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Healthy Livestock
(ld Reliable Mustang Liniment
S4)palosse'by kCCepings~tock heal thy.
No A/cohwl - No Sting - No Torture
Must ang Liniment is made of pure,
heaJling oils. When rubbed freely
ilito the hide, it penetrates tluscl'e
anId t issue to t he bone, thereby over
couming the illsof cattle, hogs, sheep,
muules, horses, etc.
Says -aLtester. Jacksonville. Ca
Say ''I used youir fklexicani Iiniment
on a cow of mine that was suffering fron
a aketi uiduer. She was relieved in I day
"kil Milerilur anid cinpletely CumCd in
taut b to 6 days."
John II. Fisher. New lerne. N. C.--"Our
~ivry horse was so badly stov'e up in his
! rre leg and shoulde'rthat weciotit0 se
inI. Iby using A iexican % 1usta ng I.iniment
ito hi he was comipletely cured and re
'tored to the best of condition."
-a Solid brass Purt-and
Trake" TODDLE TO'. Latest Craze-get
-(iln! $enud 25 cents in stamps or coin for
. rit iotti (1 lousehold Size) MIustang [in
itiIent aId .et To(ie Top, abso/utcly jee.
Lyon Mig. Co -11So. Fifth St., B'klyn, N.Y.
Sold by Drug and General Stores
The Good Old Standby Since 1848"
Calomel Good
but Treacherous
Next Dose mav Salivate, Shock
Liver or Attack Bones
4............+6#* .. *.........
Ytou kmona wat enlm'l i,. It's mer
e'iry; cJickvsilver. ('alomeil is <bjingerous,
I(1 de l-. into1 Simir bile liko <tvnamlite.
era rnpiin. a Ila siekini yon. 'Calom'l
ut.tar-!' the hone. ar.1 sliobl never be
pl. into yonr svi'ten.
f yon fel hiliols. heulaely, :oisti
lit'd an l Ml kzocked ont, just go to
you'r drugis. an 1 1-'t. :I lotthf- of I)orl
sols 1.ierT for a f.% 4'' 4- ents wiieh
is a i t'r a; -ge't:iblel sub-titute for
rarou enhnI'ol. Taki' a spoolfll a1n1
if d o l-tr your i-e'- :1 mi
a opIl~' hH 0l- nuiri ler
thanT -1: j bn l awl withou,1t matkinig
-w ." . 4i' .:-o bn k:i !,tt your
ail I I t nmakes vou
I y it lea. 'on :. U h'tv'
W - n t's Ikjver Tow- traiglis
ni- von f-Il --rnt. No
f y aInh an '-i~n a
- .r
at I
jflarC i. tdCughs
se b i-unes allow
' .n' .4.r- t thj it-he'dth-urler
jtu w I' ont b -d D;ln"Jr. K'ing's
D i>J ' int XI .\lr ris.i
"T9anderine" e oaq L
only 35 ' cents a bot.
One application endls all
dandruff, stops itching.
.and falling hair', aind,
in a few mloments,
you have doubled the/
beauty of your ha~r.
It will appear a ma's, so -
soft, lustr'ous, and ea y
to d10 up. lUut what t.w Il
please you most will o
after a few wveeksn , - -
when you see new hair
fine andI downy at first
yes-but really new hai
growing all over the
scalp. "Danderino" is to the hoeir what
fresh showers of raIn and sutnshine are
to vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
lavigrates and strengthens them, This
de igtini, stimulatirig tonIc helps thin,
IUfeleus, faded hair to grow long, thick,
.keavy .and Iixturant.
(Continued fruiui Last Week.)
'le frountd n se fir that hanil pres
ently. ati, having sighted, lifted it to
1ess it upon his brow, but did not
Iomplete flhe gesiture. As his hand
eanme within the scope of his gaze, lev
eled on the unfathomable distance, he
Observed that the fingers held a sheet
of printed paper; and he remembered
ilorenice. Instend of pressing his
brow he iinfolded the journal she had
thrust upon hihn. As he began to read,
his eye was lusterless, his gait slack
ain( drenry, but soon Iis w%-hole de
itnnrtir changedh; it cannot be said
for the better.
Tlii NotTiI END t1aily ORIOLID
Atwater & Co.. Owners & Propreitors
Stiserlbe NOW 2.1 Cents Per Year. Sub
I serilitions should be brought to the East
3main Kntrance of Atwater & Co., News
paper Building every afterNoon
4 0 to VI 25 Cents
Ify Soul by Florence Atwater
When my heart is dreary
Then may soul is weary
As a bird with a broken wing
Who never again will sing
Like the sound of a vast anien
That comes from a church of men,
When nr soul is areary
it could never be cheery
But I think of my ideal
And everything seenis real
Like the sound of the bright church belle
Poenis by Florence Atwater will be iA
the piper each and every Sat.
AdVertizements 45c. each Up
Joseph K. Atwater Co.
J27 South Iowa St.
Steam Pumps
NEwS OF Thl clTY
"Miss Florence Atwater of tills City
receiveti a mark of 9-1 in History Ex
ainition at the conctision of the
school Terma last June.
"Blue hair ribbons are in Ala
a :gain.
"Miss Patty Fairchild of tis City
hIs riot been doing as well in Decla
Intion lately as formerly.
"MR. Noble 1Dill of this City is sel
domr seen ont the streets of tihe City
without smoking ii (egarret te.
"Miss Julin Atwater of this City Is
ouit of tire City.
"TIhe MHt. Ranyfort finmily of this
City hiave been prestented with the
prem:.nt o1 i niew Crt by Gleo. the man
employirieD by I df & Co. TIhis cnt Is
perfectly buretltifutl.
"Miss Junlia Atwater of this City is
visit ing frieiids in tihe Sothr. 'rhe fami
I ly hanve had rmany letters from her
thrat nre read by (each anid all In the
"Mr. Noble Dill of this City Is in
bu.ilness ithr his Father.
"Vanr letters to the framuily Miss
Jula Atwarter of this City Is enjoying
ie. visit in the south a greandenl.
"Mis. P'atty F1airchild of tire 7 A
orf this City, wIll probabily not pass in
A'.ltith ninel IC -niess some iprovemrent
takesn pir., before Exanintioni.
".Miss Julin Atwater of this CIty
wrote a letter to the- family stating
While visit ImII in tire Mi nth b thien
tmd nnl religm mn to be nnnrriedi in.
rio not k~nowv whio tis Mil. trtam Is
I.ntl ir is r-ani he is an wirIver ihortgh
ihe has beenr uilVoret wtht ai great
mianiy cibirenl.
"Sucibe(lit NowV '25n. P'i Year Adv.
-15c. r:p.
"M~wnte(r & Co. Newvspapyer llriling
'25 Cernts i'er Years."
It mny be assunnedl tbnt I lie Inst of
thle nrews lttris wans wastedl oni Noble
lDill, arnd that ihe never knewv of the
nieliihborhrood imp irovement helieved
to he I i mit as na resulit ofi the unnnl
Inouchles to the ditch at the Mr. Henry
D). Vance backyard.
Throughout tire afternoon adult
mueimbers of the Atwater faily con
neetion mttde file efforts to s~eeure
all tihe copies of that week's edition
of the North 1Cnd Daily 4Oriole. It
could not he done.
jht.192- by thve Bel SyndierieInc.
It wais a trying (timle for "Ltefa
1y." Gren-vit-aunit Carrie sal Chat shte
lzml the "worst afternloon of any of
'ent," heenite young Newland Snun
ders ame to her house ait two and did
not leatve unt10l fiye: fill thle timle Count
ing over, one by one, lthe hiours he'd
spent with1 Jullin sincve sheo was sevenl
teen and14 turnied out, unllfortunautely,
to he Beauty. New la nond ( hadntre
sivnid hmself, AIuInt Carrie said.
:11141 olong before he left shte wishit
.111l1: h1a:d never ben born-and as
for I 1 (rbt.11ert liusim-sworth Atwater,
Jn114i 111he only thing to do with him
a.Is 14) selto bil to s i to sm trict mili33
tory se3hool.
tire4nce's father telephoned to h r
m11olher. fromt dontiownl at three, andl
s::btl that1 Mr. George Plim anllo the(
artivint voenlist, Ch111irdyce, two of thlt)
suitrs, had Justlt hIs I li'e. T hey
had not, called in campil . h 4owever,
bIIII inielefaIlly; 31d ih h a -I
.p4y tof' the North mnd tily Orlol,
tr lny somewhat worn willh folin
and uofol' ling. Mri,. Cir lldyce's con1d1
tion wa.:s One of deosperat, ni, Flor
enc es fanher said, but Mr. tilunt's 3.(1
tatil left hi ra.1ther 1111present JbM v
for, thelt streevIt, though hie Id ti111ly
o,(ne forth With Is hair Jut; its he
had rumpled it, aid wit Ills hat in
h, 1hn11d. They wished the( trulth, Ievy
s111)l: Was it true or was It not true?
featreft Ju Ml I \Vasindl enggeqd,
though lie liew nothing of h3er
fianne's previous marriage or mapr
ring11e or of tile number of t'
1v'0i11. childtren. They had r3.0ond111.1l
( th11at they Cared nothing about thal.
This m1n CruIn's record was t matter
of indifference to theml. All thevy
'wt1ed to knlow iaswhh'rla
'I.4 engaged or not-and hel was !
"TeOdd thing to ile Mr, Atwatte)0 r it
tonliue'odo to 1i fe, "i l whore oy
(':1 1 gl4rbert ould have\To "Ot Is F!1y
'houl this Crum's being ,' . wdowr, 0r I
divored, and with Jll these chi I (Iroldn.
(ho fam1 Iily Iabout these thing:; and they
11 V1n't told th r1.est of u
Witl31 1451(ildol
'.No," Naid Mrs. Atwater. "'m1 I'e
she Iasn't. ILvery let1e sle's writ laen
to :)y\ ( u 1 m. 1 assed1(.111 a411 tllathrugh
the flmitily, o4m4 I kn1ow I've seen every'-.'
wit, Wf 'ell. Sheo's 11e.v -r sai..d IIaNylhing
11bout him at aill, except that he wnk :1
law yer. 1,I'm sure i 1.4 n n1't im1:a;:I 111
V,here I' l'i'h r 1,10 his !mw1,1111 i44 o-'s1l'e -
tion; I neve'r Iloiouht he was thi khind
of boy t) jitst 1m1ke up) n1111005n1sanlt
114orenace, sitting quietly in a chair
nearby, with 11 copy of "S4'samlle 311141
I~lles' inheivitned tohr
1, hs' I, 1lie, h14, lis conversatIon
1te4 (n3turlly enough) the d0tQils
ofI their tirst ralin~lg dh:4'assion3 oft
.Julini's en14gaemenIt, sheI m iight ha13ve
fl as5 little alarm14 a1s she4 shIowe.'C
"Well1," 1aid a'r. Atwnter'4, "'ml glad(
it Isn't our4 brnch of'I athe14 famliily that 's
"Well," SaId Mr. Atwater, "I'm Glad'
It Isn't Our Branch of the Famly
That's Responsible.'
responsIble. Thait's a comfiort, ainy
ho4w, esp~ecialy as people are' read(ling
conles of I.'Herbet's mi~~lfestto a11 up)
and4( dIowr thel towni, my clerk{ 4ays4.
11(4 MUt ,nel that1 over at tile Cole com-~
panly. where4'4 youn11g A'Iurdock( Hawea 144
engshler, they'3 (4?4y got hold of one copy
but typewrote It and4( hmultigraphled It,
and14 some of 'em hatve already learnied
It by heart to recito to poor young
Hnuwes. tie's the one wh'lo sent JulIa
the three five-pound boxes of choco
lates ail at the samne time, you re
"Yes," Mrs. Atwater sighed. 'Poor
thing I"
"Florence Is out among the famity,
I sEpnnso'r' ita Innuesid
"No; site's right" eie. Site's just
started to read Ruskin this afternoon.
She says site's going to begin and rend
till of him straight through. That's
very nice, don't you think?"
lie seened to muse before replying.
"I think that's very nice, at her
age especially," Mrs. Atwater urged.
"Donl't you?'
"Y(-- vs! Oh, yes! At least, I sup
PoSe so. Al-you don't think-of
course she hasn't had anything at all
to do0 withl thi"
"Well, 1 don't see how site could.
You kuow Aunt Fanny fold us how
lierbe't declared before themu all, only
laist Sunday night, that Florence
shlil Iiever hnve one thing to do with
his pinti ng-prIess f-) l, and Said they
wouldn't (!ven let her cone near it."
"Yes, that's a fact. I'm glad Her
bert mnndte it so clear that she ctn't be
implicated. I suppose the family are
till pretty well down on Uncle Jo
"Uncle Joseph is being greatly
blamed," said Mrs. Atwater prinly.
"Ile really ought to have known better
than to put such an Instrument into
the hands of a boy of that age. Of
course It simply encouraged lin to
print till kinds of things. We none of
us think Uncle .Toseph ever dreamed
that IHerbert would publish anything
like this, and of course Uncle Joseph
says himself ie never dreamed such a
thing; lie's said so time and time
again, till afternoon. But of course
he's greatly blamed."
"I suppose there've bon quite a
good many of 'em over there blaming
himl?" her husband inquired.
"Yes-until lie telephoned to a
garage ain hired a car and went for
t drive. Ile said he had plenty of
mioney witt hin and didn't know when
he'd he back."
"Serves him right," said' Mr. Atwa
ter. "Does anybody know where
Iierhert is?"
"Not yet."
"Well-" and he returned to a for
mer theme. "I an glad we aren't in
pliented. Florence is right there with
you, Is sIte?"
"Yes," she said. "She's right here,
reading, You aren't worried about
ber, are you?" she added.
"Oh, no; I'm sure it's all right. I
only thought-"
".nly t.1guglht what?'
"Well, it (lid strike me as curious,"
said Mr. Atwater; "especially after
Aunt Fanny's telling us how Herbert
declnred Florence (ouit1 never have a
single thing to do with his paper
"Well ?"
"Well, here's her poem right ut the
top of it, and a very friendly item
4boptt her istory nmark of hist June.
It doesn4it'i seem like ierbert to be so
complitnentiary to Florence, all of a
sudden. Just struck me as rather cu
rious; tlat's all."
"Whiy, yes," said Mr.;. Atwater, "it
does seem a little odd-when you
think of it."
"Have you asked Florence if she
hnd anytlhing to (10 with getting out
this week's Oriole?"
"Why. no; it never occurred to tme.
apriy ler* wiat Aunt i'atinny toldi
us," said Mrs. Atwater. "I'll ask ier
iu she was obliged to postpone the
litended 'tttluti on. "S'samae and
Lilies" l:ty swetliy in the ciir tiat
Flbot'en 'e h1.ad occutpled, but Florence
hertse 'lf had goute somewhere else.
She hadl gonte for' a lontg, long rama
b)le;ti nd iiedestrtian whS Vo (eoun tered~
itei', an~ milotok~ note of hter' expression,
wet'e int Iere(stedi ; and1(, as theay went on
thiri(' wvay, sev'eral of0 theat interridpted
thle course (if t heit' mintl t;ions to say
to t hemtselves that she wa'ts the most
Sthoughttful -look ing young girl they litdr
evert seen1. There was a touch of wi'st
fulntess abhout her, etoo; tas of otne
wuhose bentevolence must renounce all
hope or contemrsion and reward.
Flot'ence, it fact, had about reniehed
thle cottclusion that fartl from the likell
hood( of her rcceivintg praise for her
thoutghtful circulation of the news
cott'er'ning iher' nunt .Jiulin, there was
a strong prmobability thtat dire results,
womrdy andui ot heris le, would ensue.
I lence her extremte thmoughtfulttess.
Among those wiho obser'ved her un
usual expression was ai gentlematn of
greatt dluimsltns disposedl In a closed
tiutomtobile that labored through mud
holes in an unpaved outskirt of the
towvn. H~e rapped upon the glass in
fraont of hint, to get the diver's atten
tion, andl a miomtetnt ltater the cair
drewu up beside Flor'ence, as she stxod
in dleep reve'rie at the intersection of
(Jnele JIoseph opened the door and
took his cIgar from his m'outh. "Get
in. Floretice," he said. "rhI take you
for a r'ide." She started violently ;
wvhereupon hte restored the cigar to
hIs mouth, puffed upon it, breathIng
heavily the while, as wvas his wvont ;
and( aldded: "I'm not going home, I'm
out for a nIce long ride. Get in."
"I was takin' a walk," she said dubi
ously. "I hat to take a whole lot of
exercIse, and T ought to walk and
walk anid walk. I guess I ought to
keep on walkin'.".
"Get In." he said. "I'm out riding.
I don't know when I'll get home."
Felorence got in, Uncle Joseph
closad the dloor, aind the car slowly
"You know wvhere Herbert Is?"' Ua.y
ele Joseuph inuredl.
(To be Contiatied.)
Executors. Admi'unistratorq. Guard
ans and Trustees ar reidn4et the*(
he time for making annual retur'nS
,ens January the la tr
1944Probate Judge.
This Piano Will Fill the Bill
Wurlitzer Student Piano
HEIGHT 3 Ft. 8 Inches. Seven Octaves.
Built for Schools, Churches, Music Teachers
and for Homes. Absolutely Satisfactory.
Economical, efficient, beautifut, and made by one of the largest
manufacturers of musical instruments in the world.
Write for Further Information.
O'Daniel & Reid
Clinton, S. C.
For your
crop's sake
R. L. GRAY, Cray Court, S. C.
HUNTER BROS., Laurens, S. C.
R. V. IRBY, Laurens, S. C.
R. 0. HUNT, Owings, S. C.
T. M. & J. B. PINSON, Cross Hill, S. C.
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