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llun1dreds of Thousanlds l'erish InI
Quest of Fooi. liodIes I'lled tlup
Aiaiting Burial.
Ufa, Volga Region, lussia, Jan. ~.
'len ti e snows nielt next spring the
lRussitil stoppes will be strewnl with
skeletonls. itey nill resemlble the
high prairies of tile Anerican country
in Ite days when hig cattle onitils .lad
inillhhleielt hay 1o carry their stock
itroligh a hard Winter.
Hllt atonig the k ltn of cattle
anld calunchs there -ill be the( honeos of
hulildreds <' " tho'a i' s I men, N011111e n
ati childrii who fll exhmisted inl
their. quti For breoal, who lived the
siiple lives thir peasanit allcestors
' l ol c t rIllies anld had little eon
siptio f J)n f t political ipiheaval which
llmadI thi. famill tu le trri t hanI
that ofl, 191.
Thei y w ie s l ed. a i milolons of Ilielli
_rc still wanlde ,ing. Thellre was- nloth
in, to l 11 i ti i tir hom s, so thiey starl
ked onl th-: tr, ,k fr'1 b.re(a Id. Some drift -
"'d wes twaI r d to the Volga aunt found
death i t l l, yphus riden ra I lwa.
c llter or. amon t ile horror, of rei
ecapsalngthle Volga: other.9
.qItarted for TullrkestanII; till others
'stah rted eastward toarl Siberia. th<
land of g-obi anld whea"t which has al
Ways been so allnring to the lnssiat
mou01iik wh-]o hoard little of its vast
esits,- hardsbN7s and it lheat tless.
1Th 0 Doa zw nft o
-m111dern-1 way.... They work, unlable tI
buy tickHs On Tho d unabl .
't et vermits to ride onl trains. hurd
okn5d with !ho Ied arm and food fo
Moscow nod Petorad. Whe thei
anlimlals4 1,Idro p - dead ( tite lI familie
rwalked o . 'a hoping,. that fool
lay over tofe knoll.
Butt the" 1, - mtry districts have n1
will break nt ('old, Fever and( GqrIpIl
quicker than anytlhing we know, ir
10 Doz. bnfants'
Hose, on Sale Sa
5c the Pa
Follow the
50 Pair'$.5 Mie
I BedBlnktskS
SprCindeng Gn
B ach, K Special rS
Black and OTan.s
Black Kid Onie-traT
Sof t ColIb
3 50c Soft Colk
gralin, or If peasannt families hae. a
smal1 supply they c(onceal it ill the I
effort to prolong their own lives until
ainother crop In harvested. In the
larger townls there is food for sale at
faitious prices, hut tihe starving re
ifugees have neither money unoir
goods to exclhan.,Le and can only sit I
lowI to await death or t rudge on tint
il t hey sink of exhitst ion.
The bodies that lie along the rail
roads aIe collected oil car and lhatiled
to Cen te rs, where they are piled in
frozen, snow covered heaps to await
bur1vial. Freezing refugees remove all
garimients from tihe dead. so the frozen
hodles are nuide wlen the scavengers
volleet theml. 0ailIIies drift apart anld
wander aimlo11essly oi to their inevitable
fate. I Ituintan instinets are lost and
theoy becoie( little better than heasts.
The city and town) pomlaltion1s are '"0
hard'tlle 'd to sufftrinig that they aire lit
tle imved by the misetry .wlich lies all
abouit themli. Death s'ems lIore mr
fitl in the cottutity for the refuge's
thy sink nto the white covering of
tle etndle-ss pla in, and w.olve*s itrip)
their bones,
I roum e Ptrmtl ani Ekateori nburg to the
(aspiani sea death is stalkhing over the
steppes. liussialns, ('ossaCks, Kal
notcks, Kirghiz and Tartars alike are
meeting their end with hopel essnes;
and patinete begotten of centurlites of
iunertual struggle aainst political ex
tortion and unifavorable Climatic col
ditiolls made worse by igiorancev of
sci'ntille methods of tilling the soil.
American corn will he too late to
a've many of tthese wVanderers
thro'Th the stepnes as well au the
familiIs Vlo have elect., ;o make
their villages remote from the rail
ways rather than endn.' tih, hard
0 ships and dheath tl:';. nihhs have
- suffered alonlg the mainl lines If tss
. port at ion. 10ttire village populations
have died inl the proviices wist of the
Volga and the animals which survive
are so weak it is impossible to get ade
e <iuate lorse power to deliver food to
y the thousands of snow-bound,. desti
tute settlements far from food sta
turday SAT
Crowds Saturd
Valuable Merc
wy Plaid Full Size Double
ecial Saturday, $1.50 Pair.
'or $1.00
ham Dresses, worth $1 .00
aturday, 2 for $1.00.
S' 50c HOSE
ir For $1.00.
Fine Ribbed 50e Hose,
-day, 3 Pair for $1.00.
Rubber Heel-.... .....$3.45
Rubber H eel .... .....$4.95
i, Baby Louis H eeLV.. -$ 6.95
ir o WEt
lore Than Five 1illious Last Year.
3Morris So Reports.
Ciicago, Feb. 5.--Morris & Company,
iackers, sustained a net loss for the
'ear ending October 29, 1921, of $5,
63,506.46, while this loss and operat
ng exipenses reduced the surplus ac
oulit from $13,271,796.20 to $1,299,
55.43, according to the financial report
nade public today.
Volume of sales was satisfactory,
lowever, the report Said, and cash in
nIik is more than $2.500,000 and (Iuick
iabilities are about $7,800,000, while
Ilick assets are more than $39,000,000,
ratio of about 5 to 1.
Conunenting on the report, Nelson
horris, chairman of the board of di
ectors, said:
"The year just closed has probably
;:en the worst year In the history of
le live stock and packing busines
IlCL'reimndouIs drop in all live stock
and wholesale Imeat prices to below
pre-war levels has made it impossille
to operate except at a loss, a large'
part of which of course was caused by
readjusting invcntory values to tle
new blasis. i
"Prot,'eets for the coming year are
Mr. Morris said the new wage scale
for packing hliiso ,workers wouild savc
the compaly $1,500,000 -annually. but
that a further cut may be necessary.
The business is also handicapped by
high freight rates, he said.
Bethany, Feb. 6.--The people of this
conimuiinty are not doing much farim
ilg as it is had weather.
We are glhad to report Mir. R. R.
Cooper is getting along tine sawing
lumber for rebuilding his house.
Everybody was surprised to hear of
the death of little Paul Cook, -on of
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Cook. Little Paul
was dearly beloved 'by everybody.
The B. Y. P. U. Is going to 'have an
oyster supper Friday night, Feb. 10.
The ladies reorganized the W. M. U.
last iweek.
ay Where Yom
bandise. REAL
8 Yds. Good Bleachir
5 Yds. Androscoggr
5 Yds. Good 25c Nai
5 Ydls. Good 25c Lor
5 Ydls. Good 25c Din
6 Yds. Good 25c Dre
8 Yds. Best Outing S
5 Yd~s. Good Curtain
5 Yds. Goqd Perchla
8 Yds. Best Cotton C
7 Yds. Best yrd-wide
Patent One-Strap, Ba
Patent Three-Strap ar
her Heel . .
Patent Four-Strap, Jui
Opening the Ninth Series
on February First
You Can Subscribe Now
We are Closing a Series This Year
Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars
in Homes and Cash
Shares One Dollar Each Per Month.
78 to 80 Months Maturity from Feb. 1st, 1922
Building & Loan Association
C. H. ROPER, Sec. and Treas.
At Enterprise National Bank
One lot Val Lace and Iniser
SPECIALS tionon Sale
T 5cthe Yard
y Company
Dollar Will Buy a Hundred Cents. Worth
SPECIALS 25 Ladies' $2.00 and $2.50 Muslin ?etti
g Saturday . 00 coats, Special Saturday, $1.00 Each.
Bleaching Sat., 1.00
nsook Saturday 1.00
ig Cloth Saturday 1.00 2 For $1.00
iity Saturday . 1.00 10 Doz. Misses' Fine Ribbed $1.90 Union
ss Gingham Sat., 1.00 Suits, Special Saturday, 2 for $1.00.
Iturday . . 1.00
Scrim Saturday 1.00 $25.00 WOOL MIDDY SUITS
Saturday . . 1.00 SATURDAY SPECIAL $9.95
hecks Saturday 1.00 25 Mar-Hof Wool Serge $25.00 Middy'Suitst
Sheeting Satuiday 1.0 Navy and -Black, Specal Saturday $9.95.
Sby Louis Heel $6.95 Oxfords
Ad Bucide, Rub.
$7.45 Tan Brogue, Low PECeAL$
iior Louis Heel $7.45 Dark Tan Kid OxfordWith Rubber Heel $4.95
Dark Tan One-Strap With"Baby Lois Heel $6.95
V~an uo
TCEaB TO-e TRADL... .......
i LiH $7

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