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.No. 1
4 0At rnehTd
i t . 114 1 F o i I anly soll
int- a lt it er or vio
lalio i' of Nature's laws or onl
m ou a 1 irfereice with
Nattit-'s, way t4o ket.ep the body
in vl''cT, health1.
T h -1111 11 ,1 lin ture is so
con l d \1tt h t i , l ltriailltd
. 'd]) 'd .- in t i") 1I
eI t ~ti I UbItu ~iii ' e.i tO it'
1111 U1 1-on wh L h le fb lo
ad ttin to ii t v a r m t
I'I'o (tl ' i vtco i ts sin to
iv 1e 'ti' l' I -alth lo all te
Ifk there of t h bcitetI I.
("iien~l tol hre is imitV I to )bo
di .vnse il the particubar orgi
fed1 by. the ner'Ive so obstruclted.
('hire pract ic a mijtL ihe oh
.0tru11c;io.1 a .d h rt v emov!)
the caoson &eslorig o
Imay contditici , an1d per ittinw
Natoure t to henl.
TIhev Chiropractor ulses no0
k(nife or dru-1gs. 'Even at Slight
knowle gTE of the benTeflts ot
Ohto ropraelie 'will prov to you t
that itis s oin scientile prin
iplesl an a knowredge of the
Ruan tbodly.
Ohropractic hepm Nat to
help you.
Drs. Coon & Todd
oiurs: 10-12, 2-3i, Mnday, Wed
acta oy and -pday.
'To Cure a Cold in One l~ay
'lake LAXATIVE lBROMO QtIHNINE (Tablets.) It
btops the th inH and enworks of te
Cold. E. W. 'ROV E'S signatuire on each im. :30c.
W. S. M. Says:
"The stingiest pen
ny-pincher in town uses
a Willard Threadea
Rubber Battery, and
heon w l bae gany
epla it n'touh
Way Li arnk. H
ontecs dniiteWillardcMa
Bhratt Rber uty.
W. Lauren St
This. trdmr *tme e
** * * * * * * * * * * **
*411118. 0, F2. FO W1,I-it.*
* * * * * * * e * * * * * 4'
[ti loving memilory of Ily f'rionld and
neigh-bor. Alirs. 0. 1.-Powler.
"And 'ihthe mlorn,
Th o.w ai;!eLci faew s smile,
Which I have lovedl-long sincve
Anid lost awhile."
\\hy shmOld t1-v :;pirit of, mlortal be
p\oud? Doi th i t h !,vent ievile.
Wh\tr'eve,' life tay begin, inl bt
or. 1.,;aula ; wh t )er h the eneCin .!
-i"Iieu. and tod i n ti.a I ish;Iin.I
gtuish it, we all cmlle to the am ' eil.
It i appoiitei 111114) :n1 nct,. to
- t het tigl o' low, rich r poo -,
n obh- or i iole, Nail 011orK' v a
all di.lsictions ie 1(--, ithe .'rm
'\\ihl lit t om e111:0 part oin the tie
of I I fzh and Il icly plik s aw v.; I mH
.-one liami (-;it'n.' The P s 1
ite tmlheterial. than' giit ; ia i'ls
ito rn i it grth u , in I1h 1 1ee in
brie; ht",a v Itt I u !_ Ii th ' iti;ui'y 0 1 la 1i1
li hcn th ill it l~i il 111. illt i V 105 - 1 I Io
il is to li wn 'a nI wi 1 It IrII. ".\l, for
mil, Is dh ys ar lie It(he- gra ; aoIs
a llow r- Inl the fivld :;o )w, lloulrishethIt,
and r lt I a \N i eaIpn u; I I ovc i' I a. ;d Iu 41i(se l
111 tha wnded. ho im t it, sit it I
lone; btuln the placeet W tl reiil fi shalli'
know it to itot'."
The foloed had the !1irh' oyes,;.
undhearing ell on theI h o puIsh, Ihea rt.
tie Shroud, thelt godra ve. anf t he one'
brief cla ter inl the history of a lile
to an end.
Whenl thle anniounceement pasxed f'roml
lIp to 111p, "Alts. l tov ier is dead", we.(.
wre aill i iled with suipreme sorrow.
ld felt itat a beatiful alid useflt
life had ended. But not. so, only t-he
first brief chlmter was enlded. There
remains miich to be written yet. tler
timte of Seedj-,sowing was jlng, heI(!
tired handst had lo-st Owir *,"(AingI, hter
Weary fet had lost tvir buoynllcy
and sho( fell on sleep Nov. 12th, 1921
it her homlle in Lanford tatiot.
rs. Flowler was hornlt inl Spartan
burg county, near Wooditiif, onl June
5thj, 1861, 'was the daughter of Harri
-on anld Rebecca ..\lartini I Wr unnond;
married Dr. J. R. iowler in 1878, and
t oved to i Ihomle. near Wa ri lotr
Creek chittreb, i atu renls coun;11 ',
lived ere at her beaitiful home ith
her hsloband Where they dispe(tsed so
luchtoo hosodality, and did so m111tt
for. her! churchel at Walrrm11 Crevek she
seemed as did tDr. eowler, never to
Weary inl doing ant( d vinig !o any of
Its' enterprises; her, h)oeli was the
phevacher's homle.
Shte Was the motherisf thre cie -
dren, a son who died Inl inlfancy, at
younl.1 daughter, MlIsS Ilsa, Who died
at I8, anld NIssiv, wife of J. 11,us.sel
Patterson, who diod arly in her mar
ried life, leaving thre1-e Small children,
whil .rs. (owler ralised, and no chil
drenl Were rased With more1-v tender
loss, love, and ttiancial chare (nth
Il too good Or cstly for them) than
]o?(bir, aes-r. and Dietoy. Now they
miss her prceence, eseilyDeloy,
whom soft , alOs'tt 'worshipped. I
know they will Over cherishte mtel
ory and teohjllings of tiso dVar Old
1:1ra11nmo-ther, to whom they were 'so
Mrs. FPowler1 War, a 113.rummon101d, and
[tis family, which isoart and iflu
astia1, wa1s marked by euiiSite enl
tieness o)f leportmi)ent, iLgh character,
lofty tiought, d all o eimed to have
at "geius for religion."
So Was Mrs. towler, lke her anesi'
tors, soft of voe, and ttractive il
oerson1. She11 won frien~ds amlong all
sortus and conditdons of people, WIt
or. black, al1l 'were Impressed and
dr awn to hte, ni association 0Withi her,
as 1 enn Well testify, but. deepned
thle finle impressions myade. Iet was (I
benediegionc to kn owh.as a .1
Baptist from yotrlhood and loved the11
thou gitful of hers nldl Was an oti of
home-makr andock dcltor 's wfot, adtuol
Te a isit miona111ry3 sief ty of
Warrtior fCreeko church1 aos a'lat. SheO
fotered fo seeart'st wand thetfrithe
ltociet althei yeatist churc ga ted.n
forldeaivin very liberailly ht', btil Iof
Warrtiorei Crek churchitnnod whould ec
ac' Whlet ono oft' ts grate worker
ine its ue.e'lnl t~ut til
--tllir( tof evie ator thist (hurch
bee m(i'ay an~tdLsh wasi peritItedlto
eand r~'ejo1tie in t tman ofnth i re
ious fatruon, of', o her ino-hu s
mitc a nte chil, no c w thesful
harve blodat ttiset'ct o h'arneted.
fThet dsath.o e rte.telt
Iname at W. yeah. sitmmnd wuvas a ch,
ver blow1to1her. At long as ~ti shei ied
ite "a sliiver'ti tont wlitt hhnt'
andittted -isi advie and'ee sweety. om
Saito nhp Now theye arev1 reite i
-t'li "Gr tt' Wteyond;" 1 He Poninlaw~
eald typfe, J. 1tRusslattrsoandliood.
W i' ill whaoterson, hr ste-grandhlf
dren, 10, iiy enoratt nnie .\aiiies and J.f
much ashe gaveitd all. wnfls
fort ansl su 'Wach.itnnll~Ct
bute o rallsubissiv elys netriesed
sknssi inoyo gs arowndgmadet
LUt "a ohinln athithat with mIOrea
exten; inherlas xmpi.da
thtt leicl iJuts c mpre upontito thchai
** * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* -I
a * * a * a '. a a *
i iuiVrI, li. s.t 3The vchol ha
st'l i d till and I (' v i 'li t li t 'lii l hi .. I
erndwondelrfully I'mr the( beInning
or a I)(\w year.. If the cnrollm11.n1 conI-.
t i'il e.; t o ine lvr<'a( v-,e \\ill ha v( t o hamve
.\i (e ~\l i V )r ui!t n ::t- it (Il .\ d is. [ l
li *i co (lit r e1i-'idai nII:i r a
w. h kl -ir e . \l s.. : . li In
\l . 1~e : ' it h tei n O a, ip itio' ( to.
iii' I : .' ! , i m:.it uii .iir: 1 )(I n m d
ha i 10aved te I.: i'etnI. \\*c : v ic~e -; I 1y
lit ha t ve ele II' i in on' - ii muiin
it-' It.: 21te. 1 :111i1 1in i l.
\l. s . :\. (ii v thl famil: h. (r ay
hPnl trn inr \\ointreii nafhb.e
10 ~ 11(311h~rgan 1itllilaid t ( Cit flo-111
t;1 ;oen the:: s1c il. 1 I., Pm r
ill n ':el c:111' I. 4ii -:); I;. vd y atd ep
:1 r ea t.~w~ I I((I \V . ..!.1g.v v
1m11 vl'a!le!l'!il oll. cEOr, asioel
thM '. |4. . Il-titno d ph"e .11
.\w, t'h rc( . \\ ilI)m has~c- i n v e to- c I(
Mr. ('aeile (horr1's. Liar glad
to have these new nevighbors;.
211awyer. Brooks Patterson. atn ett
tornley inl Atlanta, passecl through here
onl his way to visit is fias heriii, r. .1
l'Itterso , in \\ondruff.
Mr. J. r. Pranks spent it! wek-end
in spar-tanhur 11( and iear) the famsousii
evanllj ist, 11111y. Stulay, and replorts,
:1 great. nIleetin.
ill. \Valier ('ox, of iaaurens ),titen
nIIday.N -Xith '.\VSSrs;. \'ernon1 and(
IBilbert ('ox.
.111'. ,-. .\. Cox and .I'amlily wereo I gue;IS
of Mrl. and 'l.\ls. C. 1). '"ox. latStinl
.\!r. and .r arion lIryson, of Ow
ings. paid a flying visit here last Tues
day afiterilnoo.
(apt. aml .Alrs. .1. \\. Ianlford have
'r(cturned froi a visit to Knoxville.
.\ rs. 1'. A. Thomas, of Spartanhiurg.
t'ent a l'Ifew days I'eceIly with her
paIrInts, i'. an1d Mrs. .1. It. FI11ks.
Mir. J. 10. 'lhomishas returned to his
hoimei in Glas1onia, after spelnding a few
days with his parents, \ir. and .\rts.
W. A. Thomas.
The 1l. Y. 1'. 1'. will imleet \wit il Mrs.
C. I). (ox Wedlesday night.
.\Ve are glad to reotort (that little
Mary I)rumn111111d i imilproviirg some1,
and we hope she Will soon11 hI stronIg
and well agail.
Mr. T. A. Diunimloind -Will have to
attend 'ederal court. at Greenvilh als
Biious? Take
NE TonighV1tI
Naturo'n Romedy is Bettor and Safer
Than ClIooil. Clona Out Systcm
Without C:-lplng. Stops Slok
Mc.dacho., Guarantcod.
Elliouis attack:, contInLation, ,07C
hendaQce., ot..,aro in tho great rn:.w
.orlty cf o.ases duo to digestivo troublo
and ro reasonablo per.un canl e.:pect
to obtain eal or Insting bcuefit until
the causo Is corrected.
Naturci'o Remedy (Nl Tablots) is ;
vegettblo "comlpounfd thlat nets onetho
stomach, llver, bowels andi kidneys,
tho puriposo blnlyr to bring about
healthty anld harm't3oniou-.! :2ttion o' all
the organs of dlgostlon rAd elbnlin
thon. It acts rromiptly and thorourghly,
y ct so mildlly and1( g~nt1ly that~ therei
la nev.er lhe slightest g'rip~ne; or dis
flut thtit ~t3 not all. Ntureti's
clal ch'ect upion thlo entiro body. fly
and asstiilation, tha o .izchment I
deriveP'd fro'm' food, 'tho blood quality 1:i
enrIcheil, v'itality is Iic:ca and thi
w'.holo usystemzt t:eantned.
Once you rAtI' yoiur body' in ti
rplendid condition, you nce~d not an
mediCt~.ino0 overy d4 ay-.lut inko an0 NI.
T1ablet occionally 'when indIgestion,
b)ilousnczs and constipation threiatena
nnhd you can elwcays feet your bot.
Recmember'1 keep!ng welt is caster s'.r d
(lceaper. thnn gettinti well.
(Get a. 25e box of Nature'n Roem'c
(NRl Tablets) and0( try it. 1t 61.: m
guiarantceed and recommenilC1ded by :.
Laurensq Drug Co., fLaurons. S. C.
Million Packets Of
Flower Seeds Free
Wo hellove In flowors arouind thle
1h0me0 of tho South.. Flowers brighten
u~p theO hlomo suiirroundings and give
pleasure and satisfaction to those wvho
have thorm.
We havo filied more thian a millIon
packeots of seeds, of honutiful yet
easily grown flowers to ho given to
ouir cuIstomers *'qthis spring.
;ouldn't youI like to havo five
pacekets of honiutiful flowers free?
1922 catailog Is a 100-page handsomely
illustrated seod book full from cover
to cover of truthful descriptions and~
illustrations of vegotablos, flowers and
farm crops, It is full of helpful gar
den, flower and farm linformalitionl that
is needed in ovary Soutihern home,
,andl, td~o, the catalog tells you how to
get th9e fiower seeds absolutely free.
Write for ouir 19122 catalog now. It
is the finoat, moot valuable and beau
tiful s0o(d book ever published, and
you will b lumihty glad youI'vo got it.
Tporo .Is nq obligatleon to buiy. anly
thing. Jusit, ask for the~ atalog, anid
it will comb by reQttirnf nu1411
thi door7 ."
oBcnLs Are
Vj C . i.
Lais n e's Umrlas9can19
leir dur &'
Belis qualithesmize 81 by 90 $12
Cllo' CaA So CoWS just a little 25ette
protect the Pulic's pocketbook by savig our petron- rioney
on theirevery purchame, consequently the most beate are
the various paths that lead to Laurens' Public Square, where,
like a sohd rock, there stands between you and high Prices
L-adies' and Men's Imrla . .......98c and $1.98
Best quality Sheets, size 81 by 90 ft w .4 $1.25
Medium size Sheets, size 72 by 90T s 85c
Hcillow Cases, White Oil Cloth.... - .0c
Metal Knives and Forks, good quality, silver colored; per set 0 95c
Electric Irons with attachnts thrown in at. $3.98
Comforts, large size, better quality- $2.4
E xtra qua i ty, extra l arge si ze Comiforts, worth $4.40-----$2. 95
Extra hieavy, largest sizie rurhlkish Towels for. - --- 39c
IHuck Towels in white, each. 10~ -lc
Bleaceed Drill, per yard -........ 10c
Men's IDress Shirts--------------------75c
Pie Pans.........-------.- 05c
5 Gallon Oil Cans--. . - - .. ... * 95c
Men's Overalls-----.- -....-----98c
Men's Carhartt O veralls....... ------$1.69
Men's Headlight Overalls-_- $1.69
Boys' Overalls--_._.69c
Doys- uveraius. __---_ -48c
Straw Ticking, good grade, No. 100 10e
Feather Ticking, AOA-29c
Gray Mottled Outing-------_---. --oc
Men's Work Shirts, best grade- 75c
Men's Work Shirts, _- -69c
School Tablets- -- - ----- ----------------. 4c
Curtain Scrim, per yard - - 1oc
Table Damask, 58 inches----------- 45c
Table Damask, 58 inches____ 58c
Table Damask, highly mercerized at_ 89 and 98c
Men's Handkerchiefs, red, white and blue -5c
Bleached Drilling -.e _ -_
Silk Tatretas and Messalines that sold for $2.50-- .$1.45
Lye, 2 cans for --25c
Apron Ginghams, best grade 1oc
Ladies' Union Suits- - - -- 98c
Ladies' Ribbed Vests and Pants 39c
Ladies' All-wool Sweaters - -. -.$1.95
Men's Heavy Sweaters, sold for $5.00 - - - $1.98
Percale -.-o10
Outings .--- oc
Men's ats $...$198
Men's De Luxe Velour $3.35
Ladies' Crepe-De-Chene and Georgette Waists, sold for $5 0 $2.39
Ladies' Silk Suede Gloves - 9
Ladies' Ieavy Coats.4
Ladies' Skirts, all-wool Serge 9,
Huck Toweling, per yard. 12 1-2e
Schnapps, per plug.-.- - 25c
Brown's Mule, per plug 25c
Yellow Jacket, per pLiug.- 25c
Apple Sun Cured, per plug -25c
Micky Twist, 3 for- - 2c.
Camel Cigarettes, 20 for. 15c
Stud Smoking Tobacco, 6 for- 25
Prince Albert, 2 for- 05
R. J. R. 3 for - - 25c
Black Draught
Wine of Cardui, 1arge .i.ze 98C
If you will follow the crowd you will land on the heights of Laurens'
Public Square, where like a Beacon Light Collins' red signals blaze the way to
light the trading travellers through the doors of success to ihe interior of
Collins' Department Store, the one great store, the place where high prices
are punctured. Listen!
Light weight Sheeting at 4 1-2c, 36 inch Sheeting, heaviest quality at 10c,
heavy Drilling at 10c. Sea Island 39 inehes at 10c.
Ladies' Umbrellas 98c and $1.98 Octagon Soap 4c
Follow the Most Beaten Path and You'll Land on Heights
of Laurens Public Square at

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