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4ati4is' Seebs
4922 Otalog Wree
t'W'reddf Wart.""100 banllsO&M%1911.
t6straiod paged 'of- wodhtgle'o' sed .
And garden ndw's for Sotithum garden
bre 'and fariotrs.~ Tait 'new' -catalog,
*'NWe believe, 1d the'IftOt wrluMsble seed
"b6ok bver piblishod. It tentcuinb 100
full pages'&de the nowt IpV6yinr vege
tUbles, flowers and fmn ecrop plants, '
'the finest work of Its 4kt'- ever at
' t'empted. c
" With"ur khotogawDito tWitrations
:tand coloi jictures sao (trm photo
graphs, we Rhow yon 4udt',4hut you can
*row' with Hastng' 'BeldS even be- I
for'e' yotf odor the inestia. I Our cata- -u
log makes:.karden '' 1116vrer bed b
!'.planning shay and a -hh6ud be i& m
'every single South1'h , 0aMe. Write us .
a post-carf for it, JdiMng1gyur name
and addaess. It 1will ecome to yon
by roturn nail and.$IUV%'*wli ~e mighty '
glad you've got it.
Hastings' Seeds 4tle Athe Standard '
of the 1s6uth, ault t lni:est mal .1
ordor sedf'l house th'tho'vctld is bac'k j
of then:' They've Pgbuto'l'c the bes.
Write now for t9te 1iVl2evitalog. Bt
is absoltlely free.
H. G. 'ASTINGr:%,'d ' |EDSME4 1-t
- ATLAA1eA,'dA. 1
,. I
Yourdittle one will love K'th " truity"
taste of-"Californis l'g kysmup" mrn'.if
conustiped, bilious, IrUdh13, f( fesiEh,
or ful.iof cold. A teaapa.cnful mever
fails toepleanse the liver :4anit bow( L illt
a few ilpjrs you can sa gorgymurs t dihow I
,thorouglily it works all Ahe.-os ir bi le, ankl
.undigesied food out of thak.bowe h3 and
.you h.Nv a well, playful ocAld agi Lin.
MiUlns of mothers kar- "Cal. Ifomuiri.
',ig.: 8 up" handy. They know a ea
eppoo ilt ' today saves axs4k chi 1d tWe
morrow. Ask your druggiat'ior g, maine
-"Califouia Fig Syrup" whidl has disec
ttions feZ..babies and childrenvof al I ages
1printAdoon bottle. Mother! ' You nmdL
,say 0CIifornia" or you majget ar. I iii
W. S. M. Says:
"'1y grocer fremid
asked .for a two-year
attery guarantee. E1
sil, 'Will you guar
matee a pound of sugar
Ito'lasst a week?' 'Gosh..
n,'hbe answered, 'that I
<tlegenlds oI1bow much,
land bQw fast it's used.
'Samne way with your
3 battery,' I replied. 'De
pends; on hoiw much
and Show many times
you use It.' 11e got the
Wata~ndino. Man
Come~n and Mt1 us ex
SOciliry sand the 'Willard
linade~d 1tubber Rattery,
wh~ihnaathe~b~ life d. the
Laurens *
W. Lauren. St.
Phone 446
* C
p C
UNDAY SitES''J" UO ur 0
v.ungeiistt Ml'Jrers 4.Sr-oi n e.tiTe.
ChrstiUn Iejwp; Throng Also ien s N
J1hn .at .p .. t . . ..I
Anderson', ..lan. _30.- -Today Vba:.
Subdjiy da" .and .sInce early, .in .,
ay the .peujxle had .been .coning, I Aop
Ig that hy ..iomie .elance that- '.a.y 1
Dul- gnV .in .tJie FIRIIst IBaptist ch-uretb
) hear Billy Sund&v. Tickets were.is- d1
und -on .Saulirday .T-r 1,200 people,. a nd
ie doors .of the church were.openedl
t J.2:15> ior ,those whvlo had itick<AUs .toid,
e u1mitt-Ml, and ;at 12:30 the 'Iarge
atting crowd was adultted. While' 01
hiele were hundeds wai.ing thei(e 11
'tsV. IiAsh,.anidlhe ushelts miunaged
lie ePrnwdl with all ease.
I1v .1 ,o'rlock rvery available. space
'as takert in the church auditorjuur si
n ahe .Smuday ..Skiool room, aid the t
thien - room,...andl around the bac.
if tihe clhurch. Alore than 2,000 wer'e t
re"m., wher i. was anniunced that ti
he :pedial.P...mul.N which was -.M s1
>rin Mr.. Sundv, would be delayed. v
)if -the ..crow. .eavo .No, not one, Ci
hev -all . sat wh re ther :Avere, for it a
vold.hive benw.altnost imp)ossible 101for -
he.m .oLiave.gotten out and returned.
The ssecial ttr.inl was. me t at, the t(
nderea. , Colex'o station _.of the vP. 0
Mind N.-.tY a oommittee f19om1 the liii- a
stri-Hal 1Joion,,onastigm t. fr,., Jo1n b;
White, Rev. J. M. Gar.Oson.and.Rev. ti
."moIl S.._icChemtey. ti il
.p. s9etlal - cholr of Ififty . voics i
.eel .Ay aMiss ;Ntephenp., director :f e
Ivlerso, Colpge, - nwere. seated back
>f tie ipill)it,. anil sang many old-time l
Ly.vmns. .Miss pthenis::.a.nd .Mrs. - a
W'.H jls.sangj .a dutt,1Qospel .11 D
mni thecdmoir'bined i: tho. chorus.TilMe 0
All tivmers were what .fr. .Suuiday C
eremfid tbi :1ke, au'd.-also pleased -. the t)
large congregation. 'As \Mr. Sutriday "
mtered the church the vast congrega- c
in cars,-nkhinmany'women: gaverthe if
3haamssaatt.. Me was .ntroduetd C
Jy .Dr. .Jihn E. White. 0:
Ddhe -thene .o0 .Mr. tnday'suI~s- k
oursem 'was "'Holey," fthe f1lope of the il
M3110etiam,-and the resiilpOfChristian- fi
ftfy f ortth worlu. .\Mr.'Smiday statd %1
'ha. :a mumi was mover .-stiStled --mit *b
nituriall itlings, -. i hI wantqkl * $100;000 81
Mhqim .he %ut .thtt, 'Ie iwanked .$500qO00 ti
ihen ianhllion:anti:abillion.
it h mot Iwedith tthat saines.
1t Anotfanme-that:satifiles,.tfor elect|
L -man rsheriff, .atal 1he wauts sonej
1ihing ailae, lie 'wartis tto ;otito thc leg
utatug, :then 'he wauto tto be senator,
.hen ia"erur Itken ike 'wants :to! go to
)m-,uhrmm, Ifrin ethere lhe'd 'go to the
mnate,, auti ,eveu -is imit. .qatisfked .when
me ;guts to he.fTiesidett, ton -h wants
4 he Juitlemt Alhe .su:oll itime. .
flit's nvt pesumnal .dmharmn elther that
matiafies. .Some :men woukl .stand .!
meGer fhlanoe coa iIl~ea.ven. if they would 0
-o to te lhaRther. Ahop. JA.frowsy head
md an ugly :kimona doI't help to.malke g
t WOmaIn maod. -Volks talught :tA .look e,
.heir best, and "Girls, if it takes at .lit- i
le wouge Us :make ymou loidl .nicer, Ahen F
Ise !t" t V
Due Wev,, .AUn. 30..--More than 1 500 h
ersons today -hear,d .the 3Rev. .Billy 1b
sunday spea'k in thme .auditeriumn ,o.
trskine College, the -notedl evangselist F
tnd 'party sarriving fitam Donaldts la
uhortly before 111 o'clamck. 'J'he party' b
:ame over Vhe *Due West iRairoad, a
rhi'ch operated a a pecia.1 train .for the -'
-Mr. Sunday, 4who has spiee 'in ev-- F
Wry state of the nation ezeept MVaine,
ras mnaking his 4first visit to tiue West ~
Lnd expressed himself as being pleased
gi'lfhe town and e .people. He read
she2td Psalm and sp~oke tbonefroum
n a clear but forceful manner. Ilis e
audience gave the speaker the closest ir
httntion throughout. 0
'!ihe evangelist and 'party left d
ihetti4y-after the service for Anderson 4
t'herve "Mr. Sunday 'was scheduled to e,
Xe$;. !'rom there they return to el
pas'rtwleat', two meetings ebeing sched
lied %diiniuesday. A number of mn
sters gml' newspapermen of Spartan
org wette -in the party which came 21
rom Donalds en the special train.
Di-, R. C. (lrier, president. of .Erskine
ollege, temeAded and introduced ?ir.
unday to .the asudience.
outh Carolina (Governor Speaks .to
Board of Comiece,
Augusta, GIa., ijan. 27.--Oeclaring
Liat if the world.abelieved in .America
Nlay as it did in %Yl, cotton would
e selling for 35 eensts a pound, the
aderal reserve system <wouldh be func
loning properly .ap4 dth nation and
Lie &onuth in paricularj -Would not be
i the grip of a demorajising business
epresuion, 'Gov. Robert 'A. Cooper of
outh tcarolina in an address this
vehing before the Augusta board of
omnmerce, asserted that it' is his de
iberate opinion that had American
ubie . opinion forced an y unwilling
enate to ratify the treaty of Paris
nd let the United astates ,takeo its
ppropriate plae~ - in readjusting the
oittical, economic and social prob
ems of the world,'"we wvould 'not be
assitig through this financial crisis
rhieh .is testinig the courage and faith
f our people." It was not a question
f ma~cdng -the mrorid smife for democ.
ey,1u fr' 1)IjSness as w~oll, he said,
(Continued from Page One)
tKnight, the ontVortitbn of what had
'n the 'orchestra remaining to be
i rched A~cing 'a,.l- corner.
Recovered from the wreck and hor
-r of the ruined TKnickerbocker thea
. a pitiful strnanpof nigled bodies,
'ad an(d livin-, ilowed all last night
id today into ;Ut lower rooms of a
bristian Scineri mchurch a Few hun
ied yards awejk. At the -first word of
ic disaster, the place was thrown
>en to these vi-fieken folks and the
ndreds of :tiers who camte to
!arch for theirdlead or injured. And,
the full weighti f the losses becamiie
town, the flead monopolized the
lce, crowdtig ti ,e inji(red in the all
o small rornn.
It was merely a first aid station for
ose taken crushed, but -alive, from
e wreckage. i'hey were carried on
retchers over the slippery pavement
ith lines o -sirldiers keeping the
cIwds far back. Doctors and nurses
id women eager to bring their sym
Ithy and chearzt. the suffering or be
laved, w-aited iin the church. They
nderly washald away the gray dust
the crumpled coikerete, the grime
rid caked bl-cdi; blackened sometimes
r hours of waiting pinned under the
ic debris until the rescuers could get
ie victim ]crole. Bandages were ap
lied and then, the injured were viiisk
I away to bnsuitals or home.
But the dead lay long in the dou
le rows In which they stretched
cross the flour, lay until a tearful
?lative or friend, a husband or iwife,
r father or miother recognized the
rushed form -it last. Up and down
lese Isles of the dead walked those
hose fears had drawn them here be
iuse of some one missing In the fam
y circle. Wlmwen already weeping in
rtainty of what they must find soon
r or later beneath the kindly blan
ets that shie'lded the sleepers made
ie Journey or sorrow many times be
we they found What they sought. Men
'ith working .faces leaned to drawn
ack the coverings and then gasp 'with
iort lived rellef-ras they moved on to
ic next hudd1Wi'form.
r Your Face ks Your Fortune. Don't
.1A**k Like a Unajkrupt.
Who does not vYant red lipj, a good
1er,..healthy cojplexion and bright,
ashing eyes? ?
Semie people have such wonderully
aod heal'th nothing scoms to hufrt
iem. , 1thers could:tso easily have fine
)lor and more streigth and vigor if
iey :would help nature with Gude's
epto-Mangan. It Is a splendid iron
mile that physicians have prescribed
ithity.,ygakrg. 1 It ii- not an experi
ient. It is not merely a temporary
ell), because it makes plenty of red
Lood and, as everybody knows, red
lood is the only sure foundation of
irmanent health and .strength. Get
ept( inngani of youir ,druggist-and
t'ke it a few weeks and see how much
etter you feel and look.:Sold in liquid
ad .tablet forni. Advertisement.
nitedt-States of America,
lDistrict of South Carollina.
the r.Utur (,f .D. R. ,Crawford,
Notice is lereby:given thatsthe above
ineed person has .teen duly adjudgee
Aniruni,.and :the -'first meeting of the
'editors of oaid'baInkrupt will be held
the .officeorofithberundersignedj in the
ty [email protected]' Theenville, iS. -C., on -the 3rd
ty of Fe'bruary 4.1iP,, -.19?2, ati:eleven
clock intthe :fonenoon, at which time
adj :pai -.Qe <gxetItors -may alpear,
camine t-he bankJ*clint, .p~rove 1their
aims anid transact .ainehr .other 'busi
sas as aay ;nrgperly come before said
j~eferee'In Bank ru pteg.
Engraved Clauda and inlrtations.
Loose f4PE t igeii., iSt~c.
Advertiser Printing Co.
Time to Plant
and the beat vartes of 'v.egsejtoble
and field seeds to plant lot eaSch
purpose is told ',n ibs
1922 Catalog of
Now ready to be mailed, free
on request.
Redpeed prices -are quoted on
Seeds, Poultry Supplies, and
Feed~s, Garden Tools and Spray
Write for youir copy today.
17 S. 14th St., -Richmond, Va.
,Party for Ex-SoldIerK
Janiary 28th, from 7:30 to 12,o'clock
will be -pleasant memories i- -theIlife's
history for the "old soldiers" of the
World War, when they .:'atliered at
the hospitable home of .Mr. and Mrs.
Stepp 1eelks and enjoyed a full even
ilg of reciting and reviewing the oice
familiar "*army days" so dear to the
hearts of ill soldiers. At 7:30 the
tiff piokl d k.'po
Up j, A1id toh
Profit by la
IAD yougeta bale of..cottc
generallyl-known tha~t. a,s:
Plenty (offiertilizer, plus pleaty
-orpdiseases-and adverse-Nwa
tthatsplenty,,ofcoomplete feritir
1iell'.weevil (eanditions.
IWfyouhavernorotton to sell yc
ithan :10meentcootton.
Wo"ur:jebristedecide tne exten
tomnake.surecof a crop at the
iudingf~wiftelRed Steer Fertili
Irytiuizepenta and other cr
<crnstmustrikproduced at lom
Buy Spwiftfcpldesteer Fertii2
tus direct.
16 Months C
2 Year Old
.The sire of
a calf. Dam
registered; p
I have cat
$10,000; I boi
your. trip to
gnests which nunhbered 12, were in
vited into the dining rooi,'to partake
of a bountiful supper. In the recep
tion room 'was placed three tables for
Rook. Delightful hone-made candy,
rruits, cigars and cigarettes We re
passed often to the players, and they
its often forgot thieiselves, as visions
of war days passed before their eyes.
salch guest declared that this was one
of the m1o16t (lelightfiul parties of the
thue detid ahead
of the boll reenif
,st year's lessoi
n jper acre last year? It is becomij
medllipercentage of Southern farmers d&
t of'hard work, overcame the boll weeN
ther. -onditions. Last year's lesson prov
er .at planting time is essential und
t:-areino better off with 20 cent cott
r of-.your farming operations and then I
lowest cost per pound or per bushel
3ps as well as cotton and tobacco.
'est cost to make the most profit.
era from your local Swift dealer or wr
k (Company
New Orleans, La.
Albany, Ga.
*Ar Sa ,~
ld ull weghi
11mr e that cos? t 1co
ilip etagt Suthe r farms $1
oatrdoocm thol see~
Wr.AT RlanO.m i s . eseta
swason. Mrs. ieeks was assisted in.
entertaining by Mrs. Nathan Coward,
Misses r'angaret Beek- and hnimnio
Stuckey. The following young men
were there to enjoy the hospitality of
Mr. and Mrs. fleeks: Messrs. Ezwell
Watkins, I4lwell Watkins, Bll Martin.
-ay113 Culbertson, 'apers Wood. i'd(l
lienely, LAIWreice Taylor, J. G. Sum
,rel, Parrott Knight, Nathan Coward,
,lark Coward.
es Make cotton in
er spite of boll
Swift's Red Steer Fertilizers
are the resuls of years of re
search and practical experi
ry ence.
by Swift's Red Steer Fertilizers
for cotton are prepared espec
ially to get ahead of the boll
ll weevi. They contain the right
kl amount of quickly available
plant food to cause a quick
start and a sufficient amount
ote f more slowly available plant
ie food to i nsau re continuous
growth and early, complete
Use Swift's Red Steer Ferti
lizers and play safe. Use
brands containing more than
14% of plant food and save
money. Use the amount per
acre that has proved the most
profitable in your locality.
g 900 lbs. for
1200 lbs. for
t $1200 when
These bulls
I with bulls.
Ir. Stockmnan
000. Worth

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