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Editor of The Advertiser:
.I had intended to say something be
fore now on our flag incident, but
hve been unable to reach it. I wrote
Comrade 1it. P. Adair, who answered
that my opinion wias correct, that this
flaig sent from Charleston to Mrs. .i.
-S. Bennett, president of the J. B. Ker
shaw chapter of the Laurens U. D. C.,
-is the flag of the ".Martin Guards",
Capt. Bowden, Co. A, 16th S. C. Regt.
Thistwas a large company raised prin
cipally in yhat is now known as Hun
ter and Jacks townships. Comrade
Atdair with - Copeland of Arkansas,
are the only survivors.
' The writet, with Comra~de; .\ock
and Caldwell, upon mnlmilationt of ihe
president, had the rare privilege of itt
tending a splendid meeting of the J.
B. Kershaw chapter, on the occasion
of the anniversary of the birthday of
Gen. Lee. This fl'ag was on exhibition
attracting unusual interest. Some
things the writer said on that occa
sions in regard to flags, w'hl be appro
priate 'here.
Following the Ordinance of Sece3
sion, Dec. 20th, 1860, Gov. 'Pickens
called for tell thousand volunteers. Un
de' that call four full companies of In
fantry enrolled in Laurens District.
These were the companies of Capt. -B.
C. Oarlington, State Guards; 'Capt. R.
P. Todd, Laurens 'Briars; Capt. -Smith
Jones, Musgrove Guards; Capt. Tandy
Walker, IWadsworth Guards. Every
company had its flag. These compan
ies were drilled to the fall of Fort
Sumter, April 13th, 1861. The State
Guards were ordered to Columbia Sun
day morning, 14th. The other three
companies followed on the 15th and
went into camp at the fair grounds.
Then in a few days to 'Lightwood Knot
Springs, seven miles north of the city,
where we drilled to June 15th. (While
here we were mustered into the Con
Stops Hair Coming Out-;
Thickens, Beautifies.
35-cents buys a bottle of "Danderiae"
at any drug store. After one appliia
tion you can not :find a particle egf
dandruff or a falling hair. Besid4e,
every hair shows new life, vigor, brigit
mess, more color and abundance.
'The Quinine That Does Not Affeet
the Head
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
,(iablets) can be taken by anyone
.without causing nlervousness or ring
~ing in the head. E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature on box. 80)c.
&. Phosph
You can not makce<
conditions unless you use
below for Laurene Count:
Robert A. Harris, Gra
Hanna Brothers, Enor
Butler Boyd, Clinton,
Geo. Blakely, Ora, S.
Henry Rasor, Cross H
P. N. Boozer, Chappei
M.:.WT. Gray, 0Owings,
J. C. Smith, Waterloo,
Rex Larnford, Wa~terloi
divena & Thackston, 1
Ware Shoals M'f'g. Co
W.Carl Wharton, Lat
~$ W. CAR
toderate States' service by Barnard
W. Bee, Brig. Gen., killed at Man- g
liassas, a moment after giving Jack- ,
ion the sobriquet of "Stonewall"). In s
the evening of 1which (lay we took rail- tl
way train for Itichmond, and going on n
to Mannassas at the outpost at Fair- h
fax C. H., a month -before the first d
on-to-Richmond, led -by Winfield Scott F
and LMoDowell. Our Laurens com- n
panies-four-with four Newberry and
two Spartanburg companies, made up il
the 3rd regiment, Col. Jas. 11. Wil- I
liams, and were brigaded with the 2nd, 11
Col. J. B. Kershaw; 7th, Col. Bacon,
and 8th, Col. 1R. B. C. Cash, under Brig. 0
General Milledge .. IBonham (upon the jt
retirement of the latter, Col. Kershaw t
was promotod to Brig. General and led
the .brigade to the close of '63 when he g
was promoted to Alaj. General and 'was t
leading the fragments of his division E
and -was captured while fighting des
perately on the retreat from Peters- 'l
burg at Sailors Creek, April 6, 1865, l:
while his old brigade was fighting f
Sherman, and surrendered on the 26th
of April at Greensboro, N. C. s
Now, every regiment had its flag. s
There was an endless variety of mot- C
toes and designs. We had to dispense
with things having the appearance of a
frills. Company flags, that ever got as %
far as Richmonr, were, I think, de- 8
posited there.' 'This one, it seems, was 1
sent from Richmond to Charleston (
many years ago, and remained there
until sent to Laurens during the last t
month. These banners were of fine I
material, with appropriate inscriptionb
and always indicating the locality or
section from-which the company came. 6
I don't know what became of the
other 3rd regiment company flags, but
do know that the Briars' flag was in
our possession after the war closed,
and was placed among our war relics
at Columbia.
Now, following the first battle of
Manassas, both sides, North and
South, began calling for troops. Un
der this call the quoto of Laurens was
again four companies-Capt. Joseph
N. Brown, Co. E; Capt Robert Owens,
Co. P; Capt. (Win. Wood, Co. C; Capt.
It. M. (Bowden, Co. A. The first three
went Into the 14th regiment, the last
named into the 13th regiment. Both of
these regiments, together with the 1st
and 12th and Orr's Rifles, made up the
brigade of Maxcy Gregg, colonet ot
the 1st regiment, promoted to- Brig.
Upon the fall of Gregg at Fredericks
burg, Dec. 13, 1862,-Samuel -McGowan,
commanding the 14th, was promoted to
Brig. General, and proving himself a.
worthy successor of the lamented
Gregg, he greatly distinguished him
self on all the great fields from Chan
cellorsville to Oppomattox. -
I doubt if there was ever organizeq
for .battle a finer body of troops than
tbis. Turn back to Capt. Bowden: Co.
A, 13th "Martin's Depot"( now Gold
ville) and you will see where the flag
of the "Martin's Guards" comes mn. If
I had ever .known that these four corn
lpanies 'had flags -I had forgotten. You
see our 3rd regiment companies were
then In Virginia,
If able, will go a little further later
ite Goods
:otton under 60i weed
guano. See any .agente
r and adjacent tennitory.
y Court, S. 0.
ee, S. 0.
.* . t
ill, S. C.
Is, S.C.
S. C.4
S. C.
>, S.C.
i'ountain Inn, S. C.
., Ware Shoals, S. C.
rens, S. C..
Lanford, Feb. G.-And still crowds
) from here every day to attend the
unday meeting at -Spartanburg. Our
'hoo1 famulty was among the ones
tat spent the week-end attending the
iceting, the others attending were
Irs. C. iL. Waldrep and -Margaret Wall
irc), Airs. J. R. Patterson, Mr. T. R.
ranks and Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Drum
Mrs. J. S. i-ggins left Sunday morn
ig to spend a week with her son, Mr.
I. T. Higgins, in Union, whose wife is
i the Steedly Jio.iq)Ital.
Ir. B. W. Johnson and children,
f Arcadia, visited his mother, Mrs. J.
. Johnson, who has been very sick
ils past nweek, but is some better now.
Mr. and Mrs. R. II. 'Ilunsinger were
nests at the Gresham Hotel, at Spar
inburg Friday night and attended the
unday meeting,
Mrs. J. B. Cooley, of Knoxville,
'enn., is spending a few days with
er parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 'W. Lan
'Little AlMary Holmes has been real
ick a few days. It was feared that
he had pneumonia, but we hope it is
nly a cold.
The Rural Improvement association
nd school are planning to have a
ralentine party at the school house
ome time during Valentine week, if
Lot on the 14th. The program and
ate will be announced later.
Miss 'Childress, principal of the Cen
ral school, spent the week-end iwith
ier honefolks in Laurens.
Mr. and -Mrs. Cleve Thoinas, of
doores, are visiting at tjie home of
LIr. and Airs. IV. A. Thomas.
Miss Margaret Drummond sipent
laturday night with Miss Pauline Wal
iiss Nellie Burnett was the guest
if liss 1illie May Cox Sunday.
Miss Vivian Burnett spent the week
nd with Miss Annie Mae Patterson.
[Prof. R. Y. Waldrep spent the week
nd with his parents.
Miss Nora Cannon visited Miss Mary
)rummond, %Mrs. -Mary Ann Parson and
4rs. J. M. DeShields Saturday after
Mir. and MIrs. Marion -Bryson and
disses Vallie and Mattie Bell Cox, of
)wings, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
1. A. Cox last Sunday.
Messrs -H. M. Johnson and Gilbert
3ox left 'Monday for Spartanburg, and
vill hear -Billy Sunday before return
ng home.
-Mt. Olive, Feb. 6.-When nwe write
he above date it reminds us that we
tre passing another mile post in the
ourney of life. When a little boy we
would long to see this day come, but
cince reaching manhood these anni
rersaries pass by all too rapidly, call
ng to our attention the manner of
nan we are and the kind of life we
lye. Good thing it is to take stock
eceasionally to see what we are doing
or the world rather than complain
Lbout what the world is doing for us.
Phe wvorld is full of complaints, dis
ontent and unrest ewhich might be
'emoved could we turn the question
Il)On oursolves and seriously ask,
what am I doing for the world and
he uplift of humanity?
The' body of Mr. Joel 'W. Moore wvho
lied1 at his home at Ekom last Mon
lay was brought to this place 'Wednes
lay and the funeral and burial servic
a wore held at Mt. Olive church NWed
ieday at 12 o'clock, conducted by W.
. Culbertson. Though rain fell eon
tantly throughout the (lay a large
rowd assembled to witness the last
ad rites and -pay their respects to the
nemory of a friend and loved one. Mr.
boore who once lived in this commun
ty had ,many friends here whose con
(dence and esteem he enjoyed in life.
IUs death removes the last member,
ave one, of a large family of five broth
e's andl five sisters, children of the
ate George 'Moore of the Ekom set.
ion, 1tir. John Moore of Oklahoma be
ng :the only surviving member.
We -wvere very sor'ry to learn Satur
ay that 'Mrs. Alma 'Robertson of Clin
mi, had passed aiway earlier in the
reeik, and wish to add our tribute to
he noble life of this good woman. Ac
Iye1g interested in aM 'that contribut
(I to the uplift and t'he best wvelfaro
f her town and community, she spent
er whole life among and for her poo
le.- Home, church, and society have
alt effectively the influence of her
roll-directed Christian life. She, with
er devoted husband who preceded her'
nly a few months ago, was one
mong the most valuable citizens of
Ilinton and I~urens cdunty. To know
honm well -in 'all, the activities of life
ras an inspiration, to associatq with
liem in their happy home was a 'bene
l6tion. To. the two children and
tifer relatiyes We offer our. deepest
$sue tip an4 13U0oha
If you are at all interested
terested in the enterprise i
pose to publish each week
articles, telling of the adv.
operation- --supporting loca
In planning for bett
future and plan wisely an<
plans, collaboration and g,
our City's future, The E
when its citizens work in I
Wells Clardy Co.
Two BWg Stores
:DyGoods, Clothing, Shoes,
LaurensDrug Co
Pue Dus oie rils
fyou Paroe toalinteted
posest pulish eacr we
Inwpanne orbt
Mfteran Copanwiy a
Twoh Deaten Store
Dry Goods, CLOTHING, Sws
ReadyAdet-er ad e
YUr Wit the HoecNews
S. M. &un E& Co.ike
Hoe Fihr
Furite, tov oes Chnrey
Laurnwoa Co
Minttin Copn
Casnh thepahrtmt toe
U Wit the HrteNw
JR . Burn W&lCo.
Homitue ofAlRnd
REDca InstRAumET
Moe Gnoods for Samdetioney
in this, your home town, yo,
ve have inau'gurated for'youj
a series of " established trut:
mntages to be gained througl
1 interests.
er things our home-town pe
1lcarefully. The thoughtful ;
anius of every good citizen
bove illustration shows wh
iarmony for the betterment
William Solomon
Reliable Jeweler
Solomon Says:
"Quality and Price Go Arm in
Arm in My Store.'
H.L Rpr o
Lumbe, Dors, ash lind
We/nFrihYu nieBl
forIYou House
The MansSor
itHsnyouraym owy
Dye haves inauguratedothing,
aues toaiehog
elrd hinstere home-townce
iatmaun fore t Phoettemen
Peoleomn s
"Qxachyangrie GoArmk i
Lum.A Doors, Sas i ds
Weoane FurniYurEte Bill
The0 Man's Strner
Cah Ulohir -its
a will likewise be in
r. protection. We pur
.is" in illustrations and
i organization and co
ople must look to the
judgment, suggestions,
ire needed in shaping
at each city can expect
>A local business inter
Powe Drug Company
Drugs and Medicines of All Einds
Victrolas and Victor .Records
Da/-oe o
4 Dprtet tr
''lares es Sor-Qalt
.M d tS''
Caital anaupu 1000
tO prtct. AEY phir
YOURi AilUtanTs anITd
Thle Pminst lokToher
Notmn fosAusemetBor
Diveroa Atbusiness inter
Po. FIrugLS CoAy
Drine and ionerfAl
Vhicra Veade Vito ecordn
DepartmCent Store.
'' au it 5ares'
WEST sID atio alrum

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