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TEije Zlbbertiser
Subscription Price $1.50 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advertising Iateni on Applicatiou.
Jibituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
1atered at the postoilice at Laurens,
C.. aa second class mall matter.
LAU'RENS, S. C., DEWf. -.!. 11121.
Aunouncement from Columbia that
IeTC)itumeildations.. will be miiade to the
legislature' looki ng toward a reditc
tion of the state levy from 12 to S mills,
or by one-third, does not mean that
the tax burden will be materially de
creIsed. The state tax levy is hut a
smll1 part of the entire levy, eiher in
the cities or riural disitricts.
The tax levy in the City (if Laurtells
this year, counting state, county, city
and .;ecial school distriet, was 6' 1 -2;
mills. Should the state levy be re
duedl ImilLs, tie total red uction from
1t 1-2 would be neglisible.
With this inlformaltion before uls, w,!
can plainly 'tee that our liol foi Ie
ductioL in tle t ax burden nui ni ot rt*t
in Ct olumi,[a. \\e msti look n ar
home for relief if we think we want
it. The Advertiser thinks, though,
that 1. blen the Iwople collie to reaize
that a conid ble r1)t ( of tlie tax1
biurdeni is fori education of teir own
children , ratihecir than for adinistra
tion expenises at Columbia, they will
hesitate a long tiline before thinkiig
of a ieulC('tIo of lie levy.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * II
WHY A (I.AMBElit 01_ 1'031.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
The strong understanding of the
Position a Chamber of CommeriiCI'e oc
(uples iI the coimuniity life, the
working oit of a short, definite, prac
tieil pr'ogramn in of activities, the selee
tion of committeemen with a view to
their <lual ilication s for carrying oil
the work entrusted to them and the
drawing lO) andI use of a biudget based
upon the work to be done, the rev
ernie foi' w hich is obtained from d ue
orgLnIzation expert from the chaimber'
of conuuerce of the United States,
speaking at Craven Itall in Columbia
"Where the public has a right con-,
ception of the functions of a chamber
of commerce, is in agreement with its
program of activities and has coni
dence in the ollicial personnel," Alr.
Brown said, "theie i, little diffleuli ty
in obtaining the ioiney n'cess foir
carrying on the woaik.
"E'very man Who can a)fford to ay
the dinues should lng to hiis loal
com~imunity or;Ginization. NO maitterI
howv much character a manU may have,
no matteir how clean lie may he in) his
buiniess anid pi~vate relations, no mat
ter' how good a man may be, he i not
a good citlizen, in the local sense at
loa.st, unless lie does somi-thing foir
the good of the commtunity in v. hich lie
lives, Thecre Is a dlifference between
being a goodl man and a good citizen,
and( one of the functions of every
chamber of comnmerce is to furn'iish the
leole with an opp:ortun ity to expriess
their cit izenisip in constru'tctivye (cOun -
('1 andt act ion for' the good of the (oh:
mun0 ityV.
Iheti' .Mariket Comidillions.
"Youri'comunliiii ty dloes iiot cnd w ithi
your muniiicipal .boundary l ines. It ex
tende onwardt and( out~waird to cover'
your' entire retail tirade territory. It
is the betterment of business, li ving
and mar'ketlng eonditins in that teir
iritoiry that you shotild have in mind,
Now anything that can be dione0 to -bet
ter' sutch conditions in youri retail
trade teri'ntory Increases lpureClmsing
Power and addls to the wvealth of both
merichant and priodlucer'. It Is doubt
ful If theire Is a community anywheire
in our couintr'y that equals Its husl
neCss andl social possibilities. The
tight soit of commiittees, comlposedl of
menr familiar' with the teriItory, ought.
to be able to make definite, piractical,
convincing statements of' 'what can ho
attempted, and these statements can
he made the opening gun In a can
'aign to securec a publ)1ic support of thle
plans that will secure their accomn
"Another subject demandIng atten-'
tion Is transportatIon. By this Is not
meant merely the checking of way
bills, advIsIng as -to routes of ship
mient and Informing membera g
changes In the rulings of the Inter-,
state emmenrce commIssion. It is
much 'bigger than that. It is not
enough to better productIon; lunless we
have markets .and quick and easy
routes and transport to such markets
our lincreased sproduction will .be
rgiWywithout avail. It Is the6 tgsk
a treipotatioN commIttee to study
r G g~n1otietion situation in the re
are the obstructions to the free .ow
of traffic and formulate plans for the
removal of the obstructions.
"Industry, commerce and civics
should all have a place on the pro
grtm. Careful consideration should
be given to the subject of industrial
relations, improved merchandising
methods, the betterment ot' living con
ditions and to iparks, playgrounds and
schools. ,We want to strive for a con
teted working class, stores so excel
lent that they will serve the trade
needs of our tributary territory and
aiple school facilities. And we want
a city plan. lvery city, no matter
how small it is, should have a city
plaii, no matter how simple it muay be.
We should .yision our city as we want
it to be. and with this in mind we will
be conistanltly striving to make the
dream come trne.
"As increased production, diversified
crops and good roads mean added
prosperity to the farmer, so does in
dustrial expatision with increasing
pa-y rolls mean more blisiness for the
merchant. An analysis of the Indus
trial growth of American comuinvi
ties hias shown that the gro-wth has
been largely within, that Is, through
the expansion of existing industrios
and through the coming in of sianilar
and related idustries attracted by the
local labor market. As industries
prosper' they ex~dantd ant a labor mart'
ket is established thiat inlits other
industries. Attempts to force induis
trial expalsiol thrilougl advertising
campaignir alI Lou sos has generally
proved ineffective. The financing of
industry is a banking and not a com
mun11ity propormitionl. On1ce estfablishl
e(. however, the itill uv:ry -ho-.111lud I
ceive full co-opetationt from It (hm
ber of commer ill bringing about
conlditions umking tor betterment i
the commlility life of its ('mployces,
11(h as ho : ing, rcreational and ed
uvntiollal facilitisoo an(d cheap and ade
(itate trainusportationt to a (Ii fro work.
l'arks and :da ygurounds, school hottses
aiid pullic works "Id utilities slould
be expI 'anded to keep pce with tle
gr'owt!i of inilu.trial Implilation alld
tle eStablishmneit of new industrial
centers, and the chamber of commerce
should be the leader in all this."
Other Fields to Work.
Other fields of activity suggested by
Nir. Brown for a successful chamber
of commerce inlutide: the promotion
of better tmerchanldising, style shows,
pay-up camPaigis, the exchange of
cledit Iinformatioi and salesmanship
classes for' retail stores, which, lie
"r most i-mplortait communi
ty asset" and should be so vlwed by
the chamber of commerce.
"If you can plan," he said. "so as
to imfo)rove PIodcltion even in a slight
degree, better transportation facilities,
bring about better relatiots in indlis
try, increaso and improve retail trade,
stlimulate your sales forces to greater
and more intelligent (ffort and better
livinig, ed ucatiolia and recreational
conditions, you will have taken I rit
in the national plrogram. Atid we may
e(ach do our bit working In our own
romunliniti es with the tools at our
cinmmnand, always having in m id that
whatever of betterment we bring to
ourselves we b'ring to thte nia tion of
ftich we ate al part."
9 * * * * * * * * * * * * .
* EKOM.~ NEW1S *
* * <. * ' * * * * * . * *
Ekomn, D~ec. 19.-Kllling of hogs Is
lhe order of the day now. A good
many nice (ones have been killed tile
past week.
Qite to the sur prise of theIr many
friends, .Mr. ityOn Pinson and Miss
PBlanche T[ranth1am mootoedI to Laurents
last Friday andC were finietly marriled.
Thiey werec accomipai ed by MJi ss Nell
Pilnson and M\ir. I lIcks intson. Thely
h~ave the best .wishes of' all their
'Litt lo Maty I [len, baby of Mt. andr
\Ir's. Murphy Ilol t, has been tIght. sick
butt Is better.
Mrus. Gr'ay Coopler an~d .\l rs. Itroadus
Cooper splent. tile afternoon with Mrs.
boin Culbertson andh datughter recently.
L. A. Sweat, a bloy of baurens, who
has been staying with Mr. b. C. Cul
b~ertsonl, had the misfortune to gel his
leg 'broken1 while hauling stock, lIe Is
getting Oil nicely.
MIss Edna 'Cooper spent Sunday
with D~r. Cooper and wife.
3Mr. Wilson. Cooper has movedi into
the house 'w-ith his sisters, -Misses L',d
n andi Kittura Cooper.
'Mr. liram 'Culi:bertson Is movtng
lback to his old homneplace.'
Mr. tWill Cook has moved to the
place vaeated by Mr. William Blaidwin,
\fr. Baldwln having moved over near
ilt. Pleasant church. Wo are sorry to
.o Mr. 'Baldwin and family from our
smmunity, and 'welcome all of the
iew neighbors into our midst.
We are glad to reiport Mrs, Ida
looper' better After several weeks of
Mr. and Mrs. T. J, Cooper spent 'rf
lay night witoh the lattier'e'kon -it Ie6
WVatt~s Mills.
In True Comiposition,
In true composition, everything not
ony help~s everything else a little, but
bI4t is'utmrist powen,-Rluskin.
(Continued from Page One.) A
Oriole Club
.J. A. Fuller . 1.00 o
IE. II. Wilkes, Jr. 1.00 J
W. P. Childress, J . . 1.00
>S. D. Childress . ... .. 1.00
Roy Childress . 1.00 it
Chas. Fleming . 1.00 n
Chas. Crisp . 1.00
'Walter Rutledge . 1.00 0
Larry Boyd ............. 1.00 s
Illrv Bllennett 1.00 a
W. L. Vaughn .......... 1.00
W. \l. Switzer 1.00 g
John I larmnon.... 1.00
Cecil Roper 1.00
G.1. Woods . 1.00
IEarl Langston 1.00
Pitts Birown .. o
Biugene Holand ..50 $
. I. Aliller .... ...... .. .. 1.00
Alsie Miller ..50
Albert Dial ..M.................1.0
Hall Fleming .2 a
ob Wham...11.6 a
.1. 1'. Power .. ...............
11. A. Alitchell .. ... 1.01, (.
B. C. Wolff.. ... ............. 10
J. 11. Page ...... . ......... .1.
Bill .lartin. . . ........
1". K'. Cannom .... ............I .0
.olhn 11. Illiudgens ..........
iM. 0. Anflderison...............50 1
.James Ilavenport ........ ...
A. C. TIodd l.. ....... ..........1.00 b
Cash ..0 it
ICaIsh 0
.Ino. A. Franks .. .. .. ... . .. 2.0 t
.I. I . Nah ........ ....... 1.00 C
R. I%. Nickels I. 1
1.. It. Gray ................1.00
W. Ij. Gray ................2.00 I
B. Y. Culbertson .............25
1. C. IIarkisdal... .......... 1.00
levming .Tone...-..;........ 2.00
.I. HI. IlIlenderson......... . . .. 1.00
.1. Y. Garl ington ............2.00
P. S. .1cans. Clinton ........ 2.50
J. Allan llarksdale .. .. . . .. 1.00 C
IZ. II. Roper ..... ...........00
Cash .. .. ..... 1.00
IT,. It. Edwairds.. ..........1.00
C. .1. Morgan, Greenville ...... 1.00
SI. N. B. ) ia.. .......... 5.00 b
J. '. Aledlock ...............25
It. 1). Hoyd . .. . .. . .. . .. .25-11
MIrs. Clara .\M. )avetnport, lPreers 2.00
C. W. 'Iune .. .. ..........2.00
I)r. It. E. Ilouston, Gr-eeville.. 5.00
E. W. .ai'uenter, Greenville . . 5.00
Wellie Mellaniel............. 1.00 ')
'. 11. A .\ anie .. .. .. .... .. 1.00 C
TIotael.. ...............$1061.85 t
DElA1'l (IAI.114 A It
Dies a( His Hoie it Rocky Mount
Yesterday of Hecart Affection.
Ilocky Mount, Va., Dec. I6.--Judge
E. W. Saunders of the supreme court u
of Virginia. former congressman from
the Fifth Virginia ditrict, died here
this afternoon. ''le funeral will be J
he!'I tomoirc;. fternool.
Judge Saunders was borni in Frank
lin county, Vj!rginia, October 25, 1860.
liIe obtained hiis primar~ty eduscation
ini the Iultic schools of Bedford t'
coun fty, and r(e':ived the degree of a
LL1. B. at the University of Virginia
in I1882. Tie inairied Nancy D). Walker s
of ILynchbitrg, Va., I) eemberei '11,
Ih8Qt. lie began to practice law at
Hlcy Mlount, Va., in 1882, and was a TI
miember of the Virginia house of de--I
gates fromi I887 to 1901, and speaker
of the house from I1899 to I1901. 'lie ii
was .iudige of the c:ircuiit court from a
1901 to 1906, and in Novembher, 1906. a
was elected to the Fiftieth session of
congress for the~ unexpired term of h
Clatide A. Swanson, resigned. Hie was dI
success(ively reelected to the Sixtieth
andie Si'xy-lirst sessionis of conigress,
serivinig from 1907 to 1911 from the El
Filth Vir:.inia district, and was sue.. dI
ceeded by the lato florer A. .James, 0
when he wvas a';phointed to the supreme .
'ou rt bench. ix
TIhe annual meeting of' the policy- It
Iholder11s of the Abbecv ille-Cereen wood L
Mlutual lisurance Association will be a.
held in the offlees of the Company at J
Greenwood, B. C2., at 11 o'clock A. M.,
Tuesdlay, .Janumary 3rd, 19:12. l
J. It. BILAKE, d
24-It General Agent. d
The Car Everlasting t
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Grove's Tasteloss chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it Improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant evert children like it. 'The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON tj
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial gertas and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Inivigot.
sting ffecnt Ba.
0 tory,
For the liberal pai
us during this Chris
throughout the pasi
mess given us ma
many reasons; chie
the thought that
been appreciated.
we shall strive duri
to come to continu
business on the higl
our friends and cus
They Say
Bread is the
If so, get in the I
Eat more of ip.
And while you'r
bread made in
ery, now sold
*wrappers' bea:
trik Maid."
Bread sold in ar
is NOT our b
Insist upon the b
Our Layer Cakes am
in any bake shop.
One reason is becau.
fresh eggs, butter
That's why they're sa
That's why they kee
They don't know wi
coloring is.
Buy a cake today.
Laurens' Superior
Postoffica Oj
B. G. Sanders
Beatrice WIlson
ialers in everything for the deme
1e largest and best equipped mon
ntal mills in the Carolinas.
ENWOOD, - - S. C.
tronage extended -
tmas Season and
t year. The bus
kes us glad for
f among them is
our efforts have
With this in mind
ng the New Year
e to conduct our
a standard which
tomers desire.
staff of life.
e eating, eat good
our sanitary bak
Ionly in printed
cing name "Elec
1y other wrapper
ce the best ever made
tse they are made of
and best ingredients.
o light;
p so fresh.
kat egg powder or eg
E Maid
Sho p.
Quality Baer
posit, Us
W. N. Dyre
A. L Aianan~o
Notice Js kereby given that the next
nnual Meeting of the County Board
r Commissioners of Laurens County,
. C., will be holden at Laurens Court
[ouse, S. C., at the Supervisor's ofiloe
a Thursday after the first Monday of
anuary, 1922, being the 5th day of
10 month, at -the -hour of ten o'clock
x -the forenoon.
All ipers9ons holding claims or de
Lands of any kind against the County,
Qit previously presented to the Board,
re hereby notified and requited to
le same with the Clerk of the 'Board
i or before the first day of January,
L) that they may be ordered to be paid
t the annual meeting, as provided by
,Done at Laurens, S. C., December
th, 192'1.
J. 1). moK,
* $ e 0 $ "$ e $ $ $
*8 * 0 * 0 * 0 S 3 e;
For Sale-Fordson Tractor, Reaper
nd Binder, Double )ise dIarrow
nd Double Disc Plow. All good as
eW. Will sell for -practically fifty
er cent of cost. A. A. Richardson,
olumbia, S. C. 2-1-it
To Our Friends--When in need of
as, oils, greases, tires, tubes or ac
'ssories, comc to Mcl)anlel's New
illing Station. op~posite postoflice.
l'o Rent .in. Ist--Seven room
oise on Sullivan street, next to V.
Sullivan. If. L. Ro.mer. 2.1-It-)(d
Lost-From lot Saturday night, one
a)' muile. Shoes on. About six years
Id. Finder le)ams notify Iall 1lem
ig, 'Bryson. 24-it-p
Wanted-To aike old hats new.
leaned and blocked $1.00. Demonstra
on by factory expert. Star Pressing
o.., mst. Main street, Ie]. 401. 24-It
is(--Bllack pig with 'white fore
(,:Id. About , six weeks old. Finder
lease notify W. A. Simpson, Laurens,
outo 1. 24-1t-pd
For Sale-Late model 1 1-2 ton Re
ublic truck, with stake body and
neumnatic tires. Run less thant 1,000
miles. Right price. W. 13. Knight.
For Sale--Three good mules. sow
nd four fine pigs; all kinds of agri
iltiral implements. See 'W. H. Dial.
For Sale-Nice lot home grown
ecans. Phone Mrs.. W. H. Dial.
For Sale-One Setter bird dog. Well
roke. Retriever. Two and one-half
oars old. Reasonable qrice. Haven't
me to himt. - Call or write, 1). D.
'arris, Enorce .Barbeir .Ilhop, Enoree.
For Reni-l"our connecting rooms
nd bath, suitable for 'housekeeping
r offices, over J. C. Shell & Co.'s
Lore. Apply to LI. I]. Blackwell,
rinting and Stationery, LJaurens, S.
Watne4-A good man In every coin
iuity to sell marble and granite
mlbstonles and Imonuments, Write us.
iberty Marble & Granite Co., Spar
tnburg. S. C. 22-4t
For Rientr-Hugh Gray shop property
for rent from first of January, 1922.
all on Merchants & Farmers Bonded
rarelouse, P. A. Simpson, Pres.
For I14tr-2, 3 or 4 horse farm in
pper lyart of county, 5 ipiles north of
are Sloals, known as Medlock farm.
ies well, good state of cultivation.
plendid community. Apply at place.
B. Medlock, Greenville, S. C., or
hos. 1). Downev. Laurens. 120-5t-p
Government Wagons-For Sale, or
ffered in exchange for corn, oats, hay
r' lumber. Wagons in gooi Ond0111
on. D)ixie Ice an~d Fuel Co., Clin
mn. 16-tf
tiale of South ('arolina,
Couity of Laurens.
he Bank of Waterloo, Plaintiff,
r's. S. M. Pe'ar'ce, et al, D)efendant.
Puirsuant to a D)ecr'ee of the Court
the ab'ovo stated case, I will sell
p~ublic outcry to the highest bidder,
1Lurens1 C. II., S. C., on Salesday in
ntuar'y next, being Monday thle 2nd
ty of the month, (luring the legal
31ur' foi' such sales, tho following
'aceribed pr'op~erty, to wilt:
All that ti'act, iece or iparcel of
.nd lying, being and situate in the
outy of Laure'ns, in the State of
Lauthl Oariiolina, containiing one hun
r'ed( seventy-three (l'l3) acres, more
less, bounded now or formerly, as
illowxs: on the North by lands of J.
.Peace, on East by branch separat
ig same fronm lands .bargained to be
>1d to J. C. Smith, on the South by
~nds of J1. H1. Wharton, on West by
nds of J. M. 'Pearce, being knovwn as
o -Bartlett MIlami place, less fifteen
id 9-1.0 (15 9-10) acres bargained to
C. A9nith.
Terms of Sale: Ono-thir'd cash, one
aird to be lyaid twelve months from
ito of sale, one-third 2 years from
ito of sale; the credit portion -to be
icured by bond and mortgawge of the
tirchaser' over' the said premises,
3arinmg legal Interest from date, with
anve to .purchaser to pay his entire
d in cash. Purchaser to pay tot'
uipers 'and, stamps. If the' ter'ros of
tle are 11ot complied with, the land
bhe re-sold on sanme of some subse
icnt Saleaday on same terms, at risk
former pur'chasor,.
C. C. C. P'. and 0, ,
~Laurens, S. 'C.
ated, this Dec. 8, 1921. 22-3t-A
Apply Electrik Maid
Bake Shop
Opposite the fostoffice

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