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;;0 BAim FPIgeal 'Monti
* e e Oa nd a * * * * , * .'e.
O- S. Link is spending a fo
'd&ys W44th relatives in Orangelburg.
V.. T. M. 'Pinson, of Cross 41111, was
a visifor in, the city Monday.
irs. J. L. Marshall, of Greenwdod,
IMS 119n VisitIng her parents, Dr. And
Mrs. W. H. iiial,,for the east few (lays.
Mr. and Mrs. J. . Machen, who Are
now living.in Greenville, spent Friday
and Saturday in the city -with relatives.
Mrs. W. H. Wlhitky and little daugh
ter left Sunday morning for tlieir
home in Albernmarle,.N. C.
Dr. Dick Fuller speit the holidays
with iomefolks at Laurens, and lias
returned to New Yorl,
-Mr. Claude S.-Fuller, who spent the
holidays with his4 father, d5, . Ful
leir, has returned to his ie nein Nor
folk, Va.
Friends here of Dr. an(d Mrs. .J. '1
Rutledge will be sorry to learn that
they hdve gone to Lynchlbuirg, Va.,
where thev -Ill reside in the future.
.Af. Tyler- and( little'tonl
* c1 Charlotte, .N. C.
has headiluarteria
nSa ko Charlotte the
(*nvey, :'ffer a few
- W. it h lciel'.o' ks, li: retiurel
I> Lier w o: P i: .numapolis, N. C. Whuile
n Laurens she vi te:.1 her brother, C.
1. Ohaney rn Sit rcave. m.
Mr. 'hos. R. 'Ka:.tcrby left S'aturday
tor N-ew York to attead the anniial An
toiAbile Show at Miison .Scia Gal'
len .and als to attCiii the melanstA
(;' Dodge Brotheri dealers at the sam1c
timo. ,
Messrs. P. ill. Caine and 1H. Dougha'I
Gray left yesterday for Holneau, in the
lvwcr- part of the late. to join a duchl
hunting party froni Sanditatug an
('harleston. 'i'hey w il be Mone about
.1ir. and1( Alts. E.itle WVilson o ar.
to(umt, N. C.. and .\ry. anad Mr:4. .J.unc:
M. Stout and little rlaughter, of Wash
ington, ). C., who haLve ben spenldil
some time with .their father, lDr. L S
Fuller, lave reta:'ned to tiihr r *spec
tEve h1omles.
M'. Manley Adame. well .knownr
ime-ichant of Fleinhin atreet, has .beeni
con.lned to 'iis home cin arccount of
sicknesa-, for several days. For sgom<
timl)j it wan thought that an oplraton
ywould L3 necesm'5y. but Iimprovenicon
4iring the past fe.v- days has lased
)1 physician to ..itve up the t -cration
Onli Comprelensive Plan for Muscle
Soals. Two "ontiaict Blids".
WvshingtoLt, an. 7.4-1ir-'r Wora, I
tie view of war 4epartment o!htha'is
e"Upies the position of. first imp)ort
awee among those bidding for lease
p)rchase, completion and operation
of the Muscle Shoals, Ala., nitrate
and power projects.
Secretary Weeks announced today
after a conference with C. C. Tinkler
president of the Construction Com
pany or North America, of San Fran
cisco who sought an agreement 'ir
which his company would complet4
construction worik aind opierate the
plasut on a semi-government bats
that the Ford offer- was the only comn
prehensive scheme before him 'toi
completion of the project and manu
faoture of fertilizer 'by private enter
UiBoth the Tinkler proposal and tha
recenstly submitted by Frederick E
liagstrum of Wilmington, N. C., it wa
s&id, related also entirely to con
struction work on the dams and othe;
plants and involved the gbvernment tr
future management of them as wel
as in payinig or the trorl( to'be done
Thei virtual spading of the two offdri
in the cla a-6f'-contraot. -bids rathe1
than, leasne itid' operatIon spiroposals
breukht Mr. Ford's..plan again to th<
forritont pf the .transaction and re
-mov~ed hi( the mindsQr war departmen1
0oSlci is *hatever idea had existed tha1
the 'ink or aifllngstrum plans wer<
of a oo petitlve sort a-s compared tc
that #f tile Degotit ma utacoturer. .
It )wng) recalle4' tat.- when Mr
Weella fis( apnouncod his desire t<
dise e 4f titesele 6hoa'is proper'
tiest a teptable private interest whc
WnUI gulardntee Ny operate -them tc
the couitry's advantage 'he was
pronWPted principally by the motivo ol
making them sporyvoaible. to the na
tion,.: guaranteeing their operatior:
rathor than' 'lefting tahem stand deat
-still, ,and Withotat slcing congress fot
'thle .*illionls necessary fygovern'
mtenti conistrucotion and alienent
fluoh a desire still exists-tAthe mind
of thb war secretary, it Was said, and
the t$ord offpr,. It was added, is the
nariet thing the government has re'
celvell for Its fuifillmnt, that, how.
flItment In its. presenlt form -,of the
d~ei16s ifMy. Week&-'and the secre
'ary11l 0eek to have .it Amended 'i
e(gifd1len8e sobiedulod to -begin Wed.
eeit tieIweei, ware departnient, ~fi
cIals an 45 6pel ntatives of Mir, Ford,
91 he Iette~rin~ 1erson..
ty trlt'iiltydreO
Mrs. James F. Bradley has am
hounced the engagement of li
daughter, Miss Margaret Bradley i
Mr. 'R. Frank Poole and many pleat
ant entertainments -are already bein
planned for the -bride-to-be. The wed
ding will take inlace in the early pat
of February.
Mis.s (Bradley was a student of ti1
Woman's Collcge at -Dye West an
has tatght successfully in the publi
schools of the county and in the grad
ed schools at Clinton. Miss 'Bradle
is an accoyiplished musician and ha
scores of'.friends to wish her happ
ness in her married life.
Mr. Poole Is a native of South Cat
olina, his home being at Gray Cour
lie is a graduate of Clemson Colleg
and a world -war veteran of fou
years service in the aviation depar
ment. .Mr. Poole is teaching at t.t
University of New Jersey and is
young educator of much promise.
Abbeillie iPress and Banner.
iitji', the great 31agician, Present
Mos E'laborate Entertaiument.
Dav i',, .pcjularly known as th
'.\laster .\laglcian," is to unloose hI
b o! t ric(k.I before local people het
on, the evening of January 20, at t:
Opera lciume, as the second attractio
in the Beacon ljyceuI Course. 1)av
is: the c :ception, disproving the rul
that there is notiling new in magi
Tiere I.; mor'e new stuff in the Day:
program thwn the usual whole evenlin
,;ven by te ordinary magician. Wh9
D.;vis doe.s is wiz'ardry, and his mat
viml of doing it i an artistry of tht
'Ihvre is one strange thing after at
utotcr and fun all tle time. You'll laIjg
at his w;:t and humor, as well as hi
-.:m)tderful magical feats. You'll wan
to w'tch hIm closely, for when yo
think le ias iinished a feat of magi
-and it would be the end with the av
crm-e magkian-he is just getting t
the interesting patrt; in fact nearly a
his tricks have three points to ther
intste~ad of one.
Davis performs twice as many feat
as the average magician. There Is n
delavy witlh useless "patter" and hi
talk Is as interesting as what lie doel
With a splendid stage setting, lots <
?Iartpher nalia, and an excellent assist
ant, the entertainment runs smoothi
and without waits. You will say h
;s the cleverest magician you have ev
er seen, and you will enjoy his prograi
from .beginning to end. There is no
a dull momntft.
* * * * * * 0 * * * * * .
Narnie, Jan. JO.-lra. Annie Burt
Chapman andl son, of' Alabama, ar'e vii
iting their aunt, Mr's. F. H-. Burtoi
Mrs. E. B. Bolt atnd daughter, RuE
were guests ot Mrs. Eva Bramleti
Thursday afternoon.
. Mrs. Mao Craddock, of Fountain In
sp~ent last week with her parents, M
and Mrs. Austin Bramlett.
'Miss Remelle Reid returned la.
week from Lanford, where she spol
a delightful week with friends and me
Mr. Ralph Youtnig, of Clinton, spet
last week-end With Mr. Ira Bolt.
Miss Annie Lee 'Hlagon and broth<
Harper, entertained quite a number
friends at their home in Abbevill
Trhur'sday evening, in honor of Mia
10va 'Dlolt and Messrs. Ira Bolt and L
Roy 'Ramage, of this place.
Miss Evet Bolt returned Friday fro
.Abbevilleo,' where she was a guest
Miso Annio Lee Hagen, last -week.
Miss eLouise Hunter was an attracti
vliiiter of relatives li (old iPoint la
Mr..and Mrs. Will Burns and daugi
ters, 'Mises Ida and Carrie, of Lai
rens, 'woe guests of Mt'. and Mrs.
H-. Burton last Sunday.
Qalte a 'number of friends -gave Ml
Eiva .Bolt a sur'prise party 'Fridt
night, which was greatly enfloyed I
all present. Oranges, stiCk eandy as
cake were served to the foflowir
guests: Misses Connie Mao and E~sth(
Craddock, Momelle Reid, 'Nell Burt
Dewvey ~Balentine, IBeatrice IHellam
Upaisy 'Bell and Sara V. Owings, Rut
anid Elthei Bolt; Messrs. Ray Trayi
ham, q~uther Bramlett, tLeroy Ramag
Ira' Bolt, Tom and 'William Burt
Hlomer Owens, Leslie Sanders, Charli
Kn-ight, Ralph Youtng and Louis Wi
son, of 'Clinton, Mr. 1)ass, of Spartai
- 't-The Satt in the Sen.
The gallge -matter In the ogem)i .1
suffleient to make a black of *saa
measuring '4,800,000 eiubic miles. I
*spread over the entire hi4rface of th
Unitedl States, ekclusivo of Alaska, I
woukq form ji qrgist tedre thdh a mil
'0gts#6 , salif the ocan T. )ul4
coVet 't the laW 1 ares 9fh'go
E30 6Icd Udt $6744 y
Baey -ehool Onor Hioll
.irst Grade-Williitm Abrains, Jac]
Templeton, Lillie Mae Shockley, Elli
Adair, Mae Hughes, Beatrice Temple
Second Grade-Carrie Richards, Roe
Third Grade-Lou Ella Fuller, ViI
lie -Lee Fuller, Charlie Richards, 1ien
r ry Nelson, Edwin Templeton.
Fourth Grade-I~rskine Adair, Eas
ton Jerry.
9 iFifth. Grade-utigene Brown, Ada
Sixth Grade -- Mary Templeton
Robert Martin,.
Seventh Grade--Mary Hlenjamnin.
d Eighth Grade-Sa.ra Adair, Matt-b
c Benjamnin, David .Martin.
y Card of 'l'hanks
8 We wish to thank our neighbors an<
friends for their sympathy and man:
kindnesses to us during the sicknosE
and at the death of our dear husban<
t. and father. That Gotd's riohest 'bless
e ings may be with you all, is our hum
r ,ble tyrayer.
Mrs. J. Harris Curry and Children.
a Statement of the Conditionl of the
Located at Lanrenis, S. C., at. the clos
of business Dee, 11, 1921.
Loans ald Discounts .. .$381,536.0
S Overdrafts--.. ...... 2,679.9
Bonds and Stocks Owned
3 by the 'ank ....... 32,187.5
FSnuriiture and Fixtures . 4,300.0
Banking -1louse -. .. .. .10,000.0
e Due fromll Banks and :Bank
e ers -----.. .... 14,048.0
n Cirrency --.-.-...... 9,297.0
'old .. .... 392.5(
Silver and Other Coin . 637.9
C Checks and Cash Itenms . 355.0
Other 'Resources, viz.:
s U. S. Liberty thoan Bonds 23,250.0
Total ... --.. -..... .$478,084.0,
IJ A13 LI'ic.,S
Capital Stock Pai In .. ..$100,000.0
e surllus Fund .. .. .. .. 2S,000.0
Undivided Profitsl less Cur
rent Eipenses 'and Taxes
Paid ..... ...4 .....3,627.9
h Dividends Unpalt .... .. 4,000.0
s Individual Deposits Subject
ito Check .. . .$156,799.82
Savings Deposits 39,700.67
L Time Certificates of Do
c posit .. .. ... 98,887.61
- Cashier's Checks 667.98 296.056.01
Total ..............$478,684.0
State of Sduth Carolina,
11 County of Laurens.
Before nie came C. W. Tune, Cashie
8 of the above named bank, who, 'bein
duly sworn, says that the above an(
foregoing statement is a true condi
9 tion of said bank, as shown by th
. books of said ban'k.
f C. W. TUNE.
Sworn to and subscribed before it
this 9th day of January, 1922.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest: W. A. 'Watts, (R. I
Jones, W. R. McCuen, Directors.
Statement of the C(ondl0idon 'Of the
Located at Owings, , V., at :tie le'n
, of Budlness, Dec. t 92..
* Loans and -Discounts. .$ 57,611.C
Overdrafts .............3,4-8.0
a Furniture and F'ixtures .... 1,3l9.I
~.. Banking Houso . . . . . . . . 1,287.1
Duo fmBanks a-d(ai
- er .. .. .. .. ... ... *10G'8.
i, Currency ........ .......777.1
*e Silver and Other Coin . . ... 138..
Checles:and Carch Itums .... ..... '24
'Total .. .. .. . .......4 -721932.
Capital Stock it '.n .... ... .:25j000.'
at Surplus IFund . .....-1260
at Undiv-Hied Profits 3ess ()wi
rent 'Ex pense's aid ,Thxes
1- Ppd .....J . . ..... 4; 5.
ndVidual DepsJtd Sulgett
it to Oheck .. .....59,333i02
TIno 'Certificates .of Gfle
Iposit .. .. .. ..12,83%3
tr Cashis Checks .. 174. '-311,691.'
>f Oter Udiabilities, Viv.-:.... 6'
oTta'l.......... ...... $'2S2
state -of Soutih Caro'Iina,
County ef Laurensn.
Before me came Henry TEkta :OW'hns
Coshler urf the above namne6 ;bank, wht
be'ing 4tily sworn, says that the -abo'
and foregeing statemen.t i1s a true co
ditlon of Bard bank, ais shown 'by ti
re booksn of :said .bank.
Swvorn to and subscrl-bed before n1
thist 9th day of Janusxy, 1922.
- Notary Public.
,Correct Attest: G. W. Owinige, Hec:1
Etta Owings. R. M. Bryon,'Erector
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e ring You Back to Jealth.
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cine at all. They are, as the sayin
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good tonic- once -in a wlhile. They tak
cold, or throulgh overwork or , scie
'aotivity do not get enough sleep: man
t ePA -Itaproper. food and thus, hurt th
'digestion, It is mighty wise -to tatk
in Gude's 'PeptoMangan: ih the.: neal
t for a few weeks anud build up,4. On
y cannot have too much, good .Illalt11
-' Pepto-Mangam gives you plenty of re
blood, 'and 0vorybody .lino~a. that rea
-blood nieans feeling .good andI looki
ing gdod 411 the' time. Sold by drum
Sgists in [email protected] n!~ t~Alet oQfm. Ad
By making a i
answer to this que
month we are offe
sale so broad in scc
for the beautifying
ways longed for, aT
Bear in mind.-.
a matter of fact, oi
are a source of pric
We know that we
acting patrons witt
Brighten your
fortable furniture,
ter years of servict
bargains we offer.
S. M. & E
ktatement of the (omditIon ,of the
L4epted at LanIw s, .. C,.at the close
of business Dec. 38, 1291.
Joans and Discounts ..4254,72569
lverdraftn .. .. .... .. . .68.92
.Oanda and Stocks Ow-nod
by the ank ........... 3,580.00
vurniture and Jfiureas.... 3,450.00
Banking House .. ... . 4,550.00
2 Due from 'Banks and Bank
7 ...... ............1:9,401.75
2 Os rrency . .... . ... .. ......6,412.001
4 GQld ...... ... ... . . .... 160.00
8ilver' and Other 'Coinl . 1,262.21
12 Checks and Cash Jtemis ...707.41~
~0 Gther Resou vle. i.:
LiUberty Bon2ds ... ..... ... -23,950.00
-- Total . . . . ... ...,358,267.98
.Capital Stock 'Paid H[n . . ...4 50,000.00
0 Surplus Fund . .. .. .... 30,000.00
10 Undivided Pronts, 4oss Cur
rent Expenhes and Taxes
* (Paid . .. .. .. 17,772.89
7. Dividends Unmpktid... .. ....2,196.00
*Individual Deposits :Snbjoct
to Cheek . . . . $108,987.1.1,
-Bavings Deposits .11,641.04
TJimo Certifieates .dt 'Do
L4 posit .. .. ....96,118.28
t~Cashier's Cheeks 11.152.66 208,299.09
Total .... .........$368,267.98
5tato of South Crlina,
County of a.rena.
SBefore me came L. G. Italic, Cashier
o -of the above named ba-n'k, who, being1
e0 Atuuly sworn, says that the abono andl
foregoing statement is :a true condl
0 -tion of said bank, as ahown by tihe
books of said bank.
e 'Bworn to and subscribed before une
21Us3 5th day of January, 1922.
F. H. Walker,
NJotary Public.
'Y Lorrect Attesti R. B. Terry, 'L. E.
5. Buns, J. Mills Hunter, Directors.
Uniited :States of America,
Iaistrict of E'outh Carolina,
1In the District Court.
In the :matter of R. Fi?. Flemirjx and
HT. C. tieming, individually and as
partners in trade under the firm name*
of F'lem).ng Bros., Bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that the abovel
named persons have been duply ad-i
Judged 'bankriapt, and the first meeting
of the'creditors of jid bankrupts will
be held in thi Court Hoiiue in the city,
I of .Laurens, S. C., on the '-3h daiv of1
Panuary A. D., 19Q,, at n.ne o'elo':k in
.the forenooti, at wn ,:hI tibe anzd piacc
the creditors masy appear, examine the
a bankrutpts, prove iLheir claims an~d
Stransact such other business as may
a propeOrly come 'before said meeting..
E. M. DI.YTH'),
Referee In Bdnkruptcy.
-* Habitual Constlpatien Cured
. In 14 to 21 Days
,'LAX-FOS WITiI PEPidN" is t*specially.
1 pired Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
1 cnatipation. It relieves promptly but
- ,piould be taken regatarly for 14 to 2r days
toinduce regular action, It Stimislates and
Regstatea *Very Pleasant to Take, O0o
e Are the
rices Now
risit to our store at once
ry, "Where Are the C
ring values greater thi
pe that you will find r
of your home--items
kd at prices so low you
quality has not been sa<
jr low prices and high -
le to us and amazement
will fulfill the expectati<
k the values we are offei
home with dependable,1
the kind that you can st
. We invite you to cc
Statement .of the Condition of the
Located at Gray Court, S. C., at the
-close -of usiuess (Dee. 1, 1921.
Loans and Discounts ..$152,513.30
Overdrafts... . . . . ... 3,494.29
Bonds ani (Stoc'ks Owned
by tho Bank ........ 17,573.00
Furniture andl Fixtures . 1,704.63
Other Rea. Estate Owned 1,000.00
Banking House........ 1,750.00
Due from Banks and Bank
ers. ..... ....... .....9,87.84
Currency .. ... .. .. .. .....728.00
Silver and Other Coin . . 152.28
Checks and Cash Items . . 4,238.31
Total --.. .. .. ..ii~ ..4193,027.65
Capital Stock 'Paid In . . .. .$ 25,000.00
Surplus Fumd.... .. .. .. .. 25,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent EIxpanses and Taxes
Paid .... .... ..... .. 13,653.90
Dividen ds Unpaid ...... 36.00
Individual Deposits Subject
to Ch eck...$9,893.85
Savings Depoalits 22.58
Timo Certificates of D)e
iposit .. .. ...28,75.67
Cadhier's Checks .. 635.65 129,337.75
'I'otal .... .........$193,027.65
State of South 'Carolina,
County of Laure'ns.
Beufore me caame C. D. Gray, Cash
ier o1f the above naaned -bank, wiho, be
lng dIuly sworn, says that the above
and foreg.oing staltement is a true con
dition of said .bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
C. D'. GRAY.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 3rd, day of January, 1922.
Notary Public.
'Correct Attest: R. 'L. Gray, 0. F.
Dorroh, S. ID. Martin, Directors.
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ES & CO.
Statement of the Condition of the
Located at MountVille, S. C., at th
Cl04o of business Dee. 31, 1921.
Loans en( Olsounts .. ..$ 80,949.81
Overdrafts .......... 424.99
Furniture and Fixtures . 2,120.00
Banking House ........ 2,000.00
Due from Banks and Bank
er .. . . ...........1.136108
Currency ..1,94.'00'
Gold .. ..r
Sivrand Other Coin . 750
Checks &ndl Cash Items. 17..
Other Resources, viz.:
Trax Receipts .... ... ..1,059.7%
Total.--.. . .. .... ..$106,80.18
' IAAInlGs
Capital Stock Paid In .. ..$ 20,250.00
Surplus Fun d ... ...... .,000.00
Undivided Proflts, loss Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid - --.. ... . . . .. '1,721.64
Individual D~eposits Subject
to Check . . . .$38,388.50
Time Certicates of De
lost . . ... .. ...7,74200
Cashier's - Checks 758.04 4i6,888.54
Bills Payaible, including Cer
tiflcates for. M~oney thor
rowedI -..--..... .. .. 32,000.00
Total .... ... .. ...$106,860.1-8
State or South Carolina,
Counity of Laurenis.
Before mec came C. M. Fuller, Cash
ier of the above Dned bank, .who, be
ing duly sworn, says that the above
andi foregoing statement is a true eon-.
dition01 of said .bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
C. M. F ULLEic.
Sn'orn to and subscribed before me
this 3rd day~ of .Januar~y. 1922.
iW. E. ORiISP,
Notary Public.
Correct Attest: C'. Al. Fhuller, WV
3. Clue'k, J1. M. Sinmmons, Directors.
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Bfayer" on :Dackage or' on tablets you
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scribed .by physicians ort twenty-one
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'beres of t.welve Bayer Tablets of Asa
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sell larger packages. Aspirin is te,
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