1n11, or the American Federation of
[jabor, and a number of newspaper
'lie went illllediately to a hotel
'or breakfast and then called 11pon tle
Ittorney general, walking to the de
Itatillent of justice with his friends
ind a group of newspapermen. un
ioticed as he passed along the streets.
'rom1 te(l department lie Walked over
o the White lIlouse and then iback to
I!s hotel.
lie first :danned to leave Washing
on as soonI as liis calls had been paid,
mut tonighut it. was decided to remain
>ver until tomorrow night to confer
,%! ith friend,. One of his first visitors,
ifter his return from the White House,
vas Samuel (Gompers, president of the
Anerican flederation of Lahor. who
teelared that the work of freedom "in
>ehil 1f of political prisoners" Would go
Until he a1d sle the el'rsident,
r. Dehs inintained a complete si
4nce rega rdin.g his visit to Washing
ur~ and hiis future plans, alIthough lie
hai.ttI d freely on other topics and
'vidiencedl keen' enijoymnent of his
reed~oml. hlis onily comiment upon01
~he statement issuied by i'. D~augh
'rty, after their conference, was that
It' came here at the latter's invita
ion. I lowever, wvhen hie reached his
lotel after his cauli at the 'White
Touse, Mr. D~ebs descrlibed his release
from prison, his trip to WVashington
hnd the outlook for the future as he
ciow sees it.
. , * . . . * * . * * * * .
Cross Hill1, D~ec. 15.--The weather is
so beautiful and warm we can hardly
r'ealizhe that Christmas is so near.
Mrs. Robert F. Wade returned Sun
lay from 'Baltimoi'e where she has
been -at the -bedside of her sister, who
Is undergoing treatment in a hospital
'Mr. Henry .Jones and Miss Sara Pin
son were married at the Pr'esbyterian
Nianse on thle 2nd( of Deccember. Only
it few r'elatives and friends of the con
tracting parties witnessedl tile cere
Mr'. and Mrs. Jones left on the after
noon train for Newport Newvs, Va.,
whecre Mr. Jones has a position with
an insurance complaniy.
Miss Elise Nance is home from Con
verse college, for a visit.
On rTuesday a.ight tihe Cross Hill
Masonic .Lodlge No. 159 held their an
nual electiop of offlcers for the Incom
ing year', at rxhich time the following
were elected:
U. S. -Pinson, l\W'. M.; H. G. Culbert
son, S. 'W.; C. J. illipp, J. W.; W. P.
.\Martin, Sec.; 1W. ID. Ratchlford, Treas.;
J. R. Wells, Tyler; -L. J1. Jones and Dr'.
II. ill. Sonn, stewards; J. Q. 'Smith, S.
Habitual ConstIpation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WVlTli PEPSIN" is a specially.
preparedl Syrup Tionic-Laxative for iHabitLual
ConstipatIon. It relieves promptly but
ihiould be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulatea * Very Pleasant to Take, G0c
raer bote.
Department Uilveo Figures by Coun
tI[es. Somle Grow Little
1Washington, Dec. 18.-The depart
ment of commerce, through the bureat
of census, announces the preliminary
report on cotton hinned by countic9
In South 'Carolina for the crops of
1921 and 1920. The total for the stat(
up to 10 a. Im., 'T'lursday, Decemnbei
8, was 734,757 bales agajist 1,258,98:
for the correspondhig period last year
The number .by counties for the tw<
years follow:
County 1921 02C
A bbeville .. .. . .7,5
Alendale........ 12 6
Anderson ..0...... ,; 9,37:
Bamberg ..,902 18,9 5
Barnwell ........ 7,795 , .1
leirkeley ........ 1,023 7,061
Calhoun ..5.... .... 2,61
Cherokee ...... ..11,022 16,257
Chester ....25,228 28,43
Chesterfield ...,.. 223 27,5
Clarendon.8,099 4 0,31
Colleton ... ... .. .'. . 6
Darlington ....... 21.881 39,45
Dillon .. .... .. .. 1,15
Dorchester ...... 1,583 880
Idgefleld .. ..1.. ..23,3
Faiield ........ ,58 22,05
Florence .. .. 21,093 3,35
Georgetown.419 . . . 1.
Greenville...40,157 ..7,4
Greenwood ..... 13,521 ,36
lanipton.2,892 6,6
llorry.3,531. 6,23
Kershaw ...... ..12,400 :10.832
Lancaster ........ 5,020 8,86
Iaurens ........10 53,15
'Lee ............ .19099 389
'Lexington ........ 8,578 27,47
-McCormick ........ ,14 4,66
Marion.. ... ..11,169 1,70
Marlboro ..... ..48,590 5,66
Nowberry ...... ..17,710 37,85Z
Oconee.. .... ..20,890 17,75
Orangeburg ... ...17,475 78,86
Pickens 15,081
-Richlan....... 8,194 30,811
Saluda .... ...... 4 26,6
Spartanburg .... .65,508 67,29
Sumter ...........18272 47,08
Union.16,329 . .0,39.
Williamsburg ...... 7,280 25,871
York...37,898 4,15
All other. .. 109 1,553
IN BOT1Hl Bltl11rim Hous.Es
1'ioloiiged ('verig G~reeted fiii All.
I 111 11, 1.c I6, i ' 27,8
ilio dmi Dec. 1 .P ol.-i cheer-;9, 1
ihg grentell the aiounce,int this a,
ternoonl that both houises of the Biritishi
parliament had ratified the treaty cire
ating the Irish Free State by emphatic
majoit.es. The House of Com6i,7:
immedc~iately aftcer the v'ote was takeii
.J . ,01 3,6f
. E 5;2 2,3
. 3,2 P,8
. 809 0,F
. 2010 G,5
. 218 1 9,5
..331 F,5
. ,5 3 8,0
. 715 3,5
ADAM88 2,5
approving the reply to the king's
speech from tho-throne, which encani
ratification of the treaty, recessed un
til Monday to await action on thc
treaty .by the Dall I-Areann, which IE
deliberating iII Dublin.
The Ulsterites and "die hards" fought
bitterly to end in a last desperate at
teipt to turn the tide, which it was
clearly seen from the first would over
twhelm them. Charges of broken 1)le(g
es were hurled at both Prime Ministel
Lloyd George and Austen Cinmber.
lain, government leader in tie I louse
of (Coiions.
Major Robert O'Neill, speaker of the
northern;il iaenit, and other Ulster
ites, eliphasized that the provision. oi
the treaty relating to the appointment
of a hoiidary Coisiiisioni to draw the
line bilhet we.en north and sontih I relaind
in. cam! 1:l.tcr decided to remainn aloof
from the treaty' was inseited without
1tie consent of Ulster.
)hblin I. C. I(;.--A public session of
the Dail l'ireann has been definitely
flxed for 11 o'clock Monday iorning.
The Dail will meet again tomorrow in
secret session.
The parliament sat throughout the
day behind closed doors, adjouruin'g at
8:15 o'elock this evening. No state
ment was Issued as to what took place
inside the hall during the sessIon.
Riddles Old Field, Dec. 26.--A Christ
mas tree and Christmas excrcises
were held here Friday afternoon.
Mrs. 1Ihoeis and Miss tiddle are due
mnch praise in taking so much inter
Name "Dayer" on Genuine
\\'rni ing'I lnls yoU se' tihe nam
"Bayer" on -iackago or on tablets you
are not getting genuine Aspirin pre
.l-ribed by physicians orr twenty-one
ars and prov'ed safo by millions.
'Take Aspirin only as told in the Bayer
package for Colds. Hleadache, Neural
gia, Rheumatism, 10arache, Toothache,
Lumbago and for Pain. Itandy tin
boxes of twelve lbayeir Tablets of As
pirlu cost few ec'nts. Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin Is the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacidester of IGalicylicaid.
)N S P]
fective De
rices of Hudson nt
[udson Phaeton
ludson Speedster
ludson Cabriolet
ludson Sedan.
ludson Touring Limn
ludson Limousine
F.O. E
et ja training the children. Little
Elunico Britton won the prize on first
grade reading. 1nze school will opeln
again on January 2nd.
Married Dec. 18, Miss 1lile Lee
Sprouse to Mr. Ca;rl Garrett.
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Putinain gave a
turkey dinner on Dece. 25th for iloseia
Martin's six little orphan children. Mr.
Martin had planned to have the (inl
nocr for the clfidien, before his death.
Those present were: W. A. Alartin ai(d
family, Mirs. Willie Ibangstoni, N is:;
Inez Martin, Mr. It. F. Martin, .1. -I.,
LAis, Nell, itosie, Woodrow and little
Marie Martin.
hn-My-T'ism, nutisepi 1 a1nl pain
killer, for infected sores, teler,
s1rn is, neuralgin, rhIeumtisima.
Iake nlotice thLL 01 L;1 1-ith day of
January, 1922, 1 i:1 riend ci a Iintal ac
colilt of' mlly acts and doings as; Adillin
istrat or of the estate of ,. V. ar-rett
deceased, in the oflee of he .Judge of
Probate of Laarens .o inty.- at ii
o'clock, a. ml. :iand on the -ame day
Will alpply for a finial .1i.iharge from
my trust as Admin istrata)r.
Any person1 indebted to said estate
is notified and requiril to milakte pay
ment on that date; an; all p-.esons
having claims cgainst sai.l estate wil!
Present them on or herfom saui Ol e,
duly proven or be forevot barrel.
Decemhr 1 4, 1921. 22-;t-A
Interesting Experience of a Texas
Women Knew About Card
Much Sicknes
Navasota, Texas.-Mrs. W. M. Peden,
of this place, relates the followinginterest
ing account of how she recovered her
strength, having realized that she was
actually losing her health:
"Health is the greatest thing in the
world, and when you feel that gradually
slipping away from you, you certainly sit
up and take notice. That is what I did
some time ago when I found myself in a
very nervous, run-down condition of
health. I was so tired and felt so lifeless
I could hardly go at all.
"I was just no account for work. I
would get a bucket of water and would
feel so weak I would have to set it down
before I felt like I could lift it to the shelf.
In this condition, of course, to do even
rmy housework was a task almost im
possible to accomplish.
"I was . . nervous and easily upset.
cember 241
odels are reduced
* $1'
.* $22
. $2E
. $34
~. Detroit
is S. C.
Now Preparation Known as
Williams Superior Skin
Whitener-WiN Clear up Your
Skin, Koop It Soft And Fair.
Will Positively Renove Tan
Freckles In 7 Days. If It Fals.
Your Money Will Be
di.aovLry mLant not to 10arn the
loost (-li Iato kin. \Villianis Sup rz
ior. Skin1 Whitenler is the only pr( ,a ra
tion of its kin od oil thle 1n arket. It is
(ill ick a d (1 dvl igh t fiul inl its effectsX and
will not ha1r the Ituost d1elicate skin.
14, sullre to specify WillIalms S3per
ior Skin \Vbit(er. Yoil call sevuure
(Ile geiuline Williams Sup erior Skini
Vlitener at Laurens Di rug Co.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Notor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Lady Who Declares That if More
ui They WoulJ Be Spared
s and Worry.
I couldn't rest well at night and was.
just lifeless.
"I heard of Cardui and after reading I
decided I had some female trouble that
was pulling me down. I sent for Cardui
and began it . .
"Ina very short while after I began the
Cardui Home Treatment I saw an im
provement and it wasn't long until I was
all right-good appetite, splendid rest,
and much stronger so that I easily did my
house work.
"Later I took a bottle of Cardui as a
tonic. I can recommend Cardui and glad
ly do so, for if more women knew, it
would save a great deal of worry and
The enthusiastic praise of thousands of
other women who have found Cardui
hlpful should convince you that it In
worth trying. All druggists sell it,
L 78

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